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Forgotten striker wins World Cup place

Park Chu-Young is going to the World Cup this summer after being included in the South Korea squad for Brazil 2014.

Although he made only one Capital One Cup appearance for the Gunners, and played just twice for Watford after joining them on loan in January, the former South Korean captain has been selected by his national side.

Explaining the decision, coach Hong Myung-bo said, “At this World Cup we will have to battle some of the world’s best players, and it was hard to exclude Park given his experience.

“In addition to that, we don’t have anyone who can replace him, and he gets on well with the rest of the squad, those are the reasons that we selected him.”

It remains one of the strangest signings of Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal. Park was set to sign for Lyon when we hijacked the deal just after the 8-2 at Old Trafford, but despite a relatively good record in Ligue Uuuuuuuun with Monaco, he was never trusted by the manager and spent most of his time not even making the bench.

He had a loan spell at Celta Vigo during which he scored three goals, but his lack of playing time even at Watford tells its own story.

Still, we’re not going to be too critical in case we get trouble on our mouths.

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Me So Hornsey

In terms of playing time in footballing years he must be about 24.

Da ArseSchaft

LANBB – Like A New Born Baby


Not to be fussy but he was going to sign for Lille, and that made their president have a hissy fit and say he wouldnt sell Hazard to us. What a punce, not that Wenger would’ve used his ‘warchest’ on Hazard anyway

Little Swede In The No14 Shirt

let it go indy, let it go.


I had never seen this video in reply to gunnerblog. This is brilliant!


Better cancel those tickets to South Korea James. Or bring a dentist?


Brilliant/very weird and a good reminder of why I dislike rap music!


I can’t tell whether it’s satire or a genuine diss, but it’s hilarious either way.


Lille not Lyon!

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

Well, good on him. Best of luck!

Rocky Rocastle

We will probably make a pre transfer agreement for Park going to Inter or some such, and then in the World Cup he will probably blossom into a Suárez/Ibrahimovic hybrid and take South Korea to the final which they win 7-3 over Germany after a double Hattrick and 1 Assist by Park Chu-Young. Then Giroud suddenly decide to head on back to France, And then our attempt to bring in a world class striker fails horribly, and on deadline day Wenger have to give Bendtner a 2 mill a week 3 year deal with the promise of building the team… Read more »


Great signing Wenger. We needed Benzema you gave us Chu Park. Hasbeen manager.


Danny: A never was manager.

Jap's Eye

He was never good enough for the top of the Premier League.

His experience at Watford (spit!) tells a story.


Park Chu Young Lives!


I like your picture.

The fool of a Took

This signing truly was weird as hell. Can imagine Wenger wasn´t right in the head after the horrible bashing by the horrible cunts.

But hell, at least we sold a shitload of shirts in South Korea, so we got that going for us, which is nice..

Chaillah the gunner

I hope he goes on to lift the world cup,apart from Yaya Toure I have never seen such a complete player.what a striker,what a beast


South Korea will use him if they want to Park the bus

*I’ll get my own coat*


Still a better signing than Bébé!


Still better spend than t*ttenham’s 100 million last summer



el bahja

He’s alive I repeat he’s alive park is alive and will win the world cup


we were classless in our tactics in signing him so this is just karma


Park has a great scoring record at international level, I am not surprised he’s going to the world cup. Good luck Park!

Merlin's Panini

Yes he does have a great scoring record, against teams like Saudi Arabia and Iran… oh well. Good luck to him.

Belfast Gooner

With Wenger coming out today and saying he expects late business this summer, this is the perfect example of why that tactic is so risky! Park was the very definition of a Panic buy. Its like buying a hideous tshirt that is on offer and then leaving it in the back of the wardrobe for 4 years!

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

To be fair though, we’ve all got a few of those in our wardrobe…

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Interested in knowing if there were any other cases like this during the Wenger era, I can’t really remember any

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

Can you imagine how Shit south Korea’s striking options are?!

Atletico Islington

To be fair Son Heung-Min’s a talent, can play on the right, left or down the middle and is somebody I’d be happy to see in an Arsenal shirt, they just don’t have seem to have anyone else half as good.

Merlin's Panini

He was set to sign for Lille, not Lyon. That ruined our relationship with Lille if I recall, and most likely played a part in us not signing Hazard (as well as him being a ballboy kicking twonk).


“In addition to that, we don’t have
anyone who can replace him, and he
gets on well with the rest of the
squad, those are the reasons that we
selected him.”

‘but what about Sam Young Ho? ‘

“That would help if we had Ribery in the team. Like I said Park is irreplaceable. Look at the stricker crisis at Arsenal. It was impossible to replace him, not Higuain not even Suarez was fit to lace his boots.

You need top top quality. Maybe one or two which we clearly lack “

Chairman Meow

The ONLY reason he was bought in the first place was the encourage Korean fans to support arsenal, since he was the south korean captain, its an obvious and shameless marketing scam.
why has nobody else said this?! its not “one of the strangest signings” its about money.
Feel really quite bad for Park.


Watch him end up as the World Cup’s highest goalscorer


One sub-reason why we found it difficult to add a striker could be bc we had two on the books holding up the wage bill which were non performers. Easy to say just sign anyone but when you consider how difficult it is to get rid of an unwanted player, some caution must be warranted. An inability to land a striker last summer must not be confused with a reluctance to sign one. Wenger knew our shortfall for the past two seasons up top since the departure of RVP. No surprise that the strikers he was after were mobile and… Read more »


Park should have really taken a pay cut and moved himself on for the sake of his career.

As is I suppose, being on the Arsenal bench is not detrimental to his International cache.:D


“Trouble on your mouth” is by far the best thing on YouTube.


I’m ready for ridicule, let me say that up front.

I liked the signing. Park has skill and can score goals. He was stuck on the bench behind RVP during the season of his scumbag/little-boy life.

Maybe knowing he would only see the field if RVP got injured affected his training. Maybe he wasn’t suited for England, but he can score goals. He could have stayed in the K-League and become more of a national hero than he already was.


I don’t suppose anyone here remembers the first few months of his time at Arsenal when Park was perennially sat on the bench behind RVP, while repeatedly scoring goals for his national team? (8 goals in 5 games, including a brace against Poland) Surely then, you’d have thought he deserved a chance but nope, Wenger was too scared to play him with RVP’s form so good. He was a good player with a decent scoring record at both club and national level, but we banjaxed his career, simple as that. It’s great news to see that his country still have… Read more »

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