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Portuguese press claim Carvalho talks ongoing

Reports in the Portuguese paper O Jogo claim this morning that Arsenal ‘deep’ in talks with Sporting over the transfer of William Carvalho.

As usual, Sport Witness have got to the nuts and bolts of it, and say that Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho is willing to accept an offer around the €30m mark, which is a reduction on his previous stance.

However, that may be because the Portuguese club want, or are ready, to accept Arsenal players as part of the deal. Whether this is on a permanent or loan basis is unknown, but the paper reports that Francis Coquelin, Ryo Miyaichi, Yaya Sanogo and Serge Gnabry are all potential candidates.

Meanwhile, suggestions that Arsenal might sell Lukas Podolski to Wolfsburg have re-animated links with Brazilian midfield Luis Gustavo.

But, having moved for €20m last summer, and off the back of an indifferent World Cup because he now wears a really terrible moustache, it’s unlikely that Arsene Wenger will meet the reported €25m release clause.

Carvalho poo-o-meter


Gustavo poo-o-meter


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I would remove 2 piles of poo from Carvalho to Gustavo’s


This comparative poo rating is a brilliant idea. I think you should comparatively rate every poovaluation of a transfer rumour, either to another parallelly running rumour or to, like, a poo benchmark… Kalou – floater, Sebastian Frey – dingleberry, so forth. I’m hoping this will eventually evolve, driven by the comments section and open source software, into a game of poo solitaire, where you keep sliding poo between different rumours till you can line up a full eleven of Arsenal targets who ended up at Tottenham in any given year, *#!@ Arsenal rejects club, haha etc. If I could buy… Read more »

Mr Burden

I would seriously consider swapping to the Bristol stool chart.


Is there a conversion chart somewhere on the internet from British to American poos?


I believe the current exchange rate is about 1.68 British poos to one American poo. Must be the fiber-rich diet.


After every NLD we could have a similar system to the Player Ratings system, but with poos to rate how shite the Spuds were.


William Carvahlo is for me the perfect signing for this summer!
Please mister Wenger!


Also an Arsenal fan and his hero was our King Henry when growing up, make it happen!


when was the last time wenger addressed the issue why have with the team


Carvalho distributes the ball like Arteta, but has the physical and defensive assets we crave. Solves a problem in our team without losing the good parts of Arteta’s game. Really hope it happens, I think he’ll be terrific if he joins.


Also if we effectively get money off the deal by loaning a player then that’s brilliant.


Coquelin seems the most mutually beneficial really. We sign a very strong defensive midfielder and lose a fringe player, whereas Sporting receive an immediate replacement for the position as well as the money to strengthen all round.


Yeah good call, to be honest I’d say give them Miyachi aswell, I think time has run out for him at Arsenal unfortunately, Coquelin and/or Miyachi, maybe put in a clause that means we get a % of next Miyachi fee incase he develops well there. I would love Carvalho and Manolas. Being Greek I can say that from what I’ve seen of Manolas he would be a very good signing for the 6-9m mark. Although I’m guessing that Carvalho may be cover for CB aswell so if we get him, it may be just him


Bloggs, have you actually seen this guy play for Sporting ? I don’t mean live, just watched any of their games. The suggestion is that he’s Diaby without the injuries. Is this fair ?


Less Ramsey, more Gilberto compared to Diaby. I’ve only seen him like 200 minutes total plus youtube personally, but that’s my impression. He’s a natural DM but good enough with the ball for Arsenal.


Always appreciate people who mention if they have seen a player and how much they have seen a player before waxing lyrical about him.

Edu's Braces

Yeah the suspicion is always that its Football Manager garbage.

“His agility and decision making is good but his heading and shooting accuracy isnt good enough” 😀


“Does not dive into tackles”, “stands off opponents, “runs with the ball down middle’ ?


I fail to see many similarities to Diaby in any of the games I have watched him in


Which, uh, bits?

I’ll get my hat.


This kid Carvalho is exactly what we need. He’s big, strong, very dominant, great on the ball and can really pick a pass. Although I have to admit my views are purely based on watching hours & hours (really) of youtube videos, I’m confident he is the perfect DM for us. Please Ivan, Dick & Arsene, seal the deal! UTA

Edu's Braces

Has Higuain taught you nothing? Sounds like you’ll be heartbroken if we don’t get him.


Higuain didn’t teach us the same things Ozil and Sanchez taught us..


And this thing is: Wenger f*ckin knows!


It’s being reported on the metro site so it’s clearly going to happen.

ronererier than ever

Not diabybwithout the injuries. More like a yaya you’re but without the attacking prowess.

Edu's Braces

Yaya can’t defend for shit so I certainly hope not.


Yaya was an immense DM for Barca, he only got pushed out because they have a fetish for their Catalan boys and Biscuits was coming through. He became more box to box for Citeh though. He can still defend when he has to though. It’s just Fernandinho’s been hogging the DM duties at City.


poor man’s yaya


Don’t care if he doesn’t have Yaya’s attacking prowess. His role has to be to put a shuddering stop to Lukaku and then pass to Mikel/Ramsey/Santi/Mesut/Alexis/Theo/Ox/Giroud. Simple enough.


From what I’ve read, Sporting are in a bad place financially so possibly, depending on if he is owned by a third party company we could get him cheaper than that suggested. Who knows. #COYG


Why are there man utd ads here, on an arsenal blog/newspage:(


probably because you were looking at some united stuff, the adds are based on your browsing history

are you a united fan in disguise?

Sheffield Goon

Are they? Damn, the wife’s been looking at porn again.

*shuffles awkwardly*

Da Faq You Looking @_keep Scrolling

Wenger sign him up now! Or else Wagner out!


I rekon we should bring Jamie O’Hara in.

Black Hei

I will personally pick up all 4 pieces of poo and dispose them in a considerate manner if that helps William Carvalho transfer happen.


So surprised Gustavo isn’t held in higher regard. I’d much rather we signed him.
He’s experienced, reads the game beautifully, and is mobile. He’s also got very tidy feet, and a deceptive range of passing.
I haven’t ever seen Carvalho play, and whilst he may be more of a brute, I struggle to believe we’ll be picking up a player anywhere near as technically refined, with such awareness.


It’s ok, nobody has seen Carvalho play. Apparently Wenger has access to twice as many youtube videos as the rest of us though so i’m sure he’ll make the right call

Yaya Some Mo' Goals

Gustavo would be held in much higher regard if he shaved that moustache. Egad

Springbank 1965

It’s all about the poo. It’s always about the poo. Sometimes I think nothing else makes as much sense.


I wish the BBC news would use a poo-ometer on their reports,
we’ve seen trucks driving into Ukraine but we don’t know whether they are carrying aircraft carriers or tic tacs so we’ll give that a 3 poos, over to the weather

The African Panther

On a different note, Sp*rs are top of the league, WTF! I wish they stay top till the NLB then we crash them bad and stay top till May.


Let them enjoy their one week of fame 🙂 Cunts


Mind the gap!!!


Carvalho should add some defensive steel to our midfield, especially since Ozil has decided to become the next Arshavin


As opposed to the Makelele role he occupied for Real Madrid?

Soqed Hozi

Carvalho is part owned, which complicates matters, but I think I read that the company is short and needs the cash too? Include room on a permanent basis and we could get a few bob off plus free us a little extra budget in our salaries


Speaking of Diaby….Where the hell is he?


I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count…

Was Born a Gooner

Good good news…
For Calvaho actually…
Never have been impressed by the Moustache guy…
And please Arseblog… Any chance we could replace thur poos with thur bird on Spuds logo…?
Ah mean, they’re “Shit” rhy? And Shit’s synonymous with poo? 😉 hehe


I’d love Carvalho to happen, but the likelihood of us doing a deal involving cash (in installments) + players buy/loan for a player with partial 3rd party ownership seems slim.


Plus it’s Mourinho’s agent of choice involved (apart from Dickhead Dein that is)


either would be perfect.

Everything depends on our CL qualification tho, as confirmed by Wenger a week ago. Fingers crossed.


Arseblog, when you report on stories like this do you do so with a bit of extra knowledge/belief in them or have you changed tack and report on all major speculation?

The only reason I ask is because you used to be a good barometer of things. When we signed Cazorla you were pushing it and I believed you. I’m not sure if I should still trust you as a source.


So the stuff you report on does have a bit of truth, based on your own knowledge?

Fantastic! Carvalho would be a great signing for us.


I think what Blogs means is that he reports on stories that come from a somewhat legit source and therefore probably have at least some truth behind them, rather than something that just got randomly made up on Twitter (or Newsnow, or Caughtoffside, or Metro, or the Daily Mail).


he reports the sources and always suggests we be skeptical, hence the meter. it’s less ‘do you trust blogs’ and more ‘do you trust the source of this particular rumor?’


Ah okay, I just know that he sometimes becomes aware of certain goings on at a club and reports on them.


Odd first question then!


Carvalho is good but I hope we don’t sell Gnabry. He is a bright prospect for the future.


Wouldn’t be averse to loaning him out to them though, I’m sure he’ll beat Nani to a place in their team.


When clubs get more desperate as the transfer window judders shut, Gnabry will get some offers from the Premiership, his performnaces last season didn’t go unnoticed.


Just watched Carvalho skills etc on you tube.

He is strong, can pass, scores goals and has much needed height!

He can play CB DM or CM.

This must be a no brainer!

Please get him Wenger or I am going to sulk!

Paddy Friend

He must be incredible if you saw ayoutube video of him


i think this makes more sense than Khedira, that’s not that I don’t like Khedira but he’s definitely more box to box than sitter and destroyer. Given that he’s considerably younger as well it’s a longer term signing too!

Carvalho receives huge praise for this range of passing which is something Arsene will clearly see as a big plus, Khedira’s passing completion is lower I believe, with a team who generally dominates the ball. I reckon this one has legs, hopefully short easy completion legs before deadline day..!!


Ah, Carvalho… Takes me back to when his name was Miguel Veloso and he was shit-hot on FM and all the fan-experts were talking him up as just the man we need.

He’s fucking rubbish though, lol.

Dan D

This is the signing we need to make before the end of the transfer window, it’s utterly and totally a no brainer. As good as Khedira is he is not the type of player we are crying out for – Carvahlo is. It would also mean we would not be so desperate on getting a new top class centre back in – Calum Chambers can do a job at RB or CB and perhaps therefore, we get another squad player in simply for numbers in defence. So add Carvahlo, perhaps a CB, keep Podolski and we have a squad capable… Read more »


Signing carvalho will not solve arsenals problems. Ozil created 3 goal scoring opportunities against Everton which our phantom strikers fucked up. Ramsey looks more likely that any of our strikers to score which says something about their goal scoring appetite. If we’re getting rid of poldi that’s one less option and heavy reliance of a raw Joel Campbell if giroud gets injured or loses form.


Assuming Sanchez never adapts and Theo stays injured, yes.


“You are arteta, mikel arteta, you make me happy when skies are grey. Sami Khedira is so much dearer but please don’t take our arteta away” 🙂

Block 98

In 3 seasons at Betis,Lorient, Olimpiacos Joel scored only 13 goals , some defenders score more than that.
Keep Poldi let Joel go.

Santi cazorlas coming to town

AW ‘We have [Yaya] Sanogo who will be an important asset, we have Giroud, we have Lukas Podolski, we have Joel Campbell who can play centre forward,’ he told the Gunners website.

matty t.

I hadn’t heard of Carvalho until I read the following in World Soccer magazine’s World Cup issue “the team (Portugal) is likely to be boosted by the emergence of the exciting young holding midfielder William Carvalho. The Sporting Lisbon starlet has been easily the best player in Portugal in an outstanding debut season.” Everything I have seen or read about him since reading that in May has added to the feeling that he’s exactly what we’re missing in the middle of the park. Really hope this one happens.


If we manage to get carvalho i would be on a high for the whole week!


Had to clean an old man’s nappy three times today. Bad scenes man. I trust those three can be struck off Carvalho’s score almost ensuring that he comes and I eagerly await your steaming piles of gratitude.


He’s a good player definitely rate him only problem I have with him is that he looks too much like Patrice evra, and let’s be honest evra is a cunt.


Sanogo and giroud will be rotated, I expect Sanchez and Walcott to play alongside, meaning Podolski and Campbell are understudies – if Wenger lets Podolski go and replaces him with a top class striker then we will have one hell of a strike force!!! Wenger will probably replace an out going Podolski with someone in a position that requires a more urgent upgrade? Would like to see another major signing tbh as most signings have been about replacing out going players!!!


To be honest I dont think Podolski will be replaced if he goes. Theo, Alexis, Oxlade, Cazorla, Rosicky, Joel Campbell and Gnabry, I think Arsene will see that as enough options, even Ozil if necessary out wide. I like Podolski and we all want him to stay but I think Arsene will take the chance to offload him as he has shown the last couple of seasons he doesnt seem to play him as much as he could. So the chance to get say £100,000 off the wage bill will be too good to turn down for the club I… Read more »


Ok he is a good option but song is an alternative


No idea why this is so heavily thumbed down? Yes i know he choose to leave etc etc, however take the previous/emotion out of the equation, and compare the players and there isnt much in it. When you then compare the relative £ difference to me Song makes a better option. Remember he can play CDM & CB, not sure if Carvalho can, plus from what I’ve seen Song is better on the ball. I’d like to think that he has eaten his humble pie, realized he is better in a “smaller” pond playing every week than picking splinters out… Read more »


you’ve only got one soooong…..


I think this transfer would do us a world of good considering we are on our back up CB, back up LB and back up DM already, and we are only 3 games into the season!!
From what I’ve seen of this guy on youtube he looks like he has strength, power and a good range of passing on him. He also has driving runs from the middle of the park. Reminds me a bit of a budding Yaya Toure.


I urge y’all to hold your this point I’ll only believe we are signing someone when they actually sign.


yes please!


We better go for khedira if the club is about to splash that kind of money! Offload Poldi and get Sami pay him the wage he demands. It’s a sure bet with him in the squad and Ozil will flourish. Carvalho may come good but coming from the portuguese league to a club who pretend to go for the BPL title is a big step. He ‘s young and he will need time to adjust for sure cause he HAS NO EXPERIENCE OF THE TOP LEVEL. He was a substitute in the World cup and; and are we in a… Read more »


Offer Sporting Lisbon £15 million and include Ryo, Coq and Sanago as part of the deal, let’s be honest none of them are good enough and together there combined value could reach £10 mill in fees to complete the deal.

Although I don’t want him to go it looks like Podolski will go, prob for around 12 million.

If we can’t sign a Reus type than I would go for Welbeck. Strong, quick, good movement and can finish & he has a point to prove.


Wouldn’t be against Welbeck at all, but I’ll hold off on judging Sanogo based on one bad game. I remember when there were those who said the common consensus was that Ramsey would ‘never be good enough’.


I think Sanago has had nine bad games for Arsenal! the rest he’s missed because he’s always injured.

Bouldy's Tupee

Carvalho would be a great Arteta replacement but he’s not the player Wenger hopes for. Wenger wants that DM / CB versatile player!
Seems like Wenger trying to penny pinch still however it makes sense for the fact that player is likely to play more rather to have 2 separate players. Would be smart of Wenger’s part to get a versatile player


We don’t need versatility, we need a specialist at Cback preferably.

Chambers can push into central midfield which is where Wenger sees him (this has been said at least 3 times but most are selective bc of this new ‘dm’ obssession).

Chambers is the versatility factor. he covers at RB behind Debuchy and Bellerin.

He is Koscielny’s eventual successor and covers his ability. He is also up as an Arteta replacement and will offer plenty of energy and strength as DM.

So why would we want to spend 20m+++ on a Portugese player?


We should be going after manolas and rabiot.



They cost about 5-6m each.

that may leave a bit more dosh for a true world class CF.

We have paid 58m for Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers and Alexis.

We have made 18m on Vela and Vermaelen.

We could make another 10m on Podolski

That takes net spend to 30m

Rabiot and Manolas might take spending up to 40m. If we have another 28-30m, we may be able to snap up Falcao should Madrid decide not to bite.


Having seen him play for the past year or so, Carvalho is the closest thing I’ve seen to Vieira.
Coquelin in part exchange would make the most sense, as he plays in the same position.
Carvalho has played at CB and DM for country, but primarily plays as a DM/CM for his club.


Another new Viera? Not again. We had MVilla, Wanyama, Gustavo…etc etc


Wenger’s eye for talent is top notch and, if anything, deserves even more praise than he gets. This summer’s signings so far…Chambers / Debuchy / Ospina / Alexis…have seemed excellent to me and speak to competition for places. There will be, at a minimum. a CB coming in, in some form. And we can take AW’s word that there will be “one or two additions” more, as well. As an Arsenal fan, I felt that last year we were very close to taking it up that one further level, and it was the improvements as a collective that impressed me… Read more »


Gustavo wasn’t very good during the world cup, just saying.


Is he the new MVilla, Wanyama or Gustavo?

All 3 were prescribed as solutions to our defensive probelms and none have distinguished themselves since not moving to the arsenal.

The price quoted is a bit rich.


We are first and foremost in need of a CBACK. This is priority. Chambers can be shifted into DM and Wenger is more likely to bite on say a Rabiot for thee future (and for price) should Khedira (as it looks likely now) not be transferable. Next to Cback, I think CF may need a look into. If a Falcao is still on the shelf should Madrid hit complications with Di Maria, we can and should make a bid for someone of his abilities. With a new Cback in place, we will have Chambers to support Arteta and Flamini for… Read more »


Why has Wenger forgotten about the unsung heroes who make every successful team tick. The guys he himself acknowledge as being the glue and foundation behind the extreme talents of guys like Henry, Pires Bergkamp. Petit, Vieira, Grimani, Parlour, Edu, Gilberto these are the guys who won us titles and didn’t get as much credit as they should have except for Vieira. They could all play abit but their presence, tackling, leadership has never been replaced. Wenger get your head out of the sand swallow your pride and admit you cant win everything with precocious talents an midgets…Just go and… Read more »

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Pleeaaassee! Let this be true! I promise not to check out women’s butts for a whole week if we get him.


What will you do? Wear a blindfold?

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