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Arsenal 2-1 Crystal Palace: By the Numbers

134 – Passes Arsenal completed in the first 15 minutes of play
102 – Passes Arsenal completed in the last 15 minutes of play
123 – Passes Crystal Palace completed in the entire match (of 208 attempted)
100 – Passes completed by Mikel Arteta, led all players
92 – Passes completed by Aaron Ramsey, second among all players
20 – Passes completed by Marouane Chamakh, led Crystal Palace
32 – Passes completed by Santi Cazorla in the Crystal Palace final third, led all players
30 – Passes completed by Aaron Ramsey in the Crystal Palace final third, second among all players
5 – Key passes by Alexis, led all players
3 – Key passes by Crystal Palace
4 – Total shots by Crystal Palace
14 – Total shots by Arsenal
13.8 – Shots per game Arsenal averaged last season
0 – Points Arsenal took from the opening match last season
3 – Points better off Arsenal already are this year over last
3 – Goal difference better off Arsenal already are this year over last (-2 v. +1)
20 – Crosses per game Arsenal averaged last season
34 – Crosses Arsenal attempted today
5 – Crosses Arsenal connected on today
0 – Crosses Alexis connected with today (out of 10 attempted)
3 – Crosses Cazorla connected with today (out of 10 attempted)
9 – Crosses Crystal Palace attempted (2 connected)
25 – Passes Crystal Palace completed in the Arsenal final third
19 – Fouls called on Crystal Palace
10.6 – Average number of times Arsenal were fouled per game last season
11 – Fouls by Chamakh, led all players
10 – Fouls Chamakh committed before he received a yellow card
5 – Fouls Chamakh committed in the Arsenal half (the other 6 were all in his half)
6 – Number of times Jack Wilshere was fouled, led all players, leads all players in the Premier League at being fouled so far
5 – Successful dribbles by Cazorla (of 8 attempted), led all players, leads all players in the Premier League
3 – Successful dribbles by Alexis (of 10 attempted)
9 – Successful tackles by Mile Jedinak, leads all players in all the top leagues in tackles per game…
4 – Number of consecutive matches in League, FA Cup, and Community Shield play in which Aaron Ramsey has scored a goal (yes, I’m leaving out the Emirates Cup, those aren’t real matches!)
2 – Number of those 4 goals which were outright winners (Crystal Palace, Hull City)
1 – Number of home teams who won today (out of 7)
0 – Moments of doubt I had that Arsenal would win.

Who was the better defender, Chamakh or Debuchy?

5 – Tackles by Chamakh (of 7 attempted), second on his team
5 – Tackles by Debuchy (of 7 attempted), led Arsenal
8 – Ball recoveries by Chamakh, third on his team
7 – Ball recoveries by Debuchy, 4th on his team
5 – Clearances by Chamakh
9 – Clearances by Debuchy, led Arsenal

Aaron Ramsey Man of the Match
4 – Shots, led all players
106 – Passes attempted, led all players (completed 92, 2nd among all players)
40 – Attacking third passes attempted, led all players (completed 30, 2nd among all players)
6 – Dribbles attempted, but just 1 completed
4 – Tackles (of 4 attempted), tied with Arteta for 2nd most on the team
10 – Ball recoveries, led all players
1 – Game winning goal

Alexis Debut
101 – Touches (of the football, you pervert)
46 – Passes completed (of 58)
22 – Passes in the final third
5 – Key passes, led the team, I said that already
3 – Dribbles (of 10) I said that too
3 – Tackles (of 4) all in the defensive half
5 – Fouls, led Arsenal
3 – Number of times he was fouled, 2nd on Arsenal
3 – Shots
1 – Shot on goal
1 – Assist


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Why does reading the stats make it look like we dominated the game, but watching it was making me little bit nervous? Is it really all down to Palace parking the bus and letting us have all the possession?


Arsenal dominated the pants off them. What I think you’re experiencing is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You’re so used to seeing Arsenal lose games like this that you’ve come to expect a loss. But the club has turned the corner in terms of quality now and have started winning these games instead of losing them. Not just this one game or the FA Cup final but it’s been happening a lot since the team started to gel after Wenger dropped Vermaelen. We still have bumps (my new PTSD is the 1000th game against Chelsea) but I literally don’t stress over… Read more »


That… that was beautiful (wipes tear from eye before applauding).


We dominated, but clear cut opportunities were few. With 11 people defending, it is understandable that the opportunities were few. Also, goal scoring opportunities need chemistry and understanding that only comes with playing together over a period of time. IMO of course.


(Slow hand-clap gradually building…)

Chaillah the Gunner

why did you wipe the tear?


Also I fucking hate it when commentators mention “with all that possession Arsenal only has x amounts of shots”, every time a team comes to the emirates and park the bus. Well that x amount of shots is more often that not, twice the amount the other team has. As is with other key stats in the match (possession, passes, territorial control etc). Why does that never get mentioned? It seems like it’s our fault teams come and park the bus so we have to be patient in our build up. The clueless fuckers. I’m in Malaysia and they’ve got… Read more »


Probably because United lost not worth a headline anymore.


Although it is true that the lesser amounts of chances created and shots on target are due to teams having 10 man behind the ball, but still relative to even those games, our attacking play was poor. we passed the ball around niely, but the team just wasn’t gelling in the final third. Last season, we played so many of these games, and worked our way through so well(remember the norwich goal, when we exchanged 5 passes within 4 seconds), Here we just couldn’t keep possesion in the final third. It will improve, i know, but this was nowehere near… Read more »

Black Hei

That makes the 2 of us; who knows who Abbas Saad is.

I don’t watch live football anymore. Kids and prices, nah, just freebie replays on will do.



La Défènse

Alexis Sanchez FTW — my new favorite player.

Tough as nuts. Hard as nails. Struggle to believe he’s coming from serial pansies Barça.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Serial panises? Our lads are fookin’ flowers next to Mascherano. Right proper pub player ‘ee is.

Clock End Mike

True. But isn’t he the exception that proves the rule?

Parisian Weetabix

uuuuuurrrgghhh enough with the Barca hate. They’re pretty much the closest club Arsenal fans can identify with in terms of philosophy both on and off the pitch, yet all we seem to do on this site is moan about their flaws. What about the brilliant goals? The humility and loyalty of the players? The fact that they’ve won countless trophies playing some of the best football the world has ever seen using a team made up almost entirely of players from their academy? I am fully aware that we’ve had our differences at various points, but to focus solely on… Read more »


Duuuude. I have compiled an admittedly incomplete list of people who played for Barca whom I am certain would *plant* you (and I say this as someone who mocks Busquets any time he comes up for the peek-a-boo flop). I would *love* to see you call any of these people “pansies” in person to their faces:

Rafa Marquez
Seydou Keita
Yaya Toure
Dani Alves
van Bronckhorst
Van Bommel

Sheffield Goon

Scrappy win, 3 points, job done.

No analysis required today.


1- referee never in control and clearly way out of his depth.


To be fair, although he let Palace go with OTT aggressive defending, he allowed Arsenal a similar leeway. There are times when Arsenal won the ball I thought he’d blow for a foul, but he didn’t and allowed play to resume. Now remember our opening game last year? That was a cunt of a referee. Villa and Delph in particular got away with anything, and the moment we made a challenge it’s a foul and a booking. That fucking cunt.

supa dupa

Just thinking, Chamakh should be our new CB signing just reading those stats


He ran about more today than in all the time he was with us, on this showing he is a decent destructive central midfielder. No doubt Mourinho will look to buy him soon.
Why we ever bought him as a striker is a mystery up there with the Turin Shroud and the Holy Trinity.


He’d have been sent off before the hour mark if he’d been playing for us!


1- consecutive games in which Arsenal didn’t win a trophy

Wenger out!

Can’t wait for the return of the Germans and Theo. Can’t wait to see Ozil and Alexis (with Theo/Ramsey etc ) play together. Might not gel right away, but it will soon enough and it will be awesome. Top of the league, long may it continue.

All Singing All Dancing Crap of Arsenal

Am i the only one thinking Chambers has moved permenantly to CB/DM and second right back will be Bellerin


With Mertesacker back and a new CB in, I think Chambers will look at more minutes at right back and maybe midfield this season.


So, who is the better player- the one who tries constantly but is undone by tough luck or the safe guy who takes near zero risk and looks great on dribbles, precision and such? Looking too much at stats is deceiving: Alexis MOTM


Let’s be honest, Sanchez was complete shit today.

He gives his all though (much like Ramsey through his poor form), so you can’t have a go at him. He will improve.


42- number of minutes in which Crystal Palace attempted to play the sport of football.


Curious and satisfied to see your MOTM was Ramsey. He did a lot of things that didn’t catch the eye throughout the match, then ended it with one massive thing that did catch the eye. I feel as though Rambo was tasked with doing a lot of the dirty work with Arteta recycling possession and Wilshere seeming to be doing more offensive work, hence the behind the scenes type of appearance today. Ramsey was a bit sloppy with possession in the first half than he normally is I will say, but what he did with it when he was in… Read more »


Debuchy goes unnoticed but i think he is currently one of the best Right Backs out there. There’s a reason Blanc and Deschamps preferred him over Réveillère in Euro 2012 and over Sagna in the recent WC. He’s So tenacious though still careful and reserved in the box. Reads the game well. Beast in the air, and also combines well with his teammates when going forward. If in the past he was known for being reckless sometimes then he has vastly improved in that aspect. Since his last season with Newcastle and with France in the WC he has been… Read more »


Absolutely amazed by him so far, didnt expect such a good defender when we signed him…improvement on Sagna imho if he shows that on a consistent level


My favorite thing about him was the way he celebrated when Ramsey put the ball in the net after his shot was blocked. He looked 100% committed and Arsenal through and through

Clock End Mike

I wouldn’t go so far as to say Debuchy’s an improvement on Sagna. They’re different players, with different ways of playing, though thy’re both attacking wing-backs who can put in excellent crosses. Sagna was consistently reliable. He was rarely beaten in the tackle, but rarely stood out because he just did a good job fior 90 minutes; but when he did stand out (like his determination to put the Spuds (“the enemy”) to the sword when we looked like it was all going wrong), boy did he stand out! I don’t believe I have seen a better, more workmanlike, more… Read more »

Clock End Mike

*left side


Ok, Rambo gets the glory…but MOTM? No…..Chambers…by a mile.


no motm is monreal


Sanchez chesting the ball only way alexis sanchez can …


Bean flicker

What a way to relieve the tension and stress in your teammates looking to hold a lead in dying minutes of a game. Absolute quality player.


People might be a little worried about our sloppiness and our inability to deal with palace effectively but its only the first game all our players arent fully fit and we arent even playing our best players i.e no walcott ozil and metresacker gotta say tho chambers was amazing maybe should have got MOTM. I think we will be a lot more fluid in the next few games as the team takes shape and gets fitter and the new signings get on the same wavelength as the rest of the old boys. Good to win tho!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Our weakness for some years has been that when our best players were out the rest often couldn’t get the job done. That tells me that while your best players might win more matches, your second 11 are what wins you the league.

thom wetpants

1-Unbelievable Alexis Sanchez chest control,can’t wait for Ozil and Theo,we’ll be in football heaven!


Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t believe how long it took for the ref to card Chamakh, and when he did card the foul in question looked like it rated straight red. Also couldn’t believe their keeper didn’t see yellow for time wasting.

Aussie Gooner

looking at those stats, maybe Jedinak is a short term DM option. Looks more physical than our smaller players and would be pretty cheap!

12th Man in The Clockend

100% agree with the Chambers comments. Plays an important (yet mostly jinxed position) of centre half and not once did I feel nervous. Man of the match nomination surely for Koscienly as he dug Szczesny out with that great block, followed by that perfectly timed challenge on Campbell – not long before getting us back on level pegging. With BFG still to come back, Koscienly being his usual combative self, the younger better RB in Debuchy and the effortless style of Chambers – I’m feeling pretty content with our defensive options to be honest. Of course we are probably still… Read more »


Two things I noticed about Sanchez today. First was how determined, and actually quite successful, he was with fighting for 50/50 headers. Second was that he looked more proactive when he shifted to the left.


Wonder what happened to flamini. Was very suprised to see coquelin on the bench in his place. Hope nothing serious on the injury front.

Was probably the worst I’ve seen cazorla play in a gunners shirt. Plenty to take away from the game but most importantly got the 3 points. Looks like being a very tough season, was really impressed with Leicesters performance last night against Everton, proving there will be no easy games this year.


Flamini too defensive.. CP isnt orcish team that requires his tenacity play, so Coq is a better option.. Theres a glimmer of hope still for Coq.. He was unlucky that we took a long time to win the match or I’m sure he would see minutes of play.

gooners n roses

We doesn’t look sharp aren’t we? No wonder Wenger mentioned we are not 100% in his press. Anyway, we could use this friendly with Besiktas to gain match fitness. What’s with Everton match(read: potential slip up) is just around the corner.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Friendly? I hope the team takes it a bit more seriously than that.


Any stats for disposessions + TOs (unforced errors) Tim? Seemed on the face of it that those ran extremely high today and were caused primarily by Cazorla and Alexis.

Diaby`s Glassware

i`d give chambers the motm. He doesn`t look out of position at all. Fuck szczesny for trying to be neuer. I almost shit on me before kozzer saved my pants. Like most of u i never stopped waitin for that goal like both legs last season

Bean flicker

1 – Insane wannabee-Neuer run by Szczesny

There are times when those goalie dashes are required. This was not it. Kos had it covered. That led to a corner and of course with every dodgy corner comes a goal.

Rupert Turdoch

IMO, the most telling stat is the disparity of crosses between this game and last year’s average; likely chalked up to the Alexis and Mat really getting involved. Delivery could have been better, with many being headed clear by the first defender, but the intent is there and it will vary our attacking angles; all toward keeping a parked bus more honest. I was definitely disappointed in Sanogo’s lack of sharpness (which is saying a lot considering how raw he usually is). We definitely need a sharp Giroud starting up there. Very happy with Chambers, too. It remains to be… Read more »

Black Hei

“He also, it seems, entirely failed to consider the possibility that Cazorla might hang around for two minutes and then slowly fade from vision until there was nothing left, save for a greasy patch of grass and an empty pair of boots. We’re not scientists, but we think that’s how that stuff works.”

That bit from ESPN is hilarious.

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