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Wenger: World Cup will affect transfer business

Arsene Wenger says that this summer’s World Cup will have an impact on the transfer business the club will do.

The tournament in Brazil will see most of the world’s top players in action, and that will hamper efforts to reinforce the squad. Quoted in the Mirror, the Arsenal manager said, “From my experience, the World Cup years have always been very quiet until the end of the World Cup, with no players reachable.

“Everybody is focused in the country on their national team and there’s not a lot happening. People are away. I believe this year again you will have to wait until July 15 to start going.

“You are not the only one who decides when the business is done because it’s down to availability of players and the clubs who sell decide that.”

But he did say expects to be active in the market once things get going, and is keen on retaining as many of the current squad as possible.

“It will be busy,” he said, “but the main thing for us will be to keep the stability because we feel we are close. We want to add something that makes us even stronger, but, number wise, it will not be massive.”

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“You are not the only one who decides when the business is done because it’s down to availability of players and the clubs who sell decide that.” === And how many years have we heard that? Every transfer window there appears to be some excuse from Wenger as to why it will be difficult to bring in the players we want. Conveniently, it’s a World Cup year, so that’s the running line we’ll get this summer, but we heard the exact same words last summer (with respect to the market being pressured by the demand for strikers, nobody’s doing business,… Read more »

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Don’t you know Arsene’s transfer window ONLY opens in the last week of Aug?????.

Beside, the man is busy doing his TV work as over time job to pay the bills, what 7.5 million will get you this days?.

If you think a 64 year old man will ever change you live in dream land.

Arsene IS the problem.


…and look, I get why the above will an unpopular opinion, but I’d love to hear someone deny that this is a familiar refrain from Wenger. Does this make you uncomfortable because it’s untrue, or because you just can’t bear to hear criticism of Arsenal, however justified? For the record, I’d love for Wenger to have one more chance to build…but then I hear this record playing again, and I foresee another haphazard approach to transfers. His sentiments make us the victim of circumstance rather than agents who circumvent challenges to make deals happen. I get that it’s difficult to… Read more »


Bunburyist, I can’t say that I oppose anything you’ve said. You’ve put it very well. If Arsene did indeed say these things (this article is quoting the Mirror, a paper I wouldn’t exactly rely on) then I’m very concerned with this transfer window. Arsene’s also made some other comments recently with regard to the collapse this season that are not encouraging in terms of adding significant depth to a team that perennially suffers from a large number of injuries to key players. The rhetoric hasn’t even been encouraging in terms of genuinely intending to address the reason(s) behind why the… Read more »


1) Critical of him not spending enough money to garner a top top top top quality player. What is Ozil? 2) What is Flamini? What is top quality? Flamini has been instrumental in adding bite to our midfield. how much did we pay? 3) So now the criticism shifts to Wenger should use the money better and buy a wide range of medium to good players instead of Ozil. What is Spurs? 100m anyone? 4) What is organic development? Walcott and Ramsey were deemed useless two seasons ago, many here wanted them sold. 5) Granted there are complications bc we… Read more »


Honestly, I don’t see how your points change the fact that we’ve operated in a haphazard way in the transfer window (please don’t tell me that Ozil and Flamini were planned), and that Wenger has used external circumstances to absolve the club of mismanaging these very same windows. You suggest that the refrain is an echo of my own making. That I’ve made up the words–they are self-created–but I would submit that the quotes above were from Wenger’s mouth (not mine, unless my mind has created words that were picked up by the media) and that he has made similar… Read more »

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie


Your post doesn’t really address the crux of Bunbury’s point. A bit hypocritical to then call shallow and sentimental no?

I have been and still am a Wenger faithful but to try and say our player recruitment and retention has been anything more than adequate is laughable.

Yes there are mitigating factors (stadium/petrobastards) but to absolve the club and Wenger of any responsibility is myopic.


Struck lucky with Flamini, Wenger admitted he didn’t expect him to play a big role.

Ozil, last minute gamble. What would have happened if Bale hadn’t moved?

Don’t pretend it was some master plan rather than a desperate gambler throwing one more roll of the dice.

January was the perfect chance to show us that there was real commitment to succeed instead we signed a guy that he admitted knew was injured.

I find this defense of Le Prof disturbing when surely all that should matter is the betterment of the club.


Is it just me who currently feel sick of all the optimistic fans who keeps going on about how Wenger is a football genius and that he’s had limitations on the transfermarket without any proof supporting their claims? He has had money, atleast this is what Gazidis have been telling us. Arsenal not spending money is a work signed Arsene Wenger, and not somebody else. Wenger was a fantastic manager for us but now he really needs to go.. People saying that this season was a step in the right direction are misstaken. The only positive thing about this season… Read more »


I will remember every nick on this thread that’s ignored the fact we were funding a bloody stadium, and only last year were we able to be competitive in the transfer market. Cue Ozil. A warning sign of wonderful (hopefully) things to come.

All of Santori’s point are spot on, and once Wenger’s done with transfer dealings and we ride high in the league next year, powered by a Holy Shit! signing, I will name you and shame all of you. Eat bloody humble pie, all of you degenerate Gen Y no-such-thing-as-delayed-gratification plastic fans.



What on earth are you talking about. Funding a stadium? Bollox! Have you seen the accounts? We are positively rolling in spare cash which will only swell further with the increased TV, sponsorship money.

Wenger has become a massive ditherer in the transfer market. How many more times must the glaringly obvious gaps in our squad and first team be ignored?


There is cash NOW, but to paint the picture that it was there all of the last 8-9 years is pure fiction. Just as fictional as Gazidis’ War Chest blathering cleverly timed in relation to supporters’ meetings and season ticket sales windows. And to suggest the World Cup does not have an effect on transfer dealings is equally fictional. Players will want the shop window. So will their current clubs. And remember agents? And let’s be honest. If City wants Draxler, Morata, or whomever it is we’re in for, our only chance is the lure of playing for Wenger or… Read more »


It has all been said before but we (and nobody else) can outbid the oil money, it cannot be done. That said we should certainly be more pro-active on the “second picks”.


mastaofthegoonaverse seems to be the only person that’s hit the right point, in my mind. It’s not a question of whether Wenger is a genius or a ditherer. I personally think he’s both. Currently, we are the 4th most powerful club in the EPL. Maybe equal 4th with Liverpool. That’s like Schalke fans whining about not getting Cavani or Falcao. Why can’t the manager do it? Why does he always fuck this up? The answer is, because the player looks at the league and says “I’m not going to play for a team that finishes 3rd at best”. They want… Read more »


The world cup is not a new phenomenon if managers are unable to learn how to effectively deal with the transfer market with the distraction of the world cup they are not very clever! Its something they have to deal with every few years they should stop complaining and get on with what they NEED to do, no excuses.


Selling managers have adapted by not sanctioning an early move in the hopes a good WC will bring a higher price.

Simple enough for you?


I’m not saying we won’t bring anyone in. I’m just saying I’m tired of the excuses.

Get the job done. It’s a difficult one, yes. We understand everything is much more complex than we realize. But it’s not just the two oil clubs that manage to address their squad needs in a transfer window. We didn’t do it last summer, and we didn’t do it in January, and in both windows there were plenty of excuses made. That we ended up with Ozil is incredible, but you can’t convince me that it was part of the plan all along.


hoping for some top top top top quality signings 😀


Another Ozil?

Or a Flamini?

both are top top top top quality as far as our team is concern. Both are at different spectrum of spending range.


Metersecker is top top top top quality but I seem to recall most thought him a panic buy.

Ditto Koscielny.

Giroud has been roundly criticised but has plundered almost as many league goals as Aguero this season and 6 more than Negredo. he also has a healthy assist rate for a limited striker. Wenger who is roundly criticised for buying injury prone players has bought a robust product in Giroud and again not for a lot of money.

nairobi's numero uno gunner

i like giroud but you seriously need to stop bringing up the aguero comparison.
all wenger had to do is say “there will be activity in the summer” and leave it at that. don’t know why he says these things when the mood amongst the fans is so evident.


Would you prefer to have Aguero or Giroud at Arsenal?

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Santori can you give us a goals per game ratio between Aguero and Giroud please ? I don’t put Giroud in the same class as your Wrights, Anelka’s, Bergkamp’s, Henry’s, and Van Persies of this world. The thing is these are the players that us Gooners are used to leading the line for us. Happy to have Giroud as Squad player but a Striker is a must. This doesn’t have to be a 40 million plus player Bony has scored 24 goals in a struggling Swansea side imagine what he can do in front of our Midfield !


Aguero has been out half the season

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Yeah, after playing a bazillion games 21 goals is what we should be happy with. pfft… I won’t even bring TH14 into this argument, because even the twat leading the line down the road scored 30 goals in one season for us, never mind a million 1-on-1s he bottled in the same season. If Chamakh had been allowed to complete his first season as our main striker I could easily see him matching Giroud’s feat this season, or better. When he was clean through on goal in the last game, tell me you didn’t already know he’d try to blast… Read more »


Bony seems to keep popping up in comments.

Is he really the Other option with the pace and trickery, or simply a Different striker in the same mold as Giroud?

Do we really need a second striker that plays basically the same type of game other than minor differences in strengths?


well might as well enjoy the WC. another excruciating summer window awaits. Go Argentina.


It is only excruciating because you have unreasonable expectations. Enjoy the world cup. Everything will fall into place. Everyone was going on about how Wenger would never sign top top top top quality because he was stingy.We got Ozil. Everyone was going on about how Ramsey and Walcott won’t improve and should be sold. Frankly, most people do not understand the real world and how business is done multi-party, let alone the transfer markey. yes you have money to spend but others have more money. They could easily outbid on certainplayers if we move to soon. Wenger timed the Ozil… Read more »


Please don’t tell me Ozil was some kind of transfer masterstroke!

That was as unplanned and last minute as they come.

Why is my name required

True…if we hadn’t lost to Villa first game of the season, do you think he would have signed Ozil ? Who knows… it was a last minute signing, a big name to calm the supporters, wenger got away with it in my opinion.


That’s bullshit. Özil himself said he was contacted a few weeks earlier about a transfer. How the hell can you get a player like Özil on the last day of the transfermarket without some sort of negotiations? Real probably wanted more for him, but we just waited them out and got him for an okey price.

ramsey's spirit

right, we sign a world class player, and not cheaply, and still you and others find room in it to complain… Shame on Arsene, that a manager should use external forces to snap up a world class player for his squad, for shame! Yes we often get reasons why the window will be difficult… and they’re always logical reasons causing real difficulties, yes it would be nice to see early moves but it takes 3, so it baffles me why only 1 of the 3 picks up all the blame, the very players who people clamor for us to sign… Read more »

Wenger's Glasses

& here we go. After all the facts about how the petty fckn Sp*rs tried to sabotage our deal with Real, etc has already been out there all these time, there’s still people who thinks the Ozil deal was unplanned & last minute. Zzz..


eh i dont have high expectations regarding the transfer market. i agree about Ozil and supported Ransey. Theo not as much. there are atleast 3 areas that need to be strengthened. the jan window doesnt exist for us anyway. Cmon Argentina.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

For Gods sake, we got Özil because the Bale deal went through and Real had to sacrifice something. Brilliant by Wenger to be there at the right time but there wasn’t much more to it than that.


Easy do the business before the world cup


Depends :

1) Quality of player
2) Motivation of Agent
3) Selling club, have they got a replacement
4) Price, do they think it will climb if player is IN the world cup
5) Alternates, who else may move onto market later

Easy to talk.


And yes, talk is cheap

nairobi's numero uno gunner

c’mon….other clubs attain there targets. its no secret we do not. these comments by prof are disturbing. even with our newly found wealth we are still going to act like we just now built the emirates all over again?


By other clubs I assume you mean City, Chelsea, PSG, and their ilk.

We throw stupid money around like that and this newfound wealth disappears quite fast.


August 31st deadline day, we will sign Cavani – I kid.
But, as Bloggs regularly points out, a lot the transfer stuff is all guff, but I hope the Lars Bender rumours are true.


Probably not if it is coming from the press. Samba, Wanyama, Kalou, Petric, MVilla…all true it seems.:D The press haven’t got a Kalou. The last thing we need to concern ourselves with at the moment is at midfield. We are packed deep. Arteta is good for another season. Flamini is there, Kallstrom can always be roped in for cheap and effective. We have bigger concerns. 3 players may/likely leave. We need a striker who can bring something different to how we play with Giroud. No surprise we are effective against parked buses with Giroud. he offers a muscularity to our… Read more »


Names like Bender, Koch – pronounced Cock, Dicic – Dickitch, or even Fokker, don’t help shirt sales … well, on second thought, they might. Carry on.


Excuses, excuses, excuses,when will they ever end Mr. Wenger?

Red Grass

Same excuses every seasons. If the club has identify that a World Cup year has it problem in recuriting, then just make contingency plans to counter such issues, like doing business early. We signed while Giroud at the midst of Euro. It can be done. Its whether the club is willing to do it. Its really mind-boggling that a club of our status are seemingly just leaving things to circumstances instead of finding solution around it.


The club is willing to pull the trigger when it makes sense. Giroud was not a player that was in heavy demand and he had motivation to come to Arsenal because he felt Wenger could improve him being a late bloomer. Someone like Ozil is entirely diffrent. I see a bunch of people criticising Dick Law for chasing joel Campbell. he has had a great season at Olympiakos. Also Dick Law handled Ozil. …had we let out on Ozil earlier, I am quite sure he would not be for want of suitors. Patience is a virtue. Discretion too. No we… Read more »


….and with respect,I suggest you join it.


We don’t need to join it. We are in it.

You only need to ‘join’ something because you are living a fantasy lifestyle.

With all due respects.



Face palm


you do know that joel campbell has been an arsenal player for years?


If we had managed to get our transfer targets of Suarez, Higuian, Bender, we would never have signed Ozil and Flamini. Ozil is great, but we were after a striker, and with good reason.

Wengers comments are worrying because, for many, it is déjà-vo


Santori plz stop banging the Ozil drum, we got Ozil as a last minute cause Wenger failed to get Suarez or even Higuian. Oil money has nothing to do with the players we have failed to sign (Suarez or Higuian) just Wenger doing what he has done best for a long time – Failed to close a deal.

Carib Gooner



Not sure why you might think it an excuse. It seems logical Ozil would not be allowed to move if Bale is not signed. If Wenger has it in his ear that Ozil may likely come available (but Bale is taking a longer while than expected) cos it will affect his transfer dealings with regard the striker. He has say 70-80m to spend last summer. If he has to allocate somewhere around 45m for Ozil, then he has less money to gamble on ths striker aforehand. therefore the reason why he does not want to enter into a price bidding… Read more »


We face problems in completing deals because we don’t pay shitload of agent fees. Agents drive these transfers and expedite the process – when you don’t pay them well, obviously you’re going to face delays. And I think the club is right in not paying the most useless party in the transaction super-normal money just so he can quicken your dealings.


And we can’t affod to. On the flip side, Wenger has bought a number of duds (particularly in recent seasons where he has been forced to gamble a bit more with pressure in market from top and bottom of spending power) but he reduces exposure to loss because in general he has never exceeded a certain limit and spent low We have built up the club and fan base because : 1) Wenger has been successful in early seasons with doubles and title wins 2) We have been frugal with money and able to self finance a large degree 3)… Read more »




forgive them for they do not know…when the Prof has retired with his zipper bag to the South of France to write his masterpiece about how movement and stillness are the essence of football, they will , one hope, realise what a good coach, servant of Arsenal and all-round human being he is…it will be too late then…


deja vu

cavani's cocaine dealer

He says things like that and then he ends up with best players of the world.i never dreamt ozil would play for The Arsenal.


Arsene NOOOOOoooo.

We haven’t renewed our season tickets yet. Don’t come out with bollox excuses too early, we need to be suckered just a little bit more first.


He is telling the truth. You are suckering yourself.

That’s just how the market works.

Unless the player is motivated to come only to Arsenal, the agent is not greedy (which means he is useless), the selling club want to only sell to Arsenal and there are no other parties interested in the product, then sure we can sign them on early.


Santori I get it. You work for the Arsenal PR department.


I don’t think he does, judging by his English I don’t think he’s ever been to the UK let alone the Emirates

Dial square

Brilliant, the first excuse….and so it begins.


There is no excuse.

He is trying to explain how the market works but you are evidently too clever to live in the real world.


Santori, with each of your comments my hand hurts even more from each face palm.

But hey it’s the weekend. Have a good one !


Thank God. One more get-out-of-argument-free face palm, and I’d have slapped my palm on your face.


You can once I get off your mamma.


At least you’re branching out. If you keep face palming you’ll go blind.


Let’s do business early arsene is just stubbone we need a two fast defenders n a quality striker not giroud

nairobi's numero uno gunner

i dont like the sound of this one bit. the world of football is a ruthless one. we have experienced it first hand when the big money clubs come knocking for our players. last summer ivan said we are now in the big league or something to that effect. so these comments from wenger are really really disturbing. if 3 players leave then even 2 top top quality signings wont be enough. if the 3 stay still 2 top quality signings wont be enough. we were told we have financial muscle….lets prove it by getting our targets this summer…on time… Read more »


Just my two pence here: given our luck,we transfer the mega striker/dm/cb/lb ,BEFORE the WC throwing our “chest war” at him. We are all happy watching him during the WC,but due to our Lady Furtune watching over us, he gets a nasty injury say ACL,broken leg ,one that keeps him out for a season. What then? Newspaper reaction:”Arsenal transfered an injured players for a gazillion pounds. HE WAS IN THE RED ZONE” Eh?

Mind you I’d love to have some early transfers (safe but top quality options,no WC)


Jeeeez Santori, perhaps you should start your own blogging site….


I thumbed you down as I fear he may just do that based on your suggestion 😉


So he has confirmed he is here next season then? Must have missed the contract signing!


The same bullshit as always. He won’t change! We need two keepers, two cd if TV leaves, one fullback (to replace one of the best fullbacks in the world), one holding mid, at least one world class striker and a new manager.


So it begins the excuses and the nonsense. We are close are we Arsene? We are set to lose Vern, Fab and Sagna. In addition to covering these positions we need 3-4 reinforcements. This kind of talk is setting us up for a summer of frustration and nonsensical brinkmanship. Is Wenger seriously trying to say that players can not be signed before the world cup, before the value of certain players on our radar increases anymore?! To challenge for the title this tear we had the excellent Giroud, The raw Sanago and The prodigal son Bendtner. For a top club… Read more »


As things stand we need another forward a cb and possibly a holding midfielder, take into account players that are leaving who we must replace id say weve got a fair bit of work ahead this summer.


The usual bollox before a transfer window. Get the excuses in early. Like we never knew they were already coming. We need already at least 5 new players that’s if we only lose the 3 we think we will. I won’t be holding my breath this summer that’s for sure. Our great chance was this season with the top clubs in transition. Chelsea will buy big, Liverpool will buy clever and city already have a great squad and man u with van gal will improve massively. We fucked up big time this season. Next season will be even tougher and… Read more »

El Doctor

The essence of what AW is saying is two things: we aren’t going to buy a large a number of players, and those that we do might not arrive early in the transfer window – so be patient. Some say this is the same old making of excuses, I say it is actually consistency and consistent with the club’s model and ethos (whether you agree with that or not is another thing entirely): 1. Arsenal are framed first and foremost by the business model of being a financial self-sustaining club with an emphasis on identifying and developing young players –… Read more »


No disrespect but santori sounds like an auto robot. Making the same point irrespective of what the argument is. Did martinez spend as much arsenal did last season? Can everton season be seen as failure? Barret gale was there for us to loan yet wenger did noting . All wenger needed doing was to sign a player or two in january window and we should havr been crowned epl champions by now. Its not necessary gbringing in a big name , just get average players to add to your depth. Its nots algebra but just common sense. With david moyes… Read more »


Exactly, while we could use a Cavani up front we can’t compete and those players would rather join a winning club, that is the reality of Arsenal at this time.

However, there should be no reason Wenger cannot bring in a couple of strikers of Giroud quality, or a pacey left winger as an option instead of Walcott and/or Poldi.

A little more depth and get the tactics against the big clubs in order.


Well Arsene, you could start planing what targets you want….like now and get going as soon as the window opens.


I can’t help but laugh at some of these comments. People forget the massive financial restrictions Wenger had to operate on since he decided to lead the Emirates Stadium project, a project that has essentially given the club financial stability for decades to come. Ya know, meaning that long after he’s gone, his successors won’t have to endure the period he has gone through. Wenger has never been against spending; he’s simply against spending what the club does not have. Instead of amassing huge amounts of debt (Barca are in immense debt atm, by the way), he’s opted to operate… Read more »


look,its not even August and he’s telling us “expect a free transfer like flamini and a panic buy like ozil”


Is that supposed to be a negative comment?


I hate transfer windows. Constant rubbish and lies and speculation. It basically serves to set up lies about who we will buy and then criticise our ‘failure’ to land someone who was never on our radar, further irritating the fans of our wonderful club who believe as is their right that new signings are the answer, then leading to the world of football having a dejected feeling about arsenal before the next season even starts. It’s so tiresome. Firstly I’d love a couple of signings, a replacement for Sagna should he choose to leave, and a striker. But then with… Read more »

Arsenal Fan

Basically. It’s how much can the club spend and how much are they willing to spend. It’s also about finding the balance between spending and returns as well as opportunity cost.
Simply we can’t afford the best players. But does that mean we should start paying more for players that are not exactly what we want, taking into consideration that if we find the right person, we have already spent the transfer and wages on another person already.


Boring…. I’m looking forward to the cup final!

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

I thought it was Wenger 101 that anything he says during the transfer window is bullshit? Just a couple seasons ago he signed Poldi & Giroud before the Euros


A question to the wise people in here who are clamoring for 6-7 top quality new players, can you give any explanation (logical) as to how they will make the team so much better(not to mention how they would provide fit in in a 25 man squad).
One might not like it but Wenger is correct that we need at the max 4 quality players to complete. The like of Campbell can provide depth.
As santori points out the only area we are really lacking is up front.


And CB, RB, GK to replace the quality players who will inevitably leave before we even get to the place where we actually improve the first team and then squad.


Have you missed the gaping holes in our midfield this season?


Classic Wenger again.. Have heard this over and over again. Watch as others complete their main deals before the World Cup.. When it comes to Transfers,am just sick and tired of Arsene Wenger!


After the World Cup, every player’s agent will double their players fee you will see how greedy they will get.


Bunburyist – How many times have we been here though, yes it’s the same shpill but exactly what do want him to say? ‘We have billions in the bank, we want 15 new world class, un-injurable players and the current team can go rot!’ I know he’s said it before and then gone on to disappoint in the transfer market but at this stage he can say nothing more?? Irrespective of what happens this close season.

red and white

Fuck van persie


The players have agents. They will be spending all day, every day on the phone. Arsenal should try calling a few and sorting out some deals. The World Cup is just a big excuse for not getting on with it.

Perhaps the problem is Arsene? No doubt he’ll be spending his time being a pundit on French TV and won’t have the time to approve anyone being signed.


Ozil deal wasn’t just last min it was all on the deal for bale as Tottenham want the deal to have in it that no player would be sold to us to make room for bale Tottenham was told no the bale deal was heading down the pan Tottenham had spent up so backed down both deals needed the other to happen yes we should act faster to get plays in but buying before a world cup can be bad what if we pay 30m for someone that breaks there leg yes it sounds like same old story but that’s… Read more »


This is off topic but I wonder how Athletico Madrid is challenging for laurels on different fronts with inexpensive players but Arsenal can’t do same. What’s the problem???


The problem is that most people prefer to blame Arsene’s limitations as a manager on financial restrictions.

In my view Arsene has often mismanaged the considerable finds that he has had and his philosophical approach to tactics gets exposed over and over again, in the exact same way, press and counterattack.

I could write a whole essay, but ill leave that to Santori in his inevitable response.

East Gooner

Regarding Atletico first up I do laud them for their guts and passion. But the thing is they can keep winning with those ‘inexpensive’ players since besides Real, Barca and maybe a couple others, the level of competition in La Liga is pretty poor. Thus they rotate more and have fewer injuries. Also unlike Arsenal, Atletico also play a thuggish type of football, not too different from what Chelsea and Maureen do, so they are less likely to get beaten against the better siides. And finally, they have the flaming hot Diego Costa fit for the entire season. It’s like… Read more »


Easier league competition, less physical league, winter break, all leading to less injuries. Barca on a bum year by their standards making the league and Spanish cups that much more attainable.

But that’s not to take away from their accomplishments, they’re on a good year.


After all these years people still believe everything Wenger says to the media. The man keeps his cards close to his chest in regards to transfers. Whatever he says to the media should be taken with a pinch of salt.


I choose to believe that this time we’re gonna buy well. Seems the boss wants Poldi and Verm to stay. So our shopping list would pronably be :- 1. Pacy winger that can score. Here we have been linked mainly to Drmic and Griezmann 2. A RB ; I want to trust Jenko but I’m just not sure about him. Mainly linked to Serge Aurier (arsenal fan) or Sebastian Jung. 3.Striker…hopefully this is wjere we spend the big bucks…I don’t really know who we can get. Mandzukic seems content to stay at Bayern and Cavani would be too expensive. Not… Read more »


Here we go… let the complaints roll!

Can’t we just be patient and wait for any judgement.

Handling the media must be an arse at the best of times, why do you assume Arsene’s talking directly to us? Get over it.

Arseblog goldfish reader

That’s all well amend good and I like the positivity but we didn’t supporting Arsenal last year. There are things that we heard over and over again and human brains are good at recognising patterns.

Arseblog goldfish reader

Damn iPad.
#well and good
#didn’t /start/

*Shakes fist at Tim Cook*


Fully behind Santori here…

Being pissed off is understandable, but already? A couple of answers in an oily rag and you’re already humping his back.

Where’s the human touch?

Mr Eko!

Another line from Arsene’s book of excuses.

La Defense

Need a sugar daddy. What’s wrong with sugar daddies anyway?


Mugged ourselves off when we ousted David Dein.


If we actually start to buy players during mid July I would be happy. And bloody surprised.

I think we can prepare ourselves for stuff again.


Wait for the World Cup and listen. Listen to the maount of times you hear a commentator say ”He’ll be entertaining the fans of *(insert club name…just not ours) next season as he’s agreed a pre-contract”. I can gaurantee that you’ll hear it about twenty times at least. No excuse. It may be difficult, but what’s the harm in trying as soon as the window opens? You can bet that other clubs will be doing it. If the target tells you to wait until the WC is over…fair enough. Try and get the other targets and come back to him… Read more »

Baxter von Beef

Wenger says 2 or 3 signings. That’s replacements for Fabianski and Coleman, and an Özil quality player if one becomes available, in whatever position. Anyone fantasizing about more than that is going to be disappointed.

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