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Arsenal reject chance to re-sign Cesc

According to the BBC’s David Ornstein, Arsenal have informed Barcelona that they are not interested in signing Cesc Fabregas this summer.

Arseblog News can also confirm that Arsenal rejected the chance to bring the midfielder back to the club after being made aware of his availability by the Catalan giants.

The Gunners insisted in the inclusion of a first refusal clause when they sold the Spaniard to the Nou Camp outfit three years ago but with a plethora of attacking midfield options at his disposal Arsene Wenger has decided not to spend £30 million bringing home his former captain.

Barcelona, for whatever reason, want to get rid of the 27-year-old in the coming months and while Cesc is known to be keen on a return to the Emirates it looks as if his future may lie elsewhere – even somewhere as despicable as Chelsea.

Last night Ivan Gazidis spoke about Arsenal being ‘deep’ in transfer talks with potential targets with the boss thought to be eyeing reinforcements at right-back, goalkeeper, striker, defensive midfielder, programme seller and tea lady.

Basically, anywhere but attacking midfield…for the first time ever. How unfortunate. Let’s hope interest from elsewhere prevents the nightmare scenario of him ending up at Stamford Bridge.


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Awaiting imminent “you guys” open letter from Cesc.


First rule about Cesc Fabregas. YOU DON’T SAY NO TO CESC FABREGAS.


I’m beyond tired of reading the dramatics on this feed. Get fucking real – everyone. We need a striker. We need a solid DM. We need a right back. We need a back up keeper. Stop with the sentimental bull-shit and get real. We have OZIL. We don’t need Cesc. Fans need to stop being such bitches and look at the squad and see where it needs strengthening, not fucking whining about our former captain who might i add decided to LEAVE US in the fucking first place. Who cares if he signs for someone else. Focus on ARSENAL and… Read more »


Exfuckingactly. I pretty much said this a few days ago and got slated for it.

If Cesc loves Arsenal so much he wouldn’t have been a brat about leaving. He can also decide not to agree terms with Chelsea.


I don’t think its really about players we need. Obviously we don’t *need* Cesc back but he was absolutely phenomenal for us 7 years.

He was our leader, our talisman and people may disagree but I don’t think we’ve played anywhere as good football since he left.

A lot of people have a lot of love for him

remember the invincibles

true. cesc is not absolved of blame here. but what can he do if Barca say ‘please leave’ and arsenal ‘no. no not you’. he can only go to 3 or 4 other clubs in the world and utd, chelsea are two of them.

team spirit

well said! he decided to leave a team built around him… it should not be that we are so desperate that we take him back 2 years on. We actually are not that desperately in need of his services and we are not man city that buy players for the same of preventing others. Who expected him to be on sale a few years on considering how much of the Barca DNA they all claimed he had then?


He is a world class player which had 15 goals and 13 assists for us during 09/10 season. A typical season for Arsenal means we will have at least 2 attacking midfielders out injured at any time. Why not buy him when we will surely need him, either as an attacking midfielder, central midfielder or in a 4-6-0 system? He wants to join us, and we could get him cheaper than anyone else. If he joins Chelsea (which propably will happen if we don’t get him) that will give them a perfect replacement for Mata and I fear they will… Read more »


Maybe people are focusing on Arsenal. Like on its midfield’s struggles to create in big games last season, and indeed even in small games – the two ties v. United spring to mind. Maybe people are focusing on the possibility of injuries to midfielders (remote though that obviously is as demonstrated by our history over the past decade and the strange vulnerability of our players to mishaps amply illustrated by a couple of them limping off yesterday night). Maybe people are focusing on what we’ve got in the bank given the 92m from the Premier League, the 20m if we… Read more »

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Wait, how do even even know if this is true?

I’m genuinely asking, by the way


100% agree.


I can understand Arsene not opting to buy Cesc because our immediate priorities lie elsewhere. But if we opt out of this deal – i.e. opt-out of signing a once in a generation no. 10 the best that I’ve ever seen play at Arsenal – Arsene better make sure he makes the right purchases elsewhere and some! Not there was any excuse for not strengthening this summer, but any failure to secure the right super quality additions now will throw into relief our refusal to sign Cesc and I hope for our sake and Arsene’s sake that he’s made the… Read more »


Cesc is a totally different player to Özil FFS. We struggled to create chances when Ramsey and Özil were injured.


Ya know what. I’ve been thinking. i don’t care how many attacking midfielders we have, I’d sign him and stick him in goal if it meant he won’t go to the bloody chavs and that specialist in cuntishness or even them mancs…. But more realistically, and as I start to see the inevitability that he’ll join some annoying rivals, it becomes clearer. The fact is Cesc left us when we needed him the most. To go home. To win trophies and all that. He even took a pay cut and said he’ll be back some day. He left a great… Read more »


It sounds to me that you are putting sentimental feelings into the decision in the opposite direction. You seem to hold a grudge that he left. Let’s imagine this was not Cesc but was just some random player that never played for Arsenal. This random guy currently plays for Barca, is 27 yrs old, has proven himself in the EPL, and basically averages 15 goals and 20 assists a year. Oh, and this man actually WANTS to leave Barca for Arsenal. Now, if this man was just some random guy, even though we need a Striker more than a Midfielder,… Read more »

Who the F**k are Sp*rs?

Who cares if he signs for someone else? A quality player helping our rivals win the league when he should have been with us like RVP and his title winning goals for Utd for example. Nah, why would anyone care about that?


Aye. Never quite got the Cesc love in. Some say Henry did the same thing so why no negativity towards him too? Totally different. Henry was knocking 30. He had been showing signs of losing his pace and was struggling with a back problem. He’d won us loads of trophies. Arsenal got an offer from Barca and were willing to sell. He may have won a CL at Barca, but it’s not unfair to say his best days were behind him and Wenger knew it. Cesc was different. The club offered him a long term contract making him our highest… Read more »

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Ozil isn’t HALF a Fabregas.


i don’t mid waiting for another year to get more competitive in EPL…
but please bring back home CESC FABREGAS…


Yes we’ve got Ozil. Yes we’ve got Rambo. Yes we’ve got Wilshire. Yes we’ve got the Ox. Now add up the collective time lost from injuries by just that quartet last season.


Here’s my rebuttal to the “let’s not be emotional” argument: If Gotze or Iniesta were available at a cut rate price for Arsenal and Arsenal only, we would be having this exact same discussion. Some would say it would be stupid not to sign him, while others would argue we don’t need them. At the end of the day it’s just good business to bring these guys in cheap to vastly improve our squad as a whole. Also, are we discussing “emotions” or memories of how fucking good this guy is? It’s not emotional to want a player because you… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

Torturer: Painful death or The image of a Terry-Cesc-Mourinho 3 man huddle? What will it be?

Me: Death.

Torturer: *hesitant stare*

Me: Well? What are you waiting for man! Make it quick!


Moreover, if Cesc goes to Chelsea, or any other Premier League team for that matter, he should be the one getting stick, not the club. He dumped us, and now that we won’t take him back, the club gets stick? That makes no sense.

German Gunner

I would say that Cesc is the better than any of our injury prone midfielders, one of our greatest players ever, maybe Arsene knows something we don’t, why are Barc desperate to sell??


Cesc has suffered at Barca and im glad he has atleast after his “i want to return home” gaffe. has never been offered a pay rise; same as at Arsenal and fans hate his guts for some reason.

He is not needed at this precise moment but to prevent him from Chelsea we should take him back, as this sort of transfer could be something of a chain reaction meaning Sagna who has initially resisted City will fucking sign for them. he will he like “fucken loyalty what?”


My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Heehee – done! 🙂


No, we don’t NEED Cesc. We don’t NEED anyone. Jenkinson is OK at right back and Bellerin will be excellent soon. Akpom’s coming on; Martinez and Macey could be second- and third-choice in goal; Arteta’s got another season left in him, etc., etc. Question is, do we WANT to improve and start competing with Europe’s best? We’ve got the means to do so right now, but if we don’t use our money wisely and invest in the squad we won’t have that means for much longer. Sponsorship and revenue aren’t available in perpetuity, irrespective of performance. You’ve got to compete… Read more »

remember the invincibles

da fuck is this. uggghhhhh. why would we let him go somewhere else? f**king hate Barca that much more. I wish them the worst.


Can’t he just take a gap year from football and sign for us next year? Or in January, by which time we’ll have half of our midfield injured, so there will definitely be a need then!


How about buying him now and loaning him to Real Madrid for 6 months just to rub salt in Barca’s wounds???


He’ll go join one of our rivals and win the premier league with them.

We’ll end up with Vela plus some unknown young player and be nearly men again.

Feel so sick right now.

Clock End Mike

Apparently, not even Vela…

El Capitano

It will be truly a dark day for Arsenal if he signs for Chelsea. It blows my mind that we have turned down the opportunity to resign him. The feel good factor around the club will be destroyed the moment he pens a deal for those scum bags. It just proves that all of this noise we’ve been hearing about ‘Oh.. we can compete with big transfers,’ .. ‘We have the ability to compete financially’.. is just a load of Horse. Cesc Fabregas for that price!! and we aren’t signing him! so what if he’s not what we needed, he… Read more »


We have to pressure Arsene and the board to resign Cesc please sign the online petition to draw their attention to what the fans want


*Slow Applause*


Stuff from nightmares. Awful. I’m gonna puke.

Big Chief from Antarctica

A travesty.


You’ll never guess what just happened to me. For a moment I thought someone said we’d turned our noses up at signing Cesc FUCKING Fabregas on the FUCKING CHEAP. Ha ha imagine, a world class player with fight and passion, perfect for the PL and proven at Arsenal (which increases his chances at being successful at, well, Arsenal) and who’d love to come. I’m obviously loosing it. Next I’ll be hearing voices telling me he’s going to…I can’t even say it.


It would’ve made too much sense to sign him. I tried to write down on a piece of paper some reasons why this is a good decision. I ended up burning the paper.

Clock End Mike

The only argument I’ve any time for against signing Cesc Fàbregas is the one that says we don’t really need another creative midfielder. The same argument that could have been used (some did!) after we signed Özil last September. Good argument? Now we’ve got Ozil, has the situation changed? Not really: Arteta, Rosicky and Cazorla are (like everyone else, of course) a year older, Diaby is in the last year of his contract. We obviously needed to sign a creative midfielder in January (we ended up with an injured Källström and had to overplay other MFs). Do we not need… Read more »


I’m having a breakdown.


Not to worry, at least we know Mourinho’s got too much class to twist the knife when Cesc lights up the league again.


What a fucking terrible decision


I wanted him back too but to be honest I realise it was an emotional decision rather than a logical one. In a way I’m glad to see Arsene being logical about the matter and with “the boss thought to be eyeing reinforcements at right-back, goalkeeper, striker, defensive midfielder” it seems like we’re on the right path to getting exactly what we need to compete in all competitions. Lets be honest until Fabregas was said to be available if anyone said we were gonna sign an attacking midfielder to compete for a place with Wilshere Ramsey Ozil Cazorla etc everyone… Read more »


“Lets be honest until Fabregas was said to be available if anyone said we were gonna sign an attacking midfielder to compete for a place with Wilshere Ramsey Ozil Cazorla etc everyone would’ve been on here absolutely furious at Arsene for ignoring what we need.”

Exactly this!!


Sell ozil buy Fabregas ,simple as ,Ozil will fuck off the minute he has a good season to PSG?( even thou that may never happen)


Sell Oezil to Barca. Pep’s determined to downsize Bayern’s squad – in height terms, I mean – so all parties would be well suited – us especially as the huge fee Bayern would pay would buy us a top-class striker. Cesc’s more of a winner than Oezil. Pep can have the laid-back skill so dear to his heart; we’ll have the fighter.


You all prefer Oezil to Cesc? Seriously? On what grounds? Cesc is as good passer and he scores penalties with a broken leg.


There is no logic to turning down one of the greatest midfielders in the game. What would be wrong with adding cesc to what we have and being able to comfortably rotate with no loss in quality? Is the “logical” option really to play ramsey and ozil and arteta in virtually every game until they burnout/get injured and our results/performances drop then go oh look at how unlucky we are! If we had fabregas last season do you think we’d’ve missed wilshire and ramsey to the same extent? Do you think a clearly tired arteta would be forced to play… Read more »


Just an example 1st Choice midfield – New DM, Ramsey Ozil 2nd Choice midfield – Flamini Wilshere Cazorla 3rd Choice midfield – Arteta Rosicky Oxlade That is just an example not necessarily in order of who gets priority to play and thats not even including diaby because he cant be relied on but he’s a bonus and definately an option if fit. Theres plenty of room for rotation there. It is illogical to spend 30 million pounds on someone when we have other areas where we are clearly short on players. Despite what you read in the papers we aren’t… Read more »


We have Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Those are the attacking midfielders we have. And you want Cesc on top of that? 6 players for about 3 attacking midfield positions if you count a winger and a DM as different roles. Rosicky is undoubtedly back-up, given his age, but Cazorla is in his prime, Ozil is nearing it, Wilshere, Ramsey and the Ox all need time to develop. Not to mention Zelalem coming through the youth system. Bringing Cesc back on top of all that just reduces game time for our young ‘uns, and said young ‘uns also… Read more »


In response to both of you: if our midfield was good enough to carry us through a season, it would have last season! If either of you are suggesting to me that we can field a team without ramsey and ozil and still be able to take on…let’s say bayern, or liverpool, or chelsea or even everton in one of those hellish weeks where we play teams of that calibre every few days. You think the ox will carry us in those games? For all the talent in that midfield, you are lying to yourself if you think they are… Read more »


Goonero, yes, Real Madrid and Barcelona and all the other European big shots have a number of top level players. But those top level players rarely play in the same position. If we’re going for a top level signing, then I’d rather see a winger like Di Maria. A striker like Benzema. A DM like Gundogan. I’m not saying these are necessarily feasible, but I’d like our world class players to all be on the pitch together, and all be playing in their favourite positions. Bringing Cesc back robs either him or Ozil of the chance to play behind the… Read more »


Hate to admit it but you’re right about the emotional stuff. Cesc back to Arsenal has been everyone’s dream since the day he left but eventually we must all ditch the emo and get real.
But until then, can we play Cesc at right-back?


Is it emotional or is it the stuff of dreams to have Ozil, Fab, and Ramsey in the same midfield? I’m a strong proponent of the 4-6-0: Walcott and Podolski are strikers anyway so with them on the wings and Fabregas in the false 9 role, you think we can go wrong?

A Yank

To everyone saying it’s not out top priority, you’re right. But man, wouldn’t it have been nice to have another quality midfielder sometime around Feb when everybody was hurt? And how many times in the last, oh, six seasons have we not been decimated by injuries in late winter. I make zero by my count. And isn’t this the time we’ve been waiting for as fans? The time where we have the money to build up squad depth so that our entire season doesn’t go down the shitter with the four or five injuries we can bank on? Is a… Read more »

Clock End Mike

No one is suggesting that Arsene should ignore what we need. I have yet to be convinced that signing a RB to replace Bac, a DM to understudy Flamini/Arteta, and a top quality striker, would prevent or should otherwise distract us from bringing back a player who can only enhance our squad, qualifies as (indeed, is) a home-grown member of the squad, and who would have been welcomed back a year ago. To concentrate on one objective, and by doing so miss out on another, would be a serious misjudgment. We have (had?) an option to resign Cesc. Business could… Read more »


Indeed. Wenger better have a good fucking reason for letting this pass.


Just heart breaking news


Wish Wenger didn’t sign.


Piss off.

It’s probably harder to say no to Cesc for Wenger than Arsenal fans.

Wenger-Cesc have had a father son-ish relationship. Wenger would only say no if he truly thought it would be better for Arsenal if we didn’t sign back Cesc.

So yes, piss off.

Global Gooner

I think it’s very telling that Ivan Gazidis said yesterday, “the manager is not scared to spend, has the experience, but as always will have to juggle a set budget” – probably in the knowledge that fans were going to be blowing up about Cesc.

I would imagine Wenger, more than anyone, wants bring Cesc back but has to work within certain financial constraints. It’s GOT to hurt him to say no to Cesc.


Put that cringeworthy emotional bollocks up your arse.


Here’s an upvote for that valid and mature response. Well done.


He’s entitled to his opinion without abuse. Please respect that and that goes for everyone that comments here.


Fair enough, I understand, and I apologise for it the ‘rudeness’. 🙂




Must say I agree with you. Fans who say ‘don’t get sentimental’ are missing the point; being a fan of one club is sentiment itself, isn’t it? But, in my eyes, it’s not just getting a great player (which he truly is) for less money. If Ibrahimovic were available for free right now, I wouldn’t want to sign him. I didn’t want to re-sign Vieira after Juventus got relgated, because we had Cesc. This is a different Arsenal than the one Cesc was built around, and I like it. We need to improve it and look forward to a new… Read more »


That does NOT mean I wish anybody to ‘piss off’, by the way. I don’t agree with that part, let’s all be friends except for John Terry.


Have an upvote, friend.

So far, I see nothing that makes me think anything has changed. Our rivals are strengthening while we are “in talks”.

Haven’t brought back Vela. Why the fuck not? Absolut no brainer. Wilfred bony for 20m or vela for 7 or whatever.

Fannying about with Serge Aurier.

Jesus fucking Christ, this club.


Yeah, maybe you should support another club, if this one upsets you so much. We’ve won the FA Cup, no clubs of note have signed any players of note. We have a good team.

Also, you don’t have the foggiest idea what is really going on with any of the players you mention.

Your comment was pretty rubbish, in summary – a lot like your “support” for your club.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Sorry, I automatically thumbs down whenever I get a hint of anything along the lines of your first sentence.


…drink some water.


I’m so angry now!


im not able for this


I don’t mind so long as we get our prime targets for the positions that need addressing the most (eg. striker, right back etc.). Sure it may hurt like a bitch seeing Fabregas play for another club but, seeing as we have creative midfielders a plenty, it shouldn’t be a priority. Just so long as it isn’t Chelsea….


That would be true, but it’s Arsenal we’re talking about here. We’ll faff about all summer with a million supposed targets, cock all of them up and end up with no real signings come next season. So it would be a major improvement to spend some money on bringing Cesc back and THEN trying to sign some other people, because you know we’re going to get a ton of injuries in the attacking midfield position next season because we always do.


It wouldn’t take huge sums of money for us to win the title I’d probably take Remy for 10m, Debuchy 10m Luis Gustavo 20-25m/ Lars Bender 20m and we’d win the league regardless of who got Fabregas or anyone else. I think Remy would do so well in our team with the players we have in the midfield. He got 14 goals at a really poor newcastle team who sold their best/only real creative player in January. Although I wouldn’t be complaining if we splashed 25m on a striker like Jackson Martinez or Balotelli or someone (as long as they… Read more »


Sorry to say, l reckon Cesc would run the show for Chel…(yuk) them. It’d be so much more than they deserve, gift wrapped by us.


A friend of mine just reminded me of another point that it seems everyone is forgetting. IF we go and sign Cesc just so Chelsea can’t have and ignore our midfield getting overloaded, what does Chelsea do? They’re not going to just sit around, they’ll go for another midfield player. Now of course the player might not be as good as Cesc but he could fit their system better, someone like say Koke. So they get Koke, and are as strong off, we get Cesc and have an overloaded midfield with at least 1 player like Jacky who’s about to… Read more »


Well, some people obviously don’t care enough to think that much. Cesc chose to leave us. Ta ta.

Kos the boss

Lets just hope pep takes him if not us


WTF is wrong with you guys. You never, NEVER pass up on an opportunity to sign a proven world class player. No matter how much potential you may feel our youngsters have, when you have an opportunity to sign one of the best players in the world, you take it. All the other sentimental stuff is just secondary. Us signing Ozil was absolutely the right call. One of the premier players in the world. When a class player is available and they WANT to joiin you, there’s VERY VERY few exceptions to not taking that up. Just sign the player… Read more »


Cesc supplying Costa or RVP. Fuck me.


Genuinely the stuff of nightmares


Ozil / Ramsey supplying [yet to sign top quality striker]


Or Sanogo , Wengers pet project……. Time will tell.


Cesc supplying RvP the stuff of nightmares? It used to happen 2 to 3 years ago at Arsenal and they won fuck all.




It’s going to be daily bullshit all summer. I doubt this is the “final word.” He’ll stay at Barca, go to PSG, come to us and play right-back or reserve keeper, or whatever.

It’s true that we don’t really need him. And if the budget is set, we probably can’t afford him. He would be nice to have around though.

If you think about it, Chelsea don’t really need him either–they just sold Cesc’s original replacement (Mata) because they thought they didn’t need HIM.

This is agent bullshit. See last summer.


I think the way it works is that Barca has to accept a bid, and only then inform us about Cesc’s availability. The fact that we “officially” turned down the chance to bring him would imply that it’s not just agent talk.


Fuck this. It’ll be a million times worse seeing Cesc play for Chelsea than it was seeing RVP play for Utd. Don’t think I’m ever gonna watch a Chelsea match again.


Chelsea refuse to sell us bloody DEMBA BA for fear of strengthening us last summer, meanwhile we stand aside for them to sign Cesc. Chelsea are going to end up with Costa and Cesc for Luiz and petty cash. Fuck me.

This just leaves me feeling like there is even less likelihood that we’re going to go out and get the players we need.


I don’t think we can afford to spend 30 million pounds just so Chelsea face some sort of retribution. They deserve it, but no point screwing ourselves over.

Keep the faith. It’s not just the “transfer-listed” players who are constantly in the media that we will necessarily end up signing. There was little serious chatter about Ozil at all going to ANY club until the last few days of the transfer window, and look how that turned out for us.


Not to mention Chelsea can just go and get another player, albeit not one of Cesc’s class but still a good player that will fit their system.

If they do that, they’ll be better off than before, while we will have Cesc yes, but we’ll also be 30m down in our budget to spend on other targets+have an overloaded midfield.

Amaury Bischoff's agent

My client is very good player, he come cheap, you know him before.




Totally agree. Wenger’s approach to the transfer market is as myopic as his approach to playing away at top four teams.


I completely agree – there are three aspects to this issue in my opinion: The first is that the Cesc love story is something that has touched all Arsenal fans, every Gooner has great affetion for this fantastic player. The second is that the situation we are in by having a buy back clause and then choosing to pass on Cesc, all the while knowing that he may most likely end up at another PL club who is fighting for the title, is handing them an incredible advantage in the fact that they will have CESC FABREGAS on their team.… Read more »

remember the invincibles

it would make me puke. and I would blame wenger for sure.


It would only be giving rivals a huge advantage if we do not go out and strengthen ourselves. If we buy the top players we need, Cesc will look like an afterthought.


he’ll have a change of heart and bid 30 million and one pound. ?


We are a joke club. End of.


He won’t sell his soul and go Chelsea…. will he?


Cesc made his”barca bridge alone”let him walk on it alone!thanx cesc,we not interested sir


Easy to say that about any Arsenal player that leaves but he left pretty amicably in the end to his childhood club. Its us that have rejected the move for him.. It will be bloody difficult watching him play for Chelsea but no point smearing the great things he did for us before.


If by amicably, he spoke well of us after he left then yes. If by amicably he went on strike as the captain, then no.

Sorry, but if you refuse to train in pre season and force a move, then its not amicable.


Every player has a boyhood club, not all force moves to get back. This issue is all about a defective DNA, we dont need damaged goods. He chose to walk away when arsenal needed him most, but despite his presence alongside pursestrings and nasrat, we won absolutely nothing. our team has evolved beyond Cesc whether we want to acknowledge that or not, we have Rambo now in his role, we have Ozil to ramp up the assists and we WILL get us a decent striker with pace and a world class DM. We have moved on, lets not go back… Read more »


this simply CANNOT be true.
the day he signs for another premier league side will be the day i choose to shut out reality and be living in a dream world. can somebody official please please please come out and call it a bad joke? bring him home!!

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Anyone but Chelsea.
Anyone but Chelsea.
Anyone but Chelsea.
Anyone but Chelsea.
Anyone but Chelsea.

the depressed gooner

and manu


And Mugsmashers … In short, if not Arsenal, don’t show your face in England !!!


And Sp*rs


Cesc Fabregas would strengthen any rival – except Chelsea Mourinho plays destructive anti football while cesc is a disciple of wenger a pure footballer who focusses on his own game rather than breaking an opponent It makes no sense for him or chelsea to sign him. He will break on the same rocks that Mata, Hazard, Oscar perish – Fabregas probably cant come back to us either – he left a superstar in a team built around him – a team that won nothing – and would return to a team he doesn’t recognize where there are new superstars and… Read more »


That’s what I was trying to say, only you said it better.



the voice of reason.

DE Gooner

I completely agree. Mata and Cesc are pretty similar… why would the Moaner want a similar player again? I saw headlines about Cesc being the Lampard replacement. I don’t see that, they have Matic I would think. Enough about the Blues, it makes me sick that I would have to watch him in Blue. We better be so spot on with our transfers this summer. No more dicking around. Grab some unhappy Bayern Munich boys and sprinkle a few Frenchies, and top it off with a South American!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

So Chelsea signing Costa, Felipe Luis, and maybe even our beloved Cesc Fabregas.

I viewed the website, only to find a slideshow of the pitch renovation at Emirates Stadium.

Just saying…


I’m fuming. Barca owe us around 15 million so that means we’re rejecting the chance of signing him for around the same fee. Whoever says we don’t need him has lost the plot. We always get midfield injuries, last year if he was in our squad I dare say we would have had a good shot at the title. And don’t even get me started on Chelsea. God forbid if he goes there. Can’t bear to watch MU coz of RvP, Man City coz of every fucking ex arsenal player and now this.This will cost us a good shot at… Read more »

Mallu Gooner

We do get MF injuries, yes. Doesn’t mean we sign a 30m bonanza to keep on the bench. I want Cesc back as much as the next gooner, but to spend that much money on another MF when we desperately need a striker, RB, two CBs and a back up GK is ludicrous. Be ready to see him in a blue shirt.

Eddie McGoldrick ate my hamster

I couldn’t disagree more. We have a reported 100 million + in the bank (what are those extensive cash funds for by the way?)… we also have Rosicky, Flamini, and Arteta the wrong side of 30….. and we have one of the worlds best midfielders available for 30 mill. The thing about cesc is that he’s intelligent & adaptable enough to play the DM role and break up the play.. In addition he has pedigree to play behind the striker and provide goals & assists. Over the next 18 months when Arsenal go shopping for another midfielder to replace the… Read more »


so he’s some kind of 30million pound flamini?
to cover for Arteta Flamini at DM and Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky at 10?
Bit pricey for a jack of all trades.

Not sure he’s cut out to play dm – he can probably play AM, RM and 10


Damn. This man was the reason I chose arsenal ahead of Man City when choosing who to support for life. This hurts like hell…not even looking forward to WC. IDK..I think I need a break from football and Arsenal. Pressure is om Arsene to spend big now. If he doesn’t strengthen well enough…..I honestly don’t know what I would do


bitch please


“This man was the reason I chose arsenal ahead of Man City when choosing who to support for life. ”



Keep the sharp objects away from this one, friends. I share your disappointment, but when choosing a club “for life” (and I can’t get this image of someone sitting at a desk, weighing pros and cons out of my head) you need to expect some ups and downs. This seems like a post better suited to a fictional “We lost the FA Cup final again” news piece than to this one. I have a small piece of advice: If ever again, you’re choosing your club “for life,” choose one that doesn’t have a history of being agonizingly deliberate in the… Read more »

Young Gooner

I don’t know which one is worse…rvp to MU or this. I just hate chelsea with my whole heart and how on earth Wenger have a lot of patient and let one of his protege play under the stupid, headless, arrogant and insulting manager (I just can’t describe how much I hate Mou as a person). This is ridiculous

Gunner in Ghana

Am really sad.


So the squad with the “plethora” of midfield options still needed patching up with Kim Källström last season. Cesc isn’t any patch – he’s a legitimate world class player – and we’re not keen?

Not keen despite the fact that Wenger said himself that he believes Cesc will play for Arsenal again. Not keen despite the fact that he’d walk straight into any midfield in the world, no matter who was in it, and make it better.

Not keen despite the fact that it’s Cesc…?

Transfer windows. Ugh…


Well the business we do better be fucking good now. I mean FUCKING good – good enough to undo the megasuperturbo unpleasantness of seeing Cesc playing for Chelscum or Man U.


I see a lot of talk around the web about not making an “emotional decision” as well as concerns about what signing Cesc would do to the development of Ox and Jack, or playing time for Santi. Honestly, that’s an emotional concern. They are professionals, they either step up and compete for spots or they don’t. I love Jack, but Cesc is a better player than he is right now. Bring in Cesc and a striker, plus the needed RB and back up GK and we will win more titles. We are going to regret this.


How many other people has this pissed off?


Mourinho hates lazy players,don’t see him at chelsea!as for manchester teams”you so good in buying off cuts”


AW usually sign former players! Though I wish he made an exception this time, I wonder what would have been if we had signed Suarez instead of Ozil. We still may not have won the league last year but would have bought Cesc back this year and given ourself a good chance at the title in the coming season. Here is to hoping that we bring a classy forward, as we have decided to pass up on a classy midfielder. Btw, couldn’t Cesc gone one a 1 yr loan originally – in hindsight (!) everyone would have been satisfied –… Read more »

Daft Aider

It would be very easy to get wound up about this but,
there is one big thing about this in our favour – Fab’s still represented by Darren Dein who has caused no end of troubles for our squad, we would be better off with Cesc in the squad but far, far worse off with that parasite of an agent sniffing around the rest of our players

Kosc' Other Pocket

Would fabregas have made a difference when ramsey, õzil, ox was out? Yes. Can we afford him? Yes. Does the player want to sign for us? Yes. Do we sign him? No. Arsenal Logic

Özil is a goooooner

I’d rather face the Mountain in a trial by combat than watch him play under that thundercunt at Chelsea.


According to talkSPORT Cesc has just signed for Chelsea. Arsenal are dead right in not exercising their option to buy back Fabregas. He is a fantastic, wonderful player, but he’s just not the man we need right now. It’s gonna be hard to watch him in a blue shirt next season but everything that’s happened is his own fault. He decided to jump ship and join Barcelona. Shame for him that it didn’t work out. Now it’s time for Gazidis to put his money where his mouth is and make Wenger spend money on the players that we do need,… Read more »



I never thought this day would come, but I agree with everything you’ve just said.

Daft Aider

I’m also stunned into agreement

Chairman Meow

me too ha. still, major FUCK if he goes to chelsea eugh

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Yep, like i’ve been saying, let’s wait until the end of the window to assess this decision.
Hopefully Wenger has something special up his sleeve that will soften the blow.


Would trade one of those strikers for a LW, but 100% agree with what you just said!


So with our injury plagued campaigns over the season what makes you think cesc wont be needed. Arsenal midfielders find it hard to be all fit at the same with Arteta rosicky flamini approaching twilight years. fabregas would be perfect. All this you will see come January 2015. i bet wenger will be looking at replacements for the aforementioned.

sign FAB!


Look at it this way: the injury bug doesn’t seem to strike the same area two years in a row. Off the top of my head, in the last 3-4 seasons we have had a striker crisis (Arshavin played there for a game or two), a fullback crisis that saw us deploy all four of our centre backs, a centre back crisis that led to Sol Campbell being brought in from Notts County, a couple GK crisis that saw third-choice keepers Mannone and Jens Lehmann playing, and then last season’s midfield crisis. If you look at our team in each… Read more »


In this mark it’s almost impossbile to sign a player of his quality for the cheap fee that we could have. Luiz for 50m, Ozil for 42m and Cesc was available for 30….

We’ll end up signing Sanago mk II for free.

Liverpool and Chelsea are moving quickly in the transfer market and Arsenal have signed…..


And let a world cup winner, 2 times Euro winner, scored a penalty against his home team with a broken leg, scored a hat trick vs Spurs Off the bench player go to Chelsea, one of our biggest rivals…….



I know right, we should have all of our business done by now. Its only 2 weeks after the season, and 4 weeks till the window opens, but Arsene is once again dithering in the market, for a player we want to come home. Never mind that as captain he treated the club with disdain (Striking),and we need at least 4 other players for depth in Defense and Attack, Wenger should stop those, because Cesc is available.


Midwest Gooner

I’m agreeing with Fatgooner! Will wonders never cease. Kidding aside, You’re right on this one.


I’ve been one of your major critics over the years, but credit where credit is due. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

“He is a fantastic, wonderful player, but he’s just not the man we need right now.”

Spot on. While I would absolutely LOVE to see him back in the red and white, we have more pressing needs right now.

Just … please don’t let it be fucking Chelsea! Please let it be Talkshit talking their usual shit.


I just want to share my view about this. I know majority will disagree but still. I think Fabregas is a great player but I still think that there is no need to bring him back. If this was a year ago I would be well up for it, but not any more. Last year 42.5m (+wages) were spent on Ozil to replace him! At that point a lot of fans were saying (and I read the same line in the blog) that we needed a striker but got an AM. This year, when we have the same squad +… Read more »

Arsene Nose

PSG should bloody use their money for a good cause for once!!


PSG have enough midfielders. Monaco on the other hand..
I mean Henry could convince Cesc to join in as well.


too bad they already dropped 40m on david fucking luiz


I think it was 50 million pounds. Chelsea sure do seem to get a boatload of money for their players in the transfer market (Luiz, De Bruyne, Mata, etc.).


In wenger I trust

the only sam is nelson

This will of course be the same AW who denied he was buying the lego-haired one mere hours before signing him up.

I hope this will be as effective and joyous a troll as that.


the depressed gooner

anywhere but chelsea and manu!!! please!! the footballing gods can’t be that cruel!!!

Matt G

Cesc. Don’t do it. Just. Don’t. Do. It.


Question: Do we need him at that price?
Answer: No
Question: Is 30m better spend in other positions
Answer: Yes.

Conclusion: It’s not a train wreck. Life goes on.


Think practically guys. We don’t need him. Signing him will be spending 30m on a player we don’t need instead of that going towards buying someone we actually need.


Had we not signed Ozil last season, we would have definitely bought Cesc. Had we not signed Ozil last season, we might not have had the urge to win a cup too. Had we not won the cup, the trophy-less monkey would have still been on our back. Had we had that monkey the whole scenario would have been different. Shit its too complicated!


Arsenal have 6 positions that need filling right now. GK, RB, CB, ST, as well as DM, and LW. I would rather sort them out, than bring in another attacking midfielder.

Plus i don’t want a player who would rather go on strike, than wear the shirt, no matter who it is.


Honestly Cesc is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world. But quite frankly right now we have 2 of the best midfielders in the world also. New deals included I doubt Arsenal is already at that point where the club can chuck a spare £30m impromptu on a position we weren’t looking to strengthen when the market opened. And these talk about how we lost Ramsey and Ozil last season, hence we need Cesc. We lost all full backs in 2012, we didn’t suddenly add 2 extra full backs just to make sure in 2013 did we? Arsenal… Read more »


I’m gutted by the prospect of Cesc going elsewhere (and the fact that I’m going to have to kill my younger brother, who despite being a Chelsea fan I’m generally quite fond of), but this is a good, balanced response. Fully agree with your take on it.


Please not Chelsea….please not Chelsea….


This is sad news indeed, those £100m+ who was gonna be spent looks to be more like £30-40m, lol..

Loïc Rémy, Serge Aurier, David Ospina are most likely our targets for the summer. £8m – Loïc and £8m – Aurier and £5m – Ospina?

Nice ambitions shown from the board. The only people spending money at arsenal are the fans….


Aurier seems more unlikely by the day too. Meanwhile repulsive Chelski are just a couple of talks aways from bagging Cesc and Costa. I fucking HATE transfer windows.


I see your a glass half empty type of guy. We get those 3 and we’ll defo challenge til the end. We get those 3 and a DM we’ll win it within the next 2 seasons guarenteed.