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Chelsea force Arsenal fixture change

Arsenal’s Premier League showdown with Hull City has been subject to a late schedule change with the match pushed back a day to Sunday 20 April.

The clash at the KC Stadium had been penciled in for 5.30pm on Saturday 19 April, but due to a television scheduling conflict (brought about by Chelsea’s progress in the Champions League) it will now be played on Easter Sunday at 2.05pm.

A statement on Arsenal’s official website explains the late change:

“This change has been decided by TV broadcasters and the Premier League, following the Champions League semi-final draw, in which Chelsea were drawn to play away at Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, April 22.

“Consequently, Chelsea’s Premier League match at home against Sunderland, originally scheduled for Sunday, April 20, has been switched to Saturday, April 19, kick-off 5.30pm.”

Not only is it another early weekend kick-off, it’s also a real pain in the arse for travelling fans who’ve no doubt already booked travel arrangements.

Basically, a big fuck you from Sky to Arsenal fans. Now presumably someone will be making an offer to refund those now out of pocket? It’s unlikely to come from Arsenal who say the decision was completely out of their control.

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Fuck Chelsea.

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

I hate Chelsea for existing.

I’m reading ‘Stillness and Speed’ right now, and in that Dennis Bergkamp says that some great defenders EPL has seen are the legendary Arsenal back four and the likes of John Terry.

Now I’m confused. I hate JT but God likes him.


JT is still a cunt.

Owen Coyle's Nutsack

It doesn’t mean he likes him.

You can hold the opinion that John Terry is a solid center-back, while at the same time hoping that he dies of flesh eating bacteria of the spinal cord.

North Bank Gooner

Nah, sounds way too pleasant. The flesh eating bacteria need nano bacteria that all make their way into the body, and explode in white hot searing pain.

Individually, and in sequence.

Starting in his bollocks. 🙂

A to the HA

At the time, I thought that was what happened when we beat Ch3l5ea and set the bridge on fire.. Unfortunately, turned out he just slipped on his own cuntiness.

Still a great laugh though.

Gunner From Another Mother

Flesh eating bacteria have better taste than that

Daft Aider

You can believe that Satan is the greatest purveyor of evil ever or Maureen is the best ever person at whinging, mouthing off and has no competition at stropping around without actually liking either


God likes everyone so that we are free to carry on hating them with every cunt of our bastard.


Maradona was pretty unlikeable. Shooting journos and orchastrating transfers at Napoli etc. Mates with the mafia and generally a pretty violent little guy with a massive drug habit.

Still, he was fucking brilliant. Just not a nice guy.

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Thumbs down for that? SHAME.


And Chelsea can’t play on Wednesday…why?


Because UEFA have set the Chelsea game for Tuesday and the Real v Bayern game for the Wednesday!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Fuck UEFA too then.

Exiled Gooner

There is no word in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of Men for how big of a shower of cunts Chelsea are.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Let us hope Atletico send those foul beasts into the abyss!


One does not simply walk into Stamford Bridge. Its black gates are guarded by more than just David Luiz. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the ‘Great Ego’ is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and Ashley Cole and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume.

Fest Arse

How could you forget John Terry

Gutbukket Deffrolla

As Gandalf said “Terry, you cunt. You can not pass”


Ah, the Yiddish elvis


What was that?
The sound of Elvish flying way over people’s heads.

Daft Aider

No single word for how big of a shower of cunts Chelski are, but Stoke with money comes close


They would buy 246 Kenwyn Jones’.


What is the right collective noun when one or more chelski cunts get together…A shower of cunts? a conglomeration? a clap-clinic waiting room? Suggestions on a postcard please which should then be lit and straight away posted up JT’s back passage

Daft Aider

A fuckload of inbreds?

It Is What It Is

A cuntfluence.


Those cunts are going to get to another Champions’ League final. They got the best draw possible. Hope they get hammered by Real Madrid in the final.


The best draw possible? You do realise that Athletico are the best team in Spain?! And who did you think Athletico were secretly hoping to get? Bet you it wasn’t Real or Bayern!

New guy

But don’t forget that Athletico can’t play their first choice keeper because the loan system is broken.


UEFA essentially just announced they can.

Daft Aider

The only way I want to see Real Madrid winning the champions league is over John Terry’s and Maureen’s bloated corpses


I’m sorry.. The FINAL??? Bwahahahahaha.. Did you see Athletico out play Barca?? You are beyond delusional Fats… But guess that’s what you get from a stinky ass Chavs lover..

Final’s going to be Athletico Vs Bayern.. And I hope Athletico wins and tears a new arse hole in Robben and Guardiola..


Chav cunts.


Ridiculous for the fans. Decent attempt at blaming Chelsea for it though, people will enjoy that.

2pm is early now though is it?


I’d say that anything before 3pm is an early kick-off. Traditional and whatnot, innit?

Stuart Steele

Look at that, Chelsea f*cking everything up again. Scum.


Just when you thought Chel$ki couldn’t be a bigger bunch of cunts. Did you catch the news about them putting a clause in Courtois’ contract, which would have forced Atletico to pay £5m to allow them to play Courtois against Chel$ki?

For once UEFA grew a pair and told Chelsea to fuck off.

Daft Aider

Todays “fuck you” is brought to you by Skysports and Chelski and i’m going to blame Michael Owen too

Thierry Bergkamp

Chelsea drew Atletico! Interesting.. They’re gonna win it again, aren’t they. When I doubted them they won, so hopefully this works.


Nor any word in the language of mordor too.
But still fuck you, Chelsea!

Aks Arsenal

Why we always worry about scheduling the match? We should have certain players who can face any consequences.
But anyway, all the very best to our Gunners.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s the fans who get to face the consequences. The players don’t have to pay in advance to get to the game so they’re not going to be out of pocket.


Ha, another away early kickoff for The Arsenal? Y’all know whats coming. Dont you?


Chelsea will not play in the CL final and that’s that.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Even if they get to it.





Arsene's Zip









cry havoc and let slip the rabid weasels in maureens underpants

Daft Aider



I want Olivier Giroud to fuck Mourinho’s wife on the eve of the match.

Arsene's Zip

She wishes

Fest Arse

She will enjoy Giroud. I’d prefer she gets fucked by John Terry. Now that would be something, if he hasn’t already.


Sort of unrelated, but what’s going to happen with Courtois? If he can’t play it’s a big boost for Chelsea.


UEFA have said he will play.


I hope Charlie Adam runs onto the pitch, two-foots Mourinho and shoves his large veiny cock up John Terry’s racist arse.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You ARE John Terry’s wife, aren’t you?


I hope Charlie Adam runs onto the pitch, two-foots Mourinho and shoves his large veiny penis up John Terry’s racist arse.


I think wanting him to do it twice shows real commitment to your dream.

Exiled Gooner

He can play. There was a rumour that Athletico would have to pay around £4 million per game to Chelsea to do so, but apparently the blue scummers have denied this and he’ll be free to turn out. It would be very sweet if the bastards are denied a place in a Champions League final by one of their own players.

Daft Aider

Does any trust Chelski not to get their own player to throw the game?, there is no scummier club in history, if Chelski were a person their middle name would be Judas


Look at what they’re trying with their ‘feeder club’ in Holland. Ex owner comes out with this about Chelsea (the main reason he left the club). Source: The Guardian. “I want to tell the Vitesse supporters the real story,” said Jordania, a former Georgian footballer who saved Vitesse from financial ruin in 2010. “I wanted to reach for the title, but ‘London’ didn’t want that in the end. Ambition is fine, but Vitesse is not allowed to reach the Champions League … I will tell you now why [the manager] Fred Rutten left [last June]. He knew that he wasn’t… Read more »


All this has been categorically denied by both clubs, obviously. The KNVB are looking into it, but not sure what they expect to find. Participation in the CL for both clubs (and therefore the reason Chelski apparently don’t want Vitesse to qualify) has to do with ownership, and the supposed links are very weak at best. Still, it’s a important issue, especially when you consider other instances of clubs being owned by the same entity (Watford/Udinese for eg?). Would definitely love to see something come of it, but Chelski being the sly club that they are I doubt their CL… Read more »


OO2be Agree. The new owner would obviously deny it though, wouldn’t he? Roman? Pfff. I’ve seen a few documentaries on this guy. Let’s just say…dangerous man. Hopefully, UEFA will do a proper job. My hunch is that there is no reason for the ex-manager and owner to say this. If untrue they could face jail for libel. If it turns out to be true then UEFA and the FA/PL should throw the book at them. I don’t trust those that run the PL. They are only interested in money. Like it or lump it, the likes of Chelsea buy top… Read more »


It’s all to do with owning or part ownership of more than one club. Chelsea could be in trouble as they seemingly own part of Vitesse. An owner cannot have two clubs in the CL, hence the instruction to lose on purpose.

Match fixing as it’s also known.


Fair points you raise above. Either way the whole deal stinks really, I’ll definitely be keeping my ear to the ground on how it proceeds from here. As I live in the Netherlands, I doubt it will be too long before we hear any news!


Another early kick off! We are doom!




“We will always try to give at least four to six weeks’ notice when fixtures move and recommend that supporters do not book non-refundable travel or accommodation until live television selections and other factors such as cup matches have been determined” – Fat lot of good that does for travelling fans. Considering that these decisions are taken by both broadcasters AND the PL, I feel a lot more needs to be done in terms of lobbying the clubs to stand up for their loyal supporters (possibly through compensatory means?). I realise that there are groups out there doing just… Read more »


So next season we can look forward to the FA changing our games for OUR benefit? So no more early Saturday kick offs after we’ve played a Wednesday night champions league tie?

Yeah right!


We wont be in the CL next season.Its thursday night and sunday football for us.Thanks Wenger

Daft Aider

Bitch about that kind of thing if it happens


Me and mate made a bet when Everton was trashing Arsenal.. He’s a Scouser fan.. He said Arsenal won’t make it to the top four.. I said they will.. The bet?? A thousand grand..

Thumbs Up – Arsenal got this

Thumbs down – My lame duck of a friend gets his pouty lips assaulted by a transversite and loses the 1000 g’s..


My opinion is that Sky should not be able to schedule a Premier League game for a team on a Sunday

IF the team is still in the Champions League
AND the Champions League schedule could have or does have the team playing on the following Tuesday.

Not that hard is it?


@New guy, srry he will play against chelsea,It doesn’t apply in uefa rule. Why are english fa favour sumteam? When arsenal has to play Bayern nd Napoli there was no changes,we were force to play,still traveled for both game nd also to traveled to play livpool early nd now arsenal game move to sunday. Englis FA NAWA!


Fuck chelsea scum and fuck moaninghole.
I wanna know why he never got punished for encroaching on the field of play againt psg. U can bet if it had been anyone else theydve been sent off to stands. Portuguese prick.


Imagine if Wenger had grabbed a ball boy by the neck and threatened him with violence from grown adults?

Anyway, Maureen runs like a girl.


Oh for fuck sake we are traveling to NYC from London on the Friday and had hoped to catch this game on the Saturday in The Blind Pig. Now I gotta convince the lady that getting up at 6am on our anniversary to watch Arsenal is the right decision for both of us.


And yet our 12:45 Saturday match after a Wednesday CL away match couldn’t be moved. Fuck UEFA, fuck the FA, and fuck Sky. Fucking shower of wanking bastards the lot of them. And fuck John Terry too, just because.


True that. I agree that teams shouldn’t have to play an away game in Europe on a Wednesday night and the following Saturday, but the fuckers wouldn’t move it for us, but they do for Maureen?

Wenger will be called a whinger if he says anything, but double standards are double standards.

Dave Watts

Typical of sky they don’t give a toss about us loyal supporters (season ticket payers) they move games willnilly to suit the lard arse tv watchers its NOT CHELSEAS FAULT ITS FECKING SKY.



Nigerian Goon

Actually, fuck that lot called chelsea. They don’t deserve a capital letter on their name. By the way, john terry is still an absolute cunt!


If Arsenal got to a CL semi final no wait i know.We get to the last 16 and get knocked out every year


Get your facts right you dipshit.. Every year??? Hah – Please..


Id love to know how Chelsea are the cunts because the fixtures have been altered maybe if you lot were good enough to actually be in a champions league semi final your fixtures would have been changed i hope Wigan beat you tomorrow and then it will be how many years without a trophy maybe you can enlighten me not that you would win the final anyway 6-0 get ready for Thursday night Europa league i hope you keep arsehole whinger for another dry decade

Sir HumpAlot

Atleast Arsenal trophys through the years was well earned, and not bought and paid for by a sugardaddy. With the amount of money you have spent in the last decade, it is unbelieveable that you are not dominating the world of football. If Wenger had unlimited funds like Ch€l$£a in the last decade, then Arsenal would have won trophys every single year. Now, fuck off please!


Missing your “periods”, mate?


Chelsea? The team that drew 8,000 at the Bridge for a Prem game vs Coventry while we were playing in a European final? Fuck off back to your billionaire with your begging bowl!


Missing your “periods”, mate?


While you lost your European final and never been back where’s magic mezut now all you gooners were giving it the big i am around Christmas where’s that bravado now we ain’t got no history but we are sure making it as for we should be dominating world football now with the amount of money we have spent well i don’t know what your watching because we have a team that’s fighting for the title and the champions league and only get better while you lot are going to be losing your place to the toffees and enjoying Europa league… Read more »


Christ. Do they have schools in Chelsea?

We’ve been to school around here. Come back when you stop writing like an ape.


A little fact for you obtained by a simple google search Chelsea lowest home attendance,
17,639 vs Coventry City (10 March 1969) …


Interestingly, you also drew a huge crowd of 10,128 for the home game against Man City that season.

J from V

1 prcious day more rest and training after what will surely be a tough fixture against West Ham. Nothing to complain about, thank you Chavs!

Clock End Mike

I’ve often wondered why there is football on Easter Day these days.There’s no football on Christmas Day. Always Boxing Day. So why not play on Easter Bank Holiday? Then Chelski could play their match against Atletico the next day. And serve them right.

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