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Walcott contract talks revealed

With just over 18 months left on his current deal, Theo Walcott is in the process of discussing a new contract with the club.

According to Arsene Wenger talks have begun, saying, “We are starting to sit down with him. I think he has one and a half years to go in December. It should be his peak years because he is 25. It’s the best years now, so hopefully we can profit from that.”

However, somewhat tellingly the manager said, “It is never an easy job with him.”

Perhaps it’s a reference to the fact Walcott and his advisers allowed his deal to run down to the point where he could have negotiated a Bosman deal with a foreign club, but with less than 6 months remaining he signed an extension which takes him to the summer of 2016.

Arsenal are obviously keen to tie him down to a longer deal now, and having signed Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil and given them wage deals above Walcott’s £100,000 a week, the England man will want some kind of parity with the biggest earners.

With most of the team’s top stars on long contracts, Walcott’s signature on a new deal will be something of a priority for the negotiating team.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t go as close to the wire as last time.

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Me So Hornsey

Sign da ting.


Walcott looks like koopa troopa


ReSign da Ting!

Andre Bantos

GIve him 150k plus and tell him to become a legend. Can’t afford to lose a player with bags of quality to another rival.


I do love Theo, but I think we can rest safe in the fact that no club is going to offer him a better contract than us. Arsene has invested a lot in him and that shows in the figures of 100k+, but who can honestly say he’s made a consistent enough impact to deserve to be on the same wage packet as Alexis and Ozil (cough)?


Walcott looked so dangerous for the few minutes he was on Saturday against Burnley, everybody will want him if he keeps playing like that.
He can do those little dinked, parabolic, loopy, 3 yard crosses at full speed over defender’s heads inside the box, meat and drink for Sanchez. 🙂
Real or Barcelona may come calling if he keeps doing that.


I can’t be alone in feeling that his actions last time around left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth, and that his stringing out the contract talks was rather disrespectful to our great club, especially coming just after the appalling behaviour of the lesser Dutchman whose name we shall not sully this website with. If he should want to play silly buggers this time, sod him. He’s good, but not that good.


The real disgrace was when he signed the contract before that and promptly held a press conference to say the big deal for the forthcoming season was playing for England at the World Cup. With due irony Capello dropped him because his form was so poor. But to say that when Arsenal have just set him up financially for life was infuriating. Stringing out the subsequent contract with a load of crap about ‘how difficult it is to sign these things’ just further underlined the delusional world of the modern EPL footballer. It will be interesting to see if he… Read more »


Spot on


I disagree. If anything, shame on the board for trying to penny pinch.If he had gone into talks with another club and then tried to hold another offer over our heads, that would be disrespectful.

It was in his best interest to take the contract talks to the nub. At that point it’s in Arsrenal’s court: make him the offer he wants or risk losing him to a Bosman.

All he did was use a common negotiating tactic to get his pay day. This is also why transfer deadline day is such a circus.


But surely £100,000 a week was a more than reasonable offer for a player of his age and return? Obviously I’d prefer him to turn out in an Arsenal shirt than for a rival, but I certainly don’t place him in the bracket of players whom we cannot afford to lose at any cost. The absence of any concrete offers (that we as fans know about) means very little, as one of the vulgar money clubs would surely have taken a punt on him. Or for that matter, look how much Liverpool were prepared to spend this summer! Arsenal and… Read more »


To me, I think it shows he takes his commitment as a professional seriously. Training, negotiating, off-season fitness, and the like. If he’s serious about his negotiation, I take it as a sign that he’s a professional through and through. I think it’d be a huge blow to lose him: one of longest tenured players, British core, hates Tottenham, dat pace doe… 100k week is reasonable for sure, but there are other items to negotiate like bonuses for appearances (a certain number through the middle, perhaps), goals, etc. No telling how the talks will go this time around, I just… Read more »

My name is my name

Maybe we should get Podolski to sing this around the training ground again


I can’t believe quite how quickly this has come around again!


he sign only an extra 2 years contract last time,


Personally I believe we should give him until the summer to sign. As much as I love Theo (especially after his awesomeness whilst being stretchered off against Sp*rs), I don’t want to see us bent over a barrel again and held for ransom. He owes us after all we’ve done for him and if he can’t see that and he can’t decide whether he wants to stay or not over the next six months, then I’d rather see us cash in on him in the summer. Fingers crossed it won’t come down to that though! Also glad to see Wenger… Read more »


I don’t think that will happen this time around. Last time he had massive leverage because he would be the next “big” player that would be leaving us after Fabregass, Nasri, RVP and Song and club wanted to avoid that at all costs. We were also very dependent on him.
This time around no major players left us for some time, he is not the biggest star in the team anymore, his stock has lowered somewhat since he was effectively out of the game for one year and we bought the likes of Ozil and Alexis.

Oor Wullie

Probably ‘cos he’s been injured a lot since signing it.

Henry GoonerLegend

Theo is Dat Guy

George the Gooner

Ding a ling a ting

damien joyce

Wenger’s comments kinda make me feel as much as he’d be annoyed to lose him, he is probably sick of dealing with these all too frequent contract renewals, how can Walcott ask for parity when he hasn’t played?

Gunsen Gunner

No pissing about this time theo.Just sign da ting!!!

Red Fred

Seems like only a year ago he resigned the contract. 7 months of which he’s been injured. Gotta resign him tho, can’t let him go to a rival.


Walcott owes the the club now…..he’s been paid £4m and not kicked a fuckin’ ball in 10months. If he plays hard to get, tell him to piss off.


Should have made him sign a 5 year contract last time round.
Just like these guys did – Wilshere, Rambo, Ox, Gibbs and Jenkinson.

Perry S.

more than 100k a week?hopefully no more than 120k, otherwise that’s ludicrous. many other better players out there who would take a 100k and perform on par, if not better than walcott. no knock against him, he’s great but not much more than 100-120k max a week.

Big Chief from Antarctica

As much as I agree, I think Walcott should be considered otherwise. If he’s worth the wages of this idiotic market, then do it. Why the fuck did we pay stadium for? In moderation though, I wouldn’t pay him more than we pay we Ozil, let alone Alexis, but not too far from it. A figure around 120k sounds reasonable in that context. Walcott has a lot of potential, only a fool wouldn’t know his finishing has improved immensely. Wasn’t he our top goalscorer a season ago? Don’t we want pace upfront? This ridiculous inflation of the wages will burst… Read more »


I’d be pissed if he leave.


I tingk he should sign, no doubts


Anyone know how wages work when players are injured? I’m guessing players like Diaby and Walcott doesn’t take home full wages when they spend 6 months on the sideline? Anyway i hope we resign him quickly and don’t mock about. Theo is absolute quality when fit, not just in terms of good performances but he also delivers great goals/assists numbers!

Clock End Mike

I don’t believe there’s a general rule, and I don’t know whether contracts may sometimes include terms related to periods of injury; however I’ve read that Abou Diaby hasn’t been picking up his wages while he’s been injured.

Saffer Gooner

I think they get paid 100% of their wages. The club might have some form of injury insurance in place to cover that kind of loss, but as far as I know the players get 100% of their wages when they are injured (obviously none of the match fees and other incentives).


I assumed there was some form of insurance that pays all/part of the wages whilst injured. Is that not how it works? Anyone here have an understanding of how it works


I read on third party website that he has been injured longer than diaby in terms of days. It seems ubsurd, but would make an excellent article from a more credible source.


My understanding is that they still receive 100 percent. The only difference is they receive an alert vis their ps4 so they don’t need to take a break from playing Fifa2014.


Sign him for life, please. He’s supremely talented, and on top of it, he’s a class act, educated and well spoken. He’s the kind of person we want to keep with the Arsenal for years and years to come.


I truly hope he signs it bc we have a lot more latent potential now than when he last signed on short term (probably to test the waters)

If not, we are one step back again and will have to rely either on bringing in a replacement or placing faith in the development of Gnabry or Campbell.

Walcott looked sharp coming on against Burnley (as I might mention Podolski). We have plenty of attacking options now and it is up to the gaffer to get the best out of them all rather than be restricted to a small palette.

Donut Maestro

I believe that Wenger is trying to preempt any risk involved with Theo’s contract. Everyone knows what Walcott did last time by running his contract down. I think Wenger’s decided to open talks earlier this time so he has the option to offload Theo if a deal can’t be thrashed. He won’t let the Bosman rule become significant with Theo again. Besides, Wenger now has stars to back his argument of progress, a trophy, and also the fact that Arsenal helped Theo recover from that long term injury. I have a feeling that if Wenger played professional Chess, he would… Read more »

this aint FIFA bitches

Put the £109,000 a week that we will save come January towards giving Theo the extra £50,000 that he thinks he so clearly deserves.


He’s worth it. He can become a club legend.


Our line up of secondary attackers is starting to look intimidating.

Alexis, Podolski, Walcott, Ox, not to mention Campbell and Gnabry!


There’s also Santi if he can find his striking boots.

Ozil will have to force his way back in. I suspect Ozil (brought up in Mourinho’s Madrid) is more use to structure and prefers the central role for bearing where Alexis (brought up under Barca’s 4-6-0 system is more use to freestyle). That being said, probably best to deploy Ozil in his central role.

Santi’s been getting into great positions but he keeps shanking them.

Andre's sandals

If he pisses about, cash in. He absolutely has to give back or fuckoff. He is quality. No doubt but we gotta keep player power in check. We gotta say no to anarchy and blackmail.


A word about Santi’s finishing, it hasn’t been the same since we switched sponsorship and went with Puma.

Maybe he’s allergic to the pouncing cat.


We should sign Feo. He’s an asset. He doesn’t owe anybody anything, to each his own, but hope he doesn’t act like an ass and does the right thing.

Theo's Speed

As talks continue Wenger has offered Theo 100 000 + 1. Fingers crossed .

Mach iii

100k a week and injured throughout. Hope he doesn’t ask for more. We need him a lot less now with the supporting players we do have. Either decrease or keep it the same


when he is in form he is unstoppable and he scores in every game from the wing, is not coincidence that 2012-2013 was top goalscorer for us, ox on form he can play good book an assist score couple of times but walcott on top form is like alexis is now scoring almost every game and assisting. so I would said we need him more than not to have him with walcott, alexis and welbeck we can get goal-scoring tally to 90 something that didn’t happen in several seasons.

Dave smith

Don’t forget the wenger puma jacket ad. It’s hilarious lol


Podolski should really help here……sign the goddamn TING

Yorkshire gunner

But What about Sanga?!


He has signed a long term contract with Bench FC!!!


Cash is something that’s peripheral to living, while happiness is actually living.
Hopefully he realises that and stays at this unique club.
See you at the Emirates tonight.
Come onnnnnnnnn!!


Love ‘im but he should show some loyalty as well. After many months out Wenger threw him straight into a match to test the waters when he clearly has a small army of forwards, attests to the loyalty Wenger shows to him.

Time to pay back, Wally.

Die Hard Gunner

Theo must sign da ting, I don’t wanna lose him because every season we lose a player, they sometimes end up as the missing link in our next season, only Sagna left our back 4 and we look depleted, I wouldn’t count Vermaelen because he injured most of last season.


Sign already.
Who doesn’t want to play along a franchise player, like Alexis.


Expect a quick deal done this time for a hefty wage. He’s a very good player coming into his prime and will be a massive asset for us. I think if he can stay injury free he can be just as good as Bale. I think his ability to repeatedly come back from injury to play better than before is a big credit to him and I hope that this is his time.

Jamaican Gooner

He knows in himself what he should do and that’s sign whatever is placed in front of him the club stuck by him since day one… Idk how some players sleep at night knowing that a club has given him everything then they just leave when the club needs them…

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

The real problem is the player market. Quite franckly Theo can easily get 150k somewhere else. With US he deserves more than Ozil. He is a special player in the sense of his speed. We have our wage scale that the manager protects but Theo deserves as much as Rooney. Hope his future success is not a bad news for Welbeck both in club and country.

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