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Ospina sidelined for up to three months

Arsenal’s injury problems continue to mount with Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina set to spend three months on the sidelines.

The 26-year-old has started only one game since signing from Nice for £3 million having arrived at London Colney in the summer nursing a thigh problem picked up at the World Cup.

Called upon off the bench in Arsenal’s last Champions League run out against Galatasaray in the aftermath of Wojciech Szczesny’s red card, he hasn’t been seen since.

News of Ospina’s injury was confirmed by Arsene Wenger at his pre-Anderlecht press conference.

“It is exactly the same (injury) . He had his first injury in Nice, it was a knee problem and I think he was a bit rushed back.

“He didn’t use his legs so his muscle became weaker, then he got injured during the World Cup. And after that he came to us injured, from the World Cup. It took him two months to play a game.

“I had to bring him on against Galatasaray without warm-up, without being prepared and he had a recurrence of that injury. That means he is out for two to three months.

“Now we have to be really careful because he has a recurrence of a thigh injury that’s very difficult. It’s a long-term injury.”

Emiliano Martinez will deputise tomorrow evening in Brussels and now has the opportunity to hold down the number two spot having been fourth choice last year.

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Rambo sambo

So far this is looking to be one of the worst seasons in recent times. Seems like all the team news is negative. Very few bright spots so far. Hope that changes soon.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

This is approaching a threshold of some very terrible dark comedy.

Bould's Eyeliner

it has not so much as have broken that threshold as shattered it like carragher shatters the english language.


Definitely not Wenger’s fault this time around. Get well soon Ospina


Dracular is right. The rationale for the substitution makes sense. Maybe he shouldn’t even have been on the bench though.

Third Plebeian

Isn’t it? He admitted to bringing Ospina in injured after the World Cup.

I’m finally ready to admit that Wenger has poor judgment. Believe me, that’s not something I ever wanted to say.

That Genius Bergkamp

He brought on a keeper who had a preexisting injury that wasn’t well addressed. Why not carry Martinez on the bench for a while? He’s judgement is just poor nowadays.


We have a minimum injury time policy at this club. I think it’s 6 weeks unless you are new then it’s 3 months.

Man Manny

This is unreal. Can one team be so decimated by injuries? They just have to soldier on I guess.


Dangit! If only he would have told us about this 1 week earlier, we could have had a full Arsenal Injured XI:
I had to go three at the back, but I think Ramsey could’ve done the job.
Debuchy Koscielny Ramsey
Arteta Rosicky
Walcott Ozil Gnabry
Giroud Sanogo


An injured XI without Diaby in it?!


Yeah.. ok, sounds about right.


You couldn’t even make this up even if you tried your hardest…


You just can’t make it up……though the fact he was “rushed” back suggests this is directly an issue with the advice either given, or the advice ignored……Wonder what the players think seeing all these injuries.


Get me the F…. Out of here before my career is ruined by injury.

This injury situation must soon be starting to effect potential new signings decisions on whether they would like to join or not. So far what we yave done is analyze the situation and then gone on to hire a new fitness coach who in the matter of weeks boosted our injury record by 300%.

Someone need to check who is paying his wages. My bet is Chelsea. Shad Forsythe is probably stuck in a basement under Stamford Bridge, and been replaced by Vlad Forsythe.


Shad out!
What’s that? Ramsey’s back?
Shad in!



*bursts out in tears*


Ahhhhhh for fuck sake!


This is getting a bit ridiculous now isn’t it.


Why was he even on the bench if coming on without a warm-up could result in such an injury? He should have been warming up in the unlikely scenario that he’d be called upon or not on the bench at all.

New Shuttle

That’s a very nice little point of view.

What would be the crux of it if he had been seen warming up for no apparent reason and got injured in the very process?


Isn’t retrospect lovely. The guy was on the bench for more games than just that one.

Rohith J

Substitute GKs almost never get to warm up if the main guy gets injured. Don’t think Ospina should have been on the bench if Wenger had known that rushing him back would have aggravated his injury.

New Shuttle

And if he wasn’t on the bench at all, then he shouldn’t even be on this PLANET at all! OH YEAH!


Seems like we’re aiming for a huge LANS party in a few months’ time…

Daft Aider

LANS = like a new squad


Briliant !


If we can scrape through this half of the season we can have a really heartening end to the season with a burgeoning squad. The exact opposite of our usual effort, outcome will no doubt be the usual.


This is ridiculous. How the hell does this keep happening. What is going on that our injuries have been this bad for the best part of 6 years. It’s beyond a joke. No other club in the top 10 of the premier league has this problem. It must be down to gross negligence in the management of the fitness of this team. It’s pathetic and it needs to be sorted out. SO TIRED OF THIS SHIT WITH NO EXPLSNATION!!!


Our injuries have never been this Bad, as long as I can remember. We had really no occasion to complain, relatively speaking. Now we have some perspective. This is capital B Bad, like Book of Job Bad, like God hates you to amuse himself Bad. It’s gone beyond funny to the absurd, so you just have to open yourself up to it and laugh. The Emirates will be filled with locusts by December. Any players we have left will be covered in boils. London will be covered with a thin layer of ash. And then, and then… Giroud will come… Read more »

Daft Aider

That’s what happens when you build a stadium on a combined gypsy/native american/pet graveyard where several hundred children were slaughtered by a Chelski supporting escaped Nazi,
at the application everyone laughed at me……………..


Maybe we should keep the players at home and play their surrogates.
That is going to happen in the future anyway.
Here is Piresbot, passes to Henry 2.0.
And its a goaaaal for Arsebots.


Dear Lord,
where have we gone wrong?

Siz C

erm……..maybe, just maybe, referring to Bergkamp as God……..and erm, the ‘Welsh Jesus’.

…….just might be a good starting place, if your turning to ‘Lord’ for questions.

And if you don’t believe me, I think there’s a certain episode of Simpson’s that will support my arguement, lol.


He was also probably referring to Lord Bendtner when he said “Dear Lord”


Rushed back to sitting on the bench?


This is not coincidence or just bad luck – anyone that thinks it is, is a gullible mug. There is something fucked up going on.
I want a fucking explanation! NOW!


Well, we didn’t want to let the secret out but seeing as you’ve demanded, it’s all to do with the Midi-chlorians.

Daft Aider

So, the Phantom Menace is responsible for our injury crisis,
that’s probably one of the more likely reasons I have heard so far…….

Leave the jokes to me

Well I’m surprised Wenger hasn’t got an injury seeing the way everybody associated with Arsenal must have a long term injury at some point. 17 years is it…


He’s been injured for about 9 years now. badum. tiss.

Keown bit me ref

Meh bring it on. Let’s see what young Martinez has to offer.

Maybe he’s the new Goycochea!

Nationality ? a Gunner

rushed back a bit you say ,eh ?


There was a goalie named Ospina
Who was once seen at the arena
He then disappeared
And everyone feared
That Dick Law would sign Pepe Reina


this is god’s way of revenge since we won the FA cup


The injury situation is really dire. Even the manager now talks about 2-3 months rather than 2-3 weeks as was the norm last year.

Double, Double, Double....

For. Fuck. Sake. Next us fans are going to start getting injured..


‘He came to us injured’ – could happen to anyone I guess, but this statement just sums Arsenal up.

Good Arse

In fairness, I think AW is saying that he was rushed back while at Nice.

I think modern players don’t have enough greasy fatty food. Neither myself or my burger munching mates ever got injured and we’d be kicking lumps out of each other. Chipper once a week, I say. Maybe after the weekend match……with some beers.


is this one of the joke Arseblog News stories?

What is happening to our beloved team?


Absolutely incredible the injury situation is just beyond belief


these injuries are obviously not down to the facilities,we have spent over 33 million pounds, travelled the globe looking at every sport equipment that other sports use, their training facilities, all the science the fitness coaching etc etc its definately not a money issue on equipment we are lacking in the expertise to use it to its full potential, bad management skills are becoming too evident and training methods must be so wrong. you just make this shit up, its more like there on a suicide mission…….

Me So Hornsey

What is even more absurd is wenger wanting injury prone Chris Smalling and Daniel Agger in the summer gone and possibly interested in injury prone Khedira in the coming January.


He came.

He saw.

And he got injured.


WTf is going on.


Well sky say its down to the relaxed training methods and i remember hearing a few explayers saying training elsewhere is more intense. When it comes to the intensity of the PL their bodies(muscles) are not prepared. Why buy injured players in the first place? And put on with no warm up is crazy. In arsene we….


“And put on with no warm up is crazy.”

Right, since Szczesny had just been sent off we should have played without a goalkeeper for ten minutes while he warmed up.




There we go Fabregas assisting John the Cunt Terry and hugging him afterwards with Maureen punching the air in delight. WELL DONE WENGER! My worst nightmare right in front of me.


this is a joke! only at arsenal!


There can be no confidence in Wenger, his coaching team, and scouting network after this.

This incompetence of the highest order. A complete clean sweep of the management team is required.


So basically he hasn’t been right since about May, he still wasn’t 100% while playing and is now banjoed for 3 mths? That’s plain and simple mismanagement..We can’t sustain injuries like this, the club surely must realise this is critical and proper analysis and planning to stop it continuously happening is needed?


What’s the surprise…..? Wenger has a track record of buying injured players. More mismanagement on his part. I implore the club to replace him. We have another two seasons of this bullshit to come otherwise.


And then, they discovered that our fitness coaches are double agents working for the Spurs…


If I didn’t know better I would believe I am on some heavy drugs. I swear I am having hallucinations. Ball hits Giroud ankle and breaks it and is out 3 months, Debuchy stretches his leg and comes down and tears ligaments and is out 3 months, Ozil does who knows what and is out 3 months, Ospina joins the team, and is out 3 months. Is this some bad Greek Trilogy? I think I might have to re-read some Greek mythology to break the tri-spell.


It’s certainly a bad trilogy, if only because you’ve got four injuries in it.


Rumor has it AW is out for 3 months. Word has it he tore ligaments when he shoved Maureen.


AW recruits staff with the same training methods than his. Theses problems won’t stop unless AW leaves. For a player, it becomes physically risky to sign for Arsenal.


Latest news…..the Emirates Stadium has a groin strain, the pitch has developed Herpes, the team coach has an oil leak, the goal posts are warped, Gunnersarus has metatarsal problems…and John Terry is a cunt.


Just as an aside…I have valued Wenger throughout his lengthy tenure and supported him at all times.

If we change him now, I really don’t see that we can lose anything, but we could gain a lot, with a new fresh young manager with new ideas. Sorry Arsene x


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Follow the money

Wenger likes crocks. We have become a retirement home for top players who don’t want the stress of the real top teams. They can come here and get paid to not play. They are under no pressure to win. And get to party in London.


It’s simple really… you buy a player who is cheap – £4 million pounds for an international with a World Cup behind him. And the only way you get him for that price is because his club know he has a problem, a chronic problem possibly even. We snap their hands off because we see value in it and arrogantly decide that we can take the risk and manage his condition. In the end, stuff happens (like, you know, having to use a substitute in a match) and the chronic injury flares again, leaving him out for months and our… Read more »


Starting a 17 year old in a champions league match as our keeper has to be indicative of something gone wrong at the club, injury-prevention wise. We’ve had injury problems in the past, but never so rampant as I’ve seen the last 2-3 seasons. Do we rely on the players to self-police themselves in terms of injury care, or do we just sign injury prone players? This is a weird phenomenon that I literally cannot understand. Staying optimistic about the season since its basically just started getting interesting.

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