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Wenger: I’m open to more signings

Arsene Wenger says he expects the last two weeks of the summer transfer window to be busy and revealed he’s not yet finished shopping for new players.

The boss has already secured the acquistion of four new faces this summer, however, with obvious gaps in the squad at centre-back and defensive midfield he’s expected to continue scouring the globe for further signings.

Speaking to media ahead of the Emirates Cup, the Frenchman stated:

“I’m very happy because I did what I wanted, and I am still open to do more,” he said.

“I think August 15 to 30 will be busy again. Let’s not forget that we are at August 1 today, and the transfer window closes on the 31st. For years, it’s a long time I didn’t sit with you here on the first of August having done quite a lot.

“We are a bit ahead of what we usually do, because the availability on the market was bigger and earlier than before.”

One player who won’t be coming to the Emirates is Colombian international Juan Fernando Quintero. Spuriously linked with the Gunners in this morning’s press, Wenger was quick to nip the rumour in the bud.

“That is wrong,” he said curtly when questioned about the 21-year-old midfielder.

There’s good news for ‘like a new signing’ Joel Campbell who looks set to make his debut in the Emirates Cup, three years after signing on at the Emirates, ahead of the new season.

“Yes, Joel Campbell is part of my plans,” confirmed Wenger.  “He might play tomorrow against Benfica.”



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Dat picture will go down in folklore along with his little grin when asked about signings just before Özil last year. I think that smile was when we all knew we had him.


And the one of him in the stands at Old Trafford. My personal favourite!


Ah that one was glorious too. He does have his moments.

Perry S.

He ALWAYS has his moments. IN ARSENE WE TRUST!

The DarkKNight

2001- 02 title clincher ? That was a good one ! Good spot mate.


Its sad to admit it, but the OT one with his hands spread wide and the caption: ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham THIS much’ is still my desktop background

and probably will be until it stops making me smile (which is probably never 🙂 )

jack jack jack

On the subject of good photos, how unbelievably badass does Alexis Sanchez look in the new training photos?×1000/aug_14/zp_504630999_SM_3073_F9_175085_3165.jpg

Ice in the veins.


Yeah!! Looks like he is saying “come on, let’s ‘ave it” !!!

Can’t wait to get even with the big boys! COYG!!!


Iced gem on his head more like.

Bouldy's Tupee

Exciting times for Arsenal.

Wonder who were going to sign next from our feeder clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona?!

Cannot wait until the season starts! COYG!!!


It is getting better and better! I am looking forward to them!!!!!


Wenger you sexy BEAST!

Kenyan Gooner

i’m i the only one who finds the above comment disturbing?? the way, john terry is still a cunt!


yes. everytime i see this picture i get horny and want to sign for arsenal lolz

Angolan Girl who Loves The Gunner!

Lol,dude! 🙂


38 thumbs down!!???
Is JT not a cunt anymore?
Just trying to keep up…:-)

Petit's Handbag

Khedira seems like it will still happen, rather ssooner than later.
Rafa Varane would be a nice surprise

Atletico Islington

Khedira’s a possibility, Varane’s a pipedream. He’s the Real Madrid 1st choice centre-back at 21, and he’s supposed to be the best upcoming defender in the world.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

We don’t need him anyway, he’s just a poor man’s Ignasi Miquel

(or so I’ll tell myself)


The way the Boss talks about waiting until the second half of August makes me think that beyond the Champion’s league stuff, that if we are interested in Khedira it may be a case of waiting out Madrid. If the background is true that he wants to leave, and they want to offload him in this window (with Munich lurking in the background offering him a deal next summer), then the longer things go on, the more they all might come around to our point of view. So a deal in the last week is a possibility. Then again, its… Read more »

Edu's Braces

Suppose its greedy and I know there arent a million options but id love to see a marquee striker signed even ahead of a khedira etc.

Edu's Braces

Haha I’ll get me coat

Four star German

Reus rumours have raised again in Deutschland I’m not sure if his injury has got better but it’s in Bild


Ah for some more title winning in others back yards.


I love this picture. Definitely as good as the Ozil knowing smile 🙂 Legend


When it rains, it pours! Exciting..double exciting! 🙂


I don’t know what type of ganja Le Prof wa puffing on down in South America but I hope he brought back an extra ounce..or pound, with him back to the emirates. He could use a puff or two during the next couple of transfer windows! Knowing Wenger, he got that good shit for the bargain price 😉


Top, top, top quality maconha…


Come on wenger,you are right to sign more new faces.


Have a feeling some players will be waiting for that UCL Qualifier results before making a move. It’s possible! Definitely see Khedira coming if Wenger chose not to talk about him. And maybe Benzema if Falcao moves to Madrid. Well, we might as well do a triple swoop from our feeder club Real Madrid by nicking Varane too. Haha.

Good times to be a gooner 🙂 Can’t wait for the season to start!


We need a CDM…Khedira Whereee are youuu???


Not looking to be negative. But remember sp*rs signing like 10 players last year and Wenger stated that too many signings could disrupt the squad? Doesn’t apply to us?


It didn’t disrupt Spurs either, they were shit just as usual!


He won’t be shoving all these players into the starting XI though I imagine. And it seems we’re being more careful to actually go for players in positions we need filling, for the most part.


If I remember correctly, Wenger said that more than 2 or 3 first team players can be disruptive. So far, there are 2 new first team players.


The difference being, they had Tim Sherwood, we have Le Professeur Arsene Wenger.

New guy

but Tim Sherwood’s a Gooner.

Hugh Jarse

Tim Sherwood’s a gonner


Really, really want Campbell to make it. But not if he’s going to leave us on a free next season.

frank from vienna

yeah but difficult to see where he should play because cazorla, sanchez and walcott (even rosicky and the ox maybe) are still better than him in the forward positions i guess. he started well in the world cup but the better the opposition the more he faded. wonder what happens with poldi, i always liked him as a player but he hasn´t shown his best for arsenal i think. quite why is anybody´s guess (wrong position, fitness issues,…)


I think that Wenger looks at Joel as someone who will allow for more flexibility, especially in Theo’s absence. He’s probably going to start out as a squad player with an opportunity to prove himself as a regular. My guess is that the Premier League will require a lot of adaptation, his performances in the WC seem to insinuate that. But it doesn’t mean that he can’t add depth to the squad; either as a different attacking option in games where things aren’t working or to adjust the shape of our attacking formation to free players like Giroud, Alexis, Podolski…… Read more »


In the end, I think his future might come down to whether or not he is willing to play the long game.

He’s got used to being a starter, which isn’t going to happen regularly this season. If he cannot adjust to that, then he may go at the end of the season; good enough or not.

If he can see (or be persuaded) that with Cazorla and Podolski both at 29, he could be the future in the left attacking slot. Its just down to him being patient and willing to fight.


I have a good feeling about Campbell it just seems like he is the perfect backup-alternative to Giroud and it’s going to be exciting to see him play. I never believed we would loan him now as he is coming into a bit of form especially after all the effort we went to to get him

frank from vienna

good one because he should be better than sanogo in this position. but i haven´t seen him that much as a central striker so i can´t rate him there. let´s see…


What kind of madness is this? Being a long standing gooner I’m not used to so many world class signings.

This must be a dream. This is a dream. Someone pls wake me up.


No! Don’t anyone dare wake this gooner up!


NorseGooner, the big difference is that we are replacing in 3 or 4 positions with upgrades. Spurs appeared to be spending for the heck of it. Fancy Lamela for 30m and Soldado for 27m. It would apply to us if we didn’t have areas of need and just went about buying.


There must have been something in the water in Brazil.

Mr prudent has become Mr Splash The Cash

I have been critical of Arsene Wenger in the past for being tight but now fully understanding the bigger plan that Arsenal had it looks like exciting times ahead for the club.

Let the good times roll !


A bit late to understand the plan over the past six years but welcome on board! GOYG


This shows Arsenal has a plenty of spending powers now. A good sign for Arsenal. It will be interesting these following few seasons. COYG


“Draw me like one of your french girls”

Im really sorry! For some reason that was the first thing that came to me after saying to myself how fuckin epic this pic is.

Man, roll on this new season. I really enjoyed this pre-season and i feel weird with this early new signings. Surreal or something. And my girl bought me the new homekit last week, love it! But im buzzin so ima just say i love this site man.
COYG!! I love this club

Tazmanian Jesus

Arsene is built like a moose!

Hey amsterdam dude above…how tight is the new kit?


On Khedira: ‘I don’t want to give you any names,’ ‘We are not close to signing anybody at the moment.’ On Schneiderlin: “I wouldn’t like to speak about any names because I wouldn’t want to unsettle Southampton and we have not spoken to Southampton about him.” with this statements and knowing wenger, khedira is our 1st choice buy for DM, with Schneiderlin 2nd. Personally i would love khedira to come, world cup winner with loads of experience and winning mentality an if he come he will play disciplined DM role not like Germany box to box he will be limited… Read more »


As per usual : 1) Cback. Top priority. 2) Campbell. No one seems to talk about him because frankly, he isn’t the shiny new toy. Yet, he is a very exciting prospect off the back of a great season with Olympiakos and a very good world cup. Such is the nature of fans. Organic development is not in their dictionary. Campbell is 22 and close to the age where Walcott, Fabregas, Ramsey and indeed Henry came good for us. 3) I think Khedira will be an opportunity buy. Short of that, I’m not sure if Wenger will bother with a… Read more »


No one is talking about Joel because the jury is well and truely out on him

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Santori, you criticised the signing of Chambers in a previous post and here you are writing a condescending post about us fellow gooners not understanding the concept of organic development. Strikes me as a tad hypocritical.

Angolan Girl who Loves The Gunner!

Damn! These signings! I still can’t believe it! Can’t wait for the start of the season. #InArseneWeTrust #COYG 🙂


Santori, you must not have seen the previous comments on here last few days….a lot of people are talking about Campbell.

LosAngeles Gunner

That defensive midfielder that I so much dream about. Sexy Arsene make it happen.
Meanwhile I hope to be in England next year, hope I can finally see my beloved team live.


Who is this man and what has he done with Arsene Wenger?


Read a few rumours about Carvalho from Sporting today. I’d actually prefer him to Khedira. He has release clause at 35m€ but Sporting are supposedly ready to let him go for less because they need money.


Unlike spurs we didn’t sell the only good player in our squad and replace them with multi-buy dross

matty t.

Makes such a refreshing change from his mantra of recent summers “Everybody wants to speak about new signings but the most important is to focus on the players you have. We have a very strong squad.” We’re back, baby!


Based on something I read this morning on how the “language” spoken in the Arsenal locker room has changed over the years I thought I’d see what the Current Language Tally currently is on the first squad:

French 7
Spanish 6
English 5
German 5
and 4 with 1 each

So, which language group will Monsieur Wenger bolster with the next signing? Anyone have any guesses? Wagers?


It is interesting how the number of nationalities have been aggregated down to mainly British, German, Spaniards and a dwindling number of French despite what the media would deem to portray. Wenger has increased the south American contingent this summer slightly. We were missing a bit of unpredictability up top which is where Alexis comes in. Meanwhile African players have been shun reflecting the negative effects of the annual ACN which has backfired for the continent. The tight composition of nationalities may increase both harmony and communication within the squad. Which is why rumours of us going for Balotelli is… Read more »

Policeman's bangers 'n' mash



It doesn’t matter. All of them will laugh at Tottenham anyway.


Funny how the press keeps persisting with them being a top team in England.

How many seasons since they finished above Arsenal and placed themselves consecutively with a 4th spot pot?

The media are a real laugh.


We have 3 players per position in most areas. Some more since we have a number of versatile players to cover : CF – Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell RW – Alexis, Walcott, LW – Podolski, Ox, Gnabry AM – Ozil, Santi, Rosicky CM – Ramsey, Jack, Zelalem DM – Arteta, Flsamini, Diaby RB – Debuchy, Chambers, Bellerin CB – Per, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Miquel LB – Gibbs, Monreal GK – Szsc, Ospina, Martinez Coquelin is on the periphery. Diaby if he keeps fit (always a big one) will be devastating particularly if we need to button down against better teams and pair… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

I always saw Diaby as more of a box to box type of midfielder & certainly not a defensive midfielder. I still think we need cover there & centrally in defence. We can’t hope for Mert & Kos to play as many games as last season. I think Arsene has learnt his lessons from the bug defeats last season & we’ll likely play on the break against the likes of Chelsea where we played into their hands. I’m expecting Sanchez & Theo to play up front in those games. For some reason i think that if Sanogo can stay fit… Read more »


Do you think the beach model pose Wenger is pulling in the picture is what seduced Alexis to Arsenal in the end?

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