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Wenger: Sanogo to stay in the Premier League

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Yaya Sanogo will be loaned to a Premier League club during the January transfer window.

The France under-21 international has been contacted by several clubs in France, most notably Bordeaux, but despite a preference for a return to his homeland the boss is eager for him to garner more game time in England.

“My preference is for England,” Wenger said at his pre-Stoke press conference. “He will go to a Premier League club.”

Crystal Palace are believed to be leading the chase; their offer to the 21-year-old back on track now that they’ve seen Neil Warnock replaced by Alan Pardew.

Hull manager Steve Bruce, a man who has mentored Wenger protégés in the past, is thought to have contacted the Gunners, as has Aston Villa’s Paul Lambert.

Having already loaned Lukas Podolski to Inter Milan, the boss was also asked about rumours that Joel Campbell could depart the club.

“I want Joel Campbell for future to stay here,” he’s reported as saying. Whether that means a six-month loan deal is on the card or not remains to be seen.

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Palace or Hull could mean regular football for him. Unless Villa are flogging Benteke he would spend most of the time on the bench there.

Dick Swiveller

I dunno, none of the support for Benteke has been pulling up trees so he’ll get on for the last 20 minutes to change it up, at least.


I think even Swansea could be interested if they lose Bony as they’d only have Gomis left.

Should’ve loaned out Poldi and Joel to some PL teams in the hope they could help some of the “lesser” quality teams try and knick a few points from our potential rivals. Tactical thinking 🙂

Giroud Awakening

No lesser club would be willing to pay Poldi’s high wages. Well maybe ‘Arry might, but no way in hell are we gonna do any favours for him

AK 57

I think he only loans out player to get some experience. In Poldi’s case, he wanted to move because he wanted to get some first team football and arsenal wanted to recover some cash. Also, there is a chance to sell him on eventually which suits everyone. Podolski is not arsenal material, he has too many limitations to become a regular player at any top club.


If PL clubs don’t think he’s good enough then they won’t want him.
Championship is his level at the moment.




I recon he could be very suited to lower table teams because the matches will be more even, ie teams wont park the bus as much as they do against us. When lukaku and sturridge were on loan at lower table clubs they performed well and gained confidence which i recon could be the same for yaya.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But he won’t learn as much about beating parked bus PL defences if he isn’t facing any. Championship is barely more use than Bordeaux to Wenger, and the loan is for Wenger and Arsenal’s benefit more than Sanogo’s. He either shows he’s got the ability with a PL team, or at least shows improvement, or he’ll be shipped out at end of contract is my guess.

Dick Swiveller

I’ve watched both Championship and Premiership strikers, there really isn’t much difference at the lower echelons. Is Bolasie really much better than Vydra? Or is Anichebe much better than Rodallega?

Sanogo would give enough to lower Premiership teams, as long as he continues working hard.


Indeed.. So let’s face it. Sanogo belongs in the league 2.

Dick Swiveller

The league 2 what? You can’t just leave off the end of your sentence like that, I need to know.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Striker, If he scores plenty of goals in championship or league 2, you will still deny him credit because it is not PL. Damn if he does, damn if he doesn’t. Both Giroud and Koscielny had late development as footballer. Wenger had had Anelka and Henry who were top scorers at young age and he knows if the player is limited or has talent that will develop later. Even Theo had a slower development than we expected and still has some room for improvement but one of our top players.

Walcott's left footed curl

I don’t think the Championship would be a bad idea for him, if that means regular playing time. Adapting him self as a target player against a physical defense could work better in the Championship.

Then again, it’s always good to measure your self against the best.


No offence or anything mate, but I’d say if Premier League clubs want him to go do a job in the, er, Premier League, then that probably is his level – I’m gonna go with the actual Premier League managers on this one – they have a bit more experience than you and I….


Finally a comment that makes sense! So many “arsenal fans” are bordering on insane. Thinking they know more than managers about the quality of players

Proff Gooner

With less pressure he will hopefully get back to scoring like he did before he joined us. We can’t even buy him a drink in Yankee land so we should be patient and prey he gets a hat trick against our rivals.

Giroud was disliked a few years ago and now we realise what he brings.

“When you’re from this club, you’re from this club. You’re in or out, you cannot be both!” Arsene Wenger
(And when you’re Adebayo, you’re just a complete twat!)



I’d say that’s a good call from the boss. We don’t loan players out to the prem enough(I know we can’t send everyone) and consequently most players never seem to prosper. I also think that by sending a player out to worse leagues they in turn develop a mindset that ligue 1, championship etc. is the limit to there ability. Not to go bat-shit crazy over coq but imagine if he stayed at Charlton he probably would have signed for a low league team at the end of the season and never given a chance at the top level again.… Read more »

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Palace is ideal plus Parduex likes his french toast so he should be alright…

Giroud Awakening

He doesn’t seem to like Wenger very much!


I dunno, they seem to be best buds these days oddly enough! I remember the time Pardew laid into Arsenal (and Wenger specifically) for fielding too many Frenchmen and not contributing to the English National Team – seems like a pretty special statement of irony right now doesn’t it!


Indeed, Pardew said last month that the stadium should be named after Wenger and has nothing but nice things to say about him. As fans we only see the public side of relationships between managers, e.g. Pardew and Wenger’s bust up when the was in charge at the Hammers, but that was years ago and they’ve had plenty of time to kiss and make up since then. I think the only manager that Wenger really doesn’t get on well with is Mourinho, but he is a complete and utter cunt, so that’s hardly surprising. Even those who are regarded by… Read more »


Well with all the time wenger has invested in sanogo, i really hopes he makes it.
He has been underwhelming so far tbh…i know injuries has played a part, but i expected much better from him considering the reputation he had at auxerre.

Chairman Meow

Ads in the fucking article?


Gutbukket Deffrolla

They’re targeted Ads. What kinds of Ads were you seeing?


I don’t know why anyone would think otherwise. Its the same with Chambers. Wenger mentioned he would eventually end in midfield but most just like to follow their own narrative. Sanogo will gain most from exposure in the league he will eventually be playing in. He is a replacement for Giroud in two seasons. Remember he is only 21yrs. Nasri, Walcott, Ramsey, Fabregas all took till 23yrs to gain consistency and come good. Thierry slightly earlier at 22yrs. Sanogo shows a lot of promise for us [articularly in providing the muscularity we will need when Giroud has to step down.… Read more »

obvious stater

Without being rude, the players you have mentioned were all awesome at 21 especially Fabregas.

I simply can’t see all the potential you guys seem to see but happy to be proven wrong.


Santori – One point in your comment that I need to pick out as bullshit, is your claim that it took Fabregas until 23 years old ‘to come good and gain consistency’.
Fabregas played every single league game in the 2006/07 season, he was 19 years old.

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