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Wenger: I bet you we have a strong season

Arsene Wenger has come out fighting against recent criticism of him in the wake of the club’s poorest start to a campaign in his 18 year reign.

The Gunners have won just four games from twelve in the Premier League and have slumped to consecutive defeats against Man Utd and Swansea.

It prompted shareholder Alisher Usmanov to accuse the Arsenal manager of not learning from his mistakes and being too wedded to his principles, but the Frenchman hit back today saying that he believed in his players and their ability to turn things around.

“I personally feel that there’s a very strong bond inside the team and the club, and that this team will have a very strong season. I am ready to bet with you on that.

“I believe in what I do and I especially believe in my players, and in their quality and spirit.”

Asked if he ever doubted himself, he said, “I believe in what I do, but I question myself every day. I hope you do too.

“In the 18 years I have been here I have shown that I can take criticism. Everybody has the right to have an opinion.”

He then appeared to shoot back across Usmanov’s bows, saying, “Having said that, we have values at this club. The first one is when we go through a difficult patch, we show solidarity. That is a very important one. The second one is that, when you have something to say to each other, we say it face to face.

“We don’t need to go to the newspapers. I don’t take criticism personally at all, but when you’re from this club, you’re from this club. You’re in or out, you cannot be both.”

Strong words indeed, especially in relation to making results better. We’d wager nobody really cares much about what Usmanov says or the manager’s response to it, what people want to see is a team performing better on the pitch and winning more games.

Wenger didn’t say how much he was going to bet or what odds he was giving, but he’s laid down a marker to himself and the team, so let’s see if they can respond.

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Wenger In, Wenger Out. You shake it all about.



I used to suffer from Okey cokey syndrome, but I turned myself around and that’s what its all about

alexis' shorts

Thumbs up just for the name

Third Plebeian

Unfortunately, the pattern of the last few years has been that, when Wenger gambles, he loses.


Yes sure Arsene.

Did you tell Gilberto face to face that you were giving the captaincy to Willie the prick?


Time to go. Some of us are pining for Klopp.

He may not be as good or even come close to Arsene’s legacy, but at least he gives us hope.

Arsene gives us hopelessness nowadays.


Klopp? No… Wenger stays!


I bet he’ll say the same thing again, the the next time the doors fall off this clown car of a season we’re having.


The clown car is in the shop for repairs.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Problems with the handbrake.


What exactly is a “very strong season” to Arsene anyway. I have a feeling it might be very different to a lot of fans..

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Very strong season is top 4 for Wenger.


Very good question. Can’t win CL or PL, and knocked out of COC. Can a very strong season refer to successful defence of an FA Cup that hasn’t kicked off for us? Am genuinely curious, not mocking.

Andy Mack

I’m sure his target is to do better than last year.
My money is on ‘top 3’ but no silverware.


You get the feeling sometimes he says this stuff just to annoy people. Or else he’s scarily out of touch with reality.


Are you talking about AW, or all of us here?


Maybe you’re out of touch with reality

Mongolian Gooner

Okay, strong words from Wenger. Wouldn’t expect anything less. He’s also right about the newspaper bit.
Has lots to do on the training ground. And don’t fuck up January. We must take any chance we can get to facilitate improvement.


I can tell you right now how January will look like: “no quality on the market, players don’t want to move mid season, powder dry, internal solutions”
It the same every year, why would you think that it would be any different this season?


actually, maybe there’s less work to do on the training ground. one analysis i read suggested that arsenal overtraining their players might be playing some part in the injuries. the main thing is that they learn to play freely, free of fear and hubris.


Overtraining!! Thats a laugh. The training isnt intense enough they are not prepared for the intesity and pace of PL. All those selfies and tweets must be such hard work.

Arsene's Apologist

That’s just inane. How many training sessions have you attended?


Its what at least 2 explayers have said and some hack on sky and in answer to your question.. none its bad enough watching the matches. Your name says it all.

Disillusioned Gooner

If they were training that hard we’d be wiping the floor with the opposition this season.

Toby C

Playing freely seems to be the problem sadly. Wenger is very good at encouraging creativity etc but he needs to teach them a bit of structure and discipline!

Ooh too be

Amongst all the media frenzy and fan reaction to our terrible start.. No one has considered the fact that we have the strongest squad since the Invincibles. I for one love the fact that we have a young, exciting english core, reinforced with some proven world class talent. (All of which AW brought to the club btw, no mean feat- ask Brendan.) Their form is unexplainable but please lets not get on anyones back yet. Its so short sighted to think wenger out is the solution (ask Moyesey) My real worry is that we’ll lose some of them in the… Read more »


it’s so refreshing to hear someone show a bit of perspective. Every time something goes bad the Wenger Out bandwagon comes around. If it’s not Wenger it’s some other player who happens to be in poor form. The entirely negative outlook displayed by many commenters seems to be more cathartic than insightful. People love a scapegoat.

We have a really exciting squad, there’s no doubt. Lets hope this extremely talented team can find some form and get the results they deserve.



Whilst I appreciate your zest thecsad truth is he has not evolved. Yes he got those players in but what use are they if they cant win games. I rather have less talented players if it means they will gives us consistent wins. Looking at it another way since he now has a team formed in his own image we have not won anything except the FA/cup. Also bein talented is not the same as being street smart or having presence of mind which we lack in the team sadly. All this apart from the fact that Arsene has shown… Read more »


17 UCL qualifications a fluke. Pfft.


Arsenal is the best club in the world at being 4th Place. At the highest ticket prices in Europe.

If you’re happy with that, fine. Also, I’ve got a 2005 Subaru wagon I’d like to sell you for £75,000.


The strongest squad since the Invincibles was probably 2007-08 or 2010-11.Short memories,eh? World class talent is not hard to sign nowadays provided you have the cash (ask PSG,Monaco,Utd) Shortsightedness is thinking that Wenger is going to manage Arsenal forever.The Board should have given him a two-year deal and started talks with potential successors. Moyes replaced possibly the greatest manager of all time at a club where not winning a trophy every season was anathema.It is a completely different situation to us where finishing in 4th place with the resources we have is par,so stop comparing us to United.I thought we… Read more »


Please do not compare the greatest manager of all time being replaced by a mid-table manager to Arsene Wenger possibly being replaced with someone just as good or better. This comparison with Man United’s failings after appointing David Moyes are ridiculous because (1) United used to actually win things (2) He had a lot to live up to. On the other hand, Arsenal’s season this year is as bad, if not worse, than the one managed by Moyes for United last season… Sometimes replacement is necessary, please stop using one example to deny Arsenal FC change. Ridiculous straw clutching.

Yorkshire Gunner

how about we bet his contract on it?

Trex d Gunner

You are damn right, there is a lot of work to be done on the training ground, like how to take a corner and score, shooting from outside the 18yrd box,not going all gung ho when the team is one goal down @ 60mins, tracking runners and stop the school boy errors …………


Mmmnnnn, lovely empty words make all the bad go away.

Mesut sanchez

Got to love this man’s optimism!!

Lucas North Bank

For £8 million a season I would be optimistic too. He has two more x£8 million to come too.


I look forward to this speech every year! It means the inevitable rise in form will follow, giving us hope that Wenger does know what he’s doing, until we get knocked out of all trophies in one week in February, and then we go for the final push for 4th, and beat spurs to it! It’s just like living my own groundhog year, which makes me feel like I havnt grown a year older these past ten years, I love it!


Even Bill Murray’s had enough!

Bill Murray

But on the plus side, I can now play a mean jazz piano.

Mesut Aussie

Ned….. Ned Ryersen!


Come on boys! I still believe in you as well! It was horrible week and we all need to put our winning ways back again!!!!!!!! Tomorrow win will do nicely!!!!!!!!!



The burning question is this; what constitutes a strong season for Wenger? Also, is this the first time Wenger has been publicly challenged / our form publicly criticized by a higher up at the club?

Mark Hughes

Usmanov questions him every time and every season when there is a loss of form and confidence at the club.

The Playmaker

Usmanov always questions the owner and the board members, not Wenger. This is the first time I have heard him question Wenger.


No one would fault Wenger on his belief, in both himself and his teams. That’s not the point. There is time to improve, but improve he must.


But it is not belief – is it !

It’s just empty rhetoric for the press and to stave off another critic.

The players don’t believe him and they haven’t for a couple of years. He’s lost the dressing room and as soon as we go 0 – 1, we can see the effect. The more this guy hangs around the worse it will get. And it will get a whole lot worse.

We’ve seen nothing yet.


Last year I saw us leading the league with a weaker (when fit) squad than we have now.


So we can agree the managers got worse then?


What joy do you angry gunners get from repeating the same nonsense after every game. Surly after the facts a considered all else is up for debate. The facts: Wenger is our current boss, like it or not and he will remain so for the near future. Writing wenger out on every post adds nothing to a conversation , he will be manager at least till this season is out. We didn’t buy a dm or defender in the market and we can do nothing about it till January. The club has aknowldeged that they will address this. Why does… Read more »

Saffa Gooner


Romford Pele

Angry Gunners…. But you get the reason why we’re ‘angry’, right? The club has acknowledged they’ll address it? The club has said a lot of stuff in recent times, yet have consistently failed to back it up. Why should January be any different. There’s a reason people call it Groundhog day, it’s just sounding like empty rhetoric. People bring it up because it’s our inherent weaknesses that come back to bite us time and time again. I’m ‘angry’ because my ST costs me £1,500 and i’m painted a picture about how we’re joining the elite when the reality is we’re… Read more »


An amazing game?

We lost 2-1, you realize right?

So let me guess not only is football not just about trophies, it is now also not about winning?

The logic of some just absolutely defies belief.

Times have changed and so must our manager.


Yes, why bother at all, right?

I don’t win trophies, but I play the game. And love it.
I don’t win bicycle races, but I ride in them. And love it.
Arsenal doesn’t win many trophies at the moment, but I love my club.

I loved watching ManU’s defenders brown their shorts for 90 minutes, even if we lost.
I loved watching Arteta boss RvP, even if we lost.
I loved watching DiMaria completely blow a 1on1 against a rookie keeper, even if we lost.

I always want my club to win. But sometimes we don’t.

Disillusioned Gooner

More like most times we don’t win.


Short term thinking.
Last year at this time that was far from the truth.


Totally agree. Moaning fans have only got the high expectations they have because of Wenger and weather you like it or not 4th is a successfull season for any club in the league. Man U, sp*rs, Liverpool, everton, would give their right bollock to finish in the top four. I think a lot of the frustratuin comes from how close we are to challenging. This season though, Chelsea aside, everyone has been a bit shit, and theres a long way to go, but we need to find some form pretty sharpish.

Az Ahmed

The club has been around for a few years before Wenger and will continue after Wenger.

Andy Mack

And it was usually much less successful before AW. There’s no guarantee that it would be successful without him (as a CL position is definitely a minor success).


so wenger should stay forever!!! Absolute gobshit of a comment

Andy Mack

Now you’re making things up! No one said he should stay forever, not him or the board or any supporter (or stalker!), but most of us know that replacing him isn’t gong to be easy. Replacing him in a few years time will be easier as we’ll have money to throw around but our squad + cash are still quite small compared to the Russian & Arab Oil funded teams + their cash.


And pigs existed before bacon. I want nothing to do with a world without bacon.

Az Ahmed

Disgusting animal. Eats it’s own shit. Full of disease. Pink colored meat… Eugghhh


Thing is, this is genuinely one of the best squads we’ve ever had from an attacking point of view (when all fit). Probably up there with the invincibles. However that all gets ruined by a negligence in not buying another CB (and arguably a strong DM). It’s like buying all the components of a new shiny Ferrari, but missing out one wheel, which makes it pretty useless… We are almost there. If we can drag the car down the road until January and make a couple of good signings, we could have a say in the cup or the CL… Read more »


I agree – but I have lost all faith that he will make the signings everyone can see he needs.

I mean it’s not like he has done for the last five seasons – we are always crying out for an addition in one position or another going into a season.


To add another analogy… It’s like a Ferrari with a little bit the handbrake on

Andy Mack

I’m sure there are decent CBs that moved this summer but we could have spent 32m on Mangala, who may have potential for the future but so far this season he makes Monreal look like a natural CB. I’m certain that they looked in the summer and will look in the Jan window, and if they don’t get a CB then, they’ll look again next summer. As for MFs, I think they may have looked if they weren’t forced to look for so many other positions to cover (departures and recognised weaknesses) bearing in mind AW doesn’t like bringing in… Read more »


Assuming we’re writing off any sort of title challenge, top four is still far more likely than not. I’d rather get a great DM and CB in the summer than a mediocre one in January and have a stronger squad for next season as a result. The prospect of success in the short term has been taken away from us so we should build with the medium term in mind.


Chelsea bought Matic in the January window so it’s not like there’s never quality available at that time. You just have to go for it.

Andy Mack

Politic was the ‘driver’ in Matics move.


If you pay the right money you get the players you want. Just ask Chelsea. To Wenger a strong Season is top 4 forget any cup wins. Is this acceptable? No. I have no doubt that this squad is good enough for a top 4 finish. However gone are the days when this was acceptable. This is a minimum requirement for a club of our stature. Wenger has basically set out his stall. He is not going anywhere, not now and certainly not at the end of the season. Gazidis and Kronke don’t have the minerals to alter this regardless… Read more »

Andy Mack

You are aware that this is only ‘year 2’ of having a good transfer budget, aren’t you?
MaureenO had a very strong squad and only really needed 3 players.
He got a FB when he needed a CB but spent the rest on 2 players.


We get told this bollocks all the time. I am gonna be honest when I look at the squad of Chelsea and compare it with ours I can say two things. Our midfield is compareable with theirs. Same goes for our wingers. Chelsea are only stronger defensively due to having an awesome defensive midfielder in Matic. Also they have a very good and disciplined back line. It is only realistic that fans should be angry because we are 2-3 very good defensive players away from a title challenge. Although that would possibly also require a world class striker. My point… Read more »


He simply doesn’t realise what he needs to add to his squad in order to sustain a challenge. Neither does he know how to adapt tactics depending on opposition. The game against Chelsea away pretty much sums it all up last season.. It is time for a change. At any other club, Arsene Wenger would have been handed the sack immediately after horrible performances like these. He needs to step aside, we love the man for what he has done. But he is long past his prime, and he really need to go now. The man is stubborn and arrogant.… Read more »

Andy Mack

2 or 3 signings away from Chelsea. But we’ve done that in only 2 years compared to the 5 years serious investment they put into their squad before MaureenO joined them first time. Imagine what the squad would be like if AW had money for the last 5 years!


Ofcourse we will.. Everyone knows we’ll always step in the last ten games of the EPL season and just about sneek into 4th! and call it a great season and then harbour massive optimism for next season only for us to to repeat the same thing over and over again. If anyone is no tired of this, i am! We need fresh ideas, we are gona either finish 10th or 1st if wenger leaves but then we won’t find out if he remains! I will never support another club, i will never leave arsenal as a supporter but if things… Read more »

Martin Murray

I HATE football after saturday


Yet like a moth to a flame
Here we are.

Martin Murray

Touche 😉


I’ll take that bet and gladly lose it if it meant us doing well. But Ive seen absolutely nothing to support a real turnaround in results. The tide has changed I think. With Wenger now, its just a Sisyphean task.


If he thinks finishing 4th is a strong season, he can leave tomorrow.


Short memories are us!


Yes but a strong season for wenger is 4th place and getting our asses kicked in the 1st knockout stage of the CL. Some people actually want to see Arsenal succeed as opposed to Wenger being vindicated for his obsolete management style.


Let’s retain the F.a cup and get the 3rd spot.
The way this season is going I’ll be more than happy with that.
The players have to take responsibility too and not miss 1 on 1s in crucial fucking matches. They have to show some balls.


I second every word of this comment.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Does a strong season constitute a 4th place scrap? If so, I’ll back you Mr Wenger.


Also, what exactly does a ‘strong’ season mean? Because folks are tired of the same old scrap for fourth. The chance to really push on from last season arguably is gone.


As mentioned above, third is still quite attainable with everyone but Chelsea being nuts up.


Getting fourth place ahead of Sp*rs on the last day of the season ahead of them on 1 goal difference.
Preferably another phantom goal in the last minute of the season that make Sp*rs fans delirious (until they find out 3 days later (when they read their faxes (spurs don’t have internet) that it never happened)

I think we will be lucky to finish 5th, I hope I am wrong but Arsene’s time has gone. I don’t want to see The Arsenal in a dark corner of some stadium in Eastern Khazakhstan on a Thursday night.
Up The Arsenal!

Daft Aider

You have to wonder if he’s suffering from dementia………..


Really don’t understand this personal abuse Wenger is getting.

After everything he has done for this club in his eighteen year reign.

Nothing wrong with disagreeing with what he does or says but some of the comments have really been shameful.


Our fans are also to blame, to ready to accept mediocrity and re adjust expectations to give Wenger yet another lifeline. The man does not have any excuse left, not as if many of them were that valid anyway. Mainly I wanted us to be competing for the PL not be out of the running by late October and go on a good cup run. Our only hope right now is the FA cup and while retaining it would be fantastic our ambitions need to be like the top teams if we want to compete with them.


The personnel we have right now can do better, and we’re getting Theo, Koscielny, and Giroud back. Debuchy will return soon, Ozil after that. It’s possible, maybe probable, that AFC will have a run of victories that take us into the top four before January is out. Sad to say, Chelsea looks unstoppable (but not invincible!) in the title chase, but no one else but Southampton appears to want it, and they can’t keep this up for a season. Another FA Cup is a possibility, and don’t count us out of Champion’s League just yet. That said, it is worrisome… Read more »


He has taken full responsibility on many occasions after bad results. Sometimes when he should have levelled it at some of the players. Pointing fingers does nothing productive unless problems are addressed.

Not saying I want to see it, but it would be interesting to sit back against Dortmund eliminating the counter attack and see if THEY have a plan B. Or, maybe take a look at what the Bundesliga clubs do to beat them? Eh? Maybe? No? Ok.


But what if we won champions league?


I actually lol.

Lucas North Bank

Hahaha. Good one.


Football is not that much of a lottery


I’d bet a little of that was meant for Poldi as well.
I’ll be very surprised if he gets a start tomorrow.


I quite enjoyed most of the match against manwho. I am going to stick with those memories for now.

Only stats that matters is… Ahh crap


you can say what you want, the single most important failing in Wenger is his transfer policy. get it right and arsenal will once again become arsenal, as we know it. there is no single top club in the world without a top top world class goal scorer. real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, mancity, Chelsea; check them up! each of these clubs has at least one top striker. arsenal would have led man united by at least 3-0 at half time on Saturday if we had one player who really knew the way to the back of the net. what… Read more »


@emmanuel We have Alexis, he is a great finisher! But yeah we need another world class, out and out striker. We need a DM and CB more than a striker. But most of all, we need a manager that is good tactically, a manager that will listen to their problems, rectify their problems, take criticism well, listen to the fans wants and needs. And do not be stubborn and always think they’re right, even tho time and time again he has failed and been proven wrong. Our squad is good, our squas could do a lot more under a better… Read more »


Okay Arsene, I’ll bet you that by your definition of “a strong season” we do indeed have “a strong season”.

But by other people’s definition of a strong season it will be yet another failure.

The Gimp

Heard it all before

We need chanage


Arsenal Mad Since 2009

Stop acting like a Donkey, Act like a fuckin Boss!!
The way the team is playing, it doesn’t look like you got any control on em!


He’s finished



To all the Wenger out crowd, please tell me who you think is a viable replacement for a role like this? All the top managers are already at great clubs, why would they risk leaving a club doing well to have a gamble on what it is like at Arsenal? We would only be able to replace him with some micky mouse manager who would probably have us sink even lower. Let him see out his contract, if he brings success then renew it, if doesn’t bring success we would have to find a new manager and gamble on them… Read more »


Before anybody says Pep, he says he sees himself at United.


Was wenger a top manager when we got him? Was george graham? Just change works.


Ask spuds how well it works.


Dont compare us to them

Andy Mack

You made the comparison when you mentioned George Graham.
If change works then why aren’t they champions of Europe?


I’m not. I am pointing out one of the key reasons why we are far superior.

Andy Mack

Football and the supporters were different then. A manager was given time whereas now the vocal minority of our ‘home’ supporters want success here and now, then the media picks up on this and sells this opinion to the other weak minded supporters, and the shit starts again. Getting a new name or a nobody ‘in’ would likely be a one season deal like far too many of the PL teams.


Wenger and George Graham had success pretty soon after appointment i think you will find.

Andy Mack

Correct (who said different?).
But they would have been given time if they hadn’t been successful then. Now they’d be out within a year without success.

i want klopp now

There is one in Klopp and he sees him at epl. Now Wenger has no excuse no more and needs to back the fk up real good. His face makes me annoyed as hell anyway.

Andy Mack

Klopp rates AW highly but he’s also seen the shit our ‘plastic’ home supporters have given him at the emirates. After the mega support he gets at Dortmund he probably would prefer a PL club with decent supporting fans (although I’m not sure there are many like that).



Not knowing isn’t a reason for being passive.

The man has failed time and again and needs to go, his recent record hardly suggests he’s irreplaceable.

Andy Mack

yes, there are so many managers that have kept their teams consistently in the top half of the toughest league and at the top European table with so little money. (I’m not saying he’s irreplaceable! but it’ll be far harder than you’re suggesting).


So little money?!? Are you deranged? Arsenal have buckets of money and one of the biggest wage bills in Europe!


I also couldn’t give a monkeys what other clubs do, I support Arsenal and want them to do the best they can irrespective of others. Why do people care what others are doing?

Andy Mack

Arsenal have only had money in the last 2 seasons (and still less than many ‘big’ teams). We didn’t have the money to buy big players (which is different league to the salary money).
And you can only compare us with others if you consider the full situation.
Otherwise you can’t make a judgment call on ‘his recent record’…

last man standing

Romford Pele. Your ST is your choice. You have an option of not renewing it. Thousands of us have queued for it so give it up and see if it’ll go to waste.


I will take that bet wenger and would be very happy if you won but just cant see it. By the way im in and out but not quite out out.


What exactly is a strong season? If we’re taking bets here Arsenevthen we need to know exactly what you define as a strong season.


Wenger clearly has a severe chronic “living in denial syndrome , and it’s wrecking up my nerves , I need help


To simplify a ‘strong season’ = 4th place and a place in a competition we only enter to make up numbers. I am done with Arsene Wenger, absolutely tired, comes way too much shite from his mouth.

Adedoyin Adeyemo

Wenger should just listen and act accordingly,this issue always repeact itself every season,every body knew we where lacking players in some certain areas which we can see with our physical eyes,Wenger should stop giving excuses and do the right thing,I bet u wenger won’t strengthing is team in january transfer window so we will still discuss this same issue come january.I personally don’t believe in him anymore his time is long overdue,he should leave now when the ovation is loud.

Gilles Grimandi's barber

The thing to remember when getting really annoyed this season is that we do have a quality squad. We are missing maybe 3 players but they will come and the team is still young. I know this sounds like it is coming from AW but if you were appraising Arsenal as a neutral you would be worried about when they click, and they will. I hope.

Springbank 1965

I rather like the opportunity to show solidarity under duress from a particularly numpty internet.


Far from a Wenger fan but providing he gets us 4th place & two world class players in January (CB & CDM) then he should stay. A defence of the FA cup would be nice and maybe a quarter final finish in the Champions league and only then would I call it a decent season.


A strong season means winning the CL now. It’s not that much of a far-fetched dream. Our injured players will be at their best when the knock-out phase starts, bar any new injuries.


Winning CL would be a history making season, and one of the best season of arsenal era, a strong finish would be finishing runners-up in the league, wining the FA cup and go to later stage of CL maybe quater-finals ans show that we can beat a big team in round of 16.

parker goon fishing

I love wenger he is a great manager but I love our club more like a marriage if the two have not been working together for so many years something must change


Didn’t get a big enough diamond for your anniversary?


Despite the poor start and overall form, I’m quietly confident that we will come good and finish strongly. We have a good bunch of talented characters who seem hard working and intelligent enough to turn things around. I’m not overly concerned about our failure to convert chances but our ability to defend confidently and competently as a team. I was at the game on Saturday and the best team won on the day. ManU were organised, disciplined and did not panic every time the ball came into their court. We need to show the same level of composure and start… Read more »


Your opinion is wrong sir.


Your opinion of his opinion is wrong.


Your opinion of my opinion of him/her is wrong sir. Please feel free to donate your wrong opinion money at any Tesco store in the uk.

P.s your opinion matters

fresh prince

Not sure how anyone can defend Wenger any more. Its not even about signing a DM. Its about setting the team up properly, every single person can see the problems apart from Wenger. We concede exactly the same way every fucking time. The guy is deluded. I will take that bet any day of the week, I bet we don’t even finish top 4.

As for the FA cup, no one gives a shit. Wigan won it ffs and Portsmouth and look where they both are.

Rdent gunner

I’m interested in what Fatgooner has to say about all this. I would actually read his comments instead of thumb down and scroll on. This incessant Wenger in/ Wenger out is so tiresome. Somebody CHANGE something ffs!! It’s not the end of the world. Change is natural, change is good. What is everyone so afraid of? Less drama, perhaps??


Why don’t you simply formulate your own opinion?


Here here a truly great final and day for the WAAAYY OVERPAYING FANS.

fresh prince

Also I pay (or paid, seeing as I sold it) 1300 odd quid for my season ticket, to watch the most boring, slowest football ever. At least when Barcelona bored everyone to death they won, we bore everyone to death and still lose.


As someone who would relish the locational and financial opportunity to have a season ticket for my beloved club, I am very happy you sold it.

Now stop trotting it out as some kind of badge of honor. You walked away from it.


I really like Wenger’s….. “I bet you”… line.

I think this passionate man IS betting his job on us…..

Gaining CL qualification again and reaching the FA Cup semis or final.

I actually believe him this time…COYG!


Strong words. Action is what we need. We are about gone in terms of the title race. Maybe cups are still salvageable. We will know what to expect from tomorrow with Dortmund as far as CL is concern. This team is SOOOOO frustrating because it has so much latent potential but is hampered by balance issues because of a weak back 4. We threaten to click into gear and have been playing some good footy but we have leaked cheap goals and affected the overall form of the team. Its the small details that need to be worked on. We… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

Yeah thought Arteta was fantastic. Van Persie did nothing all game and had something like 11 touches of the ball. Arteta muscling him off the ball and coming away with it was the highlight for me. Very good performance from the captain.

Hank Scorpio

The constant talk in the context of these shite results is getting beyond tiresome. I’ve a better idea – STFU and let the wins do the talking. All the rest is just hot air unless of course you’ll put your job on the line if we don’t win anything.

Andy Mack

He’s just answering the press who insist on asking the same question repetitively.


Strong season = 4th place finish and getting kicked in the round of 16 in UCL. Such an ambitious man

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