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Wenger sort of issues a little bit of an apology (ish)

Arsene Wenger says he regrets pushing Jose Mourinho during Arsenal’s recent visit to Stamford Bridge and that he shouldn’t have reacted to the media’s goading line of questioning in the game’s aftermath.

Visibly irked after the defeat to Chelsea the boss dismissively played down the coming together with the Portuguese claiming he merely responded to his path being blocked as he tried to check on injured Alexis Sanchez.

Having had a week to reflect on the incident (which will go unpunished), the boss told French TV station Téléfoot that he was wrong to resort to violence…despite Mourinho deserving an ebola-infested hot poker rammed in his eye.

“They gave too much importance to this story. In hindsight I think I should not have reacted at all, it’s not a way to behave on a football field.

“I always regret any signs of violence and I apologise, but that’s a part of games where everything is manic. And then we have quite a substantial past. Did Mourinho provoke me? That is how I felt. I did not enter Chelsea’s technical area.”

So a backhanded apology, sort of. Not one that Mourinho will give a shit about, but one that might go some way to persuading kids that kicking off on the touchline isn’t necessarily the best example. After all…

Won’t somebody please think of the children? 

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How i’d love van Gaal to punch Mourinho in the face!


Or Sam Allardyce and Steve Bruce sit on him

Black Hei

How about Roy Keane doing a number on Mourinho? He looks insane with that beard.

New guy

you’re right, it’s definitely the beard, not anything else


I just want to hear more about blog’s dreams, breakfast, boilk, sleeping habits and imagination. Jesus, recent blog’s have been insufferable. Just because nothing’s happening, you could still discuss some of the challenges ahead and your views on that. Or perhaps comment on this Ozil to Bayern link which isn’t going away. Arseblog doesn’t have to be reactionary, you can always put forward discussion yourself. Something to think about.


Yeah. but if Blogs had written about Ozil or something else Arsenal related we would never have had this…..


Or perhaps I can do what I want because it’s my blog and there is nothing happening and going over old ground over and over again is about as tedious as people telling you what you should do.

As for the Ozil Bayern link which isn’t going away, as far as I know it was a story that originated yesterday in the Daily Mail so a) it’s hardly like it’s been an issue for ages and b) fuck the Daily Mail and all their abject cuntery.


Just a bit of constructive criticism but if you want to take your ball and go home, fair enough.


If you think calling something ‘insufferable’ is constructive criticism, I suspect you need to look up the definition of that.

And I’m not the one throwing a strop because the free stuff I get every day of the week isn’t as pleasing as it might be.

not a comedian

@Greek Tragedy: As someone who has been reading Arseblog since right around 2002(back when there was a smattering of cannons in the wallpaper if I remember correctly, though I must admit I don’ t always remember correctly), but anyways, where was I..ah yes 2002. This blog stands out above the rest because Blogs is a great writer and seems like a “reasonable” Arsenal fan. Simple as that for me. I love reading his writing because like with any really good writer, he can take you on a journey, sometimes to some pretty strange places, but a journey that’s enjoyable..and then… Read more »


GreekTragedy – that was no constructive criticism…. more like a child’s whiny “why aren’t you writing about what I want you to write about?” The answer, which is as plain as day if you quickly review the entirety of Blogs output (it would merely take you weeks of straight reading if you start now) is that he writes elegantly, farcically, and fantastically about Arsenal. It’s really amazing that he deftly utilizes so many literary techniques to cover Arsenal and produce a daily….daily!…..every single damn day!…body of work that is both informative and entertaining. Perhaps more to the point AthenianCatastrophe, it… Read more »


You can always cancel your FREE subscription. Out of curiosity, I looked around at the other top-rated blogs for other EPL teams and let me tell you they pale in comparison to our Arseblog. Keep up the good work, Arseblog!


I’m not that fussy.
Anyone could do it and I’d be happy.


Mourinho’s all talk, epitomises the small man syndrome. You could see he nearly shat his pants when Wenger nudged him, and Wenger didn’t even budge!


When will Mourinho apologize for existing?

remember the invincibles

heard he wanted an apology from the Devil for creating him first.

Trex d Gunner

Arsene should have gone Diaby style on him, and kicked that loud mouthed bus driver in the head. That would have been a thing of beauty.


what are the odds of that self-serving retard reacting to headlines “Mourinho provoked me” by starting to label AW a “provoyeur” or “specialist in provocation”?


Mourihno i am sorry i pushed you around like a little girl, you must be mortified that a 64 year old man with the physique of a stick insect could out muscle you and leave you floundering.
Your wife must have taken this even harder and now she sees my face everytime she makes love (to you or John Terry).


Arsene the Muss Wenger

gooner odst

i read this in the voice of Wenger, with added Wengerisms, complete with grin at the end. I’m chuckling uncontrollably now and I don’t know when it will stop.

Truth Hurts

Is Ozil leaving for Bayern munich in january?


Stop reading daily mail for christ’s sake


Hehe, that is what I woke up to aswell in a Norwegian online paper claiming Özil wanted to leave allready in January for Bayern Munich. Im guessing they got that from the Daily Mail then. But honestly, if we are to keep playing Özil on the wing and not give him the number 10 role ever, then I do think selling him is a good idea and rather buy a proper World Class Winger. Özil in his career has been one of the worlds absolute best number 10’s, but as a Winger he is probably not even top 50. And… Read more »

this aint FIFA bitches


Mike Hunt

Let’s hope so although there is no way we will get back our £42m – further proof that £ for £ he has to be one of Arsene’s worst buys! P.S. Buy a defensive midfielder!!!!

Andre's sandals

Arsene lost his cool and thats cool at times. its kind of class(ish) to lose your cool and push maureenho. Shoulda punched his vestigial nose even!


You should really consider not reading the Daily mail ….if you don’t want High B.P between now and the 31st of January.


To all those retards thinking that ozil’s gonna leave………………..go Mourinho yourself


Go c**t yourself doesn’t sound quite right. Unless you referring to shit or fark.

Adam Richards

And go grow a beard for a year at that.


If the poker was hot that would destroy the ebola virus and this might not have the desired effect. May I suggest a rusty ebola infested poker instead?


I Wish he’d just smashed that Portuguese cunt straight in the throat and tried to strangle him with his own ball sack, but even that would have been too good for that oxygen thieving fuck Witt


Violence is not the word I would have used to describe that little push on the sidelines!! Now Ben Flower in the Rugby League final on Saturday, that was violence!!


What’s the difference between Mourinho and an Onion?

Nobody would cry if you chopped up Mourinho.


The pair of them needs to grow up to be honest.


The only thing he needs to apologise for is not twatting the fucker properly. For a man in his sixties, I reckon Arsene could do some damage if he were in the mood, especially to the little piss-weasel that is Mourinho.


Piss-weasel is going to be my word of the month. Maybe the name of my band (if i ever make one). haha too good.


I think Wenger made a fool of himself, embarrassed us and was lucky not to be red carded.
That poisoned dwarf Mourinho won that round, again, on and off the field. Let’s get em at our place next time boys!
Wenger must wake up get his team sorted.
Up The Arsenal!


He certainly made no fool of himself. He made Mourinho look like the coward he is.


I don’t think Wenger should push his weight around if his record is 0 wins out of 12, probably the worst record in the entire premiership against that steaming blue pile of maggot shit.
Wenger! Sort it out! We cannot abide another defeat to those assholes!


Can we please stop the ebola jokes because its a life threatening disease. It’s like making cancer jokes. I don’t care if it’s mourinho, I wouldn’t wish ebola on my worst enemy.

Lightening Pace

Loving the Maureen hatred this morning! 😀


Seriously that pushed was the only highlight of the game from an Arsenal point of view. Surprisingly, when Wenger pushed Mourinho, he seems to be in shock and was waving for Wenger to move back to his technical area instead of retaliating. That was really p*ssy of Mourinho who is often a bully himself- remember he was the eye poking, name calling, back heel kicking(attempted to back heel on Fabregas head during the Madrid-Barcelona derby) gangster in the game. If you watched the replays again, Mourinho returned to his seat and shut himself up. He did not attempt to confront… Read more »


I would LOVE to give Mourinho a running fuck slap right in his stupid fucking face!


we cannot allow sentiment cloud our judgement….i think wenger with the pushing was a little bit out of it…and he made the right decision to apologies to everyone maybe thats why wenger should be praise for coming back to apologies with mourinho refusing to do same


Mourinho was shocked probably… Wenger normally just takes it the best way to take a bullies power away is to stand up to them…


That shit was child abuse

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