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Video: Ian Wright on Arsenal v Wigan

Via the FA, Ian Wright talks about Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final against Wigan.

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I agree with Wright. “Arsenal are the better team on paper,” but does “mental strength” show up on a stat sheet? I hope Santi’s comments are a sign that the players are fed up with losing.

Whip out your sacks, boys. COYG.


Wright talk from the Wright man

Stan The Man

He is Wright that Özil need the right kind of players around him. Our team is to static with only a few players with clever runs, most of which are out injured. However, that he needs to get up to speed with the pace of the game in BPL is hardly true at all. Premier league is the most competitive league in the world yes, But when it comes to pacey play, then La Liga is clearly faster. To Suggest that Real Madrid can not keep up with the pace of BPL teams, then you clearly got your BPL fan… Read more »

roof attack

The man is Wright Wright Wright.

Francis Jeffers' Sous Chef

he’s wright you know

Just A Gentleman

Is he really Wright Wright Wright though? I mean who knows you might not be Wright…

Turkis Gooner



On the 24th November 1996 (my super sweet 16th birthday), Wright scored a penalty in a 3-1 win over sp*rs. For his celebration he lifted his shirt to revel a message that said “I love the lads”.
A few weeks later, after him and Lee Dixon were let off an FA charge, he scored again and this time revealed a tee-shirt that said “I love the FA”, with Dixon standing next to him showing his own tee shirt that said “so do I”.
I miss those good old days.


My 32nd birthday, we must be 1/2 twins?!


so all you’re saying is that you are 34 yrs old.

Stuart Steele

Found myself nodding along for the duration.
Says it how it is does Wrighty.


if the team had as much passion as wrighty’s DNA had it would flow through the team #Legend

Az Ahmed

Passionate for Arsenal, but does not have a clue about the management side of the game


Usually not a fan of his punditry but I agree completely with everything he says here.


Anyone hear his interview on 606? Worrying.

He pretty much says that Wenger says nothing at half time. His coaching (in his eyes) is enough. After that, it’s up to the players.

Maybe he’s right. Perhaps we don’t have the players. However, if Wright is correct, Wenger should adapt and instruct (if he isn’t already. For 7m per year it does seem crazy to expect this from him.)


he also said that wenger believe that the players won’t be able to understand the entire value of what he’s saying under the circumstances of a large defeat, but the difference now is that the players we have don’t have the ability to see things by their own.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Why is Wright such a legend?

Because even when he was having a stinker of a game (which was rare as he was always on it!), he’d still affect it by winding up the opponents to point of distraction!

Remember the forgetful boot he left on that Dutch manure keeper. Quality.


arsenal win this time wth 1-0 wigan


Wrighty should be our new scout. He was a clinical finisher and knows what is needed and being an arsenal fan he would do us proud. If only wenger wasn’t so stubborn and listened to other people… He is never under pressure from the board. He makes them millions so they are happy but what these morons don’t realize is you spend big one season and win the league, this brings more money. Shirt sales of a high calibre player brings money. How many sonogo shirts do you think they sold??? He has took us as far as he is willing… Read more »



Crouch End Gooner


The fact that he doesn’t have a statue is a travesty.


He will be soon.

Boris Cro

nice jacket :3)


As a player Wright is my favourite of all time but he is definitely bitter about the way things ended with us.

He always undermines the club when he can, the same way RVP tried to but with RVP it came off as contrived & selfish.

Also persuaded SWP to join Chelsea instead of Arsenal despite the fact he would have been given more chances with Arsenal.


2:40 – 2:47 ” ive never been one to call for the manager”

14 December 2012 – “If you trust in Arsene you’re deluded!” Wright joins other Gunners legends and turns on Wenger



As much as I agree with what he says in the video, he did say some toxic things about the club and the manager, and to see him pretend he never said anything like that kinda makes me feel sick.

chris b

to be fair, he has the unfortunate disadvantage of being recorded on every little thing he says in anger, confusion or frustration of the moment. who of us has NEVER said sh*t about the club, players or the manager at the worst of times? Ian Wrights got nothing but love for the club, no doubt. Just watch his reaction to when Arsenal score!

I think his views expressed here are absolutely spot on.

chris b

I agree with every single last word he spoke. Lad.


If we beat wigan not only there will be a little pressure off of wenger but we will also have a shot at glory
I hope arsenal not just win but win comprehensively


He’s been overly critical in the past, but in this interview everything he says is true. I agree with all of it, especially the Ozil comments – he really does have the skills to be a club legend, but he does need some more pace around him.

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