Thursday, April 25, 2024

Diary of a season: Arsenal 2-2 Hull

Another day, another diary. Hayley and Vince look back at the disappointing 2-2 draw with Hull.

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Sums up my mood these days

It’s all ’bout the money
It’s all ’bout the dum dum da da dum dum
And I don’t think it’s funny
to see us fade away
and i think he (we) go it all wrong anyway.

Az Ahmed

I have not been one to jump on the #WengerOut band wagon but what he has done this season knowing the weaknesses we had in defence and defensive midfield is nothing short of unforgivable. He had all summer to sign at least one centre back and one defensive midfielder. What does he do? He signs a right back (Chambers), and with his logic, he has filled the centre back and defensive midfield position. With a heavy heart, I say Wenger needs to go now. If he really loves Arsenal he should do what’s best for Arsenal and leave. He should… Read more »

Sheffield Goon

Spot on. The MOTD interview was embarrassing for the club. He answers to no one and that’s the root of the problems.

Very worrying times indeed.

Truth Hurts

You said it all but I don’t know if Wenger should quit now because I really doubt if we will find a replacement. He should stop being that old stubborn Every fan, every blogger, every football analyst both on TV and on radio said Arsenal needed a defensive midfielder, a striker and a back up CB Even some of the players hinted this on their social media pages. And Mr Wenger watched the transfer window pass. Diame, a much cheaper player,although I believe we can do better than that, he would have been a great asset for Arsenal this season… Read more »


“It is just so upsetting. What is worse is the way Wenger responded to questions about issues Arsenal fans want to know. Why have we only won 2 out of 8 games? Why did we not sign a defender and defensive mid? He turns around and gives ridiculous responses as ‘I don’t understand the question’. Pathetic” Well dear friend it takes a real fool not to notice that the media are professional trolls aiming to widen the divide among arsenal fans. Wenger is not stupid. He knows the media use the fans frustration to turn them against him and his… Read more »


Same old same old Wenger, too stubborn.


Since we moved to the Emirates, it’s been all about the money. Season after season we start the season knowing our flaws but our leaders do f**k all. As long as they keep making the cash…


Unfortunately, like the 4-4-2 system now seemingly obselete, Wengers teams weaknesses are exposed by even the lower teams in the table.

No idea what the thought process was behind not only changing the formation this season, but changing the set piece marking. We’ve gone from szeszney getting the golden glove to not being able to buy a clean sheet.

Honestly its about time he starts putting arsenals priorities ahead of players, letting vermaelen leave without getting a replacement is almost unforgivable.


Missed the match at the weekend after a long time as I went to see ISL derby match Mumbai FC vs Pune FC. Trashed them 5-0. Amazing atmosphere… stadium errupted as freddie ljungberg came on as a substitute… marking my calendar for mumbai vs goa… freddie vs pires.. mouthwatering tie..


Even with a lack of physical presence we dont compansate for this by playing the game at pace.Everything is slow and predictable.
The only three games i can remember when this happened was Napoli,Spurs last season and Galitasary this season.

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