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Sagna confirms Arsenal departure

Bacary Sagna has finally gone on record to confirm that he’ll be leaving Arsenal this summer.

While the French international maintains that he’s not yet made up his mind where he’ll be heading next it looks almost certain that he’ll be playing for Manchester City when he returns from World Cup duty.

Speaking to L’Equipe the 31-year-old revealed that his seven-year tenure at the Emirates is over despite Arsene Wenger’s attempts to keep him on the books.

“It is no longer a secret, I am leaving Arsenal, it is a certainty. Arsenal made an effort [to keep me], but the discussions did not go in the direction that I wanted.

“It was an honour to grow in the shirt,” he said of his time sporting the red and white shirt.

“Arsenal is a club that brought me a lot, both as a person and as a sportsman. Even though we had been criticised for quite some time due to the lack of trophies, I spent some magical moments [at the Emirates]. If I had to do, I’d do it again.”

On the subject of his future he added: “There are a lot of calls, a lot of speculation. Frankly, it gives me a headache. I’ll sort it all out before the start of the World Cup.”

So that’s that then. The search for a replacement continues.

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Love you Bac. Good luck in the future. Preferably out of England though

Turkis Gooner

Definitely. I cant stand seeing him in any shirt other than our beloved red and white in England.
Adios bac…Please oh please dont walk in the wake of cunts like Clichy and Nasri!




Good luck picking those splinters out ya arse!!

All about the money which I cant blame him for, earn as much as you can while you can.


Thank you, mr Sagna. Your wife sure is hot.

Yankee Gooner

Well, dammit.


Exact transcription of my thoughts. I don’t care how much he wanted, we should have paid it and kept him.

Since I started following this team, this is the decision that makes me the most upset (with selling Cesc and RVP as the next two, but I’m the type of person who contends that we should hold people to their contracts and if they don’t like it they can suck a fat one).


He was held to his contract…


That bit in the parentheses was what’s called an “aside” in common parlance.

I had already indicated that in the case of Sagna I would like to have signed him to a new contract at whatever terms he deemed appropriate. The idea of holding people to their contracts was applicable to the other players who I think we ought to have kept.


Sad but true …


I think hes making a biggest mistake as we r about to b winning things but good luck to him in all honestly


if you actually think that when a player talks about joining a team in order to win tropihes, they actually are motivated by winning trophies, well… I don’t know what to tell you


Yes, Arsenal might win trophies. But football players have a short career-span and when they are 30+, they want to make as much as they can before retiring. So you can’t really blame him for his decisions. After all, to the fans trophies might be everything, but as a professional football player he has to also consider his personal growth and also what’s best for his family.


Sorry, but I just don’t accept this as fair. I understand it, and won’t begrudge Sagna his move, but I certainly won’t be cheering him back as he turns out for City next year as I would have done had he gone abroad. He’s been earning 30k, 50k, 70k, however much a week for 7 years here, supposedly tabled an 80k a week 3 year deal.. That’s over 12 million quid, and I’m sure he wasn’t exactly flirting with the poverty line before we signed him. How much money does one man need to support a bloody family. Really don’t… Read more »


And don’t take this as me slating Sagna, been my favourite player since he arrived and is the best right back I’ve seen at the club. Just don’t think it’s fair to blame one party when we’d have had to put him on the same wage packet as Ozil to keep him. He’d made his mind up about what he wanted to do long before negotiations started.


If anything is to blame, it is the insane amounts of money sloshing around in football these days.

Agree about the amounts of cash, but out of contract he can get a signing on bonus that adds another 5-10 million to what we offered.

As people say, if you were offered double your current salary for the same job elsewhere, would you/could you turn it down?

I don’t like it, but understand it. Its about taking 3 years and not only securing his future, but that of his kids, and their kids. Hard to turn down.


Probably feels he needs a new challenge and at 31 this could be the last big move he makes. A loyal soldier and I’m very happy he got to lift a trophy. Good luck wherever you go mate.

Bring on the Cup!

Unless it’s Man U, City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs. In which case I hope you play fucking horribly, but at least enjoy your life off the pitch…


I think that was the least surprising bit of surprise since playing Phil Collins caused Jack Nicholson to lose his mind in “The Shining”.

Thanks for everything. Hope you have some nice stories to share with Clichy at City. Bring on Aurier or whoever for that RB spot!


Have fun wasting away on the bench at Man City. Could have been a legend. Ah well, on to Serge Aurier then.


We better sort out a replacement before the worldcup too,its giving us headaches too!!!

2014/15 season

Well, well well. Where will this Bac stop? Adios Mr Sagna.


Crap. The current squad if Fabianski and Sagna had stayed would only need 2-3 more players. But counting departures we could need up to 5-6 players to make sure we strengthen the depth and quality of the squad. I can’t see Arsene buying 6 players. He DID buy 5 back in 2000 or 2001.


Arsene will need to break his own rule of only buying “2-3” players, he even said that about this summer’s transfer window. If he is willing to do that, who knows. But one feels it is necessary for us to compete and go further next season.


4 players, make sure we keep TV5, buy a backup GK, RB, DM and striker.


Seriously, what is this obsession with a DM? Surely we have enough players for that position and Arteta statistically is one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe…


Yes, but statistically he’s coming to the end of his career. You could see he doesn’t quite have the energy reserves to play in the big games or against particularly spry opposition, if the4y come close together at least. Given that Flamini is no spring chicken either, it’s something we need to deal with sooner rather than later; we may get away with it next season, especially if Jack comes good and the rest of the team is functioning well but it’s something we should look at.


I do get the point where Wenger will try a two number 6’s formation in the future and eliminate the need for a specific DM.

Play both Ramsey and Wilshere together, Özil as the point of attack and a mix of Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud and –insert new striker here — in front.

Jack and Aaron have the skills to make it work, its whether they can develop the discipline and partnership to go with it.

Not forgetting we still have Arteta and Flamini to slot in there as needed. OK for the next couple of seasons at least.


Yes but what is most important and can be most disruptive is how many starters does he need to buy and expect to make an immediate impact. Currently I’d say 1 or 2 prior to our departures and now Sagna makes it 2-3 if we don’t consider Jenkinson and Bellerin battling it out for the position viable (which probably is not at this point). It is less disruptive to buy the backup positions as A they cost less and B they have more time to adjust to the league and, more importantly, style and philosophy of play at Arsenal. We… Read more »


Didn’t he buy 5 two years ago? Only 2 were good enough, but still.


Kinda sucks but excited to see who Wenger finds next. Dixon, Lauren and Bacary have all done him proud so who’s next?! I’ll remember you fondly Bac and hope your future career is blighted by heart ache and regret. In a nice way.


If he would do it all again why doesn’t he stay?


I think he means the prime years of his footballing career, despite the lack of trophies. This is a sign, as much as anything, that he is going for the money and not for personal growth as he feels that he has grown all that he could at Arsenal.

Kosc' Other Pocket

Another world class talent gone.. Thought he would do a Theo and stay. Merci monsieur. Bon chance.. Just dont go to the Mancs

John paul jones

“Discussion did not go the direction I wanted” more like they didn’t give me ozil level pay. Thanks for the service tho


If hes so keen to do it again, why doesn’t he?

Anyway. This isn’t a disaster, as long as we use the money saved to properly invest in a long term replacement.

12th Man in The Clockend

Nice little quote there about his tenure. I hope he comes out with something a little more formal and official but definitely a respectful send off.

Please don’t turn into a cunt.


Can’t say I’m not disappointed, but good luck to him… unless he goes to £iteh or Chelski, in which case he can break his effing leg again!

Mallu Gooner

The man has earned his respect. Let’s just remember the good times, shall we?


And that effects us in what way, he has said it before that he is leaving, we all know that he is leaving so why do we keep hearing it over and over again, what should be news is that we have signed an able replacement one much better than the one we lost

Dr. Gooner

Greek Tragedy makes a great point, we have a tradition of absolutely class, long-serving players at RB under Arsene.


Quite. I wish they’d be straight about it. ‘My contract is over and I will earn loads more at City do I’m going there’.
And theres nothing wrong with that.


Should have shown that world wide video Arsene that would have swung it.


Why mcfc does he think he’s better then zabaleta ????? I’m not too sure

Bombay Gooner

Jenkinson will the next best long serving RB at this great club. That boy deserves a fair shot at first team.


“but the discussions did not go in the direction that I wanted”

this quote actually makes me a bit angry. Could have been a legend, gotten a testemonial, been in the history books. But at the end of the day money is more important him Sagna aswell it seems

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

That’s how I read that too. Hard to see that he’s talking about anything but money here. Hardly like we’ve refused to ley him play every third game in goal. I thought he might have been one if the good ones who cared about more than the dosh. Would have had more respect if he’d gone down the line of ‘different challenge’ ‘something new’ or even ‘desire to win stuff’ but plain old greed it appears it is. Disappointed. But either way, he’s been a great servant, as professional as they come and the goal against sp*rz will live on… Read more »


Can you blame him though for wanting to put a bit of money away before he retires?


What an arduous task it must be, trying to scrape by on 80k per week. My heart goes out to him and his family. Seriously though, when we talk ourselves into thinking that professional athletes will show any degree of loyalty to a club, we are only deluding ourselves. There are some, but they are the exception rather than the rule. I’d just prefer that they be honest about it.

Black Hei

Greg, don’t begrudge a man’s ability to earn a lot more $$ than you do. You probably leave in a first world country with a pay package 100 times more than someone living in 3rd world scenario. But does that take away your right to earn a higher pay package?

Nope. You live in a different world and Bac lives in one different from yours.

I like the fact that Bac says it is just about $$. No sugar coating BS about some little C*unt living inside.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

A few years ago Sagna turned down lucrative offers from Chelsea and Madrid to stay at Arsenal out of loyalty. Which effectively means he’s been severely under-paid for years now . Can’t blame him for wanting to get paid his ‘market value’ for his last big contract. Especially because Sagna’s probably not coaching material (too nice of a guy & too reserved) therefore the money he’s got at 35 or 36 has to last the rest of his life. Why couldn’t you bridge the gap between £80k-a-week (Arsenal) and £120k-a-week ($ity) Arsene? Multiplied by three years the difference is only… Read more »

It's Up For Grabs Now!

Nobody is bigger than the club. Thanks for the memories but you will be replaced my son!

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Thank you Bac!! You were a great savant of the club and you’ll always have a home here with us


So he was a savant as well as being a great football player – clever guy!


You will be missed on the flanks Bac, good luck with PSG 😉 well im hoping anyway not Shitty please!


If he goes to any other English club I’ll be gutted he’ll be no RVP or Nasri but he will be a Clichy and ruin his Arsenal history.


I wholeheartedly disagree. A lot of how you feel about the player stems from what they meant to you while they were there and the manner of their departure. Sagna is as professional a player as I can ever hope to have at my Club and he stayed silent on his future when he thought it was important to be, and honest when he spoke. He can go to City; I won’t like it, but I won’t blame him. And I ceartainly won’t hate him for it. I garbaged my RvP shirt (the cunt), my Cesc shirt has been in… Read more »


Now is the time for Wenger to decide if Carl Jenkinson is ready and good enough to replace Sagna or if he needs to buy a replacement. I was worried when Gaël Clichy left and it took a while for Gibbs to grow in to the role but most will agree that Gibbs has done that now, bar a few injury periods. Even if Wenger promotes Jenkinson, he will have to decide whether we have good enough backup or need to buy someone to challenge Jenkinson.

Winning Gunner

I hope to be wrong but I have this strong feelings that Jenkinson will be promoted and Bellerin will be his backup. I also feel that Damien Martinez may be promoted. I do hope that we get Aurier. Three young and promising right backs is not bad. Looking at the Math side of things, Bac on 3 years at 120K per week will cost Arsenal 18.7m pounds. We can sign Aurier for 7-8m on a 4-year contract and pay like 50-60k per week. All this will cost between 17.4m to 20.4m. All things being equal, the value of Aurier will… Read more »

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I’ve got no problem with Jenkinson and Bellerin being promoted to RB #1 and #2. We all know Jenks has quality, and Hector Bellerin has been dubbed ‘The next Dani Alves’.

Just wished Sagna stayed and replaced Vermalen as our #3 centre-back.

As for this Serge Aurier guy, I like him a lot but I think Arsene could convert him to be the Defensive Midfielder with ‘physical presence’ we need. Much cheaper than shelling out £40mm for Javi Martinez.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

At 31, his best days as a full back are behind him. His career has peaked. He will now get slower, cover less ground per game and become more injury prone.

Paying what he was asking for (and what Manchester City are foolish enough to agree to) does not represent good value for money.

Goodbye Sagna – I hope you never win anything again while Arsenal become the top team in England once more.




Which is important. NO one should begrudge him that.

Spent the better part of 7 seasons with us, never questionable in commitment.

It’s his last chance to cash in on a big move before retirement. It will be churlish to deny him that.


Well done Bac, deserves to do as he pleases after being such a loyal player! Although I do truly hope it takes a big bucks payday at someone outside the uk like Monaco…

That said this is the best for the club, personally I was hoping he’d leave so we could bring in another and my hope is that Le Prof goes after Piszczek of Dortmund


Heartbreaking news but no big shock..good look and don’t look bac in anger


Theres so much negativity on his instagram page.
I dont know why. He doesnt deserve that kind of treatment after all these years.


Unfortunately social media has really empowered stalkers, pedos, and the mentally unbalanced.

Troll is far, far too kind a word.


Sagna is dead. Love live Sagna

Dial Square Charity XI

The right-back is dead. Long live the right-back.,_long_live_the_king!


Goodbye, you’ve served us honorably and done the badge proud. I wish you well, as long as you’re well being does not take away from arsenals.


Thank you Bac.. Love ya


I hope he don’t go to city!! We’re like a city feeder club and it’s annoying! Great player shame he didn’t stay could have been an arsenal legend but good luck in the future, just not at city please 🙁


If he decides to join Man Shitty he’s just another greedy bastard. Sorry Bac, that ain’t happiness.

Petit's Handbag

Loving the comments above, Bacary’s been savage for us down the years. And except for whoever plays in the right back position for the Arsenal next year, he’ll still be the best right back around


Well done lads and lassess, it’s good to see the positivity here. I do wish it was a continental destination, or perhaps he can follow Fab to Swansea? lol


Good luck Sagna. been great having him and will never forget him clawing us back from the abyss against the Spuds. Our requirements stay the same. Replacements for Sagna, Fabianski and likely Vermaelen. Any fanciful addition will likely be restricted to a striker. Feel like the target spend is 60m but naturally Wenger will aim to come under the mark. 25-30m for the striker IMO. Up to 15m for RB Up to 10m for Cback Up to 5m for back up keeper (if at all) Considering RB has been so solid, we should aim to bring someone in if possible… Read more »

The grim reaper

Seamus Coleman – and the three bears mate!


Never been convinced about Coleman defensively, decent going forward but I’d rather have Jenks at RB with more potential to grow and less of an end-product, but more solid.

The grim reaper

He’s been signed by Man City to bake Yaya Toure a birthday cake. They’ve got a right back already haven’t they?

At least we’ll now be able to put a left back in a shirt with 3 on the back and a right back at number 2. That had been bugging me for about 7 years.

Stuart Bligh

Wherever he goes….he’ll always be remembered in the future as Arsenal right back and FA Cup winner, Bacary Sagna.


the exodus continues…adios sagna,thank you for 7 years of faithful service…I’m guessing M.debuchy would be his replacement


Some of the comments here are mind boggling. Bac has done nothing but give 100% to the club and us fans. I can’t find fault in anything he’s said or done since he joined us and can’t fathom the the thinking behind comments like breaking his leg again irrespective of where he goes. At the end of the day this is a career for these guys and as with any career you do what is best for yourself in the long run. Good luck to him if he finds someone willing to fund a nest egg. Which one of you… Read more »


Really disappointed. Is it too much to ask that he show loyalty and ambition and take the 5m a year from Arsenal rather than sit on the bench for 7m a year at City? I mean I’ve made those numbers up but how much do you need? Don’t understand why most people think it’s fair enough and you just can’t compare it to the equivalent increase being offered to someone in a ‘normal’ job. He’s already a very wealthy man.




I will miss his wife 🙁

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