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Wenger: Chambers has played too much

Arsene Wenger says that Calum Chambers has played too much football this season and fears that the young defender has ‘hit the wall’.

Of course it’s the manager’s recruitment policy that has led to the former Southampton man being forced into action so regularly. He deputised at right-back for Mathieu Debuchy and has filled in at centre-half too as the club struggle to cope with an injury to Laurent Koscielny.

“For a 19-year-old player, he has played too many games,” he said. “They all hit the wall after 15, 17 games. You have to give them a breather, refresh and get them back again.

“At the moment, to have that responsibility in every single game is a lot on a player of that age.”

Wenger also revealed he felt it was less pressurised at right-back, hence the reason Debuchy continued at centre-half at Anfield.

“I put Debuchy in, first of all, because he is good in the air. At Stoke, we suffered in the air.

“He is a defender of experience and the experience, sometimes in just one movement, can make a difference. And the defensive responsibility is a bit less on the flank.”

However, with the January transfer window imminent, perhaps bringing in another player or two might allow the Arsenal manager to give Chambers the time off he says he needs.

And that he should have been able to give him in the first place.

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He’s a good lad . I just hope this doesn’t hamper his progression

ooh to be

It will have done wonders for his progression. Hopefully after a rest he’ll come back a stronger, better player who knows the Arsenal way. Haven’t seen him alongside Kosh yet either which will be his most comfortable position IMO.

Runcorn Gooner

Lots of stating the B******g Obvious in the last few days.Must be Xmas.
Roll on the New Year when the LANS comments begin!

Andy Mack

When a hack asks an obvious question, it usually requires an obvious answer.


You do seem to be less forgiving of the manager these days…


What do you expect? Abuse? That’s why the manager gets the big bucks, because it’s his job to make decisions.


Blogs hasn’t criticised Wenger too much in the past because there weren’t many particularly valid reasons to do so. This season he has really stuffed it by not buying defensive cover, and blogs has been on it from the start. Fair criticism.

Merry christmas. Even merrier boxing day, I hope.


because there weren’t many particularly valid reasons to do so



Come on Arsene, send a message and get Hummels!


I’m always amazed by these comments. Have you not watched World Cup at all? Per and Hummels are as incompatible as it gets. Playing them together is basically the same as playing Per and Chambers together. They are too slow and too similar. We need someone that is like Koscielny – quick and a good tackler. Then, we’ll have plenty of options to pair them together and rotate.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Don’t see why Arsenal would only buy defenders who can play with Mert. The guy is old, has passed his prime, retired trop international football. To the contrary, Arsène should plan for his replacement.

Scott P

It’s not that we would be trying to accommodate Mertesacker, it’s more that we have rotation options. He could easily have continued playing for Germany but decided to devote more time to his club. He is off his form because there isn’t another compatible player for him to be next to, but it will come back. Think about the combinations – we have either Mert/Kos, Mert/Chambers, or Kos/Chambers (if we only count real CBs). 2 of those combos work well, but the Mert/Chambers one is totally incompatible. If we get another Koscielny type player, we will have the options of… Read more »


In the long term, yes. In the short term we have two per-type CBs and only one Kos-type CB and it’s our Kos CB who is injured at the moment. Signing a third Per-type CB does not really seem to be the best option.

Gary Baldy

Didn’t we try for Vlaar and we got knocked back ?

Maybe it is worth another shot ? Plus another CB or CB/DM ?

Andy Mack

If the player wants to come to us then it’d be worth another shot but without knowing that???????


Getting tired of wenger’s contradictions, isn’t this pretty much what he did to wilshere and ramsey too?

Played them too much too young because there were too many injuries ultimately leading to burn out..when will he ever learn..come on now, you’re sounding like a broken record, not enough cover, overplay players who aren’t injured, said players eventually pick up injuries as a result.


Trouble is, if we’d signed more players in all three cases, none of them would have played at all and might have had their development hindered in that way.

Although I agree with you that for Wenger to have faith in us not getting injuries which force his hand is naive to the point of stupidity.


To your point about overplaying Wilshere/Ramsey – some players can handle this workload from a young age just fine. Rooney has, since the age of 16, never appeared in fewer than 37 matches in a single season. Lampard made 42 appearances at 19 and only dipped below 37 once since (2010, 32 apps – and he played in 58 matches twice and 62 once in those early Jose years). So while blogs doesn’t agree, and it may end up being hard training pitches or warm-up methods or what have you, but I really think being injury prone is a trait.… Read more »

Andy Mack

Did Lampard have his ankle smashed?

#YOLO Toure

Pretty sure it was a broken leg for Ramsey that ruled him out.


Appreciate that we have had our injury problems but surely this is the managers doing. There is no way chambers should of been thrown into the deep end so quickly and the only reason he was is down to wengers naivety in the transfer market.
Another frustration is jenkinson at west ham. We are struggling for numbers at the back and he’s clocking up the clean sheets/ assists for a team that is currently above us?!


Jenkinson is an interesting case as the situation exposes a dubious side of Wenger’s choices. A short while ago Wenger was taking credit for providing the young spine of the England team (as though it a deliberate effort). Happenstance, but I have little problem with Arsenal getting credit. The question never asked (outside of Arsenal fans) was why Jenkinson got cast aside as he fit the’ English core of Arsenal’ perfectly. When it was announced Jenkinson was to be loaned to West Ham fans were disappointed. We all know he is Arsenal through and through. On that front it seemed… Read more »


“Appreciate that we have had our injury problems but surely this is the managers doing”

Seriously? You think Wenger injured them?

“Another frustration is jenkinson at west ham. We are struggling for numbers at the back and he’s clocking up the clean sheets/ assists for a team that is currently above us”

Again, seriously? Weren’t you one of the ones screaming for us to sell him rather than loan him because you thought he was shit? There’s just no pleasing some people.

Glory Hunter

if Arsene doesn’t sign a CB in Jan.
Then it’ll mean that my theory that the real Arsene has been kidnapped & replaced by a Spurs supporting lookalike is true.
It’s the only logical explanation!!, Arsene wherever u are, stay strong,we’ll find you. 🙁


Beloved manager in his sixties, gray hair, tall and skinny. Last seen wearing a magic hat in the 2005 FA Cup final. (Not sure it fits in with the Spurs fan theory that that he won the FA Cup for us last season, but that might have been a mistake from said Spurs fan)



I thought we did our best to try to lose it in the first half


I like this theory even more when you consider that we’re level with Spuds right now. That we’ve got a manager actively trying to make us worse is what it takes for them to be level with us tells you everything you need to know about those muppets.


Give Hector a run out if Chambers is overplayed. That kid is gonna be an incredibly good fullback if he continues to progress the way he has. Honestly think he’s up there with the best of them offensively, and just needs to work on the defensive side of his game.

On a side note i wish all you gooners (even if most of you lot on here are weirdos who doesn’t celebrate until tomorrow) a Per(fect) Christmas with 3 pointers all around!

Me So Hornsey

I just can’t fathom the reasoning behind playing Chambers ahead of Bellerin at right back. I can almost hear the opposing managers rubbing their hands in anticipation when they see he’s at right back. It’s so obvious he is targeted as a youngster that’s not comfortable there. First Hazard then Swansea’s Montero, now Sterling. Bellerin would have been possibly just as naive defensively but is much more quick and mobile and would have given much more going forward which would have relieved more pressure. I really hope Wenger isn’t doing a Djourou on him, that would be truly tragic. Djourou… Read more »


I’m not weird because I celebrate Christmas on December 25th. I’m weird because I’m writing this while dressed in a panda suit and smoking a carrot rolled in brown paper.

Dave the Aussie Goon

More negligence from Wenger




No, common sense.


Nah, bitterness.


I feel this was a necessary comment from Wenger given Chambers poor form. While it’s admirable to shield his players, it further illustrates Wenger’s incompetence in the transfer market. The burning question is why loan out Jenkinson and sign an almost duplicate? They are roughly the same size and age, although Jenkinson has slightly more top level experience. But why not just keep Jenkinson? It’s clear now that we needed an experienced centre back after we sold Vermaelen and apparently knowing about Koscielny’s problems. Wenger said there was no one suitable though so he loaned out Jenkinson, sold Miquel and… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

To be fair though, Chambers put in a couple of great performance as CB at the beginning of the season and we all felt Wenger did a good piece of business.

Me So Hornsey

It doesn’t matter. 2 senior players is not enough to start a league season with. Even at the time most of us realised he was mad not to buy another centre back.

Gary Baldy

Chuffy, if he admitted culpability he would be crucified by one and all. Few of the Wenger Out Brigade would be converted by his openess and question his ability even more vehemently than they do now. the press/media would hammer him constantly every time we turned in a bad defensive performance more than they do now because he has handed them the loaded gun to shoot him with with ready made quotes to wheel out every single time. No, it is self-preservation that prevents him and every other public figure from being open and honest because we as a general… Read more »


or maybe you are Wenger In Brigade member and you never question him. And if someone try,it’s conspiracy against Wenger,and you even don’t have to try understand Chuffy comment because he attacks ‘open and honest’ ‘public figure’ for nothing!? oh wait! Wenger gave us right to have an own opinion don’t you remember?

Gary Baldy

Kanonier, cool your jets, buddy. I am objective enough to realise there is a problem, self-inflicted maybe and something of a perenial issue and I may just be more looking for less confrontation. The point I am making overall is that Wenger can’t win but he can lose more by being too open and honest. Shouting and dividing against each other is no way to solve anything and frankly we will affect very little unless those that want radical change turn the screw when the results put us in danger of not achieving our objectives plus the time left in… Read more »


Happy Christmas Gary!


Brigade this, brigade that. Fanboys, haters. All sounds rather silly. OMG, this op doesn’t agree with me! Must be my mortal enemy opposite. There couldn’t possibly be anything but one extreme invariable stance versus the 100% opposing extreme invariable stance, could there? To me anyone that just flat out picks a ‘Brigade’ – any brigade – or tries to label anyone that says something they don’t agree with as being from one ‘Brigade’ or the other just isn’t interested in continuing to think for themselves objectively. So many of these proclamations sound like political platforms or outlets for life’s frustrations.… Read more »

i want to boff welbz and I'm not even gay

Comedy gold from Wenger


Yes we didn’t sign a CB!
Move on FFS!


as tedious as it is to hear on and on again about not us not signing a CB, it’s even more tedious (and has been so for the past 8 years or so now) to be dealing with the neverending cycle of cu** that is us getting injuries to key players and not having adequate backup. One solves the other.


‘neverending cycle of cu**”

WTF has John Terry got to do with this?

Monkey Nuts

Move on to what? Another wasted season? There are so many mistakes being made at this football club, not just the lack of CB cover. We’ve played well in about 3 games this season! Where do you start? Injuries, lack of form, lack of quality in defence, poor tactics on the field, none from the side lines. This was the season we were supposed to start challenging. Instead we’re regressing at such a rate. Read the comments on Arseblog. The fans are turning or have turned. I just hope Gazidis and the other lemons on the board are doing something… Read more »


Gazidis works for wenger remember

Just remember how cringeworthy old chips’ comments were re wenger

Monkey Nuts

True but they are all devious little rats at the end of the day and will jump ship rather than be seen to be siding with failure.


Anyone else thinking what I am thinking?

We all know the fanbase will go into collective meltdown if Wenger does not sign an CB in January, but I’m not so sure he will.

Think of next season, he might be playing a long game with something like this in mind (1st/2nd choice)

RB: Jenks/Bellerin
RCB: Mert/Debuchy
LCB: Kos/Chambers
LB: Gibbs/Monreal

I might just be mentally preparing myself for no CB signed in Jan, but it feels like something like the above should be fairly robust and versatile complement of 1st team defenders.


Debuchy is already abetter cb than mertesacker and is without doubt no1 rb


Well yes, agree with you there, was more thinking along the pairings with one CB who attacks the ball and one covering.

Already dreading the transfer window, just trying to make myself feel better…

Monkey Nuts

You make a lot of sense but it’s getting through this season with a lot of the players you mention injury prone, out of form or not at the club that will be the problem. If we finish 6th or worse then there really will be a meltdown and not even smoothy chops gazidis will be able to pucker up the pig with his wife’s lipstick.


FFS Debuchy is an attacking full-back,the best we have.He is the most reliable defender after Kos.We need him at right-back.Why would we want two 19-year olds as our right-back options?Stop with the tinkering already!


I really really doubt Debuchy will ever be more than emergency cover at CB, the way Sagna was.


And if it doesn’t keep getting hammered home through that thick skull, the c$&t will turn around in a few weeks and claim we didn’t need a new CB.


I doubt a bunch of disparaging opinions in the comment section of a blog -even if it is (and it is) the finest blog in the land- and in the twattersphere are going to weigh in on any established manager’s decision making.


“WENGER: CHAMBERS HAS PLAYED TOO MUCH” Yes, Arsene – and you’ve been at the club for too long. Time to put both things right, don’t you think? Subject change: As it’s The Season of Good Will, I thought I’d leave you with a little Christmas quiz; something you can amuse yourself with while you stuff yourself with turkey and booze: FATGOONER’S CHRISTMAS QUIZ. Question 1: Why did we start the season with only 6 quality defenders? And why did that include only TWO recognised centre-halves and a 19-year-old boy? Question 2: When are we going to sign a decent holding… Read more »


Love it


you forgot “Why did you not sign Cesc when he was basically begging to come back?” haha, merry Christmas Fat Gunner! You always make me laugh whether I agree with you or not 🙂

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Love Question 9, really.


The truth is that the three teams you mention who have won the league over the past 10 years (since we did in 2004) confirm how much money determines results. We are always one player short at our best (i.e. last year). After Giroud was injured the decision was to buy Wellbeck not a defender. All clubs take risks based on a financial assessment. It is in that small window of opportunity or missed opportunity that criticisms can be laid. It is a great shame that football has become like this, but I don’t see the correlation between money and… Read more »


bertieme, please spare us the financial argument, for once, please. identifying gaps and plugging them is important. it would have been fine if he had signed a young potential player in the position. The squad is unbalanced, not necessarily filled with cheap players, and this is what pisses off most supporters.
If money determines results, you can see it has been spent badly for three transfer windows at the very least. Remember Kallstrom?

happy holidays to all.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Question 5, I can understand why Wenger started Sanogo against Bayern. We got trashed 5-1 by Liverpool previous weekend. Giroud was awful then it surfaced in the media that he was having fun with a girl very late previous night. Even though, most of us would envy him for this, it was utterly unprofessional. Wenger had a leadership dilemma on hand. If he differs the punishment because of Bayern, the guy would feel even more important for the club.


“Even though most of us would envy him for this…”

I am not sure ‘most’ would envy a guy who was embarrassing his wife, his team and himself with what can only be called tabloid trash.


Is this Wenger saying that he’s killing Chambers ?

Reads that way to me.

Scott P

‘You’re tearing me apart, Arsene!’


Debauchy has been more than competent at CB. But he offers us much more at RB. I would even say that he is an improvement on Sagna who he had already displaced in the French national team even before we signed him.
Regarding the overuse of Chambers there is only one person responsible for that.


You need a blend of speed, height and physical presence in central defense. Let’s not forget our frailty at set pieces. Debuchy was a good replacement for Sagna, but too small for CB. Chambers is a decent player, but really only good enough to be a backup. Too slow for RB, and just not quite good enough to be a CB at a top BPL team. Perfectly adequate to rotate in once in a while to give a first string defender a rest when playing a weaker team. Bellerin has promise for sure, lightning fast. While I hope Wenger will… Read more »


really, debuchy to small for CB, check the facts before stating something, debuchy height is 1.77cm sagna is 1.76cm. Niethir are CB they can do a job occasionally all we need is to buy is a cover for Per and Kos a natural CB with experience because we already have young talented CB in chambers.


We’re apparently in talks with Sergio Ramos’ agent. Yes, the Sergio Ramos that was named top player at last June’s World Cup.

True, it’s the middle of silly season for rumours, but I should think that would satisfy even the bitterest people around here if it came to pass, wouldn’t it?

Yankee Gooner

I saw that on, who have Arsenal linked to about 20 other players, so I’m skeptical, but I’d take it in a second.


Any team would take him.
I wouldn’t bet the half pint I’ve got left in front of me on it though.


Well done to Arseblog News for blaming Wenger for this issue. Let’s not cover up the fact Wenger ruined our season before it had begun.


In a word….infuriating.


Chambers is a great buy, Debuchy is a great buy, Sanchez is a great buy, Welbeck is a great buy, Ozil is a great buy (ignoring long term injury). Wenger bought them all. I do wonder if he is covering for ineptitude within the organisation that failed to buy the CB and DM we needed in the summer. It certainly seemed like there was a will…but they didn’t come off. All Wengers fault? Or is he taking the can for it. He is a lightening rod for everything…including injuries (the root cause of which seems to be bamboozling everyone).



Arsenal Prince

I dont care if some of you thumbs me down and am very sorry for the typographical errors ok! To all the Mighty Gunners out there am wishing all a bountiful lots of wins from 26th til May Happy Xmas y’all


Despite the common sense being discussed here by Arsene……..I can absolutely guarantee you, that Chambers will start against QPR.
Shite talk is easy…………having a functional squad is the hard bit.


I think he will not start, if monreal is fit to start he will start with per and debuchy back to his best position at RB, we will see.


Fingers crossed bellerin is fit. Monreal as cb is not the super top top quality we desire


But it puts Mert back on right CB where he is MUCH more comfortable.
I’d like to see Debuchy- Mert- Monreal- Gibbs.
Monreal was also developing a better understanding of the position before he picked up his injury.

Give Chambers a break on the bench.

Tazmanian Jesus

I want Koscielny cloned, several times.
That way we can freeze down hundreds of him and play him for several hundred years.
I kinda like Debuchy too, a lot.


to kos’s would be great in cb position, if you can clone kos with the second one taller like 195cm that would be some dream 🙂


Merry Christmas everyone!


I am sorry but the money should be there for arsene wenger to invest.. Shouldn’t he have quite a lot of money to spend every window? I mean the club is making a quite fine profit from tickets and sponsorship deals. As far as I know the debt for the emirates is already paid? So my question is: why did he not send a bid for a defender in the summer?! Like if the money is available I am sure you can find someone who is good enough to strengthen the team. Is there still money to be paid for… Read more »


Sadly for us the selling club rarely agrees with aw valuation of their players. Players were available but aw wouldn’t pay the going rate

SoCal Gooner

Stop with the stadium nonsense. Money has NEVER even an issue for Wenger at Arsenal – of course with te exception of trying to buy Messi or Ronaldo. But then again no other club can.

How can there be something wrong with wanting to go in a different direction as a club?? Pleeeeease friends love ARSENAL more!!!


Chambers is definitely over played considering his age. He’s done well showing natural composure but he still has a learning curve and has made a number of critical errors resulting in goals against us. Had this been Flamini or Arteta, he would have been spit roasted. I think the original idea was for Chambers to rotate through his natural position at RB and at Cback. Eventually, Wenger mentioned he would be also played in midfield. This of course has gone unheard being that most ‘fans’ seem fixated by this whole spurious “We need an effing physically imposing DM argument”. The… Read more »

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