Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Every Arsenal 2013/14 goal (all 99!) in under 10 minutes. Boom.

We made not have hit a century, but my word didn’t we score some corkers on our way to 99 goals this season…

In total Arsenal had 19 different goal scorers during the season. Olivier Giroud ended with the club’s golden boot notching 22 (16 in the league), while Aaron Ramsey grabbed a creditable 16 (not bad for someone missing a good chunk of the season) and Lukas Podolski nipped into third place with a late run to take him to 12.

Interestingly, of the players who featured more than 10 times during the season only Thomas Vermaelen and Nacho Monreal failed to score.

Anyway, enough of that…

From the team’s orgasma-goal against Norwich to Rambo’s deft FA Cup winning strike, Rosicky’s dink and banger against Sp*rs to Giroud’s Bergkamp-esque control and finish versus West Ham, watch every strike (again and again and again) in under 10 minutes courtesy of the man-made-to-montage, @CulannDavies.

All 99 Arsenal goals in 2013/14 in under 10 minutes from Culann Davies on Vimeo.

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I quite like the one at the end…


Gave me goosebumps, I ain’t afraid to say it!


There’s a longer 1 hour version by @slimswaidy. Check that out too. Brings tears to thine eyes.


Currently watching, and it is truly great to behold. Not a fan of the “dynamic” cams all the time, as I like to have some overview, so this one was much more to my taste. But then again, any Arsenal goal is a good goal.


share the sugar, please. can’t find it on his youtube channel.

Gibbs' Ears

Missing Walcott’s goal against Cardiff!

Walcott's left footed curl

Interesting seeing Walcotts impact, assists, goals, just running in in the attacks. Given he’s injury I think it’s impressive and that we forget how important a player he really is.

Gary the Gooner

Ramsey is everywhere in this video. What a player

Mental strength

One never gets tired of watching jacks goal against Norwich.

Durham Gooner

Rosicky’s similar goal almost gets ignored because of it, equally great.


That RAMBO strike against liverpool was breathtaking,made me loose my appetite for the whole day…So for the obese guys wanting to control their weight by reducing dietry intake,there u go.

well excuse me!

See, that’s what I’m talking about, how fucking great is this team, our manager, this club, it’s fans (mostly). Have faith and just enjoy what we have and will gain.


Brilliant, and ended on a high! Cannot wait for the new season, so proud of the team.


Just beautiful


There’s one goal missing.. Our second against Cardiff at home


Amazing. A great way to end a season. Bring on next season!


I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.


Not being pendantic… but Walcott’s (the second) goal against Cardiff *missing*. Otherwise an extremely brilliant work


Awesome video. I didn’t realise we had that many headed goals.



James Ovenden

I love it, this clearly took a lot of time and effort, so well done. The only thing is, I think it’s missing Theo’s vs Cardiff at home.


Ramsey was so good. So good.


Both of Rosicky’s goal against the spuds were stunners, I love that man! And the FA Cup goals weren’t bad either!


Great video, but its missing Walcott’s goal against Cardiff after Bendtner scored the winner.


Lovely, might even be worth purchasing the season review dvd this time round, can even half smile at the horrible defeats to Liverpool and Chelsea safe in the knowledge that they won fuck all and we won the cup! Oh yes, so happy right now.


Walcott vs Cardiff


Amazing video! Gave me goosebumps. Couldn’t help but notice that one goal is missing, Walcotts vs Cardiff, just after bendtners goal it was. we won 2-0 at home

Gunner From Another Mother

So very happy. I love our team. 🙂


I love you Callum, I love you ArseBlog, I FUCKING LOVE YOU ARSENAL!!!


Sorry Culann! Fooking auto correct:(


Damn I love our club. Thanks for the vid, Ramsey obviously player of the season, but noticed a lot of Poldi, hope him and theo can tear the wings up next season.


a little bit off topic, but folks in america were bemoaning the fact gus johnson was calling the game. however, his call for the ramsey goal was brilliant. called it the way a true gooner would have. on the other hand martin tyler’s call was pathetic.

go to youtube and check what i’m saying.


Loved all goals! Thank you for showing us arseblog.


Wilshere was involved in quite a few goals and scored some quality ones. Amazing that some still thing he’s overrated.


Thanx for the vid. Some beautiful goals over the season!


Say what you want about wenger, the man serves up beautiful football


Oh my god that’s so emotional im almost in tears


Dear Blogs,

Can you please upload the picture of Rambo celebrating his goal seen here:

I need a new computer background


Amazing just how many brilliant quality goals we scored this year. Very rarely do we score an average goal. Fantastic video 🙂


Brilliant and moving…and many thanks for not having one of those thumping hip hop soundtracks. Can’t wait for next season!


Watching this video I couldn’t help noticing that Rambo scored pretty much every type of goal you can score, from just about every possible angle. What an incredible talent!

gunnering mouth

thank you Arseblog for everything. you guys make our day fun and better. If I had it my way, you would be knighted. gives us more please…….

Gary Baldy

Well, we have got ourselves a target for next season, then . . .

100 goals !

A great reminder of an important and hopefully formative period in our history !

COYG !!!!

m a gunner

Pure class !


Just found out Jenkinson missed the parade yesterday because he got called up on under 21 duty. I feel sorry for him as I am sure he was up for the parade.


I haven’t watched the video yet I like it already.

We forget Walcott did a pires-bergkamp–Henry-Reyes-ESQUE top corner bender against man city


Hopefully Jenks will have plenty of parades that he can attend in the future.


Ramsey stole the show. He’s the revelation of the season. Currently my best arsenal player. Beautiful, emotional and breath – taking video


There were some fantastic goals in there. And everyone played their part: Ramsey, Theo, Giroud, Wilshere, Ozil, Podolski, Cazorla, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain.


I just finished it… brilliant. Still waiting for the Sanogo goal though! I am happy to bet he will be in this video next year… at least once.


Best last few moments of a video I’ve seen in a looooooooong time.

Unyoke the Ox

Brilliant. While many players featured in patches, due to injury or form, Giroud was a bit handy throughout. He’s been vital for us and ran himself into the ground. Topped it off with a great back heel


just one direct free kick goal – FA cup final – 2 – 0 down.. what a time to score one.. hats off to santi for pulling it off under so much pressure


Love the ending. Gave me such a warm feeling inside

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