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Giroud left out of group stage Champions League squad

Danny Welbeck has replaced Olivier Giroud in Arsenal’s Champions League squad after the club registered their player roster with UEFA for the group stage games with Borussia Dortmund, Galatasaray and Anderlecht.

Ruled out until the New Year, there was little point including the Frenchman given matchweek six ends for the Gunners with an away trip to Galatasaray on 9 December. Should Arsenal progress he can be added to the list for the knockout stages. Weirdly UEFA have Welbeck listed as the number 29 when he is in fact our new 23.

The squad includes 25 players from the club’s A List as well as 13 names from the B List. An unlimited number of players can be registered on List B if they were born on or after 1 January 1993 and have been eligible to play for the club for any uninterrupted period of two years since their 15th birthday. 16-year-olds can also be on the list if they have been registered with the club for the previous two years without interruption.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Serge Gnabry and Hector Bellerin are the best known first team stars eligible for B List inclusion, while Chuba Akpom and Isaac Hayden are also familiar. Kristoffer Olsson’s name appears, but he’s now on loan for the season at Danish outfit FC Midtjylland.

Full squad below



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Özil's left foot


Arsene's Zip

Wait, have I accidentally slipped back to 2005?

Harish P


Merlin's Panini

I wish we were, I was in my pomp back then!


“Nobody gives a fish’s tit if you’re the first to comment on an article. Any such comments will be removed, repeated offenders will be banned.”


rules are made to be broken


Can’t be easy for time travellers though….. think of all the changes you have to keep track of. Or maybe ÖLF is dyslexic and wanted to tell us what day it is today. Anyway get well soon HFB.
And I’d rather have Welbeck than loads of the names that were being bandied about this summer.


We just might need an IP blocking system in place now


Why because you don’t like people having different opinions to yours??


Get well soon Giroud! Any chance he’s available to do Welbeck’s hair?

Welbeck's hi-top fade

Welbeck looked pretty good in his cameo last night. Held the ball up, made runs in behind. Pleased with what I saw.


Why do people keep posting links to this blog? The grammar is atrocious and the content weak, at best.

Merlin's Panini

It’s not “people” it’s the same guy every time. A desperate click whore who has to desperately self-promote for anyone to even bother thinking about reading his dross.


Any chance we can have these self-promoting posts deleted? If I wanted to see half arsed drivel like this I’d read Le Grove.


Who ever wrote that blog, needs to learn to to write English, whilst he is doing that he could also learn the basics of football, then he/she maybe worth reading? Possibly…

Mark Hughes

You almost had me again but this time I wasn’t going to be fooled by your baseless gibberish. I know nonsense when I see, I manage Ryan Shawcross after all.

Andy Mack

It was easy to look good replacing Shrek. If he hadn’t taken the penalty, I’d have thought he came off in the 1st minute.

Dave Gooner

I agree. I thought he looked good last night when he came on. He had one cracking shot on target.

The injury to Giroud should give him a good run in the team. He is already a Premiership player, so he should hit the ground running. He is quoted as saying Thierry Henry was an idol of his, so he knows what we all hope for from him.

Go for it Danny. Delighted you signed for us.

Welbeck's hi-top fade

Though my name now imparts significant bias


Looking at the midfielders, Arsene has left the door open to getting his coq out in europe…


This squad on paper doesn’t look strong enough to compete with biggest European sides, but than again the 06 side wasn’t our best squad under Wenger either. ( why Lehman, why? ). Let’s do our talking on the pitch.

Andy Mack

As you say, It’s the best team that wins rather than the best players.


According to the manager of Midtjylland, as quoted in Danish media, Olsson is only on loan until December. (The Danish league has a very long winter break anyway so that would make sense.)


What’s the problem!?….we’ve got loads of defenders! Heh…

9 years and counting

The 06 side wasn’t our best squad when it was basically the invincible, lmao

Andy Mack

It really wasn’t the best squad but it was the best team.
They played together really well. Understood what each other was doing most of the time and worked to their strengths.


The Ox on the “B-list” – wtf…

No point wasting a spot in the limited A list if he’s eligible for the B list, frees up a spot in the A list for another player who wouldn’t otherwise have got in the squad. Shouldn’t really be that odd/confusing?


It’s kind of strange due to the fact Coquelin, Zelalem are listed as A list players. It’s not a big deal but it is, you know

Anonymous Physicist

It’s not strange. It’s the rules plus some logic. Anyone who is allowed to go on the B-list should go on the B-list, to free up places on the A-list. Oxlade-Chamberlain is allowed to go on the B-list, Coquelin and Zelalem aren’t.

To be listed on the B-list, you need to have been born in 93 or later, and to have been with the club for two years. Coquelin is too old for the B-list, Zelalem only joined Arsenal in 2013, so has to be on the A-list this year, but can go on the B-list from next year.

Mark Hughes

Are you saying I could finally be on the A-list? *starts welling up*


Just realised we have City on 13 Sept, 1245 and then at 1945, 16 Sept- Dortmund(away). Talk about having to hit the ground running after the interlull.

Merlin's Panini

Yeah, we’ve got to go back in time to the middle ages and then to post-war Germany in the space of a week? That’s crazy. We’ll need a fair few Deloreans for that!


Where we’re going…..we don’t need roads

Mark Hughes

It’s true, I mean, have you been to Stoke lately? A couple of days ago, some guy down the road started putting cobbles in the mud and caused all sorts of confusion.

Our bus was almost late leaving, Peter had to have his little legs tucked up for too long but it allowed us time to let Charlie sleep (he gets all grumpy if you wake him) and then we beat Man City.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover.)

Don’t worry brother, its my birthday on the 13th. Last year it was on Friday, and it was almost the death of me. So this year, I know for a fact that it’ll go well. Danny’s hightop fade will be the foundation upon which the destruction of City and Dortmund will commence. Trust me.


Get well soon Giroud ✌

Ozil = new Arshavin

This team looks pretty Arshaviny on paper

Merlin's Panini

What the hell is that supposed to mean?


He scored 4 at Anfield and we STILL didn’t win.


Same old, same old, blah blah blah.


Why are these posts being approved?


They’re not anymore

Gillespie Road

Blogs, please ban this guy for linking to this shite.


I only managed a couple of paragraphs; the grammar in that blog is absolutely appalling. I suppose I probably shouldn’t have clicked on it in the first place, as I gave the writer what they wanted.


Bye bye, bewithram. You won’t be missed.


Looks like the wrong squad number for Welbeck.


Ye, it’s alot of pressure trying to fill the shoes of TGSTEL.

Arsenal Wenger

Can we have a match now? I don’t want to recall that stupid 1-1 as the last match we played.

Tazmanian Jesus

“According to the manager of Midtjylland, as quoted in Danish media, Olsson is only on loan until December. (The Danish league has a very long winter break anyway so that would make sense.)”

If Im not mistaken, the danish league ends around November. And next season starts probably around March.

So Olsson should be back with us well before the new year.


I see kris olssen on the list. Wasnt he just loaned off?

Yes, well done for spotting what the Arsenal News Hound already mentioned at the bottom of the article.


Welbeck seems to have 29 listed as his number, but a cursory glance suggests everyone else’s is correct – what’s up with that?!

Mark Hughes

They’re hoping Nicklas comes back?


We have a strong squad….the season is promising


Except in 1 crucial area. The defensive third.


Thought jack played quite well last night, looked knackered after 65mins. When welbeck came on I thought he done well. Quick, got stuck in and looked dangerous. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

Im personally hoping this will now lead us to a formation of a front three for now of Alexis Welbeck and Oxlade. Ozil behind and Ramsey/Jack with Arteta. I hate ozil played wide and with welbeck up front I think he’ll get good service and hopefully get alot of goals. Even room to go 442.

Safe Hands

Seriously hoping for a breakthrough for Brandon ormonde-ottewill. I know nothing about him but what a cracking name. Sounds like a player from Herbert Chapman’s era, or from arseblogs gentlemen’s squad profiles of a few months back!


Sounds like a gentleman who enjoys the odd polo match.


Wonder what his golf handicap is

Petit's Handbag

All I keep hearing is people worried about our six defenders, but clearly as listed above, we have ten!!


I was just about to highlight even with “B” list players the number of defenders is 50% less than our midfielders…


this makes perfect sense, and while I had already fully warmed to the arrival of Danny, I am now even warmer to his presence. He will be a big big handful for the likes of Galatasaray and Anderlecht, can see him getting goals there. and who knows then what’ll happen with dortmund.

suker 4 punishment

I’m still gutted about Giroud and his injury, where the hell is that horse placenta doctor when you need them?

Mark Hughes

Wasn’t he turned into glue?


Does anybody see. in under arsenal squad. yaya sanogo is aged 31.. cant stop laughing 🙂

not a comedian

I haven’t given that shitty website a single one of my clicks in 2 years now…

Yankee Gooner

I think history shows there was no horse placenta doctor; RvP just sold his soul to the devil.


For one season. Then back to being the crocked, backstabbing, donkeymouthed ass that he is…..


Not a surprise. Unless… *imagines a Father Ted-esque scenario where Arsene steers Giroud around in a wheel chair remotely*

Sorry I just had the best day dream.


I used to rate Coquelin a few year’s ago, I thought he would develop in to a really good defensive midfielder, but he’s just stagnated. He had a disastrous loan last year, and I’m surprised he’s still around but maybe he can finally fulfill his potential but in all honesty he’s too far down the pecking order now, unless we have a really bad injury crisis. I’m surprised Julio Pleguezuelo isn’t on the list, this kid is supposed to be a really good prospect and I heard earlier in the summer he was even going to get promoted to 4th… Read more »


This post is a bit brief, isn’t it?


This is the internet, make it two paragraphs at most, or I’m going to get distracted by videos of kittens doing amusing things on Youtube.

tl;dr summary pls?


The summary is even if we played Giroud with a broken leg at Cb we’d still finish above Spurs!!


John Terry is a cunt.

Mark Hughes

He’s basically saying that I need to give Arsene a call


The Coq has not fulfilled his potential.

Maybe Wenger sees one of the young CBs ( Hayden, Pleguezuelo) as being good enough to be 4th choice.

Defence against the big teams was poor last season, and Diaby is not the answer, due to his fitness problems.

The side is still lacking a specialist DM. Hopefully Ramsey will continue developing and become the new Lampard.

With a bit of luck and consistency, including with injuries, we can do well this season.

There’s your summary, chaps.

Nationality ? a Gunner

So he is really injured 🙁


Thought Arsene might take a punt on Yepes(Free Agent)for 6 months. Cant believe how short we are in central defence. Could of done a job against the more physical sides,and even at 38,had a decent world cup.Relying on our centre backs staying injury free with our record? Strangest transfer window we have ever had in my opinion.

Alright Mate

Last season we survived with Per, Kos, TV and Sagna as back up. This year we can survive with Per, Kos, Chambers and Monreal as back up. Same deal, and I am happier with Chambers than out of form TV.


Your analogy almost had me except: Sagna is a far, far better CB than Monreal.

Would even rate him over TV at CB.


I was agreeing with you until you called it the strangest transfer window ever. We got two forwards, two defenders and a keeper, and we just fell short of that one extra defender we needed. Not that strange if you ask me.


@Alright Mate …So Per and Debuchey get injured? I wasn’t very comfortable last year when Sagna had to go in the centre,id be less so if Monreal had to slot in there. You don’t think its strange getting rid of TV and Miguel and not having a natural replacement? Chambers is a great prospect but he is even at the age were the manager doesn’t even know his best position yet. Wouldn’t fancy having to rely on a 19year old finding his feet in a champions league semi final against Real or Munich.

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

dat defensive roster tho

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