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Bordeaux claim Sanogo agreement

Bordeaux have claimed that Yaya Sanogo has agreed to join them on loan, but the French side are waiting for Arsenal to sanction the deal.

The club’s President, Jean-Louis Triaud, told Soir de Foot that, “We are working on the arrival of Sanogo. He wants to come to us, it’s a certainty.

“The goal is to have him for Monaco [who they play on Sunday]. We asked for Arsenal keep us informed. They had given me as a response date of Tuesday or Wednesday. I explained that I prefer Tuesday.”

While the Ligue 1 side could certainly offer the young Frenchman first team football, Arsene Wenger said after the FA Cup game against Hull that he’d prefer him to go on loan to another Premier League club in order to get him further accustomed to the English game.

The question is whether or not there’s any interest in England for his services, and whether or not he might best be off just playing regularly one way or the other.

Anyway, it seems as if Bordeaux will get an answer sooner rather than later, so we’ll see what happens.

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He’ll play more in France, at this stage he just needs games rather than the occasional 20 mins at Crystal Palace.


If true I think it might be for the better in the immediate future. To be honest I think Wenger trying to keep him (if that’s what it can be called) in the PL might prove a long shot. People suggest he should play in the Championship which is a better idea, but I think the best idea is back to France for a spell. He can play senior football without the pressure of the intense media spotlight in England and hopefully regain his confidence. He will be seen as a plus not as a question mark. If he excels… Read more »


Now go home and get your fucking shinebox!


What’s the random goodfellas reference about?


I agree he’s more likely to games in France. All too often our players have gone on loan to Championship clubs and then spent most of the season on the bench. I suspect English managers just think, ‘Ooh Arsenal must be good, no harm in taking a punt’ and borrow our kids without having bothered to find out what kind of players they are and whether they’ll fit with the tactics and rest of the team. French managers will at least be very familiar with Sanogo having watched him in the French youth teams and when he played for Auxerre.… Read more »


I suppose if he went there, he wouldn’t be Bordeaux.


Oh neaux…

Save 75 cents

Comments like this need to Geaux


Poor Sheaux


Deauxn’t let Yaya Saneauxgeaux geaux!


LOL You can always count on the comment section on arseblog to cheer you up. I love this site.




A PL club would do him better and he has what it takes to be a starter in a mid/low-table team.

Wherever he goes, I just hope we won’t be too light upfront because he is a decent backup for Giroud as a pivot.

TR7 > CR7

What’s Wenger thinking? Our best player ever if you ask me, I mean just look at this comp:

Hehe. Nah, but in all seriousness, a loan will do him good. Although, I would prefer a Palace or Villa move.


Villa especially could do with a striker. He’d be a good fit there and he’d get games.

Rohith J

Crystal Palace would have been ideal. Don’t think we can afford to send him to France and then another adaptation period for the Premier League. He needs experience at the top level in England.


I was hoping it to be permanent deal. Please Arsene, do the best deal of the window and offer them sanogo for free.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

When Wenger brought Koscielny in from league 2 (mainly) and Kos had a slow start often causing penalties, what did you think of him? Nobody saw a good defender in him. I think Sanogo will become a striker in the Adebayor type.

obvious stater

He falls when he waaaaaaaaaants
Yaya Sanogo
He falls when he wants.


Podolski and Sanogo, is it wrong to suggest that someone new and shiny might be coming in?

Arsenal Wenger

Hmm, what anti-Wenger rant can I think of for this article?


poor Palace. First Chamakh, now Sanogo 🙂
Chamakh came from Bordeaux too. They must have un penchant for technically hopeless, non scoring ‘strikers’.
I can’t see Yaya appealing to anyone trying to stay up in the PL. Championship possibly. He may turn into a Heskey one day but sadly I doubt it.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

@Striker your comment makes me question your football knowledge and your name..


My football knowledge is bigger than yours clearly, if you believe that the lad is anywhere near good enough to play for arsenal. I am not saying the lad is a bad footballer, just that he is never ever gonna reach the very top. His techniqual abilities with a ball is a joke really in comparision to the standard of a PL player.

He is slow with the ball, extremly clumsy, bad shot, do I need to go on?


It is like having Per Mertesacker playing as a striker, more or less.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Do you have better football knowledge than Wenger ?

obvious stater

I do. I know we needed another Centre Back ages ago and a solid midfielder even before that. I also knew Cygan was poo and Senderos and lots of other players. Arsenes not always right, Francis Jeffers?


No ‘ Striker’ you d not need to ‘go on’. But you will anyway…. Change the record or shut the Fuck up…;;

happy gunner

I just have a feeling that sanogo will be loved by our fans and hated by the opposition one day. I’ve had it since he joined and even when he didn’t score, I kept telling my friends that he will do big things at arsenal. I don’t know what it is, he has shown nothing so far bar a couple of goals in the off season and a goal or two when it actually mattered but yeah, its just a feeling. A feeling I didn’t get with any other youngster, not even with akpom or zelalem. Here’s to hoping he… Read more »


I’m not sure, but I think that’s known as ‘having a crush’.

bims lay

strangely, i have the same feeling about him……i thought i was the only one which was why i kept quiet. for me, right now, its a hunch…he just has that “thing”…that tells me he is going to be a big player for arsenal in the future, and technically, he does have everything.. pace, power, height, skill, and he is still very young for a striker, so still learning the trade, the only thing missing…(for now) are the goals (at this level) as he has more than proven himself at the youth level both locally and internationally I hope he proves… Read more »


Hiw many times do you have to detail this ‘crush’ thing?


I like the lad. Or, at least, I like him more than the muppets who abuse him constantly when what he needs is support.

Wenger's Waterbottle

So that’s two players out and none in. Why is it an easy deal when a player goes out but almost impossible to get a deal done to get a player in?

Son of Wenger II

Loan him to Oldham in League 1 to stop them hiring Ched Evans…


Well, even though he is a fucking rapist I still believe that the lad is being too harrassed and stalked by the media. The guy have suffered his punishment, sure, you could argue that he deserves more. But the lad still got the right to live. The media shouldn’t give a person like that any attention whatsoever.


I’m not entirely familiar with the case, but I agree with the principal. Rape is disgusting, and in my opinion deserve higher punishment, but excessive media coverage can often turn a sentence into a form of double punishment. My opinion is not related to this case because, like I say, I don’t know it, but i think you’re making a good point despite the down votes.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

What league Giroud came from ? So, this can do the job for both player and club.


The harsh truth is that if we can’t loan him out to another premier league club in January when a dozen or so teams are still worried about relegation then it’s because the managers of those clubs do not think he’s very good. Most bottom half clubs are struggling to score goals and it’s not going to cost them a fortune to take him. Maybe it will still happen as it’s early in the window but if it doesn’t then maybe the lad just isn’t goo enough and that’s it. His record is their for all to see. Hope im… Read more »


given you a thumbs up mate. I got thumbed down further up for making much the same comment. Astonishing that there are gooners who think Sanogo is any good at all. He reminds me of a rugby player I used to see playing football for fun sometimes. Defenders were quite intimidated by his physicality but he couldn’t control a beachball.

Andy Mack

He reminds me of a young player I saw in Le Mans in the late 90s (time to kill and it’s not the most interesting place). Not very polished but undoubtedly talented. The kids name was Drogba.
I find it embarrassing that we have ‘fans’ that can’t see the potential in Sanogo. Provided he doesn’t get injured then he’ll definitely be a success in a few years time. Arguing that he’s too young or too raw is understandable, but to say he’s ‘hopeless’ is a sad reflection on you.


You mean his record in scoring almost every game for the French youth teams? Clearly the managers of teams that are struggling to score goals failed in identifying quality strikers. That they pass up Sanogo doesn’t mean Sanogo is shit, it’s them failing to recognise what he could bring to their team. Let’s not forget that bringing him on was a major influence in us scoring the winning goal of the FA Cup final.


But are they (PL managers) failing to see what he could bring to the team? Sanogo was prolific when in youth teams – a goal a game. Once playing senior football his return was still very good (a goal every second game) but stats reveal another issue. Over 3/4 seasons with Auxerre A and B he only appeared in 52 games. Injuries re-hab and perhaps a lack of form all played a hand – but the number of games over a long period is questionable. He then transfers to Arsenal where his scoring touch evaporates further and he frankly looks… Read more »


I’m Surprised that Real Madrid don’t want him.


Isn’t QPR desperate for a striker? Get ‘arry on the phone


no one in the PL wants him LOL


maybe we can swap with PSG for Cavani?


Should be allowed to leave on a permanent deal. Never going to be good enough or fit enough.

I’m also hoping that this Loic Perrin rumour is just his agent talking. A 29 year old who has never played international football,,,,yeah just what we need!


what’s even scarier is the £6m mentioned in the press for Perrin.
That’s more than the club would take for Podolski from Inter (if meejah are to be believed).


Genuinely think this lad could be something.

pascal cygan

I can’t see much point in him going to a bottom half premier league club if your fighting relegation you are only going to want a proven PL goalscorer, with the money involved in staying in the premier league Sanogo is not going to play regular football for a Hull or Crystal Palace when he’s so unproven. Bordeaux would be alot more suitable for him.

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