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Everton 2-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers

– Shots by Everton
– Shots by Everton in the first half
2 – Shots on goal by Everton (all in the first half)
– Shots in prime areas¹ by Everton (all in the first half)
– Goal by Everton from a shot in a prime area
1 – Goal by Everton from a shot by a player who was clearly offside and whom the official was level with and whom was mere yards away from that official, an official whose only real job is to catch players offside
– Offside decision which, ultimately, robbed Arsenal of all three points
13 – Shots by Arsenal
5 – Shots by Arsenal in the first half
5 – Shots by Arsenal in the first half which they took from outside the 18 yard box²
– Shots by Arsenal in the second half
4 – Shots by Arsenal in prime areas in the second half
– Shots by Arsenal in prime areas in the final 10 minutes of the match when the real Arsenal finally decided to start playing
– Goals by Arsenal from shots in prime areas
– Key passes by Everton
– Caviar³ passes: Naismith to Mirallas (blows the chance); Barry to Coleman, scored headed goal
– Blown big chance4 by Everton (Mirallas)
2 – Scored big chances by Everton (Naismith, Coleman)
– Key Passes by Arsenal
3 – Caviar passes for Arsenal: Özil to Alexis, through ball, perfectly tackled away by Baines; Ox to Giroud, dipping cross, stupendously shot into row Z where literally any other touch would have scored; Cazorla to Ramsey, across the box, Ramsey scores
1 – Blown big chance by Arsenal (Giroud)
2 – Scored big chances by Arsenal (Giroud, Ramsey)

2010 – Year in which Arsenal last won an away game against a top 5 team (Man City 0-3 Arsenal)

Did Ramsey have a bad game?

12 – Misplaced passes (of 69 total passes, led both teams in passes attempted and completed)
– Misplaced passes which were intended for a player in the prime area and which, if they had come off, would have been caviar passes, creating great shooting opportunities
– Chances created
10 – Misplaced passes into the Everton final third
– Misplaced passes, out of 69 attempted, which weren’t probing or attacking passes trying to get Arsenal a shot
1 – Badly misplaced pass which led to a shot (error which led to a shot)
0 – Successful dribbles
– Tackles (of 4 attempted)
1 – Interception
1 – Aerial duel won
2 – Fouls
1 – Game winning goal

My suspicion is that people were down on Ramsey because he didn’t lead Arsenal in as many categories as we are used to seeing. We expect more from him now. Proof that he’s a great player!

Alexis v. Giroud

26 – Touches by Alexis in 45 minutes
2 – Touches by Alexis in the Everton 18 yard box
30 – Touches by Giroud
7 – Touches by Giroud in the Everton 18 yard box
12  – Passes completed by either player
0 – Key passes by either player
1 – Dribble by Alexis (0 by Giroud)
2 – Tackles by Alexis (of 2)
1 – Tackle by Giroud (of 2)
0 – Shots by Alexis
5 – Shots by Giroud
– Years that Giroud has been playing at Arsenal
– Years that Alexis has been playing at Arsenal


¹in the six yard box and centrally up to the penalty spot, these are prime areas because goal conversion rates jump up to around 30% in these areas
²I know a lot of people like to see shots from distance but they are converted at an extraordinarily low rate, around 3%
³Caviar passes are passes so delicious that it is a shame to waste them
4Big chances are shots or chances where fans would reasonably expect the player to score

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Girroud, Girroud, Girroud

Just Maybe?

Or perhaps Giroud?


Good fight back today to earn a draw, but ffs come on Wenger please don’t leave us with one decent striker and one decent CDM for the whole season again.

2010 – Year in which Arsenal last won an away game against a top 5 team (Man City 0-3 Arsenal)

^^ And this is just sad for such a great club like ours, get a proper CDM finally Wenger FFS, and get another striker before It’s to late otherwise where an injury away from having to start Sanogo (Who still hasn’t scored) in every game!


Seriously I’ld love to know why someone would give me a thumbs down on this.

Is Arteta & Flamini at good enough to compete in four competitions

Is Giroud & Sanogo (Who still hasn’t scored for us mind you) good enough for 4 competitions.

Do we not get run down in midfield often? (look how many times BFG had to make tackles in Flamini’s position because either he wasn’t there or because Flamini and everyone else up front in our team can’t head the ball.


I gave you a thumbs down because you insist on reminding us that Sanogo still hasn’t scored for us.

Not only do we all know this but it overlooks the fact that he is young, raw and looks like he will be a very good striker for us in the near future.

It also overlooks the fact that Wenger is actually kinda good at turning such raw talents into world class footballers.

Apart from that, I too would love another striker, a strong defensively minded midfielder and centre back.


Personally I like Sanogo, but come on he’s to raw and inexperienced to help us right now he really should have gone out on loan this year and then played for us from then on. Before he came to us last summer he had something like 15 games in three years for Auxurre in the French second division. Put it this way I don’t think It’s just a coincidence Giroud, and Arteta are two of the first players that have gotten injured this year, while those injuries could have happened to anyone I think it has more to do with… Read more »


I’m willing to cut Sanchez some slack for his performance at CF, for all the reasons enumerated by our illustrious leader, and Theo looked decent there but it isn’t rhe lack of goals from Sanogo that worries me but the performance against Palace, he’s young though.

Another striker would be handy, a replacement for Poldi I guess, and I almost guarantee Campbell will see more gametime from now on too.


if sanogo goes out on loan he won’t have wenger whispering sweet nothings in his ear and who knows how he’ll develop going forward. is 90 minutes of playing once a week worth losing the 40+ hrs/week of having him work directly with wenger (or whatever portion of that period wenger actually works with individual players)? i don’t have an answer; just pointing out that sending sanogo out on loan may not be the panacea for his development.

Clock End Mike

2010 since Arsenal beat a top 5 team away? I assume you mean in the league, only? Define “Top Five Team”… How about: Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal (Sep 2012) — ok, maybe ‘pool weren’t top 5 at the time. But you’ve surely forgotten: Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal (Oct 2011) – I’m sure Chelsea were top 5 (Arsenal were in 7th place at that point — and we also beat Liverpool and Everton away later that same season). Still, I agree these were exceptions. Mind you, it’s over 18 months since Arsenal lost at home to a top five team (Arsenal 0-2 Man… Read more »


Didn’t we beat City away as well? That goal from Arteta was only two years ago, right?

Clock End Mike

That was at home, April 2012.


Hey, Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal, 2011!


Good to see our class bring us back into in the later stages, but first half felt at times like those awful away performances of last seaspn. We are crying out for a genuine ball winner in midfield. I like Flamini, Jack, Arteta….super players in my opinion, but they are not midfield ball winners, like a Matic, Toure, Ramires, nevermind a Viera, Gilberto etc… Jack is a super footballer going forward and has been since he was 15 and here we are trying to turn him into a defensive midfielder, which he is not.


I think Arteta can get a pass for not doing much yesterday, he is a decent tackler and good at intercepting which is winning the ball imo but I get what you mean. Someone to kick some arse would be welcome.


0 shots on target in 65minutes is just unnacceptable, and I hate to point players out but man where Wilshere, Flamini bad in this game. Also nice to see Joel Campbell coming on and making a difference.


I was sad when some members of the team took time to celebrate the equalizer instead of restarting the game immediately. But who am I to deny Giroud and some of the team a chance to celebrate his first goal of the season, and a point from a losing position.


At that point, I think it was more important to see the game out without conceding one more, than it was to actually get the winning goal. In my opinion at least, and it seems like the manager would agree.


And that is exactly what makes me sad, settling for a draw against Everton. This is not to take away from the effort the team showed by equalizing.


Yeah, but considering the way we’ve played it’s not a bad thing imo.

We won’t be the only big team to drop points at Goodison, either.


It’s hardly settling when we were 2-0 down ten minutes earlier. I’m genuinely happy with the way the team responded, considering how many times we completely gave up from that position last season. Did we win? No. But we took a difficult point from a very good team by displaying a mental strength we didn’t seem to have last season. If we draw every away game against a top 5 team that robs them of 2 points and makes our goal difference a lot healthier than last season.

Youtube Graduate

Felt exactly the same way. Of course they should be happy to salvage a point but, I really think three points were possible at that point. The way the team continued their pressing speaks against it being tactical (time wasting).

Still relieved though.


Did Ramsey score the game winning goal? Even without the stupid second Everton goal, it would have only been the equalizer.

Thought Oxlade-Chamberlain’s pass to Giroud was a little too far beyond him; the extra yard meant he had to rush too much to be certain of his contact, and had a poorer angle.

1 – Number of perpetually slappable cunts on Everton (Naismith)


Agreed. On all points. Especially the third. He’s got a face you just wanna punch repeatedly.

Le Prof

kinda looks like he has a face that’s already been punched repeatedly…not saying I wouldn’t want to punch it some more though



Gutbukket Deffrolla

Haven’t they declared “banter” to be racist now?

Perhaps we should refer to “interpersonal jollification” when we want to be seen as being totally PC.


Am i the only one who REALLY wants Alex Song back? he’s available and wouldn’t cost more than 10m, + would give cover for the DM and CB (if needed) positions. I think he can be the DM that we need. Solid defensively, bigger, stronger and faster than Arteta but also has the vision and passing quality of Arteta to create and dictate from the back. Song next to Ramsey/Wilshere can give us a strong midfield. No?


Yes you are the only person who wants Song back, he’s shit!


Damn 15 downvotes? despite having discipline issues i think he has the qualities to be a good DM. I dunno maybe he isn’t good enough and i just miss his style in Arsenal.


He is big and strong; that, I appreciate. Everything else? Not so much.

Physicality is literally all he brings, I know it’s temptiong to think that some juggernaut in midfield would solve all our issues but I don’t think it would. It would help to augment the rest of our team, as long as they bring more than a bit of intimidation, so I’d like another midfielder just not necessarily a big badass mofo.

American Gunner

Well 2-2 is not what we wanted but will take it. 3 games in 8 days at the beginning of seasons…, all things consider, this is a better start than last year. I hope we can keep it up. This season looks promising


Why do people still compare Wilshere and Ramsey?
Different class


Wenger is such a frustrating coach. Why always sit there and moan to a hapless Bould instead of getting off his seat and giving players who can’t press, can’t pass, can’t make runs behind an earful? Are there any easier Big 5 games than this one?


“Easy”. Big 5 away games. I’ll happily take 4 points and 0 goal difference from those 4 games, as opposed to 0 points and -20 goal difference from last year.


Song has the passing ability of Arteta?
Sorry fella but that is crazy.
To answer your question….no.

Freddie's Red Hair

Still a bit of a rusty game from the gunners, and we walked a disciplinary tightrope with some mistimed challenges. It was great to see Ozil back in the side and on the ball a lot, but evident that we are not clicking quite yet overall. The Ox had a day to forget in my opinion and not much happened down that right side all day. Even to the point that when Campbell came on he kept drifting in (had a few nice touches too). I thought Wilshire put in a good shift and is showing good signs. Ramsey didn’t… Read more »


Rambo is probably one of the most humble top players in the PL. Maybe its that Jack and Aaron can’t play together in midfield since they are too familiar to each other, and we need to stop accommodating a player to the detriment of the entire team. I mean playing Ozil out of position in his first game back from the summer??? The season is long and tough, there will be rotational opportunities for Jack to prove himself. Why the hell force the issue right now, this early in the season.

Freddie's Red Hair

I was only kidding about Rambo. I am sure he will hit top stride again soon. I agree that there seems to be little patience amongst fans this post world-cup summer season. I was surprised to see Ozil on the wing too, but you could see that every time an Arsenal player could get the ball to him they did, so obvious are his talents. The media sounding board of “Jack has to step up his game” is just that. Lazy reporting from people who are just looking at the moments in games that he fits the narrative to contribute… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Arsenal will have the first striker to score 8 goals in a Premier League match. The Press will call for his head for the one sitter he missed.

The Red Cannon

About the stat where we had not beaten a top 5 team since 2010..i seem to recall us beating liverpool at anfield a couple of times before this season or is the stat applying to teams who finished top 5 in the previous season?


The stat applies to whatever narrative the author wants it to fit…


Am I the only one that saw how deliberate was an effort from the whole referees team to make sure we lose this game?
We didn’t play well surely but playing 11 on 14 is a big ask…
Naismiths diving and acting was phenomenal,I’m just glad Baines didn’t go down after debuchy push cause that would have been a deserved penalty…
1- team that didn’t try to cheat their way into points
1- team that needs to start playing now or our season will go south real soon
1- cunt…that is john terry


Yes I’m sure you’ve single-handedly uncovered an officials-only match fixing scandal. Best report it to the authorities immediately.


Calling ‘not making any contact at all’ a ‘push’ is a little silly, and the ref wasn’t any worse than normal nor particularly bias imo, we got away with a few things and they got away with a few things.


Wait, that was Mirallas he didn’t touch.

Still wasn’t enough for a penalty.


I agree with you about Baines staying on his feet. Debuchy clearly pushed him as he went past..
Dumb decision by Debuchy but respect to Baines for playing on and the cut back was a good enough advantage I’d say..


2-2 — feeling meh.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

1-2 and yolu’d be feeling shit. Think yourself lucky.


Ok spell check on. Fuck you doubters! gIroud giroud giroud giroud giroud giroud giroud giroud giroud giroud giroud giroud look at that absolutely unbelievable Arsenal are level. Two goals down bur who scores..,,,,,,?????????


That Caviar passes term became unbearable about the second time.


Gutbukket Deffrolla

The explanation is what worries me. Caviar tastes like salt with fish poo mixed into it. For me a Caviar Pass would be the overly ambitious, cocky one that only works once in every hundred attempts and is utter crap the rest of the time.

Kennington Gunner

^ agree. Something fishy about it.

Clock End Mike

Actually, I quite like it…


What about ‘menu’ pass (instead of ‘caviar’)?

This is where our player is asking the question by making the pass and the item requested on the menu (a shot, header or touch leading to a goal) may/may not be available.

For me, it’s not a caviar pass until the order gets accepted, you don’t get caviar until the goal goes in. It’s like a champagne moment, you don’t get those until something good actually happens.

Like the idea, just the ‘caviar’ description is wonky.


A caviar pass would be one that even Giroud can’t miss

Gutbukket Deffrolla

No, G-spot pass. Perfectly placed and so good it makes people scream out loud with excitement.

Rad Carrot

The second goal was clearly offside but please let’s not focus on that – if we went in only 1-0 down both ours and their substitutions would have been very different. I’m angry at MOTD – with Savage and Shearer, both whom have jumped out of their seat at a goal against Arsenal. Disgusting bias when they should be impartial. It’s a point at Goodison – not many teams will get that this season. Be happy.

Clock End Mike

The thing about the second goal was, it may have been offside (agreed, and would have taken 2 seconds to overturn had video evidence been allowed), but our defence was so much at sixes and sevens that had Naismith been a yard further back and clearly onside, he’d have been just as likely to score. It was terrible defending: Mertesacker was beaten (and perhaps fouled) on the half-way line, Chambers was skipped past half-way down their right wing (and he was supposed to be our right CB), Debuchy lost Naismith and got there too late, and Monreal was nowhere to… Read more »


It was a counter attack, you’re always going to be out of postion on a counter unless you Mourinho it and makes sure to never take risks going forward, if Mertsacker was up to speed (figuratively, and literally) then I don’t think he would have been so comprehensively beaten by Lukaku. It stemmed more from our unwillingness to get another defender early on when we needed one than anything else.

We definitely deserved to concede it.


I think Mertesacker is less at fault, one can always lose a challenge like that, but what stupidity was the next challenge – a defender going full waterslide on someone when it was much easier to just shepherd him and slow things down.


Yup, Chambers took himself out of the play with that huge miss of a slide tackle.

If he would have stayed on his feet and stayed goal side- even with distance, the break would have slowed and help could have arrived.

And he was already on a yellow, so it’s a damned good thing he missed altogether. 10 men at that point would’ve been the end of it.


We need another striker still…today when I saw the line up I just knew it would not work, Sanchez is not a striker type, and you dont put him up there against the tall defenders at Everton. He should be on the right side as a winger thats where he in my opinion brings out the most of his game, too big responsibility today by putting him there. And Sanogo…well he is still learning to adapt and it will take time for him, and I think we should give him that time to develop, but to do that again this… Read more »


While it is impossible to fully predict how the match would have played out at 1-0 rather than 2-0, I really do think that the FA and/or FIFA need to explore the possibly of consulting replays for offside calls. It would cause no more undue delay than do cunts like Naismith rolling around on the ground in feigned agony every time someone looks at them crossways. It was probably a just result, considering we spent the better part of the match engaging in an attacking style that compares favorably to spilt water spreading slowly over concrete, only to stop as… Read more »

Perry Groves

We’re clearly a better team with Giroud playing. I don’t really understand why we’re trying to play without unless it’s because he got so knackered at the end of last season. But then why take Sanchez off and not the Ox who was having a bit of a mare to be honest.

Clock End Mike

Could it be because Sanchez clearly isn’t fully fit yet and he’s going to be important against Besiktas in 4 days’ time?


Giroud was the only logical replacement. Sanchez had run his socks off in the first 45 minutes. He probably only had another 20 minutes left in the tank. So why not make a straight swap.


I honestly believe that Everton were there for the taking yesterday. Lukaku was troubled by his toe, Mirallas was nowhere near fit, Barkley was absent and Pienaar got injured very early in the game. Could arsenal have asked for anything more? We were so cautious especially in the first half as if were playing against Barcelona in their pomp. We made Barry look like Pirlo. The amount of time and space he had on the ball absolutely disgusted me. Even when he provided the assist for the first goal from the edge of our box, there wasn’t anybody within 10… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Everton are never “there for the taking”. You have to work bloody hard to get anything from them at home. They are very consistently tough to beat there. I did notice Sanchez furiously waving people to join him in pressing Everton very high up the field, and getting no reaction from them. Either he wasn’t pressing as Wenger wanted, or the rest of the team wasn’t pressing as Wenger wanted, or Sanchez has a different interpretation of what “pressing” means. Clearly we do not press like Barcelona. Ramsey probably needs reminding to keep things simple again, but all those multi-flick… Read more »


I honestly believe that Everton were there for the taking yesterday. Lukaku was troubled by his toe, Mirallas was nowhere near fit, Barkley was absent and Pienaar got injured very early in the game. Could arsenal have asked for anything more? We were so cautious especially in the first half as if were playing against Barcelona in their pomp. We made Barry look like Pirlo. The amount of time and space he had on the ball absolutely disgusted me. Even when he provided the assist for the first goal from the edge of our box, there wasn’t anybody within 10… Read more »


Revert back to 4-2-3-1 and you see Ramsey return to last season’s form. Did you think he tried to do too much then? 4-1-4-1 is crowding him into the middle where he and Wilshere get in each other’s way. He seems to be taking too many touches because he’s not seeing good movement in front of him, which is why he’s so much more effective from deeper on the pitch. That and he’s so hard to track for defenders when he makes those smart late runs.


From what I’ve seen in the opening games and a couple of pre-season matches and a few games from last season it doesn’t seem as if a midfield with both Ramsey and Wilshere works very well… I don’t know maybe it’s just from my untrained eye. Would love a tactics column in the week to give an opinion with facts on this matter


“The english media have their own sinister agenda. In every single press conference, interview wenger and the players have to give their views on chambers. Why can’t they just leave him alone and develop at his own pace?”

Sinister is the BBC and a hack that writes for them, Chris Bevan. I don’t just get the bias for crass writing.


“2010 – Year in which Arsenal last won an away game against a top 5 team (Man City 0-3 Arsenal)”

Think our latest is when we beat Chelsea 5-3 with RvCunts hattrick 😉


Strange performance, we showed control at times and there was some nice link up play but then we slowed it down to a stop at the edge of their box, we should have been dribbling at their players at this point.

We are clearly still rusty and new players are adjusting. Front three when everyone is fit should be Sanchez, Walcott and Giroud, focal point with pace and finishing ability around Giroud..

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Maybe we should be running at defences, but Gervinho is gone now. Ramsey is trying his best, but, you know, he’s just not Gervinho is he?


palace gunner

Dam the some of these officials need reporting for bad decisions

Mental Strength

Is Alexis Sanchez an expensive flop yet according to the Daily Fail?

Mental Strength

have i heard some morons say Everton dominated us?what game were they watching?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

The one where we were pretty much dominated until a little after half time, probably. The last 30 minutes of a game is not for the weak of heart, they probably all switched channels and missed the bit where we started to put Everton through the wringer.


Even though I was genuinely disheartened by our performance yesterday there are a few points worth noting in defense of this Arsenal team. 1 we played with a defense that had its first outing in this setup and more to the point two of its members are new to the team in Chambers and Debuchy both central to the two goals respectively. The central defensive pairing of Mert and Chambers had its first test, while one of the fulbacks is a new signing and the other second choice. 2 this makeshift back line was clearly at fault in both goals.… Read more »


I’d rather see Wilshere find his game in a few of the matches against “lesser” opposition. And for Wenger to assign him a clear role so he and Ramsey aren’t in each others’ way. This ‘creative double pivot’ for lack of a better description just isn’t working.

Black Hei

“First it was Debuchy who failed to step up in time at Barry’s ball compromising the offside trap,which is a fundamental part of Arsenal’s defensive strategy.”

You clearly missed that bit about the linesmen and Milli Vanilli.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Chambers is too young to have fully developed as the prefect CB yet. Truly experienced CBs have a hooked wanger so that they can stick to an attacker like a pit bull, without having to use their hands or tackle too soon.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Hey, don’t blame me. If you’re crazy enough to read all the way down here on a three day old news story then you kind of deserve to be reading that.


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