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Wenger laments Diaby’s Sunderland injury

Arsene Wenger says he can only admire Abou Diaby’s professionalism in light of the horrific injuries that have plagued his career at Arsenal.

Revealing the 28-year-old is currently ruled out with a calf problem, the boss lamented the knock on effects of the broken ankle inflicted on his compatriot by Sunderland’s Dan Jones in May 2006.

“He is not in the squad because he has a small calf problem,” explained Wenger ahead of another trip to the Stadium of Light.

“He has little injuries at the moment, never anything bad, but he has been out for such a long time that when he plays it takes him a long time to recover.

“It’s much worse for Abou compared to Theo [Walcott] who has not gone through so many injuries. You wonder where Abou gets the strength to come back and work harder and harder and harder.

“When you come in in the morning he’s already in the gym to prepare. He has done extremely well – you cannot fault his attitude at all. You can only admire him for that. He is always in my mind. His first injury at Sunderland in the last minute – that was a huge blow in his career.”

The boss also took time to praise another of Arsenal’s ACL survivors, Theo Walcott, as the England man closes in on a first team action for the first time since 4 January.

After missing the Gunners FA Cup success and the World Cup, as well having off field issues ot contend with, the boss said of the winger.

“He had a very difficult time. He’s a very polite and social guy, but behind that, he’s mentally strong as well.

“For what he has gone through in the last nine months, you gain even more respect for him, because he had some difficult times and always responded very positively. He’s got a young baby, where they had some problems, but he has done extremely well.”

Walcott isn’t expected to take part this weekend, but the boss did suggest he could get game time next week.

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Dan Smith… recently of the Holland Park Hawks.


yes, Smith.


Didn’t realise his child was unwell. Welcome back Theo.


Genuinely feel for Abu. I wouldn’t wish this type of injury or the problems since on anybody but it is such a damned shame that it happened to a genuinely nice guy who wants a career and not one of the little ‘Bentley Boy’ generation that only care about the money.

As for Theo, again supremely positive attitude for someone that’s had his fair share of injuries though thankfully none as serious as Abu’s.

The Dude

… what about John Terry?


Why can’t Wenger give me a contract too, I will also give 110% in training grounds? Likewise, I am pretty sure bloggs will too!


watching diaby’s clips on youtube make me think what a beast he would have developed into if not for that one injury!

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

If only there were points for class. Then we’d win the league every year and Chelsea would come (in the) bottom.


Funny Arsene should use Theo as a comparison, as l’Equipe recently did a list of the most frequently injured Arsenal players (since about 2002 I think) and Theo actually came out on top, two ahead of Diaby, with something like 42 injuries. Obviously Abou’s have been more severe though.

Although who knows? Since that article came out 3 days ago Abou might have had a few more and caught Theo up!


Nothing against Diaby, I do feel sorry for him but I’m sure the 50k a week he gets must help somewhat.

The fact Wenger saw fit (excuse the pun) to give him a five year contract in 2009 when his injury history was already poor leaves a lot to be desired.

When he’s released at the end of the season he could do a job for a team in Portugal or Span and I wish him well.


yes .. we should be like newcastle and ask a player with cancer to find a new club.. fuck the world.. we have class.. and that is something. its not only about winning


He refuses to collect his wages unless he plays, I believe


That is correct. While he’s been out injured the last year and a half his wages have gone to charity.


I don’t think that’s true.


I don’t think its true either, another internet rumour.
If he has been paid £60k a week for the 5 years of his current contract – that’s over £15m for not contributing too much. I hope he has given a large chunk to charity.

Ola Odus

Scandalous to say the truth!
Football is not about sentiments.

Don Cazorleone

Sometimes it is, we are a family.


So when’s Theo actually back? Was supposed to be 6 months, then 9, then… January?


The fact we’ve seen glimpses of the absolute domination he can bring to a team makes it worse. What a player he could have been..could still be..?


Could have been. If we are realistic.


same old news regarding Diaby

Tony Hall

I didn’t realise he was injured again …

Rambos mate

Diaby the only man I know who gets paid for going to the gym


Unnecessary snidey comment!


I always felt that Diaby was nicking a living, but Wenger’s words have changed my mind.

Mark Hughes

List of all players that have had over 15 injuries (according to Physio Room): Theo Walcott Injury Count 42 Vassiriki Diaby Injury Count 41 Tomas Rosicky Injury Count 37 Fredrik Ljungberg Injury Count 29 Kieran Gibbs Injury Count 27 Robin Van Persie Injury Count 27 Thomas Vermaelen Injury Count 24 Johan Djourou Injury Count 23 Bacary Sagna Injury Count 21 Laurent Koscielny Injury Count 21 Thierry Henry Injury Count 21 Jack Wilshere Injury Count 20 Cesc Fabregas Injury Count 19 Sol Campbell Injury Count 19 Dennis Bergkamp Injury Count 18 Aaron Ramsey Injury Count 17 Ashley Cole Injury Count 17… Read more »


Fuck me, that’s awful.


Seriously when is Arsene just going realise that Diaby is never going achieve what he and we would like? To play regularly and influence our season. Some one has to say enough is enough and free up his wages and bring in a body to help AFC. Sad but very true, he has to go if we have a replacement target and is available.

Ola Odus

If a player can not get a run of at least a dozen games under his belt without injury, how can ANY club consider such a player an asset? More of a liability if you ask me, sentiments apart, sentiment wins U nothing.

alexis' shorts

Sure, I agree with the sentiment to replace him even though he has tried well for us and been very
good when fully healthy. But you can’t just “free up” his salary, if you release him you’re still paying him
exactly what you’d be paying with him in the squad. His contract ends after this season, odds are it won’t
be renewed. We can’t sell him because no one will buy someone with that injury history.

Mr Brain Is a Gunner4life!

I felt nothing but pity for poor old Diaby.

Wally Forbes

50k a week,actually Diaby at his request has not received any salary for the past two years.


Diaby Why Only You…??? If Only You Were Fit I Think You Would Have Been Our Main Man In Midfield In This Team..And I Am Really Excited To See Theo And Alexis Play Together From Wings Providing Welbeck Crosses..!!!

Bouldy's Tupee

Diaby is class and Wenger is right about saying this man has great mental strength. If that was me I wouldn’t play football every again. The man wants to be a footballer and is a beast when he’s fit. Its not his fault Wenger decided to extend his contract.
I can’t wait to see Diaby walk on that pitch and play again.

Dan Jones

Don’t blame me, it was Dan Smith

Wilshere for EPL player of the season

Sorry about my ignorance. But what’s wrong with walcott’s kid ??


Newborn baby had some health complications – people were asking why Theo wasn’t watching us win the FA Cup… the reason Theo wasn’t at Wembley for the FA Cup Final was because he was at hospital with this wife and baby. He did watch the match on the hospital screens and Jenko and Ox did FaceTime him while he was there though if you recall.

steveafc forever

A fit diaby could have been the new veira shocking how one player can have so much bad luck there’s no justice why couldn’t it happen to a scumbag like John Terry


Ild be in the gym all day every day for over 60k a week! Sounds like we’re gearing up for a contract extension for abou

And let’s get it right, bad injury and terrible tackle but he was blighted before thaen injury wise. This tackle isn’t the only reason


he is an immense talent however, how do you think he will approach challenges in one of the most physical positions. he wants to play and continue to play injury free, but does that mean he avoids physical contact? mentally that is something that I think is going to be a huge issue for him. we saw it when he nearly murdered joey barton, give hes a cunt and the challenge wasn’t good, I’d still say it was a standard foul in the EPL. his reaction to that showed in my opinion mentally he is afraid of both tackling and… Read more »


Alas smith or jones, the man is a tosser. Losing 0-3 (i think) with only a couple of minutes left and he did that.


We love you Abou! Keep up the hard work!


Sorry but diaby has to go, he is taking up space in the squad. It is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the guy but this can’t carry on. It’s not fair on him or us.


diaby is one of the most professional footballers around, he lives a very clean life has his religious beliefs never in any trouble trains and trains after every injury he has and fights the good fight, his mental strength and beliefs bound no limits, this is one of lifes biggest injustices his bodies re-occuring injuries, as much as we love him Wenger has to let him go next summer and wish him well

Ola Odus

Could not agree more.


Is he not worth wages for what he did to terry? Deserves a statue for that alone!


Its time for Diaby to leave the club. He’s total waste of Arsenal money; he will never be fit to play regularly. He won’t even be playing here if not because of his injuries; he would have gone to City, the favourite club for French Arsenal players these days.

Diaby, the man who gets paid for spending time in the gym and training. He’s started only 92 games since he joined at 19. A real waste of resources.

Arsenal is not a charity club.


I have this gut feeling that if/whenever we release diaby, he’ll somehow overcome this problems and start putting in great performances and i’m sure wenger probably feels the same way too.
Thats why i want us to keep him till his contract expires and give him a pay as you play deal.


Confirmation that Karma has no place in football.. The amount of cunts that are able to live out their dream while a true class act like Diaby is unable to showcase his talent..and is ridiculed even by his own fans for something that is out of his control and was an action executed against him by an aforementioned cunt.


Given the way this season is going for him, its hard to see him getting a contract anywhere next season. If he can’t make it back to fitness it would be good to see him go into coaching with us.


So many f*ckers out there who deserve to get a career-ending injury, yet they are still on the field breaking other players’ legs. And those f*cking refs in the PL are just smirking and thinking “lol, this is a man’s game.”


Don’t know about anybody else but I am a little uncomfortable with tomorrow’s game. Feel Sunderland will be really concentrating on their defense after that humiliating defeat last week. I would imagine they will be sitting back and just hoping for a break against us. Don’t like it when the other team comes off an embarrassing loss. Their motivation to shut us down will be way up and it is easier to sit their players behind the center line and just keep disrupting us whenever and wherever they can than actually trying to score.


Whose going about breaking people’s legs ? And don’t say Shawcross . Diaby broke Nasris leg in preseason training once,is that what you mean ?What a nasty,bitter comment.Why don’t you look towardsyour manager who is doing a pretty damn good job of trying to ruin players what with leaving Ozil on the pitch with a ligament tear,playing Kos even though he knew he had chronic tendonitis because he failed to get another CB(Kos is likely to be out all season,same condition that kept VermaeLen and Rosicky out for over a year,saying a month is propaganda to keep the heat off… Read more »

H. P. Arsecraft

“never anything bad” Sorry but **** off Wenger. Not even a clue.

Don Cazorleone

I think it is quite interesting how the Diaby situation seems to split the fans quite drastically into two. I think the position that you take on it should tell you everything about yourself as a supporter. Some things transcend trophies and glory and for me class and dignity are just some of them. Week in week out I see ruthless dirty tactics and cheating from Chelsea’s players and manager, you couldn’t offer me enough trophies to support a team like that. I’d rather finish bottom of the league with my head held high, than top as an unrighteous cunt.… Read more »

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