Friday, December 8, 2023

Wenger gets his p-p-poker face on

Arsene Wenger says he’ll be on alert for the remainder of the transfer window as he looks to add strength in depth to a squad eager to challenge for honours on four fronts.

Arsenal have already signed four players this summer but have been tipped to make further signings at centre-back, defensive midfield and – in light of Olivier Giroud’s four month absence – in attack.

Refusing to indulge the press in a game of ‘Guess Who?’ the boss compared the upcoming four days to playing poker; an activity Sir Alex Ferguson memorably suggested the Frenchman had mastered.

“All [transfer negotiations] need to be as secret as possible,” he told media at London Colney ahead of Sunday’s trip to [and] Leicester.

“I will actively be involved on deadline day. I will be on alert until the last minute.

“Yes it is harder to buy top top players. The last few days are poker games. You have to call people’s bluff. I like to play poker games and I’m quite good at poker.”

Asked specifically by James Olley of the Evening Standard whether Arsenal held any interest in PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot, the boss retorted: “I’ll put one answer. I’m not telling you.”

Having already dismissed links with Danny Welbeck, Falcao, Nikola Zigic (try harder for f*cks sake) and Alex Song earlier this week, the boss is well versed at staring down nonsense rumours. Let’s hope by Monday night Lady Wengaga has a winning hand to show.

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red or dead

That picture = YES!

Arsene's musings

This is a new level of creepiness…


I almost choked on my croissant when i saw the picture ! Blogs you’ve outdone yourself again. “Fucking excellent !” 🙂


I am printing this into a poster and framing it for Christmas!


And Lady Wengaga!! ha ha brilliant!


Is it just me, or does that hairstyle actually suit Arsene a little bit?

I suspect it’s just me…


I expect him to walk out with this hairstyle tomoorow morning.


That might be the funniest picture I’ve ever seen on an Arseblog article. Brilliant!

Az ahmed

More ‘creepshow’ than ‘Naked Gun’. The funniest had to be the one of Wenger on the beach, seducing Sanchez, although there was an element of creepiness to that too. Arseblog you weirdo

Gunner From Another Mother



Dear God. Please bring this back come August!


Wenger’ll not sign a striker, mark my words!


He may not sign ANOTHER striker. Sanchez will be our CF like he’s said many times so he has “bought a striker”


Anyone who watched the World Cup and has an IQ in double figures knew we had more than one striker (even if you dismiss Theo there, and think Sanogo is Heskey with fewer goals), most of the people who are screaqming that we had no strikers because Groud didn’t count and now have no strikers because Giroud is injured, just like screaming those kind of things.


Haha that picture is almost as good as

“I’ll put one answer. I’m not telling you.”



Just me who thinks Wenger suits that look?


Ah, it isn’t just me then! Good to know there are other Gooners as disturbed as me!


Fuck ever playing against Wenger in poker.


I don’t know, John Henry had no problem dealing with Wenger’s Saurez bid


That is true, but just telling a bare-faced lie and hoping nobody calls you on it isn’t exactly great poker play. I presume. I’m awful at poker.

Andy Mack

AW could have raised the stakes and won that hand but felt that the player (and his agent) weren’t being as straight with him as they should have been.

Arsene's Underpants

Arsene: “Ah ha, four of a kind!”
John Henry: “Royal flush”
*Arsene pulls out another card*: “four of a kind plus one”


There’s no one in cards. *Grabs coat*


Moronho: “I’ve got five aces.”
Wenger: “I’ve got SIX aces.”

Az ahmed

There’s a Simpson’s joke in there somewhere….


It’s disturbing how well Wenger and gaga face swap is


For 20 million I think he just might be tempted by Falcao.

Soqed Hozi

That’s reportedly the cost to us of a 1 year loan deal. Can’t see us stumping up that much for 1 year, especially as falcao is effectively little different to Alexis (ie, short).

I also understand real madrid are in for him on a permanent basis and I think monaco would prefer that!


5’10” isn’t too short (unless that’s 5 inches, as I can never remember which is which), he’s good in the air for that size too.

I wouldn’t turn him down on the basis of his size, he’d cost us an arm and a leg, considering we’d need to buy out the 3rd party who are probably happy to keep him moving around Europe for big money, rather than sell their Colombian goose that lays golden 10 percent’s.


I think the oil tycoons are the only ones that would pay that crazy amount for a 1 year loan. How many players do we actually have on our team that cost $20+ mil to sign permanently? Just Ozil and Sanchez i think….


He needs to stop playing poker & sign players!!!


Playing the kind of poker he means is part and parcel of his job…

Master Bates

what if he’s playing poker with the Monaco owner or the P$G sheikh and could win a Falcao or a Cavani ?,hmmmm ?


He played beach soccer and scored Alexis Sanchez.. so I dont mind him playing poker


Haha nice one. sorry pressed the wrong tumb.


How the F*@$ do you think we’ll pay for these players?


Winner take$ all


I want to read the article but it’s hard as I can’t stop laughing at the picture!


On loan of course.


Rabiot would be a very good signing. But I’m still worried about our defence even if he can cover there. Surely another CB signing is on the way, right? Right?


i would wait to be reasonably sure about rabiot first

Springbank 1965

It depends who’s actually available.

Santos, Silvestre, and Squillaci were (imho) worse than buying no-one. So, there’s that to consider.


Yeah, I’m just gonna call it a Wenger face from now on.


Well I look forward to some mega players then. He has a sleeve full of aces 😉

12th Man in The Clockend

Sounds optomistic. #WatchThisSpace

The only Olivier is Giroud

I can just imagine Arséne playing poker. “Look, I see your two blue chips and maybe little bit raise it with a red. I have always said you can only be judged by what you do on the poker table, the rest is conjecture and opinion”.


I do like poker… But dont like leaving our season to a gamble. Although the deadline day we saw a few years back with yossi arteta mertersacker didn’t end up too bad at all.


Except the south Korean Chap, I feel gut for him.

nabil Afc

Falcao signed for yesterday after CL draw in monaco!
Come on wenger get cavani and carvalho plez




Is Bendtner still available? I miss him.

Arsene's Underpants

F**k off Nik


More signings are an absolute Must.. Sanchez is the only addition to the squad.. The rest are just replacements for outgoing players..

Black Hei

Joel Campbell: LANS (and its true, you know it)


If we end up with Rabiot and Carvalho (or one of those two, I suppose) between now and 11pm Monday then I don’t think anyone could complain. They would plug the most immediate gaps in the squad and put us in a very strong position not only this season but given their age also going forward. They seem to fit the identity of the Arsenal team right now. A striker would be nice but I think we can make do and mend in that department if needs be. Might not be everyone’s idea of a solution but Torres on loan… Read more »


I laugh in madness for that Picture.. you blogs kinda creepy lover!! 😀


With Vermalen gone and Miguel possibly going, a Centre Half is a must.

Beyond that I’d be grateful for pretty much anything. But it would be depressing to see
Van Gal gazump us for the Sporting guy, if he did.

Kiddleton Fan


A suggestion – can a reply have the person’s name it is replied to?

Makes sense?!


Well, if you reply to their post directly it appears underneath. The other option is to @ them in your reply:

e.g @Kiddleton Fan, blah blah

I’ll see if there’s a WordPress plug-in which can help as well.


This works fine on my PC (The reply is indented so you knw its a reply) but on my phone all the comments look the same.

#YOLO Toure

Callum Chambers

Az ahmed

Egg Fucking Zackly


I’m getting a new handle for Arseblog, considering that there’s someone else posting as “Ryan” too.

suker 4 punishment

I wanna buy em like they do in Texas please Fold em let em hit me raise it Sagna baby stay with me, I love it Luck and intuition play the cards with falcao to start And after he’s been booked I’ll play the one that’s on his chart Oh, oh, oh I’ll get him hot, Demba Ba him out Oh, oh, oh I’ll get him hot, Demba Ba him out I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be An Alexis is fun when you’re with me, I love it Russian Roulette is not the same without… Read more »

not a comedian

I’ve never even heard the song (honest) but that post had me laughing hard..may even have to youtube it now and sing along w/ your version!


Lots of dislikes…I’m wondering why???? It’s not that bad, rather quite good…..sort of…. 🙂 🙂

The Night Elf

Picture = G..g..g..GOLD!

Tom thumb

Slow day at work I’m guessing?


And we could win it.




Not that it will happen, but what would be your reaction if Arsenal sign John ‘the c*nt’ Terry on deadline day? XD


Looking forward to a 30 goals a season centre back. He’ll pull something out the hat, I have no doubt. As to who/what, I haberdasher absolutely no idea


Apparently haberdasher is a word helpfully added by my iPad after 4 beers


Your iPad had four beers already before noon. Early weekend huh. I would not use it for writing formal emails for the rest of this day.


We aren’t going to buy Carvalho. Neither will Liverpool, Chelsea, City or United, who’ve all supposedly been in for him this summer. He’ll end up in Russia for a lot less than SCP want and we’ll never hear his name again.

Rabiot is far more realistic.


That pic is genuinely disturbing. The team that first developed Adobe Photoshop would be horrified what their hard work was now being used for. Unless it’s not photoshopped…..last years christmas party? Sheesh….the thought of it makes you want to remove your brain and have it dry cleaned……


“I’ll put one answer. I’m not telling you.”

In the language of Wenger bluffs, that very often indicates genuine interest. Doesn’t always mean it’s a done deal, but something is definitely going on.

Gunning 4 EPL

On other prospect we get a straight NO for an answer but for Rabiot…. Am not telling you anything…. Guess what? Arsene knows that the card he is holding to his chest is a winning card.


Awesome pic. Youve outdone yourself well done.


Lady Wengaga out!! Please…? For the love of god.


Is he bluffin’ with his muffin ?

Hit Me With Your Ramsey Stick

Cavani or Falcao. It’s happening. Mark my words


Blogs, please stop putting up suductive pictures of Wenger.
I’m starting to have unnatural feelings.

Truth hurts

Like I said earlier, I just want to see Sanchez, Ozil,The Chambers-Lains,Wilshere and Sanogo pick some great form.
Did I forget my favorite man of the bench Miyachi?
These players from what I saw at the last besiktas game can get a good job done this season.
Wenger wants to close his cheque book, it’s his p’s and q’s.


Shame ba isn’t available


Shouldn’t it be illegal for a manager to be so classy?!


I know that bird!!!


5year+ reader/listener
1st time comment…
Simply for that incredibly disturbing image that is now burnt into my brain, thanks. This will presumably be popping up again if and when I ever have sex again.

According to the Laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT and IN at the same Time

OH My Fucking God. Love you blogs.


I don’t think anyone has asked this, but what is on his cheek?


1) If no Falcao, maybe Cerci. Or Cerci on the cards to push Monaco for Falcao. Dependent on Madrid biting of course or not.

2) Rabiot. Likely since he won’t directly challenge Arteta or Flamini but will add depth and competition to Chambers + work into midfield over this season. Not big cost.

3) Defender. Papasthoupopoulous. Will sell shirts. Or maybe Subotic.

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