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Wilshere on the right track

Although he was substituted yesterday, Arsene Wenger believes Jack Wilshere is improving and has given his backing to the England international.

The manager revealed Wilshere was suffering from illness ahead of Saturday’s game, and after fairly staunch criticism from Sky’s Chief of Stupid Jamie Carragher, the Arsenal manager urged patience when it comes to assessing the midfield man.

He also suggested that Wilshere remaining injury free was key to a successful season.

“For me the most important thing for him is not to have any problem with his ankle,” said Wenger. “It looks like he’s on the right way on that front. As for the rest, he looks sharper every week.

“He was sick in the last few days and I felt that he started to miss some competitiveness. I had options on the bench as well, but let’s give him games, he has to build up slowly.”

Afterwards Carragher criticised Wilshere for not imposing himself on the game, something that no Arsenal player really did yesterday.

We’re not of a mind to report his quotes but if you really want the full experience just think of a really annoying high-pitched whine for the next 30 seconds or until you want to scraub your own eyes out, and you’ve got it.

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Jamie Cuntrragher!

The Big Lewandowski
Formerly Known As El Capitano

The amount of pressure on him this season is so unnecessary, completely driven by the media, and other totally moronic pundits such as that ginger c**t Paul Scholes. Jack has had one of the most troubled careers through injury ever, and he’s being torn apart by people like Jamie Redknapp on national TV ..the guy that was basically made out of glass, if he made like more then 4 competitive appearances in a row for Spurs, it was hailed as some sort sporting of miracle from a higher power. It doesn’t matter what level of football you play at, to… Read more »


To be fair, as much as I hate them, a lot of what Carragher and Redknapp were saying made perfect sense. Although, I agree that why single him out when the whole team played poor apart from 2/3 players, and there were players worse than him yesterday.


No, as far as our players are concerned they are never right. With their ties with Liverpool, they can’t separate bitterness from anything that they are saying about our players. I refuse to acknowledge them for they can never be objective. Not many ex-players can actually put forth their knowledge without displaying bias. Neville is perhaps one of the few exception to the rule.

Arsene's Wengerboyz

What’s up with the liverfool players Gerard, Carragher and Mickey mouse owen?! All we did was trying to sign that crazy dog of theirs for 40,000,001.


‘Chief of Stupid’ – quite an apt appellation. Numbnuts in search of punditry legitimacy, never gonna get it.


It is like your own child, you can critisize them but you dont want anybody else does it!!!
I can see us the title candidates this year as Jose started his mind games against us! ha ha


We were title candidates last year as well…

Gooner from Pretoria.

This is he’s season..Fuck Jamie…


His right!


I think Carragher had a point. Wilshere should be imposing himself more on games, his potential has not yet been realised. HOWEVER Wenger is right, he needs time to get a full season injury free under his belt and take a leaf out of Ramsey’s book and SIMPLYFLY his game. I think Wilshere still has time to be a European class player.


Simplyfly? I don’t think it’s all that simple to fly mate.


Perhaps thinking that way is what’s holding us back!

Don Cazorleone

depends, does Ian Wright have a brother?


And yet the media will then piss and moan about the England team being shite. Singlinig out our best talent for a character assasination is their favourite past time. Shower of cunts


Not sure what Carragher said wrong and Wenger will always try and protect his players. I think Carragher wants English players to reach their potential, nothing wrong with that. Will Jack reach his potential? time will tell.


With a pen…in your hand….youlllll need neveeeer work again.

Trex d' Gunner

The so called pundits seem to have resumed their anti-Arsenal rhetoric where they ended it last season. They are all trying to out class John Terry as the top cunt


why start him in the first place if he was unwell when you have fitter and equally quality players on the bench? gone are the days we use to rush our players to play due to lack of options. or wenger is shielding him against those destructive criticisms from the english bundits..


If he doesn’t get games now against opposition we should control and while Ozil is out, when will he? This is his opportunity to play back into starter contention, even if not at 100%, especially if nobody else is either.


Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal, Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal, repeat frequently


Overrated -has not progressed. Thinks he is way better than he actually is. Getting billy big boots syndrome.
The sooner we sell him the better.
The way he was shouting and pointing at his teammates — like he was in charge. If he’s going to act like that , he needs to play way better.


The same was said two years ago about Ramsey. And we all can see what happened since

Air Bergkamp

I think the right track to Wiltshire is the Fosse Way, isn’t it?

Leoj (@inobiwtowa)

Jack should man up. In as much as his talents are undisputed, i hate to see him go down at the slightest challenge. Toughen up boy! This is the premier league


It’s a long season ahead so I agree with playing Jack even if he wasn’t 100%.
What do you do? Let players bench warm for the entire season just because you have fitter options?
Better to play him against Palace rather than Chelski or Shitty. And if the boss thinks he needed a run out that’s good for me.


Who’s bright idea was it to let carragher near that touch screen. It’s like handing a caveman an iPhone and telling him to phone u a pizza. I can’t believe phil Poe face Neville got so much stick and that spunk bucket gets away with it week in week out. It all went to shit when Saint and greavsey knocked it on the head

Dan D

Early days, lacked fluidity and sharpness but won the game and deservedly so. Can we play better – of course, will we play better – of course.

Let’s not also forget Palace turned up with one thing in mind and well organised teams with such a mindset are always hard to break down.

So let’s not over analyse, plenty of plus points like we kept going until the very end as one example. Players will improve and all in all I saw enough to go home happy taking all my previous points into consideration.


it seems there is a competion of cunts or beta still a cunt league this season, and i trust JOHN terry to top it


Listening to carragher or owen for any length of time is like punching yourself in the face while screaming “Does this hurt? How about now?” over and over.





Let’s not throw Wilshere under the bus just yet. All I want this season from Wilshere is that he stays fit, and shows *some* improvement. Some players just mature a bit more slowly than others. Wilshere still has a bit of time, so let’s not be too harsh on him.


I totally agree that Jack should play, I mean, look at Ramsey’s game now. People (not gonna lie, including me) hate his game not so long ago but he keep pushing on and made a remarkable progress. So this time I have no doubt Jack will succesfully go through that phase.

Meanwhile, is the news about PSG youngster we’re after legit?


I wonder how many Palace players were recovering from WC exertions? That leaves a lot more time for preseason fitness and organization.

Fluency in the attacking third certainly looks the biggest challenge right now. I thought Arteta, Kos, Chambers, Debooooosh, and actually Monreal after coming on looked good.

Why did Gibbo not come off earlier?! He obviously dropped off much earlier than the sub.

Sczcez had better get his composure and distribution together. Ospina is watching!

German Shepherd

I’m just not sure about Carragher’s future at Sky Sports. In my esteemed opinion it’s time he showed why they hired him in the first place. Unless he improves on his match analysis and ability to criticize Arsenal, he really risks getting benched for Michael Owen, Paul Scholes or some other half witted retired Liverpool/Man United player, rendering his place in this year’s Irrelevant Pundits Team of the Year dangerously uncertain..


It’s the first game of the season. Thats why jamie carragher needs to chill…despicable to be honest

bergkamp's hooped sock

Gary Neville’s style of commentary was a refreshing new take, and Jaime Carragher, Michael Owen, Paul Scholes et al are just trying to copy him, except they lack his insight. I just hope this isn’t the start of some commentary fad, where they just try to verbally bash players with no insight whatsoever.


I hated Gary Neville with a passion after what he did to Reyes. But, I can’t say I did not enjoy his commentary. He did a bloody good job. Oh, and no ex-liverpool player ever made a good commentator. Case in point: Redknapp, Owen, Carragher, Alan Hansen. Urgh. Okay, maybe Danny Murphy did an OK job. But again, exception to the rule.

On holiday

Wasn’t it Phil Neville on Reyes? Anyway, whatever he was as a player, I think Gary Neville is an outstanding media pundit. Completely unbiased, actually insightful and surprisingly articulate. Fair play to him.

Lee Dixon is very good too. I love listening to Ian Wright the best though. He’s not all that good but the BBC must have drummed into him how important it is to show impartiality and yet he can’t stop himself referring to Arsenal as ‘we’. Legend.

I'm so ronery

Wilshere is poo though and carragher is a cunt.


That is why you are ronery.


I thought jack’s performance against man shitty was a mature and composed one. He showed real promise and if he can maintain that and be patient in games when 11 men are behind the ball he’s going to have a great season. And I don’t mean through goals and assissts, he offers us something much mire specific in the middle.


He might suddenly blossom like Ramsey or like Diego Costa who was shite and out on Loan every season then BAM at the age of 25 he is suddenly a world class striker carrying Athletico to the league title Ahead of mega Clubs Madrid and Barca, aswell As a CL final.

No reason why the same cant happen with Wilshere.


you mean at the age of 30? no way this guy is 25




He’s more sharp on the ball…distribute the ball very well rather than before…if you didn’t see these new attribute in him then you are probably blind or something

Anonymous Kumquat


Is Jack Wil-provethedoubterswrong-shere too long a nickname?

Injured Gooner South Africa

I thought Jack had a great game, could not for the life of me understand why he got taken off, the only reason I could think of would be that the manager is building his fitness up for a long season ahead. Same with the Ox who was so nervous and wanted nothing more than to make a good impression.

I thought the Arsenal looked nervous as a team. Glad to see that they got through the first game without any long term injuries.


Jamie (i need subtitles) need not worry his ugly head about our Jack!


If Henderson cn morph in2 something resembling a footballer, then it’s pointless to pick on Jack. I din’t see him conquering d world in 2014, but I bliv from Jan 2015, w are goin 2 have a beast on our hands. I think he only lacks proper footballing confidence. That is produced by games. Watchout fi dis’



What the fuck language is that?


Ramsey never pointed fingers and shouted at teammates. He just put his head down and worked.
Wilshere thinks he us way better than he is. If he doesn’t have a breakthrough season– he’s gotta go.


I fuckin hate that cunt more than neville as a pundit. Wanker couldnt even play. Filthy dirty cunt.
Feel better now.
Good result yesterday after 100 minutes of twatty goalkeeping (spermeonly)and shoulder barging and blocking. Kinda gets me wondering how many busses are gonna be parked at the emirates this season.

Bradys right foot

Jack is a liability, he has simply not been plalying well enough to justify a start from last season and seems to be continuing his mo of giving the ball away or if he’s lucky manufacturing a free kick. Honestly I’ve seen Denilson and Song play better and been jeered off the pitch but despite playing with his head down and running into the oposition Jack seems to be made of teflon snd has thankfully escaped the Emirates moan for now. Whatever his potential or promise I’d have Rozzer in his place all day long.


EHHR, let me remind u that at the beginning its was Jack the future Mesias and ramsey just a good chap to scort him … time passed by and Ramsey, well, is Ramsey and Wilshere has been a “star kid” that hardly produces … That said, i dont think people should give jack the stick and abuse they gave to Ramsey 3 years ago (Yes u twats did abused him!) … being abused the way Ramsey was is not for normal people to take and yet flourish as a man and as a Player … dont think Jack could handle… Read more »


Remember when he tore Xavi & co apart in that 1st leg CL match? I burst into crying when Andrei Arshavin scored that winning goal. Damn! Time always flies, so fast.

Surrey Zhooner

Wow, the season has only just begun and people are already on Jack’s back. Have they not learnt after Ramsey? His injury issues have been well documented – do people not realise anyone needs a decent run of games to gain confidence and consistency? Get behind the man, support him and don’t get fooled by the bollox printed in the media to sell papers. Amazing how quickly people forget those games where he’s shone. In my book he isn’t displaying symptoms of Bendtneritis so I’ll be backing him all the way.


I don’t get this picking on Jack.
Constructive criticism is valid imo. Can anyone disagree that he holds on to ball too long, loses the ball and goes down looking a call of the ref…. Get up and get the ball back.

sid sibo

I pretty much don’t put any stock in what anyone says at this stage. Most players in most teams are rusty. But the key facts are:2-1 victory. 3 points. Joint top.

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