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Boss confirms United bid for Vermaelen

Arsene Wenger has admitted that Manchester United are one of the clubs who have bid for Thomas Vermaelen.

At his pre-Community Shield press conference, the boss was pressed on the future of the current club captain, and said that bids have been made and that United are one of the clubs interested.

“Vermaelen could leave us because he needs to play now,” he said. “We’re in a position where it’s difficult to stand in his way.”

Asked if the van Gaal’s team were interested, and he said, “I think they could be in the group. We have offers from abroad and ideally i would rather sell him to a club abroad.”

Think, heh.

As the boss said, Arsenal’s preference is to sell him abroad, and with a delegation from Barcelona in town, that could work out best for all concerned.

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not allowed to ruin an almost perfect transfer period by going to ManUtd
go to barcelona

+ please bring a good replacement



Gunner From Another Mother

How great would it be to send Vermaelan to Barca and get Hummels to replace him? Man Utd would be furious…


Never going to happen though, is it?


Delusional. Cmon guys be realistic, hes gonna sign Hummels for 20m+ and have one of him Per or Kos pissed off like vermaelen became. It doesn’t take much common sense to see which transfers are realistic or not.


he said it with a smile. I read it somewhere that Wenger also joked that some mid table team was interested.
oh this man and his charm

Kanu's big toe

I really don’t want to see the Verminator leave, but I think he will now. I just really hope he doesn’t end up at Man U and that we bring in a decent replacement (or two!).



Mert 4 prez.

Petit's Handbag

What we really need is a new centre back of we sell Vermalaen.
Except Reus. Not that I’m complaining

Petit's Handbag can spell

What we really need is a new centre back of we sell Vermalaen.
Expect Reus. Not that I’m complaining

Policeman's bangers 'n' mash

Sell to united. Verm has been shaky for years. Best years behind him. He’s hardly a skunk-esque signing. 15 mil is a wicked deal for Verm in last year of contract. Poker player Weng.

Kanu's big toe

Man U would be better with him than without him. Look at their current options – can hardly see Jones/Smalling/Evans setting the world alight.


We will miss your presence at the club Thomas and totally understand why you have to move on. Hopefully we will see you back at the club representing your new club in the Champions League this coming season which would obviously rule out Man Utd !!
BARCELONA in the semi-final would be just fine. Score to settle…..

Bob Pres

Per for Captain!


I’m quite sure he’ll go to Man Utd to see his mancrush Judas van Persie again.


that should be Judas van pussy


he also said midfield position are well stck..thats the worst news for ll of us. we h no chance with arteta to be honest. him thinking we dont need one more is a suicide


He said ‘box to box” midfielders like Khedira, we have too many players like him. (Rambo etc)

He said nothing about defensive mids like Flamini and Arteta.


Barcelona wants to buy a player who is not good enough for Arsenal anymore, That makes me really happy. but at the same gonna miss TH5.
Oh & don’t go to Manchester United.




Im sure he’d enjoy the spanish weather more than n e england. Hopefully he doesnt have a little boy inside too.
Best of luck wherever you go Thomas.


If he goes to Barca, he better get some 5000 SPF sunscreen. That boy is paler than me, and I bear a resemblance to the guy in the movie “Powder”.


I’d never have guessed it would end this way. In his first season I thought we had a guy who was going to develop into one of the top 5 or 6 defenders in the world. He had it all. Even when he came back from his first serious injury, he was excellent.

From the moment he was made captain his form started the dip, it was like his composure went. Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe he started feeling like he needed to do too much.

Anyway, anywhere but United please Verm!


PS – Suggestions for a new handle?

My Name is Difficult to Pronounce

Mourinho’s a cunt?




Hopefully MH5.


any word on the egyptian lad who was supposed to be training with us a few weeks ago, experienced CB wasn’t he? maybe it was only rumours


He was a rb and he’s gone. Was only on trial.


Arsene has his swagger back.


Barcelona, for once do the cotdamn right thing and fucking sign Vermaelen.


Where’s Pepe Reina when you need him?!


“If you look at a map, the shortest way from Chelsea to Manchester is not to fly to New York City first”.

Haha, a classic Arsene 🙂


Nastacic to replae Vermaelen, and Schneiderlin or Bender for DM


Sanogo for captain

*puts beer down*

Thierry Walcott

Holding thumbs for a Per*cough*fect captain next.

Where the hell is my coat..?

the little boy in sanchez

I always fancied seeing vermalean playing as a DM..feel gutted for him


I’m going to miss ice cold yet pleasingly symmetrical face.


Must replace TV5 before selling him Arsene!

Was Born a Gooner

Those last minute goals against Fulham and Newcastle…
You’ll be missed…
How come barca keep buying our charf in the last 6 years (No offense Verm).
Fabregas? (Well, He’s shit now)

Hummels is a fantasy. I try to keep mine in check… Want me some Nastasic!!!
He’s younger, okay with playing back-up, cheaper and is Premier league proven…
So, Nastasic for me…

9 years and counting

Am I the only one wondering why we don’t kill 2 birds with 1 stone by playing vermaelen defensive midfield?


It wouldn’t bother me if he went to Man United. He’s an average centre-half who will get found out at Old Trafford as he did with us. I can see United fans all over his back by Christmas. He’s going, and we’re gonna get some money for him – good.

The importnat thing is that we will now need TWO centre-halves, as we are already one short. Problem is I don’t trust Wenger to see this and bring in the talent. We are always a couple of players short under Le Prof.


I still rate vermalen highly,it’s sad to see him leave, if clubs like barca n utd ,still want him,it shows he is top quality,I believe injury played part in vermalen game last season,I’m sure when fully fit n regular game time he will get back to his best. People are kinda funny,I hear sone say,replace vermalen with matt hummels,then what happens to per n kos? One has to drop to d bench.


Anywhere but united. Don’t do them any favours and keep them mid table for as long as possible

John Dale

One honest question that I still feel remains unanswered; why was he never tried in the DM role? At least even just once!

It’s all fine and dandy talking up characteristics that may not make him a good DM. But come’on, not even a single chance there? Other Arsenal players have had several chances in several positions.

I strongly believe he would have thrived there. I guess we will never know.

Giroud Awakening

In fairness, he did have all the attributes to do well there and there was a bit of talk about him playing there.

John Dale

By that same notion, Ramsey is not a winger, but he was played there (albeit for a purpose. Worked for his game sense, but not the team). Sagna is a RB, but he was good as a CD. How is Vermalene any different?

Again, I’m just talking about trying him there. How do you know, if you never try.


#freeverm i just came to see that haha classic. ok bye


Hmmm.. What if we did a Vermaelen~Fellaini swap?.


No DM. Unless its Khedira.

As already mentioned, Chambers will be involved in midfield. Arteta is familiar with the Metersceilny axis, to replace him this late into pre-season is foolish.

Arteta, Flamini, Chamberlain and possibly Diaby involved will be sufficient.

CBACK is priority at the moment.

If Vermaelen gets sold for 12m to United, then a bid for say Hummels at 30m will be quite reasonable considering we can offer CL and the net price minus vermaelen is 18m


We are in a strong position financially and have had a great window. We need to be strong here and let a tommy know he can move anywhere abroad but not united. If he stays if the will be their best CB by a mile and we don’t want to improve them….again! The club needs to be firm on this. I am a big fan of TV5 but the needs to put sentimentality aside. If Barca are interested then push him that way if possible. With the satae of their defense he would walk into their team if fit.


So another Arsenal captain moves to manure. bah!!!


That would be bah!!! Agree!! Hope the rumours about the move to Barca is true….

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