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Welbeck: Arsenal is the right club for me

Danny Welbeck says he’s excited to join Arsenal and stressed he’s ready to take his career to the next level at the Emirates.

The England international was at London Colney training with England on transfer deadline day when Arsene Wenger sanctioned a late move for his signature which, after a roller coaster few hours, was only completed in the small hours of Tuesday.

Speaking to Arsenal Player for the first time, the former Manchester United striker admitted his nerves were shred to pieces on Monday, but that with all the paperwork done he can’t wait to start knocking in the goals.

“It’s exciting times for me. It’s great to be a part of this club and it’s a team that I’ve always watched in the Premier League. I’ve envisaged myself playing in this team before. For it to finally happen is very exciting.

“It went right down to the wire in the end. It’s difficult to say how I felt at the [different] times of each day because the deal was on and then it was off but at the end of the day I’m an Arsenal player and I couldn’t be any happier at the moment.

“I believe the style of play the manager’s got and the boys play and with the magnificent players in midfield slotting balls through, I can run on to the end of those balls and slot them away.

“I’d like to bring pace and power to the game. At Arsenal, we’re not short of combination football and I like to join in on that and get in behind defenders and try to get shots off at goal. I want to score some goals and help the team to achieve the right results.”

Born and raised in Manchester, Welbeck has first spotted by United at the age of six and progressed through the club’s Academy ranks to secure first team status and a Premier League medal in 2012/13. Sacrificed in the aftermath of the signing of Falcao, Welbeck made clear that moving to Arsenal is the right decision and one he hopes will pay off for both parties.

“I’ve been at United ever since I was a little boy and I had a great time there. I just think this is the next stage of my development – to come to Arsenal, to really show people what I can do as a footballer and hopefully get to the place where I want to be.

“Things move on in life and I think you’ve really got to make the right decision in the situation that you’re in at that moment in time. I really do believe that coming to Arsenal is the right decision.”

Arseblog News looks forward to seeing Danny grab a debut hat trick against his old rivals City after the Interlull. As soon as he’s recovered from his ankle knock…


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Welcome to The Arsenal!


And a very good read of a welcome on the Arsenal website too:

Very interesting indeed.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

I don’t particularly rate him as a striker. I thought the manner in which he was purchased was farcical, it clearly highlights we have no transfer plan or strategy whatsoever. I don’t understand why we haven’t signed reinforcements at the back, and signed that elusive holding midfielder this team has been dying for since Alex Song left. I honestly rate Arsene Wenger as a coach, and he has an undeniable ability to bring out new untapped potential in players like Welbeck, I just don’t understand why he has to be involved in the signing of players as well. We are… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

I don’t know what to make of your comment, really. You rate Wenger as a coach but then think he should NOT be involved with the players he brings in the team? It goes hand in hand, transfers and team management – you cannot expect Wenger, or any manager, to play black jack, sit back and say, “deal me a hand, and I’ll always win.” Secondly, transfer ‘strategy’ is an illusion. It takes multiple parties on each transfer to succeed, and the only reason why clubs like Man U, Man City, Barca, Bayern, and Chelsea can have a ‘strategy’ is… Read more »

Formerly Known As El Capitano

I’m 100% going to get roasted for saying this but. So thumb it down as much as you want. I think it needs to be said. In response to ‘Bould’s Eyeliner’ The fact that we were linked with a host of different players over the whole summer window, where speculations aside there was clearly truth to some of the links (e.g Khedira, Carvalho.. many more) ..and again, like so many windows before, we failed to sign any of them. I think the consistency is there, which to me highlights that money aside, there is something more too it, and there… Read more »


Just because we are linked does not necessarily mean we are interested : 1) Plenty of clubs l(and in particular agents)like to link their players to us. It’s almost a seal of approval on the product. 2) We may be keeping an eye on certain players but that does not necessarily mean we are interested. often times (like carvalho, MVilla, Wanyama and Gustavo) the price is too high considering the caliber of talent. 3) We cannot do all our business early. Clearly certain players will only be moved if others are ahead of them. As an example Ozil could not… Read more »

Formerly Known As El Capitano

I totally disagree with you, we 100% need a holding midfielder, I like Arteta & Flamini, both decent players on the ball, but I think they both lack a physical presence in midfield which is something you want from a holding midfielder in the Premier League. Centre backs, we are desperately short, an injury to Per & Kos at the same time, and we’re F’d in the A. Chambers has been a quality signing, but he is still so young, you don’t want him playing centre back with.. either Monreal, or Debuchy.. we will get ripped apart by the top… Read more »

David Wanjiru

I am, in actual fact, thinking about Welbeck hitting a hat-trick against City, and then going on to score more goals for us by March than RvP, Rooney and Falcao will have scored, combined, for Man U. In fact, if the betting choices available to me locally (Kenya- don’t count online betting, money movement is still a pain in the ass) allowed me to bet on the Welbeck hat-trick, I’d bet 100 bob (about .70 of a pound) on it.


I said to myself ‘I’m not going to bite’. Yes, absolutely farcical manner. Had absolutely nothing to do with Utd buying Falcao. Nothing to do with that deal being wrapped up late. Nothing to do with Welbeck’s deal logically being wrapped up afterwards. Absolutely farcical to wait for a rival team to splash a ghastly amount on a one-year loaned just injured player so that we can step in and get a player we need, young, with potential, with a point to prove, long-term and even avoiding to a good extent the ‘english premium’. Farcical. Bring back Dein! I’m not… Read more »

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

“The defensive midfielder we’ve needed since Alex Song left…..”

I assure you both Flamini and Arteta are better defenders than Song is.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

I rate Arteta and Flamini, they’re just both getting on now. In my opinion they aren’t as physical as a holding midfielder needs to be. They have great ability on the ball, a lot better then Song, and our team does suffer when Arteta isn’t there to link up play from the back four into the midfield. But we do need a holding midfielder with a physical presence, which Song did give us. He let Cesc play the passes, and he just did the dirty work, which is what you want from a DM. I think I read a quote… Read more »


He still looks weird in Arsenal gear, but I’ll get used to that I suppose. I think Arsenal IS the right club for him, hopefully he can be the right player for Arsenal too.

Ben Graff

(that’s an England shirt)


Is it?? Are you sure??


And here I was thinking he’d had a loan spell at Real Madrid.


Not as weird as seeing Cesc in a Chelsea shirt


I have to hold back on puking up when I see him in blue.


He is just Arsene’s sleeper cell within Chelsea territory. One day he receives the secret signal, he will walk over Mou and sink his studs into his balls.

Why not

or backheel it on the edge of their penalty box………oh wait

Gunner From Another Mother

I have this fantasy that when we face Chelsea he will blast in an own goal and run to Wenger and give him a high five


Or in a more likely turn of events scores the goal that win’s them the league against us…


It’s not cesc, it’s his evil older brother

Big Chief from Antarctica

jesus fucking christ, probably due to the fact those mugs had a decent run of games I wasn’t able to discrard my attention, but it is sickening to watch. Even more than Van Persie, even though I was livid with him. The more I reflect on the both of them, Van Persie was more a trust issue, as he was more injured than playing well and therefore not really endeared himself to the Gooners as it actually was a one-off season of wonder (in which we were genuinely in awe, I can’t forget his volley against Everton on our 125th… Read more »


“Fabregas was always a class act in an Arsenal shirt and therefore, I think I can speak for every Gooner……” What a load of b.s…….. –I guess you forgot his actions (or lack there of in terms of playing) in his last 6 months at the club were shameful from him, that is a known fact –I do not like Nasri, but I have 10x less, if any ill will towards him compared to Cesc…..especially with Cesc constantly pulling the “I’m a Gooner” card when in reality he isn’t & wasn’t –you absolutely do not speak for every Gooner with… Read more »


I got over my Cesc love very quickly when he started teeing them up at Chelsky.

I hope the rest of his career is met with abject failure.

Sounds harsh to type it “out loud”. But he’s not an Arsenal player.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

Still cant believe he plays for Chelsea. Makes me sick. Maureen calling him a ‘maestro’ .. sends a shiver down my spine, .. The worst part of this whole thing being, Cesc was Arsene Wengers prodigy, and he will come back to haunt us this season at somepoint without question. We should of bought him out of principle alone, not to mention the actual Business deal alone was worth it, one of the worlds midfielders for that price, absolutely shocking we didn’t resign him. I get the fact that Ozil is the main guy now, but we could of deployed… Read more »

To Pooh is to Do

Oh FFS.. can’t we just move on with this Cescy thingy?? It’s done, dusted and what not. He’s not on our team. He is playing for another team. Get on with it.

As my mate use to say – Whatever is gone is backside.


Allthough he is not the world class name we hoped for, de does posess the traits we are lacking up top. A striker with movement in behind defense, and a striker capable of beating defenders on his own, and a striker that brings movement in to an attack that often become to static. I have often said that there is no connection between Özil and Giroud since Özil’s strongest trait are key passes often in to space behind defenders, while Giroud is most comfortable with his back to goal holding up the ball. In Welbeck, Özil will have someone creating… Read more »


so Henry has shrunk since his left us?


The King was & always will be the exception to every rule or normal standard we are used to judging players by…………he was just that damn good!!!!!!

The man who would be bling

Ah, but that’s where Theo comes in: Giroud flicks, Ozil through balls and Theo’s pace to score and wipe that smug look off Thibault Courtois’ face.

Andy Mack

Theo, Alexis, Joel and more.
Anyone that does the ‘Lundberg’ style diagonal runs into the box will do well from Ozil.

Dave Gooner

I think he looks great in our shirt, and I wish Danny Wellbeck all the very best wearing it. I think this could be a brilliant signing, anther Thierry Henry. He has the potential and the attitude.

Play him in the centre Arsene, and let’s fulfil the Arsenal’s destiny, and put the oil sheikhs and the oligarchs where theybelong .

Dave Gooner

Oh and Blogs, there’s plenty of pics of Danny in a Cannon: put one of those up there instead of the current ‘morose in an England shirt’ pi. Make the lad feel welcome – he’s been a one club man since he was eight years old. so I’d say he might respond well to a bit of support.

Merlin's Panini

Well he has Theo and Poldi to learn from finishing wise so he could come up trumps. At the moment he’s like a sophisto-Sanogo but I think he has the raw potential, and at 23 still has time to pull it off. I’m not sure he can reach the level of Henry but Arsene can definitely make him better.


‘Theo (…) to learn from finishing wise (…)’

oh, how the times are a-changin’!

The man who would be bling

Plus, his flat-top is a nice blast from the past. It’s a refreshing change from those bloody hipster undercuts things.


let’s get slotting!

Giroud Awakening

Our very own slot machine

Big Dave

You’ve coined a nice nickname there.

Welbz be that guuy

Coined a nice nickle-name- the slotting machine.
Welbz please be that guy for us. #Welbsisthatguy

Arty's Art

The penny dropped


Wouldn’t Ozil be the Slot Machine and Welbeck the Payout? Or, am I over-thinking this?


you can become better than Sturridge!


I wish people would calm down with the comparisons to Sturridge and (Bergkamp forgive them) Thierry. We’re setting him up to fail; that is, fail to meet our expectations. As long as he keeps improving, and he becomes a good option for us, I won’t be bothered if he never becomes as good as Sturridge. I’m not saying he can’t become that good, just that we shouldn’t be expecting him to do so.

The only Paul is Merson

The absence of an annoying celebratory dance already makes him superior to Sturridge.

Third Plebeian

True. I think Welbeck’s trademark celebration is simply to put his arms out like he’s flying. Henry used to do that on occasion, I believe (note: I am not comparing Welbeck to Henry).

Most annoying celebration ever: Bale’s heart. What is he, a 13-year-old girl?


I still maintain that the Robbie Keane forward roll into pretend bow and arrow is historically the most annoying celebration


“What is he, a 13-year-old girl?”

Ha hahahaha!!!

You deserve 2 thumbs up from me for that.

By the way, that’s an insult to all 13 year old girls!


Welcome to the Arsenal Danny. I for one think you’ll be a real asset to the team and will prove to be a class act for us!

Get Welbz soon though.

Mate Kiddleton

Am getting more excited about Welbeck, we’ve been looking for a proper centre-forward with pace for while. He’s also strong and decent in the air, good target for Debucky to aim at.

Mate Kiddleton

Dammit! *Debuchy

Handsome George

I agree, think he can do a very good joob for us. Pace and power thats what we needed last year in a CF.


heh joob


Welcome to the club Danny Boy.
We need a song for him


Oh, Danny Boy, the Champions League is calling
From pitch to pitch, and down the Tollington,
The summer’s gone, and Utd are still falling,
It’s you, it’s you must go and score a ton


That’s good hope it catches on

Have they decided on a Sanchez chant yet? I thought it was going to be to the tune of Electric Avenue …Alexis Avenue


Hot as a fever
Rattling Goals
I could just taste it
Taste it

But it’s not forever
But it’s just tonight
Oh we’re still the greatest
The greatest
The greatest

You, Alexis on fire
You, Alexis on fire

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

He’s got the best hair
He’s got the best hair
Oh! Danny Welbeck
He’s got the best hair

Mikel Arteta

How dare you?

Norn Iron Gooner

To Ians old tune:

Danny Well, Well-beck
Danny Well, Well-beck
Danny Well, Well-beck

Can really see him being just as important to us as Wrighty was.


Fantastic pace, that’s something we gain and united loose. A man with a point to prove this kid can do it. He reminds me of Walcott in the sense that at his early stage of his development he was too quick for his own feet. But once he harnessed that final 10% he was lethal. And I think welbeck can accomplish that. Our pace is frightening now


We too hope the same. Hope you make it at Arsenal

Arsenal English Core : Are they just poster boys?



Wow, what a nondescript, nice comment followed by a shitty plug with the most worthless clickbait title this blog has ever seen.

Please go away.

Mark Hughes

That whole piece was a load of nonsense with no substance or evidence. I want my 5 minutes back!!


Mark Hughes is right. Da fuq is wrong with the world?


Any booing heard from those little hood rats outside the Emirates on TDD were a small minority , happy to get him , he can smash it at arsenal COYG

Giroud's Mistress

They’d have been better served shoving a dildo in the reporters face than booing Welbeck. That’s how you really get things done.


What if Wenger plays him wide

Mark Hughes

What if Wenger plays him in defence?
What if Wenger plays the banjo?
What if Wenger plays Hamlet in the next Arsenal production?

If Arsene plays him wide, then he plays wide.


but who plays the banjo then?

and is that the same banjo that sanogo can’t hit a cows arse with?

(but one day will and then the cows wont know what hit them….)


how can a banjo be played if ryo miyaichi isn’t real?

Mark Hughes

If he does play the banjo with other people, would he be part of a Miyaichi band?

steve afc forever

He won’t play him wide until giroud back


Welcome Wellbeck.

Macho Man Ramsey Savage


I’m sorry

It’s been a long day

Ozil = new Arshavin

When you are comparing with manutd, Arsenal is always the right club for you. The question is, are you the right man for Arsenal? Are you, Mr. Welbeck?

Mark Hughes

Your username says it all. I feel you should move along as there is nothing for you here.


You, on the other hand, seem to be of a higher intellect to the person which your username indicates you are…


I’ve said that about his user name too. “Ozil = new Arshavin” is the new Fatgooner.


Hey, don’t drag me into this! But as you are, I’ll say a couple of things: 1. O = new Arshavin has the right to ask if Welbeck is good enough for us. I gave Danny my tacit backing on Tuesday morning; I say let’s see what he can do. 2 I’d say that OENA definitely has a point about Ozil: since the German joined our club, I’ve seen nothing that justifies the forty-two million quid we paid for him. His non-appearance at Leicester on Sunday was typical of the pathetic performances that he’s given since he first put on… Read more »


Don’t tell us what to do!!

This Is My #aha Tell Me Yours

If you insist, very well.


I think Welbeck will become that song on an album that you listen to here and there, half heartedly but over time it wins you over to become a lasting favourite.


Once the fog of war descended and I took time to realise he was a solid player already and he’d be getting service from our midfield, I felt quite excited to see him play for us.


I just hope the “place he wants to be” isn’t just Chelsea or City in 3 years time.

Welcome, Dat Guy.


He’s been loyal to Manchester United for 13 years. He mentioned back in March that he was contemplating a move away from the club because he was always played out of position. As long as he gets a fair chance at playing up front, I wouldn’t worry too much about loyalty.

Then again, Wenger loves using pretty much anyone as a winger, including strikers, playmakers, left/right backs, central midfielders. Everyone except goal keepers and central defenders in fact.


Everyone except wingers also… Heh


Has everyone forgotten about the winger Wenger made into a Striker. Our best Striker ever, King Henry.
All the talk of no strikers being brought in before Welbeck joined and just a load of wingers.. Or prehaps a load of potential Strikers.
Please with Welbeck though, think he’ll add something we were missing. (and don’t say “yeah a striker”)


Yes we know!!! These things don’t work all the time. a player moves away from a club coz he’s being played out of position, do you think it makes sense for us to then play him on the same wing?

Blogs, how come you don’t have a single pix of him not looking like someone just died?


yeah, a striker hah

Some Weird Guy

Bit off topic but Diego Lugano and Joseph Yobo are free transfers..

Not saying they’re ideal but one of them could give us some much needed depth in defence.


If they’re all that’s left, then I say hold out until it’s we’ve actually racked up the injuries that’ll force us to move for them. I’m hoping we’ll bring someone in in January though.

Mark Hughes

Yobo? Joseph Yobo? Ex-Everton Joseph Yobo? Thanks for the heads-up *runs off to grab the phone*


Hey Mark, What’s a curling ball delivered into the box from the left by an overweight, costly teenager?

Mark Hughes

A damn fine tactic


Generally speaking, yeah, but more specifically, its a Shaw cross 😉

Mark Hughes

With jokes like that, I have a guy looking for a room mate. His name is Charlie Adams and he is a hoot. We don’t understand a word he says as it’s all grunts and noises but we all laugh and he seems to like that.


This Adams guy related to the very famous Addams family, by any chance?


Can’t agree with the final sentence in the English Poster Boys article, our club uses plenty of the foreign talent in our official media campaigns. The kits were worn by Santi and Giroud in the launch pictures. Ozil was splashed all over Facebook this season and Poldi is the unofficial social media officer, aha!

It’s great we’re building a British core, but it’s because Wenger wants to for the game that has served him so well in this country.

Arsene's Apologist

And because British players tend not to go to Europe, and tend to be more sensitive to club rivalries, so you can build a long-term project with less likelihood of losing key parts.


I thought about commenting on that article, then realised it wasn’t worth commenting on such dross. One must keep oneself out of the gutter, you know…


wenger’s english arsenal players will win the world cup for england one day……

this country loves to promote its own.

eduardo diaby etc ….would be kicked to death…will they do the same to their “sons” wilshere gibbs welbeck walcott oxlade?

arsene knows


They did to Ramsey.

Vote for Welsh independence!

Arty's Art

Extend that to Britain? Ramsey?

The best thing about having an British core is that it is a core. For me they could speak Spanish, French or whatever. The fact remains that players who grow up together can attain a superb understanding of each other.

It was the strength of Germany, Spain and Bayern, Barcelona respectively.

Wenger knows.

This Is My #aha Tell Me Yours

That’s because Giroud looks better in kits than anybody else. Tight Puma shirts were made for Giroud.

The Beast

Any striker who can slot them in is welcome at Arsenal coz chances are always there . Welcome

Some Weird Guy

Damn! Free agents*


We’ve got SWAG up front now when needed.

Sanogo, Welbeck, Alexis and Giroud

Along with Feo, Aha and Joel.


Please stop this SWAG bollocks. People have been posting it on Twitter and it’s an embarrassment to all Arsenal supporters!


Aha , good one


Surely we already had ‘SWAG’, with Walcott?

Mark Hughes

If you got swag, you generally wear those shitty hats sideways with your ass hanging out like a fucking moron because your pants are half way down your white ass legs.

I prefer it when Arsenal have actual class.

Fergie the Gooner

To be fair it’s better than when we had GAS. That stank the place out against Leicester.


Yeah could easily have been WAGS, right? Please keep this stupidity constrained to the ones in Red without any White on their kit.

We need a striker and a CDM

I can now change my name to “WE need a CDM”
welcome Mr welbeck


You could change it to “We need a CB” as we have probably have cover in midfield.
Can we upgrade… sure but what we need first and foremost is a centreback to cover the cb hole after vermaelan, sagna, miquels departure…


Might as well change it to “We need a PL trophy and a CL trophy”, with your 50% strike rate we would land one 😉


Be positive guys , this year we will destroy ( BIG TEAMS )


Just don’t panic , don’t look at $ity ,,, chel$sea and cry , you should stand with your team ,

If you cannot support arsenal ,you will be just a plastic fan

Arty's Art

Crystal Palace? Really?

Walusaga David

Thanks for that long drive from Man U – Arsenal. Definately is a right choice for you. Prove to them Welbeck.


It wasn’t long, he was training at St George’s camp, could’ve done it in just over an hour.


Besides, all of Womanchester United’s fans drive from London to Manchester every weekend.


Maybe I’ve missed something (entirely possible) but has Arsene not commented on the signing yet. Usually when a deal is announced on the official site there’s a snippet from him about why he got the player etc. Maybe it’s just that they haven’t had the chance to talk to each other because it was last minute. Just seems odd.


Don’t think he was back from Rome when the deal was done.

Dr Jack

Am so happy to be honest because this is the exact right man we need at this moment. He is an exciting young player with both champions league and national team experience as well as the fact that he knows his way in/around the EPL thus wouldn’t need acclimatisation or the rest of the things that happen to new players from oversea.


True about being familiar with the league and Champions League, but he still needs to get familiar with his team-mates and our style of play, so let’s not throw him under the bus if he takes a while to find his feet, ok guys? *Looks nervously around*


I remember reading an interview with him years ago, where he mentioned that his favorite player was Thierry Henry. He’ll now get a chance to work with the manager who helped Henry become the best striker in the world, and he’s got a point to prove, so his motivation should be through the roof. He does have all the ingredients needed for a top striker, so it will be very interesting to see how he develops. Let’s just hope Wenger actually plays him instead of Sanogo, so we don’t end up with some funky tactic with Welbeck as a winger… Read more »


Welcome to Arsenal, Danny. falcao is just a gigolo.

Walusaga David

We go we go Arsenal. Welcome Welbeck. Star to be…


ankle knock???

Mark Hughes

It’s when your ankle takes a knock


This last World Cup I supported Germany because it had the most Arsenal boys. Engerland next time!


When is that country getting formed??



Savage I am the same…I support a team if it has an Arsenal player in it….

In fact in recent years I have lost some interest in watching the England games if no Arsenal player is playing in the game…..well the friendlies certainly

But it looks like we will have several Arsenal players playing for England now…which is great for England and good for us too, as our guys will get even more experience playing together in high level games.. As long as they don’t get injured !!!!!!


The Ox, Wilshere, Chambers and now Welbeck. I foresee Gibbs and Walcott also making it into the first team when they get fit, in time for the Euro’s, so that’ll hopefully mean 6 Arsenal lads in the national team! Bloody brilliant if you ask me.

Mr. White

We could’ve got balotelli or remy. Both half decent players but instead we got a young English player who’s similar to them in some ways but with more potential and higher work rate. As soon as Theo is back and and Sanchez used to the team, we will be up there. COYG!!!

Black Hei

Good you come over Welback. We are your foster home now. Screw that new United, they are fast becoming another City and you rightfully can’t stomach that nonsense. Your place is right here in a club that believes in you. Cheers!


manure r becoming maureenhoe’s chelski !!!


I have no doubt in mu mind that he is gooner do well.


Im sure hell do well with us. Someone ti get in behind the last man is just what we need. Best of luck.


Dan’s the man! …and if anyone can, Dan can.

Funky Gooner

John Cross from the Mirror is claiming Danny Boy has scored 20 goals in 53 starts in Premier League. That stat suggests he is more of a goal scoring threat than people perceive. Especially since he has never had a run of games at centre forward for UTD.


That’s why all this business of comparing his stats with Mario, Antonio, Lucio and Abednego is a bit of nonsense.

However, we don’t yet know what Wenger has planned for him, so let’s wait and see. I’m still expecting Sanogo to hit some proper goalscoring form, and I wouldn’t rule out seeing Welbz and Sanogo in the same team. It’s actually possible that Welbz is more of a threat to Giroud than to Sanogo. But that’s all conjecture at this stage.

Anonymous Physicist

That’s a bit of a false statistic. He’s scored 20 times in the premier league in 92 games out of which 53 were starts (didn’t check that number, but let’s assume it’s correct). So unless he never scored after coming on as a substitute (in which case, why keep bringing him on as one?), his actual number of goals in the 53 games he started will be lower.


I would really like to listen what the managers has to say about Welbeck.Personaly i am very looking forward to see him play with Arsenal. Last year we lacked speed, however this season we added even more pace with Sanchez and Welbeck.


Regardless of how we feel about Utd, he worked his way through the youth system to first team under Ferguson so he must have something about him. All those people against him straight away are ignoring all the players we have signed who struggled before they came to us (*cough* Bergkamp *cough* Henry). In no way comparing to them, but you get what I mean


Oh Danny, The Fresh Prince Of The Emirates


He may never get a run at center forward at arsenal they way Arsene plays some out of position.
Put him in the center and he will flourish.


Wenger might think he’s a winger the amount of time he spent out there for Man Utd. So if he plays him out of position at CF, everyones happy.


“As soon as he’s recovered from his ankle knock…” he’s a right fit for us !!

Arsene's Apologist

I tend to think that this is a signing Wenger had in mind some time ago, though we’ll never know. Wenger kept saying that he had to wait until other things moved in the market to open up options. Falcao’s wanting to move was not subtle, and perhaps Wenger had a good idea where he would end up—or at least knew that he would be displacing a good player anywhere he went. Welbeck’s worry about being out of position all the time wasn’t a secret either. I tend to think the idea of Welbeck as a “panic buy” is nonsense.… Read more »

Zip Watcher

A good point. Probably pretty close to the truth, but I guess we’ll never know.
So, do you think if Falcao had gone to Madrid we might have gone for Benzema? Or if he’d gone to City, Dzeko?

Andy Mack

One of the papers said that we’d enquired about him 2+ weeks back but had been told he wasn’t for sale. Then the Falcao deal became a possibility for them and DW23 was available. If that’s correct then this wasn’t a ‘panic’ but a fortuitous last minute deal.


Welcome Danny Boy! You have our full support in the colours of red & white. Start with a hat-trick against Citeh!

Also isn’t it great seeing all the Utd fans in meltdown over his interview?

Arsenal Wenger

I don’t give a horse’s backside who we sign as long as we BEAT EVERY OPPOSITION.


Winger said he would be active until the final minute, and that he would add if he found the right player available who could improve the team.

I think this is a great transfer for us and Welbeck. He solves our striker shortage and i bet in team he will be a BEAST.


Stop being so optimistic about this, the lad can’t finish 😛 We needed an world class star in that position, and we got wel..beck…

Explain your ambitions again arsenal..?

spud shooter

I don’t know about you lot I’m looking forward to seeing welbeck head the field but I bet welbeck and Giroud could work really well together while welbeck paces up the field Giroud can hold up play and then throught ball when he gets in to the right place



Look, if old fry up face Fergie picked him regularly AND in the biggest games, he’s got to be a player. He’s always had older and more experienced heads around him though…from Giggs, Ferdinand and Vidic to Shrek and Skunk. Can he ‘handle’ being further up the food chain at Arsenal? That’s the question…


He may suffer for a bit. Just like Ozil did when leadership on the pitch was expected of him in every game, just like every other Gunner is expected to lead. Coming from RM where responsibility was with CR7, Ramos and others, Ozil was only responsible for just his minutes.

I think that since Welbeck is already used to the PL, he will have a much easier time adjusting to being responsible.


Welcome aboard Danny. Let’s show them what we can really do

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