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Draxler off as Balotelli’s agent gives vague update

Julian Draxler has ruled out any possibility of moving to Arsenal this summer, saying he wants to stay another year at Schalke. The German admitted there was contact in January, but now looks set to stay in the Bundesliga until next summer at least.

“In January there was the offer of Arsenal, but I decided to stay,” he said. “I will do the same this summer. I want to play one year more in Schalke.”

After Arsenal’s bid was turned down, there were suggestions that Bayern Munich had come to an arrangement with Schalke which would see Draxler join them in the summer of 2015, and this latest development might well add some credibility to that.

Meanwhile, Mario Balotelli’s agent, Mino Raiola, has got people excited by talking up the virtues of Arsenal. From Brazil, Raiola (who also represents Zlatan Ibrahamovic), told Sky Sports, “Arsenal are a fantastic club. Will a transfer happen? Anything is possible.”

Of course anything is possible, but people would do well to remember that anything could also include nothing. Raiola is certainly an interesting character who, if his client is determined to get away from Italy, will stop at nothing to drum up interest and this is more than likely part of that process.

Indeed, the rumours circulating on the web about Puma, who also have a deal with the Italian striker, helping Arsenal to secure his transfer seem somewhat fanciful. They’re giving the club £30m per season, that’s about as much help as the club want and the idea that Arsene Wenger might have his transfer policy dictated to by a sponsor is ludicrous.

Of course, if Wenger does want Balotelli, it won’t hurt that he’s one of Puma’s key men, but for now we’re rating this with a good old fashioned 6 poos.


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if there’s someone in the world who can make Mario a true footballer, that’s Wenger


Under no circumstances whatsoever !! If Adeybayor was an accident waiting to happen – and he was – then Ballotelli is that with brass knobs on. I’d rather we either :- Kept Bendtner – who is also a self regarding knob but would not set us back £25 million. Or : Gave Sanogo a six month run and see what happens. Yes Ballotelli is brilliant – for one game. And then he wraps his Ferrari round a lamppost and we are left to deal with the aftermath. No thanks ! We need players with not just the skill but the… Read more »


Personally, additionally to Mario, I think Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa on a free transfer would be fantastic business.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Yeah and he can multitaks by being the team’s cook


Thing is though, while yes, Balotelli is as nutty as a fruit cake he doesn’t seem like the utter scum sucking maggot that Ade-PleasePayMeM-ore is.

I agree if anyone can calm him down its Wenger.


I think you’ve just repeated the anti-suarez arguments from a year ago, there.

Firefly in the sky

Wenger is not strict enough to handle players like Balotelli. Bendtner could probably have had a decent career if he had a manager or other people in his life that would not allow him to piss his life/career away. Players like that need dicipline and a manager with authority whom do not take any BS. Wenger is to soft hearted and nice to handle bad boy players with huge ego’s. I think Balotelli would be a mistake, and we would he better off signing someone that work hard to better themselves and want to be a key part of the… Read more »


Your first paragraph is right on the money. He needs a Ferguson type of Manager and even that is no guarantee.


Draxler didn’t have a fantastic season, especially £35-£40m worth.

Would love to see Balotelli. No idea how the team would adapt to fit his individuality mind.


To be fair he looks like he’s calmed right down, and he has more than enough technical ability to create goals for those around him as well as going it alone and scoring wonder goals. As long as we’re half competitive I think he’ll be golden.


Just read an interesting tweet from @arsefc.

Balotelli in 13/14 Serie A: 3 penalties, 4 freekicks and only 7 goals from open play out of 152 shots.

Not doubting his talent whatsoever, he has all the attributes to be a world beater. But I think there would need to be an adaptation of style from either the team or Balotelli to fit.

Orang Soul

Stats can be highly misleading. Lets not forget he was playing for a highly poor Milan side, that was generally pretty dis-functional, and had nothing like the kind of pace and creative assistance that Arsenal would give with Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, etc etc. How many of those 152 shots were aimless punts because there were no better options open for example? (Hopefully the rhetorical nature of that question is obvious to everyone …. unless there is the sort of super-geek who like sto provide that information 🙂 ). You would like to think that Arsenal would give him a lot… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Either way, Arsenal could really use a free kick specialist, unless Cazorla decides that his FA Cup heroics will be training ground material…


For sure a dead ball specialist like Mario would be a major boon to the team. Especially if Arteta is replaced in midfield.


You have to consider that AC Milan has been downright poop for the last 2 years.


And that’s also something to consider.

Statistics are never the full story, but I think we can all agree a conversion rate, if my mathematics are correct, of 4.6% is dreadful. And the opposition he faced is hardly elite.

He certainly would make life interesting if he joined mind.

Still love him.


He scored 20 goals in 54 appearances for City. With Milan he’s already scored 26 in 43. Quite the improvement one would think.


If not anything Draxler would have fit in well with our injury pattern!

In all seriousness it’s a bit disappointing because AW does bet big money on a prospect usually. Also AW’s track record in spotting talant is one of the best. So, it’s a bit disappointing.

However dispite Balotelli’s antics he would be a useful addition in the striking dept.


Barry, Remy and Cleverly please Mr Wenger. No need to go crazy this summer.


You could make an argument for Remy, and even Barry could be useful back up in the defensive midfield position, but Cleverly is simply a poor player.


With a £100m in the bank you cannot make an argument for any of them, nowhere near enough quality.

Javi Martinez, Alexis Sanchez, Karim Benzema. That’s the quality we need.


Ok then, if no one likes that trio how’s about Tom Huddlestone, Adam Johnson and Gabby Agbonlahor. Gabby can play through the middle and Adam Johnson is finally reflecting the raw talent that’s been there all along with 2 or 3 back to back above average performances. Tom adds a bit of grit in midfield and has the left foot of an artist. I reckon we could sew all three up for under 25 million.


Now you’re talking


We don’t need losers! they could be good cheap players, but they wouldn’t inspire anybody to win. i prefer One winner to 5 losers


Who do you suggest for right back, goalkeeper and central defender positions?


Off the top of my head Speroni, Kieran Richardson and Keith Curle.


Keith Curle to replace Wenger?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, funniest comment I’ve read all day! 😛


Hilarious! The only tragedy is that people took your comments a little too seriously buddy!

why u cwy

Would love a bit of Mario. Mental players are always the best players. Maradonna, Best, Cantona, Zidane….






Bergkamp was/is the sanest man* alive



i like the new poo-ometer.

Third Plebeian

Really, it’s the only way to rate transfer rumours.


Yeah, it’s really inshiteful!

Mr. Cheese

Very good! Haha


Dung get your hopes up over crap, Gunners.


yes, nice to get some good poointers.

Mate Kiddleton

I read that in a Sean Connery voice



Toure Motors

Silly season silliness


Ozil and balotelli in one team. *nose bleeds* p

Walcott's left footed curl

That’s a reference I didn’t think I’d live to see on a football blog.


Wenger did manage Grampus.


David Attenborough: “From my hideout in the Brazilian jungle, if been a long wait but the rarely seen “Good Mario” has finally been spotted. Whereas the Bad Mario is in abundance, very few have spotted the Good Mario…”


Shouldn’t Bad Mario be called Wario?


Not too Disappointed on missing out with Draxler as may be young but wouldn’t he just come up against the same problem as Fabregas?

I have a feeling we are in for a long wait as always with transfers this year, Wenger has a master plan though, I can smell it.


the only think i can think of is that he’d be converted to a center forward/ otherwise that kind of outlay would make no sense.


I’d only be nervous to see how Balotelli would fit in with being a nutcase and all. Hopefully Arsene would help him mature. Not took many crazy stories with Milan compared to Citeh. This is all assuming these rumors aren’t indeed a pile of poo.


Love that story about him driving to a women’s prison because he just ‘…wanted to have a look around…’

What a fella.


My favourite Balotelli story to date, the guy’s class


if Wenger can allow Mario, it’s a good business cz we need to be stubburn up front & mayb Arsenal’s environment will help him morally…


I somehow doubt it’s gonna happend tho lol.. Why would Arsene manage to keep Mario under control when none of his previous managers have?


Because he’s a better manager…

Third Plebeian

I dunno. But he’s done it before (Van Persie), and was willing to do it again (Suarez).

No one can say whether he’d be able to do it, but the thinking here is that if any manager could do it, it would be Wenger. Mancini was a hot-head, and ill suited for Balotelli’s temperament. Wenger is by all accounts very calm with players. I’d bet on him getting the best out of Balotelli.

Fred Fox

That’s a good point about the bitey racist person. If Wenger thought he could manage him, then Mario should be possible too 🙂

Andy Mack

The dutch skunk and the bitey racist both love playing football, so AW was/would be happy to work with them.
But I’m not sure Balotelli is. He loves himself and money but does he really love the game. Only those close to him know the answer but my impression is that it’s only a job to him.
Maybe he does but hides it well and getting engaged could be the trigger that calms him down.


Loving the poo rating


Mario is a special player wenger would be able to get the best out of. He’s world class and just what we need. He is the perfect belated Henry replacement. Mario has that Ian Wright-Factor about him, if he falls in love with Arsenal he’ll be unstoppable.

why u cwy

Oh Mario balotelli
How we wish these rumours weren’t smelly
Your name sounds like a type of pasta
But you look like more of a rasta

dvander Eboué

But draxler seemed so likely!


I’m not completely convinced that Balotelli is the striker for Arsenal, I feel he’s a bit of a risk to sign. But I trust Wenger to do the right choice, if he thinks he can get the best out of Balotelli then we should definitly sign him!


I felt that way about Suarez last year but for some reason I feel more willing to take this risk. Maybe it’s from seeing how close we were to being truly great and that the biggest thing in our way was lack of a great striker (that & injuries, obviously). I also agree with those who have said if anyone can handle him, it’s Arsene.

Springbank 1965

I think it’s more likely Draxler has cooled because Arsenal has. I also think (unfortunately) Wenger’s aversion to confrontation would be the main stumbling block re Balotelli. Personally, I think he’d be a terrific signing for the club, but then I wouldn’t have to deal with him on a day to day basis. He’s the kind of player that could make an Arsenal season sensational – just as long as he didn’t destroy the dressing room in the process. An in-depth preparatory psychological analysis would be mandatory. But I don’t think we’d even get that far. Pity. Balotelli in an… Read more »

why u cwy

Why would he destroy the dressing room. I haven’t read anywhere that he causes fall outs. He just likes a bit of fun when he’s not training and does spontaneous things. He’s not actually a mental player. The odd sending off but he doesn’t have a terrible discipline linary record either.


Maybe he meant literally, not psychologically! 🙂


If this is true (that Arsene tried to buy Draxler in January- which now seems likely) then I have a question.

Why would Draxler have been a good buy in January but now Cesc this summer have been considered a bad one? It just doesn’t add for me. Yes Cesc is older but he’s also proven.

The argument that we’ve already got Ozil could easily apply to both…


Because Draxler isn’t the same type of player as Fabregas. He’s more like a young replacement for Podolski/Cazorla, playing on one of the wings to give the team pace and power, rather than through the centre to give it clinical precision. Also, in January we lost Walcott, we’d just lost Ramsey and Ozil was looking knackered, so things weren’t looking as rosey.

That’s my theory, anyhow.


I take your point but it seems to me that there’s such flexibility in our midfield and fluidity in our play (as with most teams now) that we’re putting labels on players that don’t necessarily exist. Wilshere, Ramsey, The Ox, Ozil, Cazorla are all attacking midfielders that have been played both on the flanks and in the middle. Draxler & Fabregas also fit this mould. I accept that Draxler is pacy and so more likely to be seen as a wide man but that’s perhaps outdated. Look at Messi and Ronaldo- started out wide but increasingly used through the middle.… Read more »


Rumour was, he was thinking of turning draxler into a striker…however true that was.

To be fair Cesc has only one position really. We changed our formation to get the best out of him even. Anyway, it’s time we move on from Cesc now. Keep the faith in the boys we do have

Rocket Diary

Because Draxler is a fast player with enough trickery to be successful on the left wing or as support striker…cesc is a different player…he is slow but can control the pace of play and thread through passes like no one else can. But I agree, we should have definitely gone for cesc this summer. There are times when there is absolute chaos and mayhem (Stamford bridge, Anfield etc). Cesc would have slowed things down and allowed us the time to settle things. Ozil and cazorla cant do that. We desperately need a mature player in the center who can control… Read more »


I get it. Draxler has pace. Fabregas doesn’t. But if we’re looking ahead to this season Walcott, The Ox, Gnabry and even Ozil have taht pace and trickery while Cesc could have be feeding them.

I feel sick just thinking about it.


Like someone said above, move on.

Dealing with hypotheticals like that is just going to make you bitter. I can already see this coming season, every half-wit journalist on the planet (and more than a few Gooners, sadly) is going to blame every single dropped point on Wenger not buying Fabregas.

It’s going to get very boring.


Ah hem…..Zelalem

Canadian Arsenal Fan

Speaking of young players with last names starting with “z”s
Wasn’t Zaha supposed to be amazing? I remember when Arsenal were linked with him. Why would Manure buy him for no apparent reason? Just seems like a waste, considering he could’ve stayed at palace and actually played in the premier league


This is crazy hed never fit in hes much to disruptive on and off tha park. Big noooo from me.

Merlin's Panini

I don’t think he’s as bad as he was made out to be. He was only really disruptive under Mancini and Mancini is a complete nut job! Notice how once Mancini left the City dressing room became much more close knit. I don’t think Balotelli has done anything THAT stupid in Italy, other than maybe having the odd issue with a bib here and there.


in fact, he seems to get on really well with his team mates. I think hes a good guy that occasionally gets excited off the field and perhaps lets his ego get the better of him from time to time.

With the right mentor…


Add more poo plz blogs

Walcott's left footed curl

I think one aspect this team lacks is a player with riduculess and elaborate hair cut, something Balotelli would definitly add. Specially since Sagna’s leaving, we really need some one to fill that hole.

Petit's Handbag

Having watched Balotelli at Man City and for the last season and a half at Milan….I don’t get the fuss.

glory hunter

Really? but Mario actually performs, did you watch the Euro’s 2 yrs ago?
A player that a lot of Arsenal fans clamor for is Cavani, Myself included cos ive wanted us to sign him since 2010.
But after watching him in the Conf cups, this years Champs lge and in the 1 game he’s played in the world cup thus far, i have no idea what people see in this guy, i have now realised that he’s useless.


Can we please have Zlatan? I know it will never happen, but even if it’s just for one season, it would be so freaking good. Imagine Zlatan and Mesut. Please. Pleaaaase. Pleeeaaaaaaase.


Didn’t Draxler say the club didnt want to sell rather than he didnt want to go?


no, he just plain turned arsenal down. the rumor is that he’s angling for a move to bayern in a year’s time.

Yoyo Sanogoals

I hope Balotelli comes, he has the perfect blend of pace, strength and technical ability. I think he’s growing up now, he recently got engaged (honestly thought no woman could tame him) and I believe Balotelli’s never had a true place to call home, like Italy is racist and the City team was full of divas.

Merlin's Panini

I have to admit I would like it a lot if we got him. I think he’s an exceptional player and it’s always fun to have a lunatic in the side. He’s like an upgrade on Bendtner in both departments!

Jenkos hair

This puma rumour thing stinks of shit. Why would Puma give out THAT much money just to get one of their athletes in a Puma shirt when you have him playing for Italy in puma shirts. Never believed it for one second.


It’s fairly recent development in the transfer tittle tattle bullshit merri go round. It’s complete and utter horseshit and I think it’s genesis can be traced back to when utd were rumoured to be re-signing Ronaldo. Desperate people will believe anything and a sponsor loves a name check.

El Piresidente

Balotelli is a nutcase. I love nutcases. Sign him up Arsene!


Is Balotelli worth the possible disruption of our dressing room? Im not convinced. Victory through Harmony, ya goons!


Sanchez and mad Mario would be great signings.

Let's Find Hleb!!!

Him and ozil are will be like a cigarette after a jay…pls make it happen…


Not really sure how much power a player’s sponsor has when it comes to transfers involving club sponsorship deals – it doesn’t look like Puma had Arsene bent over a barrel to take Cesc – who is also one of Puma’s key men – back.
AW: “Sorry Santi, there’s no chance you can leave for Athletico – the cat on your boots matches the cat on our shirt, so you’ll have to dance around the Emirates with your contrasting feet for the rest of eternity.”


Who was the last Italian to play for Arsenal? I can’t think of a single name.


Arturo Lupoli, Emiliano Viviano and Vito Mannone off the top of my head.


Emiliano Viviano never played for us ha what a player though.


Don Vito!


Loving the new Arseblog Rumour Rating System! Could even be abbreviated as ARRS!

Top Gunner

@ Indiegooner: Viviano


@top gunner
Thanks. I forgot about Mannonne.


Benzema and Balotelli or am I just being greedy?


I need a fart … Balotelli !!!!

Saffa Gooner

Smiling poos: fucking hilarious!


Six poo’s? You been on the Vindaloo Blogs? This story has real legs….I’m giving it a small shart.


Wenger said that players were queueing up to join Arsenal. Just a shame it’s the likes of Tom Cleverley and Chris Smalling.

Wenger's six pack

Balotelli and Podolski in the same dressing room….imagine the antics!!


Imagine Balotelli doing all the same crazy stuff off-field as always but this time there is Podolski with him taking selfies at the same time. I think Poldi’s instagram would have some pretty awesome stuff.


Fuck Draxler. He’s said this for a couple of seasons now. He either wants to move to Emirates and realises Arsenal’s potential or not – he doesn’t. Let’s move on.

Balotelli would be excellent, but like Suarez, he’s a fucking mentalist drama queen liability on the field who attracts cards like a magnet. We really need Joel Campbell to play – he’s astounding – just youtube his goals.


I think the best strikers are all a little bit of a head case. It’s the name of the game for playing the position. Sign him up arsene. The people will love him after we see his performances and in turn he will love arsenal. I can see it now.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Blogs gave the Baloteli rumor a good o’l 6 stinky turd? Gutted


If Wenger can’t fix bendtner, i fail to see how he can fix Mario

Merlin's Panini

I think Bendtner needed an awful lot more fixing than Balotelli.


I will only accept Balotelli if he’s available for around 15mil. He is a big gamble. He has technique but his decision making is questionable. I rather have a player that has less technical ability than a player that will do a backheel when all he need to do is directly kick the ball.

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