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Walcott to miss the start of next season

Theo Walcott has revealed he won’t be ready in time for the start of the new football season, but says he’s hoping to make his return early in the new campaign.

The England man ruptured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament in January, and underwent surgery shortly afterwards. It’s the kind of injury that does need real time, so there’s no question of this being any kind of setback.

PreviouslyRead what a qualified physio had to say about Theo’s recuperation at the time of his injury.

Speaking to the matchday programme ahead tonight’s clash with Newcastle, Theo said, “I want to try and be back for the early part of next season. That’s the goal so there will be a lot of hard work throughout the summer and during the World Cup.”

Walcott also revealed he’s taken a very professional and sanguine approach to his time out of the game.

“It’s nearly been four months now and my recovery has gone on track so far,” he said. “At the moment, I’m working on muscle strength and building muscle in my quad. I’ve got a lot of the flexion back and I’m always working on extension.

“A lot of the days are very similar but the four months have gone really quickly. I don’t see any point in being down in the dumps about the injury because it’s already happened and there are a lot of people with worse problems in the world.”

Can’t really fault that attitude, can you? Let’s hope the rest of his recovery goes according to plan, and we see him back not too long into our 2014-15 title winning campaign.



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Mikel Artekkers

Good luck Theodore, we’ve really missed your pace and cutting edge this season. Not always my favourite player on the pitch but a consummate professional off of it, Moaninho could learn from you.

Az Ahmed

Like him or loathe him, Mourinho is a genius after what he did yesterday to Liverscum.


Not at all, all he did was copy Sam Allardyce’s tactics in which he had the cheek to criticize.

Chairman Meow

Did you not read the terms and conditions, im being serious here, i want you banned. fuck moriniho, how is that a tactical genius? he got penned in for 90 mins and got two FILTH counter attack goals, if hes such a fucking genius why did he have to rely on that? what if they didnt go in? how would he know Ba would score? HE DIDNT he IS NOT A GENIUS eugh, hes a conservative cautious boring callus cunt. he parked the bus, with his team, so much more expensive and thus ud expect better (they clearly arnt and… Read more »

Chairman Meow

no i take that back about being banned, just got emotional sorry. i just hate him so much


You mentioned the comments policy, yet you use “ud’ instead of you’d and you grammar is close to terrible. be careful, don’t shit yourself getting so angry and stuff


for those criticizing he-who-shall-not-be-praised, look back to any one of our performances against Barca in the CL, or even to Dortmund away this year. Was what we did really any different? I’d swallow my pride and take that kind of performance over the mauling we received at City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Everton and day of the week.


I hate Mourinho, but If I can remember correctly the Last FA cup Arsenal won they Parked the bus and beat Man U on Penalties. Liverpool really did not need to win that game, they could have played for a draw. It was a big mistake on Rogers part. Blame Rogers for the defeat not Mourinho parking the bus.

Chairman Meow

dont worry i didnt shit myself. yeah my grammar wasn’t great but i, and im sure most of us, have better things to do than appease the pretentious english language acolytes by making my comments perfect just for you. who said english was even my first language?
finallly i took back that that point about the policy anyway because as i said, just got angry and said the first thing that came into my head so, fuck me, im sorry alright!

Mikel Artekkers


I don’t think anyone is saying what he did was wrong, or bad football, just that it isn’t spectacular and worthy of praise. Frankly his team defended backs to the wall (as we did) and did well to grind out the result. Allardyce would have been capable of setting that team out however, and thus it really seems strange to praise Mourinho as some sort of tactical genius when he earlier whinged about Allardyce’s defensive tactics and then goes and copies them against Liverpool.


Yeah Mikel, It’s all true what you say. What bothers me is the people who get all worked up over Mourinho’s hypocrisy and media games and then praise Wenger for his media games or ignore his petulant behavior, such as all the fouls he did not see and all the water bottles he’s kicked or opposition tactics he’s complained about. They are football managers, they mostly act like a bunch of spoiled children, Wenger included. I’ve never seen Mourinho take himself very seriously and I think he is pretty hilarious. That fact he gets all of you so wound up,… Read more »


oh so mou the tactician foresaw gerrard would slip ??….. can you ask mou for the lotto numbers next time you meet him on fm online?

Hereford Gooner

I’d like to see how he fairs when he has less than £150m worth of talent to draft in from the bench. He has about £100m worth of defensive midfielders alone – he can afford to pick a team that can park the bus. He can afford to pick a team that can attack. He has a half billion pound squad to call upon – so he can afford to use tactics that others less financially well off can. This has always been the case for him. People will quote Porto but he was still managing the most wealthy club… Read more »


people who quote Porto are useless know nothing mugs. Porto has always been one of portugal ‘s biggest club, amazing connections in south american markets and a team that had names like vitor baia , jorge costa, ferreria, carvalho, costinha , maniche, deco, jardel, not exactly unknowns………… neutral did he look to you that he doesnt take himself too seriously when waving his arms saying “praise me” after chelsea’s second at anfield? whats so childish about saying “i didnt see it”. i find it a very diplomatic response in contrast to mourinho’s congratulations or fergusons “the ref isnt fit for… Read more »


This is surely an egregious misuse of the word genius–almost like saying Jack the Ripper was a genius for the way he used his knives.

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Look at the shitstorm you created just by mentioning the gorgeous Portugese spikey lovable cunny. Read comments policy!

non flying dutchman

The first post here was not in anyway about whether or not mourinho has been a tactical genius . it was about the fact that theo up against adversity this season is able to himself with grace in the way his gone about things and that the special omne whjo has at times been a petulant and vindictive shit could learn from the lad. For what it’s worth I think jose’s arrogance has been a decisive factor in why Chelsea have dropped so many points against teams at the bottom, and hence why they will not be winning the title… Read more »

They're buildign a Bendtner

You’ve got to feel for him, given his previous World Cup snub. Not that I give two hoots for international football.

Best of luck in your recovery, Theo.


I fear Theo will leave after next season. Didn’t he only sign a short extension before?

Bring on the Cup!

Signed a three year extension…

Bring on the Cup!

Finishes June 2016.


Keep fearing.


Fuuuuck sake!

‘Speedy’ recovery Theo. We need your pace!


Antoine Griezmann, this summer please…


On knees there is no “speedy” recovery. I myself fucked up my patella tendon 18 months ago and I’m still not playing, let alone dreaming of the World Cup squad.


Question is: which will be first 😉

I wish you a full recovery from your injury!


Yes, it’s pity you’ve missed on the world cup. Quick and good recovery though.

da gooner

Positively positive lad. Let’s hope he can spend the time out in working on his mental game…review footage of mistakes made, etc


I did mine a month before him. His attitude is incredible for an absolute John Terry of injuries


That means probably Feb, 2015 🙁

red or dead

That’s the spirit Tom!


surely we need an established winger now along with GK.CB.RB.CDM and Striker. Get well and hope your injury woes next season will minimize.


I believe you’d come back stronger and better, bro.

Bring on the Cup!

Well maybe there’s a silver lining in that the club will be even more motivated to get us a top, top quality goal scorer in the transfer window, knowing that one of our best will be out for a bit and will probably take a while to get up to speed.

Get well soon Theo!


Don’t hold your breath.


Injury pileup for 2015 already started! Oh, to be an Arsenal fab




Guys, what are your thoughts on Wenger switching Chamberlain’s position to central midfield in the future? I think he’s much more effective on the Wings with his pace and strength, also he’s not that great passer of the ball.


Just for clarification….All those thumbs down were for your last line ” he’s not that great passer of the ball”


Yes, I figured. He’s a good passer, but not great. You can ignore that line anyway.
I mean he’s already established himself as a very good winger, why switch his position?

bergkamp's hooped sock

He’s got the technique, strength, and pace to carry the ball through midfield–remember his goal against Crystal Palace. He’s a got a powerful shot too so you wanna stick him in the center of the park so he has a chance to score. He could do a job on the wing but doesn’t possess the crossing ability or the ability to curl the ball in. He could be a Ramsey-type in midfield, less reliable maybe but with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’

non flying dutchman

Do we actually want to mould Rambo and the Ox for the same position though. Albeit I appreciate that bar the Chelsea debarcle he did a dsamn fine job fill in in for our no 16.


I thought he made some decent games from the central position recently. He’s got the strength and the technical abilities to become our very own Yaya Toure. But (un)fortunately we’re kindly blessed with fantastic young central midfielders.


In short:


Bobby Chapman

I feel gutted for him. He will most likely never be able to play in a world cup which a players of his quality really deserves. How england could do with a player with his pace and finishing.

Daft Aider

Doesn’t he only have a year on his contract again as well?


No. 2 years.

Daft Aider

That’s good, had thought it was 2 and a half

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

Great news that Theo’s recovery is on track. Also it’s encouraging to see we’re not rushing our injured players back anymore, risking them further second-order injuries. We could’ve had a fit Aaron Ramsey with us for both Death Run 1 and Death Run 2 had we not tried rushing him back for the Southampton away fixture on Jan 28th when his groin ‘broke down’ again. He injured his groin against West Ham on Boxing Day and the prognosis was for ‘six weeks’ out. Dec 26 to Jan 28… you do the maths. Having a full-strength, match-ready Theo back in time… Read more »

Tazmanian Jesus

We need Walls, Rams and Öz throughout the whole season to win it. Plus some additions


Walls, yuk.


Walcott…PFA player of the season 2014-15…oh wait i cant decide….Tough competition between Walcott and Ramsey

Az Ahmed


Momo (@MuhamLAD)

You left out Szczesny, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Flamini, Arteta, Ox, Giroud & Podolski


Guys!!! Wilshere?? What the heck man?? Everyone forgot him:(


He would v made a whole lot of difference this season. WALCOT-An amazing finisher


It’s a bit sad that the coventional view is that it should take so long to recover from an ACL injury. But looking at sports in the US where it appears that medical staffs are willing to research across all forms of medicine in order to speed up recovery times for athletes, you have an increasing number of cases where players in football, basketball and baseball are recovering from ACLs in 3 to 6 months using pulsed emf, hydrotherapy, etc. But Arsenal with their backwater staff need 8-9 months and one can put money there will be multiple setbacks and… Read more »


Actually Arsenal’s medical team have a history working with American sport institutions.


Why is everyone flipping their shit over this? We knew this already!

So much doom-mongering already! Jesus.

Injured Gooner South Africa

I agree. Iv already started looking forward to seeing Cambelle on the right, also see no reason why we cant play Cambelle on the left once Theo returns. THe problem for me is that it looks like we could have a whole new right wing if Jenks is still the number 2 RB. Not sure I like the sound of that.

To think I was even hoping Napoli would end up outside the CL spots and that we could have an easy path at signing Gonzalo from them. Would love to see a striker with his qualities next season.

Gunner in Ghana

Wish his recovery is as fast as his pace.


COYG, Finish the season strongly! Keep Theo pumped for working hard and coming back ready to take on the world.


I’ll get my time-chamber out then…

Hank Scorpio

In other news Diaby is injured for the Newcastle game. Personally I didn’t see that coming

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Stoke fail to deliver St. Totteringham’s and now this?! Terrible times…


Let him sign a new 5 year deal like Rambo did.


For a long time I didn’t really like Walcott however after his stylish exit from the Spurs match and after reading several of his interviews his attitude appears to be top notch and he has defiantly improved as a player. I can’t wait to see him back and hopefully he can come back better than ever!

Elliot Ness

Karma’s a bitch. And it seems like she’s a f*cking Sp*rs fan too…


Why is this anything to do with Karma? That would imply Theo did something bad in order to deserve this…

Hereford Gooner

We have to sign a winger that can give us what Theo gives us. Preferably one that can play left or right. The fact that we place such a high reliance upon Theo has been brutally exposed (again) this season. We cannot keep hoping that he will not get injured and having no back up if he does – this has got to be as much of a priority as a new striker and a new right back. Sure Ox can fill in there – but it is not his best position and he is yet to develop the sort… Read more »

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

For fuck’s sake.


Breaking news from the BBC:

“Abou Diaby has recovered from his serious knee injury but has picked up a minor groin problem so will miss Monday’s game.”

Well, there goes our LANS…

palace gunner

Good luck theo, i have a feeling chavs will have an unlucky turn why? Because prem title is liverpool or city & c/lge will be harder for chavs team to win i say it watch coyg


This is why we can’t have nice things. First time I read comments since early in the season. I’m now going to repeatedly slam my balls in a drawer as penance.


Theo we need you at full throttle next season…

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