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Koscielny signs new deal

Arsenal have confirmed that Laurent Koscielny has signed a new long-term deal with the club.

The Frenchman has pledged his future to the club, after signing an extension in 2012, and his new deal is expected to run until 2018.

He’s become an integral part of the Arsenal defence alongside Per Mertesacker, and this is great news as big clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid had been sniffing around.

He told the official site, “I am very proud to have reached agreement with the Club on a new contract. I have enjoyed four great years at Arsenal already, and I look forward to continuing to help the team in the years to come.”

While Arsene Wenger said, “Laurent has proven himself to be an outstanding player since joining us in 2010 and has showed his quality once again this season. I am delighted he has decided to commit his future to the club.”

Koscielny joins Mertesacker, Tomas Rosicky, Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla as first team players who have signed new deals over the last couple of months.

A pre-cup final boost, hopefully, and fantastic news for all Arsenal fans.

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Great news. Well done Arsenal for getting the contracts done. I read thats now 7 or 8 this year now, so all good.


Signs of better things to come. Well done koshman!


Like a Bossss!!!!!!


Read it was 2019, but good news regardless. Deserves any raise he got. A great player now and will only improve going forward.

consice alan

Good news.


Fuckin’ excellent! to quote Freddie.


Haha, f*ck all those media outlets who were talking about the Koss joining whichever club they could think of at that time.


Just watched a YT video of him. I’ve got to say that he is so good with the ball, so calm, and his pass accuracy must be sky high as well cause he plays wonderful balls out of the defense, even under pressure


3 years ago the headlines would be Xavi “Koscielny plays the Barcelona way”.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

3 years ago the headlines would be “Has Arsene turned senile? Signing a Ligue 2 defender over Scott Dann”

Jack's Right Foot

Yes! This is such good news. Long reign King Boscielny.

ClauDe Mutua

General Bosscielny

Burn Baby Burn

He signs his own contract, he signs his own contract! Laurent Koscielny He signs his own contract!


Too many syllables.

What about ” he pens his own deal, he pens his own deal, …….”


does Koscielny use his penis on the picth? that said, if he can whip it out against the Spuds and tap the ball into the net with it, and the ref allows it, I’d be all for it…I’d even say: let’s have more penis-tapping goals against all these dicks…no way, they could defend against our players whacking the ball off into the net…

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

He signed a new deal, he signed a new deal, Laurent Koscielny,he signed a new deal.


He’s gotta get his own song now.


Hes better than Kompany


We’re off to see the wizard, The wonderful wizard of Kos
Because, because, because, because, because
Because of the wonderful things he does


Just realized this works much better for Ozil

Mesut's Kisses

Kos-Man Killa.


Fuck yeah!


Can you believe he has been with us for four years? Damn time has flown by. I remember when we were first linked with him that Blogs kept saying “I can’t remember this guy’s name, I have to copy and paste it all the time.”


Time to sort those lyrics boys. The Koz deserves a worthy song.

FReezin gooner

Pls. Sagna pls. even if you are not staying, We need you to lift the community shield with us before leaving.

nigel doyle

Great news!! He has been immense the last couple of season’s!!


Well we’d better come up with that song before 2018!


Like a Koss!

Michael Farmer

Be Koscielny,he is a Gunner (to the tune of Because the night by Patti Smith)
,I am trying to add a couple more lines to make an original song for our gallant,swashbuckling Polish/French defender.
Great news to read he is staying at Arsenal.I hope the club can get Bacary to stay too.


he doesn’ cos he’s the BOSS


“He wants his own
song, he want his own sooooong, Laurent
Koscielny, he wants his own song.”

and now he has signed a New Deal.

Chaillah the gunner

If I close my eyes,I can see us winning many trophies in the future
when I open the eyes the trophies are still there
thanks Koscielny and all the other lads who are believing in us


See what happen when you made him a song

Sagna's Bald Spot



Fantastic news. Can’t have been the only one worried bayern or barca would come in for him this summer.

Petit's Handbag

I think this is the one that proves we have turned a corner, he is legitimately one of the top five centre backs in the world right now.
Great great news for the last second last Friday we shall ever have to hear “bla bla bla amount of years without a trophy”

Michael Farmer

I like the Bossielny references and that reminded me of an Elvis song that could be used for Kossie.
To the tune of Bossa Nova just using the verse,in place of saying Bossa Nova sing
Add a bit of clapping,jumping around a fun to sing rock a hula song.


Time he had a song. After all thats why he is staying 😉



He’s the fucking boss.

Fuck off Charlie Adam you fat cunt, Koscielny will break your legs.


There’s good defenders, then there is Koscielny.

The Ox is a fox

That’s summer signing done!

Chris Martin

(To the beat of the Flash Gordon theme song) Kos….. Cielny, not gonna get past him!


This is very good wengernomics.

HP Brown Sauce

4 more years! 4 more years!..

Satnam Singh

Per and Kos . Arsene can’t do defenders




With Szcz, Gibbs, Per + Kos we could have a very strong / settled backline for years to come.

Add a quality right-back and that’s a great platform.

The future’s bright.


I believe in Jenko…I just kinda hoped Bacary would lead Jenko in…


What a result, must be a great feeling around the club at present. Who to who to be who to be a GOONER!

Yankee Gooner

Accordions for everyone!!

Something to the tune of Squeeze Box?


To the tune of “Squeeze Box”

Arsenal’s got Koscielny, he wears our crest
And he’s better and stronger, than all the rest
And he’s playing all night, the Boss is all right
Arsenal’s got Koscielny, forwards never sleep at night


Mel: He’s

Kos’, he’s the worlds best defender
Kos’, he’s the worlds best defender
Kos’, he’s the worlds best defe-e-e-nder


Mental strength

This is great news, especially with Barcelona not having a decent centre back I thought for sure that they would make their usual sneaky bid at one of our best players.


Absolutely fantastic news. Our back line is set for years and years. Koscielny is surely one of the top five centre backs in the world, and to see players of his calibre wanting to stay with us is a sure sign that we are going nowhere but up.


“Chelsea whatever you may be, you aint koscielney and to top it all you got John Terry. Who is the biggest cunt in history”


Like it. Perhaps a second verse:
Lolo Koscielny,
he’s not racist like John Terry
Never raped a bird like van Persie
And doesn’t take it up the arse like Ash-er-ley

(cue 60,000 gooners being sued for libel)


great news! almost as good as signing a new striker.. we got a rock solid partnership at the back.. bring the trophies home boys!


Laurent vient de signer un nouveau contrat de deux ans jusqu en 2019 – from his fb page, so it’s 2019! Even better!


What about Sagna? 😛


Sagna pls “sign d thing”

Thin Gooner

Arsenal DNA

lots of red thumbs

here goes: was he not in the team when we got mashed up at scousers x 2, citeh & the contemptables? Not an Adams imo but better than caesar…

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