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Boss backs Welbeck to improve at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has backed Danny Welbeck new signing to develop his career at the Gunner, saying that he can replicate the trajectory of other players who have gone on to big things in the famous red and white.

Speaking at his press conference, Wenger was asked if he could make Welbeck better, to which he replied, “He can make himself a better player because I can help him.

“He’s a young boy, he’s not 24 yet and let’s not forget that some players who arrived here at the age of 23 made huge careers here so I hope we can contribute and help him.

“His qualities are his team attitude and his pace as well. As you could see with England, his goalscoring too. When you analyse his game you think he has the qualities to play through the middle.”

He then spoke about the deal, the subject of much speculation and bizarre levels of conspiracy. The Arsenal manager was in Rome that day, and this is the direct transcript from the press conference (reporter quotes in bold).

Did you only sign Danny because Olivier Giroud was injured. Would you have signed him anyway?

“It’s possible, yes.”

You received quite a bit of criticism for not being in the country on deadline day. What do you say to redress the balance and answer the criticism.

“If I had not travelled that day Welbeck would not be here.”

What do you mean by that?

“I’ll explain that a bit later, but the coincidence made because I was on my way … if I had stayed in my home, Welbeck would not be here.”

I think you’ll have to tell us that story.

“I will tell you that story one day! But that’s the truth. And you know we are in 2014, and you can always in touch everybody, even when you travel. The advantage of that day is that I had to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning and I was available the whole day.”

If you haven’t already, listen to the Arsecast Extra here, go to ‘5’50 and listen to James from Gunnerblog explain how and when it happened.

And as for suggestions that Wenger only wanted him on loan, he clarified that in the press conference without any ambiguity at all.

“At the start the player was only available on loan, but after he became available to buy I agreed.”

So, the circumstances of the potential deal changed over the course of the day. He was happy to take him on loan with an option to buy when that was on offer, and obviously happy to make it a permanent deal when that was on the table because that’s what he did.

Hopefully that will clear things up. Now, to disprove the moon landings. Tin foil hats on!

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I don’t understand what Wenger meant about not signing Welbeck if he didn’t travel. It’s like he’s being obtuse for the sake of it :/


i suppose you wanna look in his magic hat as well??

Seriously – he traveled with the independent third party who gave him updates from manchester and welbeck and was able to manage the purchase of a player that man utd wanted to loan…. he magic’d the fuck out of it


Look, I’m not a hater, and eventually I only care about watching the team play, but— What if Wenger is suggesting, if he was at “home” (london, the Arsenal training ground, the office), he would not have sanctioned this signing at all, and relied on Sanogo to get us through till Giroud came through his injury. Of course, he is not going to say “I think Welbeck sucks,” but all his comments are lukewarm and ambivalent. Think about it, its not like he doesn’t have previous on not signing players for positions when the whole world think we need a… Read more »


He didn’t say he wouldn’t have sanctioned the signing, he said he wouldn’t have been able to do the signing. Read it and understand it, it’s not that hard.


We live in 2014 you know? Phones, tablets, laptops and a thing called the Internet. It is not like if you go on travel you are cut off completely from the folks back home.

And him being the manager and all, ofcourse he communicated with the club and and was kept in the loop the whole day.

So Double 98 is probably correct in his assumption.


even if Arsene were to buy the players everyone is clamoring for, we will still be 1 or 2 players short.


Arsene is obviously in the Illuminati cos there’s something strange about his purchases…..Wellbeck, Walcott, Wiltshire……Oxlade Chamberlain. all the players he’s ever bought begin with W oh except Ox and Giroud and Henry and Pires and all the others….guess its time for my medication again. COYG and trounce those mancunian upstarts


Perhaps its to do with the agent thing that James explained on Arsecast Extra


oops – that was already mentioned in the blog. Oh well


even when Wenger buys a very good player people wanna moan and bitch about

a/ a player he didn’t buy
b/ the way he bought the player
c/ the length of time it took to negotiate complicated agreements
d/ where he was when the player was bought
e/ him swimming
f/ him playing volley ball

Welbeck may well be the signing of the summer and taking him weakens united…


Wenger said in the interview that he bumped onto Fergy on Tuesday, they talked about our Danny boy ( he didn’t precise which Tuesday).


I’ve got a good feeling in my water about Danny Welbeck and his Arsenal future….a very good feeling.



The media have savaged us today over this. First, a deceitful and aggressive twisting of Wenger’s press conference words and then LVG [in certain cahoots with the press in London already] with utterly disresepctful drivel about a professional player. If anyone laughs at conspiracy against Arsenal, your being a pussy. It’s been happening years. This is a future England prospect and yet, English papers – the same ones moaning about international dogshite drag him through the mud all the same. It’s the Arsenal. We are Arsenal – welcome Danny Welbeck. Sincerely hope he is patient and does a Thierry here.… Read more »


Look at Thierry Henry’s record playing on the left and then what happened when he came to Arsenal at the age of 22. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thierry_Henry

Wellbeck’s goals per game is better. Let’s hope he can take off in the same way.


He has a the qualities our team needs from a striker. Big.strong.fast.good technique.hardworker. if he can get a goal early in his arsenal career i think his confidence will grow and he could do really well.


After the rumours of our interest in world class forwards, it was a bit underwhelming when we signed Welbeck. However, two goals in one game, celebrating with our lads on scoring, and not to forget being the focul point of attack in the other gme – seems to auger well for both long term and short term. The English media after constantly pointing out the lack of English players in our team, seems have gone a little quite on the growing numbers in our ranks. It would be fun to see the reaction on the day when more than half… Read more »


They tend to do it when it suits them and when it gets them the most, lots of talk before the World Cup about how many Liverpool players there were in the squad but then strangely quiet about that point when they went out after two games.


We’re there. Chambers, Gibbs, Jenks, Walcott, Wilshere, Welbeck. Jenks would have showed much better than that clown from Everton at rb.


And the Ox, mustn’t forget the Ox.


The English sports press is basically conservative. They like the accepted wisdom, and they hate it when the accepted wisdom is proven wrong. Arsenal got criticized for not having enough English players back in the invincibles era because Arsenal had a new, very successful foreign manager who shook things up dramatically and part of the shakeup included signing more foreigners (and french players in particular). Arsenal as a club has always, for better or for worse, been the least conservative of the traditional big clubs in English football, the club most likely to try doing something new and therefore “un-English.”… Read more »

Man Manny

I have no doubt whatsoever that Welbeck will improve at Arsenal. If Giroud were more clinical, he could have scored double of what he has. That tells you how many chances he has wasted. If Welbeck is played through the middle, with his pace, he will be on the end of clear-cut chances. If he puts half of it away, we have a Giroud (which is already an improvement on his Manu record), and if he does better than half, we are looking at 25 and above. All I ask of the manager is to play him through the middle.… Read more »


You’re also forgetting his huge engine and work rate. Hopefully he doesn’t lose his desire to chase down every defender and “lost cause” he lays his eyes on. If he keeps his natural exuberance and combines it with composure *cough* Adebayor *cough* he could be a 30 goal striker in a few seasons time.


I predict that Giroud won’t be first choice by the time he recovers. That’s a great problem for us to have.


Yeah, I’m not sure that does clear things up actually. But I don’t care. Sick of fans worrying more about board decisions and annual budgets than on formations and player development.




Can the conspiracy theories be buried now Please!
Wenger signed him And he will improve Him.
PS: Wenger flirting with our head By saying if He’s in Rome That day, the deal wouldn’t have happened. I feel That’s Baudelaire-inspired philosophy.


I dont know how old Henry was when he came to arsenal, But young, fast, big frame and hard working good technique…..sounds familiar. Im not saying he will or will get anywhere near but Henrys record is there to take by a young hungry decent striker.
If Wenger can turn him into an even better finisher and all round player. Who knows. Got a good feeling this saturday…


Henry was 22 when he came to Arsenal, I think.

Interestingly, Henry came from Juventus where he had scored just 3 goals in 19 appearances the previous season. Welbeck scored 10 for United last year…

* Source: Wikipedia


yes that’s right and when wenger said to him I will play you as a striker herny replied how can he play striker because he can’t score goals and doesn’t know how to score, that was wenger’s words about henry and he made him one hell of a player I hope the same goes with Welbz.

NY Goon

And that second goal for England. Soooo Henry-esque. #stilljizzing


I dont know how old Henry was when he came to arsenal, But young, fast, big frame and hard working good technique…..sounds familiar. Im not saying he will or will get anywhere near but Henrys record is there to take by a young hungry decent striker.
If Wenger can turn him into an even better finisher and all round player. Who knows. Got a good feeling for this saturday…


This is how you put story to bed…
Now i understood what he meant, especially after looking at the questions to the corresponding answers


Sunshine, rainbows, daisies, Dat Guy


If we score more goals than City this Saturday I think we’ll have a good chance of winning the game
I’m going for a 0-0 with the 3 points going to the Arsenal because City are a team full of oxygen thieving cunts


“If we score more goals than City this Saturday I think we’ll have a good chance of winning the game”

Sounds logical


Nothing like hedging your bets a bit, is there?


I believe Henry was 23 and struggling to get a game on wing for juventus. Ian wright was playing sunday league at 23 , here’s hope he can score as many if not more goals that these. When wellbeck was 23 he was scoring against real madrid at bernerbu

The arsenalist

So lemme decode this to the best of my abilities. Arsene knew he needed a DM and a CB. Its no news that he was interested in Falcao. But when United came in and decided to take him. He warned that if they did, he would get Vidal and to make his threat serious he flew to Rome. United being scared decided to appease him with Welbexk. And that’s it.


F*ck Falcao, Welcome Welbeck!

Perry S.

only one arsene.

Arsenalogy goonerist

I would love to read his autobiography

Eric Blair

Can you imagine how many volumes it’d require? I’m not a fan of autobiographies but this one would be a necessary read for any football fan, let alone Arsenal fan.


Game Of Throws


thats the rory delap autobiography


Wouldn’t we all!

Welbeck's hatrick

What Arsene means is that he sent in a bid from London which united refused. He then sent in another from Rome. Giggsy received the fax and told LVG that Roma wants to buy Welbeck for Sixteen million. Being busy trying to satisfy Falcao’s greed, Lvg signed it without reading through. Next morning LVG picked up the papers hoping to wallow in the praise he must be getting only to see that Welbeck has signed for Arsenal.
Early investigations at Old Trafford points to a lack of brains behind Gigssy ears… Apparently he left them on top his brother’s wife

Merlin's Panini

Glad to see there’s none of the negative spin here that the BBC have put on this story. They’ve made it out as though Wenger didn’t want Welbeck.

Black Hei

David Ornstein is just peeved that he said Wenger is NOT going to sign a striker and Wenger then went out to do the exact opposite.

Transfer Oracle my a$$

AN Other

It’s ludicrous for some Press to suggest Welbeck was signed without Wenger’s approval. I don’t think arsenal will sign even a chef without him knowing about it.

Injured Gooner

This kid Danny will score 30+ this season, if not more than 40. I actually suspect that he will score at a rate of around 1.5 per game. Continuing at an even faster rate when we bring him on as a sub when Giroud is back to full fitness. The cool thing about conjuring up imaginary stats like that is that the chances (imaginary of course for now) is that with numbers like those, it will ease Giroud’s return, as we will be up by at least two with Giroud coming on for a few minutes just to gain some… Read more »

Naija Gunner

Who cares how he got our Danny, as long as he’s scoring goals against all oppositions and staying with us till forever.

Manshity be very afraid…COYG!


“Boss backs Welbeck to improve at Arsenal”

Or as BBC interpreted it, in true Daily Fail fashion:

“Wenger did not want Welbeck”


Already an upgrade over Giroud…goalscoring records aside, he’s going to be more mobile than Giroud pulling defenders off centre when he drifts wide from his central striking role. Not a fan of all the slow players in the squad and really crossing fingers Welbeck can find some consistency in his game so Giroud can remain on the bench after his recovery.


The English press has alwayz been harsh on Wenger, feels like an age old English/French feund. Wenger is the best coach in the world. 3.1 to the Gunners against the shites on Sat.

Arsene's Apologist

I think Welbeck may struggle this year. I also think he’s a brilliant purchase with a bright future. But it seems we are having to choose between Arsenal’s messiah or sign of failed ambition. Seems neither is right, though if one or the other my money would be on the first.

Jack Wilshere sucks

We are screwed lads..Aaron Ramsey is nickered. Mesut Ozil is a shadow of his former self, what in the world happened to him? Alexis Sanchez is overrated and no better than the current crop of wingers we have. Rather pick Joel Campbell/Oxlade-Chamberlain ahead him. BPL is just too quick for him unfortunately. I fear for us, we haven’t put in a decent performance as of yet and Wenger’s team selection has been shocking.

Rambo's Thai retreat



Alexis overrated?? come on son…stop sniffing that glue, its bad for your health


It’s so sad when cousins marry.

sanchezla sangat

In the end he make the transfer so why bother to question.


How ravishing does Tomas look in the team pic?
God I miss that sexy bastard.


We should stop putting pressure on Welbeck. He has enough pressure because of this age of instant satisfaction culture. He might become our next Henry but nothing was expected of Henry when he was signed.


We got a welsh jesus, dat pope guy, a big f*****g german, a duke of banter (who loves his golden gloves), a TMNT lookalike, a mozart, a lego hair, #aha, a #10 who plays on the left, a boss with deep pocket (for keeping strikers quiet).

Clean sweep forshure.

Oh we also got Diaby. LANS.


Just watched the press conference – WHY did no-one ask Wenger about the centre back situation? Surely that was he most pressing question to ask him…


As mentioned before, around about 22-23 generally is where young players come good. If they don’t by then, it is highly unlikely. Think Fabregas, Walcott, Ramsey even Henry. We have Welbeck but also Jack on the cusp and indeed Campbell. Bellerin, Chambers and Sanogo have some ways to go even. Further down the line, there is the exciting Zelalem and fast improving Akpom. The future is always bright at Arsenal. Part of the joy of supporting the club is the prospect of development which Arsene has imbued. It is both frustrating but also exciting and incredibly rewarding when it all… Read more »

Arsenal Wenger

Talking of the future, let’s not forget that it was Sanogo’s late injection of pace and energy and what not that dispruped Hull’s defensive rhythm helping Ramsey and Giroud to do their thing in the FA Cup final.

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