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Wenger backs his ‘friend’ to get in the box

Arsene Wenger has given his backing to Aaron Ramsey despite the Welshman not playing at his Jesusy best so far this season.

He’s had some odd moments – none more than last weekend when he clobbered a simple pass out for an Aston Villa corner – yet he’s also scored three times this campaign, including a vital late winner against Crystal Palace.

While acknowledging Ramsey hasn’t been quite at his optimal level, the Arsenal manager feels he’ll go back to basics to find his form.

“He is back now,” said Wenger. “He had a little moment when he was not at his best but that can happen. I am fully confident that he is back.

“He always wants to play. He has a terrific engine and on the pitch he never hides, so when he sometimes makes a mistake it is noticeable – but if you look at his overall contribution to the team, it is always fantastic.”

Asked whether Ramsey might be trying a little too hard this year when he’s in and around the box, Wenger admitted that the player may be feeling a weight of expectation after his goal scoring exploits last term.

“Yes sometimes [he may have been trying too hard]. I believe he felt a bit more pressure to score. You always have to come back to basics. What is my job? Midfielder, win the ball and give a good pass.

“After that, with his natural engine, a consequence of that is he will have chances. But if you play like [you believe that you] have to score, every time you want to be in the box you forget a little bit of the basics of the job.

“He is a Lampard type and when you watch the picture again, who is in the box? Oh, my friend Aaron is there – but he has to start from midfield.”

If we weren’t a bit *boilk* at this end we’d have photoshopped Ramsey’s handsome mug on the face of each character from Friends. You’ll just have to imagine for yourselves how good a visual gag that would have been…especially with Arsene in the background as Gunther.

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Do we lose title-contender ship if we lose the next 2 premier league games?

Fucking get in, and destroy them boys!


2-0 today. Ramsey and Rozza.


I love Rosicky…but we just have better players than him now.
2-1 Welbeck and Sanchez


Well, I say 4-0. Welbeck, Ozil, Sanchez, Rambo, wilshere, and a left footed Santi freekick. Er and maybe a nice Per header again. Is that four? Maybe I’m too nervous and excited. …*coat.


And a Koscielny scramble goal right at the end, killing the match off with a nice 8 goal lead.


The thought of our Rambo – the Aaron Ramsey we all know and love – to start to come back to the form of last season is a truly tantalizing prospect. Even when he’s not on full form he still contributes quite a bit to the team – just look at his stats for the season thus far. But we know he’s capable of much more…I don’t really think its a coincidence that when he struggles a bit with form, the entire team struggles…he’s that important to us now. And he’s only 23. How amazing is that.

Laycock Street N1

Hoping the scum play as badly as last week and we play like we did against Citeh.

Show them who are the big dogs right from the start.


What I love about Ramsey is that every time I think of him, whether he is doing something well or he is hitting a bizarre missed pass, I think of the FA Cup goal and the picture above and then I suddenly have a big fat grin on my face.

As for him and AW being friends, this is my favorite pic of the two of them:

Red Cannon

Wow. Seriously cool. Hadn’t seen that before (surprisingly).

Arsene Nose

OH When the Spuds!! Go marching DOwn!!!


I guess it’s only me who’s been getting double images on each news article of the last 2 days on the app?

born and bred

Nope, its not only you. And I even looked for an update..none. Although it does feel nice and pop-arty..




I think we will win 6-0
I think going forward we’ll just have too much for their shitty little excuse of a football team.

Rob Smith says

Such is the state of the squad so full of superstars (as compared to few seasons ago), that I can’t quite decide who I have to choose as scorer if it was only 2 goal. Ramsey, yes! Alexis, no surprise. Ozil, could do with a goal. Welback, yes! Rosicky, am waiting! That’s 5 minimum! Go gunners!


Arsene as Gunther !!! Loooooool


I reckon it’ll be a solid 2-0 today

Sanchez and Koscielny

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Arséne Wenger as Gunther, chilling in the background, absent-mindedly polishing a glass.
“Are you looking at me? Or am I looking at you? Those things were printed with one aim, and one aim only: to harm” “I just ordered a coffee 🙁 “

ooh to be

wtf are you on about


My favourite arsenal pic from last season is the pic of wilshere and giroud sliding after his norwich goal. The timing of that pic is super. I’m gona have it printed on a mug. The 2nd pic is the 1 above. The emotions I feel when I see it…a picture says a 1000 words foreal.


I have a very good feeling about this.
I think Ozil-Welbeck partnership will pick ip & continue from the Villa game….another good one from the pair I expecting.
Probably 3-0 would not do justice to a one-sided affair tonite…and maybe an own goal by adebayor would be the cream on the cake!!

ramsey's spirit

3-1. welbeck ramsey sanchez——cunt

Gooner from Pretoria.

he shall score and shut the devilish pundits mouths…

Gooner Smurf

Can we bring St Tott forward?

La Dèfense

“What is my job? Midfielder, win the ball and give a good pass.”



Arseblog mentions photoshop, friends and Ramsey, and I tried:

Tazmanian Jesus

3-0 hattrick by Gibbs…(happened on fifa last night….)

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