Monday, July 15, 2024

Arsenal 1-0 West Brom – player ratings

A dead rubber in the North London sunshine, but three very welcome points all the same.

Here’s how the players rated – and remember, you can add your own ratings and comments.


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Arteta's hair

“We want you to stay, we waaant you to staaaaaay

If you do, I will name myself “Sagna’s hair”.

Sad times

Goodbye my Sagna, goodbye my friend.


You have been the one, you have been the one for me!


Is that a James Blunt song?


Vermaelen deserves an additional point for that wonderful line-hugging long pass to ozil


I thought I’d had too much to drink. I thought it was Ozil’s pass to another Ozil.


IT WAS OZIL’s Pass to PODOLSKI lol not Vermaelen to Ozil or Vermaelen to Podolski Ozil to Ozil lol Check again.

BTW player of the season Kosc-the-boss! Hands down. who’s yours?


i think it was to Podolski


I need a gif of this!


Someone get the man a gif!


Don’t even ask about the words in the URL though

jack jack jack



I especially enjoyed Flamini scaring the poop out of some bloke on the other team. He dared to kick Flamster without realising who he was. He was up for a row until he realised it was Flamster in his face. Apologies abounded and the poor lad walked away looking like he needed new pants.


That was Sessegnon, yeah.


Think its due to both being french speakers. Flam softens. All I can remember in this game was the Vermalaen pass.


Arsene Wenger said in his post match conference if it was up to him alone he would keep Sagna and Fabrianki.. Perhaps hinting at the board??

Anyway lets be honest if not for injuries we would of dropped so many points against Swansea etc

So lets spend the money wisely on the right players and improve as a team

Arteta's hair

I think he is hinting at the fact that Sagna himself is the obstacle, sadly. I can’t really blame him for leaving though (however i wouldn’t like it if he joined another PL club).

He has been an amazing player for us and often an unsung hero. He will be missed a lot!


Most fans will hate him if he leaves for City. That’s a given.


I won’t. As long as he doesn’t join Chelsea/Spu*s/United.


Fortunately I don’t think he’s going to City just to be second choice to Zabaleta


I don’t get this unsung hero bullshit.

All Arsenal fans know that he is the bee’s knee’s, maybe in press he is unsung but not in the eyes of real Arsenal fans.

jack jack jack

Well-appreciated he might be but he is literally unsung in the sense that he very (very) rarely has a chant go up in the stands. Yesterday was a nice exception.


Inter or Besiktas as far as I know


Really can’t see him going to besiktas, that would be seriously stupid. Even inter would be a serious downgrade (unless he’s sick here which I personally doubt). The most probable reasons for him to leave are a lot of money and a very high chance of trophies, which makes psg (or, sadly, city) the most obvious candidates.


Hes class.. Its madness why we are selling him what i ment was the board dont wanna give in to Sagnas Wage demands but his loyalty for me has earned it.

I just wanna know how much hes asking for…


I’d imagine that it was more aimed at the individuals rather than the board as they, ultimately, have final say on signing a new contract and I doubt the board, in particular with Sagna, wouldn’t of offered them what they wanted


he has been an all round performer and will surely be missed but we need to bring in another top quality cos jen is not yet ready to be our no 1 in that position

Dave M

Today was just a great day.

Policeman's bangers 'n' mash


Paul K

Ozil was clearly man of the match. Not sure why Arseblog is always down on him.

Bould's Eyeliner

don’t think they’re being down on him. Rather it’s that, “oh he can casually be MOTM, what an amazing player we have wooha”


Mrs sagna- 9
Mrs koscielny-9


I’d give them both one.

North Bank Gooner

Naaahhh, 2 😉


Hey, I’m sorry- I thought I was reading a blog, I didn’t realise this was the Sky Sports studio over the last 20 years? My mistake. Phwoar. Rack. Tits. Curves. Crikey. Brassieres. Ahem.


Especially since Chelski dropped points.


We just need them to lose against Cardiff (1-0 is the best we can hope for realistically). Then, we need a 17-0 win away at Norwich to finish third. We need a goal about every five and a half minutes. We can do this! (takes medication).


3rd place trophy? Hmmm tempting.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

It’s not as unrealistic as it might sound, we still have Lord Bendtner. I just hope no smooth taxis come along to tempt the Nuts of Nicklas.


Thank you Sagna for many great performances. A consummate professional. My favorite memory will be that no- you-fucking-don’t header at Sp*rs a few seasons ago. Best of luck, I think a sweet bosman is your best option if they won’t give you more money.


Sagna has been a loyal servant.

That said, we should be looking at players with ready made PL experience to fill in. Bringing a RB from outside the league may need a bit of time to adjust and could cost us in a position which has been such a given in terms of dependability.

I hope we spend on Seamus Coleman. If not Debucchy is a decent option.

Arteta's hair

Well, it worked out pretty sweet last time we bought a right back abroad…

Philadelphia Gooner

What we need is Serge Aurier.

He literally walks over the french league. You know he’s premier league material when he looks like a man among boys in France.


We won in neutral gear.

Chelsea could not find the keys to their parked bus. that’s cos it’s with City.

but the media would deem us boring and celebrating 4th spot trophy.

Well better that and the FA cup than boring , can’t score a goal against relegation fodder Norwich (United put four past them…United) and no silverware beyond the 3rd spot trophy.;)


Berahino’s headlong dive was fantastic! He must have slid a good ten yards on his belly.


Think again today’s game also serves to illustrate the sort of catalyst from midfield that Ramsey (and Jack) bring to the team. They are the two players at the moment that bring drive and energy through midfield but they do it in different ways. Ramsey does it with pure stamina and energy with runs up and down the pitch that add the extra man in defense or in attack. Jack carries the ball on the dribble from deep giving us an added dimension. The only other player to be able to perform this function for us was on the bench… Read more »


Ramsey yes, Jack ..still a long way off being his best. We’ve not clicked with him starting.

Davey Gravy

Ox more than Jack imho.


Diaby will never play regular football for Arsenal. If he did, we’d have to sell him to a team that didn’t require their midfielders to pick out passes. Flamini and Arteta are in the twilight of their top flight careers. They will become role players by 2015-16 if they’re still with us. In my opinion, we never really replaced Alex Song. That’s the sort of DM (like Matic) that would put the team into overdrive. Ramsey or Wilshere could pair with him. If we can get a healthy Walcott to play 30 or so full games, and bring in a… Read more »


Still created a fair amount though, sure Rambo is awesome but with a little better finishing it would have been even more comfortable.

I think Rosicky and Santi can do what you want too, just Santi was a little off today.


Does this mean I have to change my name?

Bacary's Premier League

I’ll have to change my username as well.


John Terry is still a cunt.


As true as E=mc²


Yup. E’s a MegaCunny squared.

North Bank Gooner

*John Terry is a MASSIVE Cunt. 😉


I really think jenkinson is up for it at rb,he has fantastic pace and isnt shy of putting a aggressive tackle or his crossing ability is actually pretty decent.yes he made a few costly mistakes.but everyone learns from thier mistakes.i just hope wenger give him a crack at first team action for half a season before deciding to get a solid rightback.oh and remy has this henry aura about him.i think we can benefit from a pacy striker with ozil’s vision next season.just imagine walcott remy and ox play up the field next season would be a all… Read more »


Sorry think you must have taken the wrong medication today Ryan(ttc)

Jenkinson may be a young prospect ( and a diehard gooner) but he is still a few seasons away from being Top Level standard.

Then Liking Remy to Henry, it’s a bit like linking Bergkamp with Wes Hoolahan, please don’t give unjust comparisons to the king.

Peanuts Peanuts

Wes Hoolahan tore it up in league one. Could Bergkamp do that?

golly gosh

Well I haven’t forgotten the start of last season, when Jenkinson put in a series of brilliant performances while Sagna was injured (particularly at the Etihad where he was my MOTM). He makes mistakes when he plays now because he’s at the stage where he needs regular game-time and he hasn’t been getting it.


Jenko can play right back, sure, but we’d need two anyway (I hear that injuries sometimes happen), and why not get someone better? They’ll compete for the position, like Gibbs and Monreal, and make each other better. But Sagna is perfect for the way we play. We’ll miss him, but he’ll miss Arsenal.


Blogs I think auto-play video ads with sound is a bit too much..Just my opinion. I’d visit here everyday regardless.


We don’t have auto-play videos.


I’ve been getting auto-playing video ads too. I made a comment about it a while ago, but the comment is still awaiting moderation.


can you tell me what the videos were for, and I can block them? It must be Google serving these ads. I hate them and I’ll get rid of them as soon as can.


Oh, er, thanks, they seem to have gone.


Blogs it was a nivia ad for face cream or something.. top right hand corner.

Podolski's left foot

When I saw Diaby named on the bench I cried with mirth

12th Man in The Clockend

Great, under-rated statistic about Chesney and Cech this season… Great to see the winning form continue, great way to end a pretty solid home record this season too. One note though: It seemed to me that Santi was using primarily his left foot for the entire game; almost fine tuning himself for FA Cup and World Cup finals. I noticed the comment rating said about Santi’s switching of play to Podolski was off target – but I am fairly sure most of those balls were all left-footed; including left footed corners. Don’t get me wrong, we all know how well… Read more »


Remy was at the game today, hopefully we’ll get him. Giroud / remy /sanogo-j campbell doesn’t sound too bad on paper, means we can spend big on a dm/rb or cb if verm goes.

Wes Hoolahan

When the fish follow the trawler it is because they are stupid.


So, Jenkinson it is for right back, yeah?


10 for Bacary just because he’s been such a fucking warrior for the past few seasons. genuinely sad to see him go, he’s been solid, professional and unbelievably consistent when playing (which i think too many people take for granted). Also, the first North London derby i ever attended was the one where he scored that header to spark the comeback.

Good luck Sagna, thanks for the memories.


We already have three rb including bac. We need two cb assuming the skipper leaves. Giroud has played two season with us without injury so one striker could be enough. Remy fits the bill can play left or centre like theo. I think if diaby cab play bit part role next season then dm can wait another season.


If you see this Sagna, I gave you a player rating of 10. Hopefully that will make you stay.

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