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Wenger wants Premier League loan for Sanogo

It’s well known that Arsenal are prepared to let Yaya Sanogo go on loan in January until the end of the season, but despite interest from Ligue 1 clubs like Bordeaux and Lorient, Arsene Wenger would prefer to the player to stay in England.

The Arsenal manager obviously sees a lot in the young Frenchman, but with competition for places up front blocking his developmental path, he’s decided to let him go elsewhere temporarily so he can play more.

With just one goal in English football since his arrival at the club, Wenger wants the former Auxerre striker to get more games in the Premier League.

Speaking yesterday about a potential departure, he said, “Yaya is here at the moment. He needs more experience at the top level in the Premier League. He’s ready to play but we have so many options up front that it’s difficult to play.”

And asked specifically about Bordeaux, he replied, “Personally, I said that many times I prefer the Premier League. That’s still the case.”

He’s not the only forward departure this month as Lukas Podolski has joined Inter Milan. Although it hasn’t been officially announced, it’s just a matter of completing some paperwork and Wenger said the two situations couldn’t be compared.

“He is different from Podolski, Podolski was frustrated, he’s going to Inter Milan. Sanogo is searching for experience.”

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Dick Swiveller

There might even be more point loaning him out to a Championship side than a French team, then at least he’d be able to get the physical side down a little better but compared to Premiership experience it’d still be little more than keeping him fit.

Daft Aider

the championship would be ideal for him as he would get plenty of game time that way, I can’t imagine him getting anything better then the subs bench for a premier league club and that would not help him one little bit

Dick Swiveller

I’m pretty sure he would get gams at the majority of bottom half teams, Villa only have one decent striker for example.

Daft Aider

Sanogo isn’t a decent striker as of yet though


To many other PL sides and top championship sides, he is a good striker. I reckon he could get a handful of goals at a team like Hull, and he would definitely score more in the Championship.


Are you really sure about that? Championship is a really good league to be honest. Not a big difference between the teams in the bottom of our league and the teams in the championship. I’d say league 1 or league 2 is the place for him. MK Dons like Afobe perhaps?


Villa only one decent striker? I’d take Benteke, Weimann and Agbonlahor ahead of Sanogo every day a week xD

Good luck to arsene wenger finding a PL club interested!

Dick Swiveller

Glad to see you haven’t watched Villa play much, it really isn’t worth watching them generally., but Weimann and Agbonhlahor have been pretty poor when they’ve played so if I were Lambert I’d give Sanogo a bash as backup to Benteke or as a striker partner.

I’d rather have Benteke too, though.


He’s scored 1 goal in 20 competitive matches for us. I am pretty sure that scoring goals for arsenal ain’t as hard as it is to be scoring in aston villa where a lot of the midfielders and players surrounding you are average. He has had some of the best midfielders in the world around him, feeding him with chances. if any given player above would have been given the same chance I am confident that they’d also manage to score 1 goal in 20 games. You cannot really compare it until you’ve seen him go out on loan and… Read more »


When SaOnegoal only manages to score 1 goal in half a season (17-18)? games as a striker infront of the League`s most creative midfield, Then i cant see why any teams in the bottom half of the table would want to have him starting games for them. It would be destructive to their campaign having someone incapable of scoring leading the charge. The teams fighting against relegation need someone who produce goals, And Sanogo does not. He mostly runs around like a bull in a porcelain shop thumping in to people and falling over himself alot due to over balancing.… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

So, we wre freescoring last season and we didn’t build our entire game around a tight defence? Damn, I completely imagined an entire season. It can actually be easier to score goals for lower teams, as you get more space, but really not the point. I’m not willing to go through the 20 matches he played, but I guess a fair few of those are sub appearances, plus the obligatory Cup games so it’s a litle disingenuous to keep repeating it; he hasn’t found his goalscoring boots, I get that but I’m actuially looking at what he’s doing rather than… Read more »


Dudes started and played against the likes of Bayern Munich in the CL, he’s definitely worthy of playing for some of the lower league teams like Leicester or QPR.


Once again, if he is this good why the need to loan? If he is definite PL quality why not keep him?

He obviously isn’t…at least not yet, and I can’t imagne anyone is going to take him at that level other than to be a second choice (if that) striker.

Dick Swiveller

I don’t entierly understand, if a guy is good enough to start for Leicester than he’s good enough to start for us? There may be some logic in there somewhere, but I can’t see it.


How about the fact that we haven’t beaten Leicester this season?


Agreed, I cant see many teams in the premier league wanting to bring Yaya in as their starting striker, every team in the league has a striker who can score goals so Yaya would be sent to the bench on that alone making it a waste of time.

Me So Hornsey

He won’t be first choice but that’s not the point. He’ll get way more chances than he’s getting now.

The main thing for him is if he can stay fit as his injury history is pretty horrendous for someone so young.


Not sure where he could go in the league and be sure of regular games though. And it leaves us a little short of options. Yeah, we have Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez, Walcott and Campbell that can all play up top, but at least three of them will be starting most games anyway, up top or out wide. Fatigue and injuries will surely factor into the rest of the season….


Knowing how the injury gods don’t like us, the next set of injuries would probably be in the striking department. Hopefully there is a clause to bring back Podolski (pipe dream!) and there will not be one when Sanogo’s loan is agreed (again pipe dream!).

I’m not writing of Sanogo, he might well be the next Kanu and more but that’s going to take time. Something we cannot afford, with atleast couple of teams to beat off to 3rd place.


Don’t forget young Akpom. Surely he could replace Sanogo for the few months of his loan and play the super sub role which Yaya would if he stayed. Chuba has looked pretty good so far in the academy sides.


With our system we actually have more than enough up top, if they are fit, and if you factor Chuba into the equation. Not only do you have to count the guys above, but with a more fully fit squad, the OX may be playing more wide up front, as could Santi. Even Tommy could do a job there. If we get back our midfielders: Wilshere, Ramsey, Flamini, Arteta and Özil, then you are back to those 6-7 players competing for spots in the front 3. Some overlap (OX and Santi), but once you consider just how many players are… Read more »


I think we should definitely loan him out in the Premier League if the choice to do so arises. The experience he gains will be much more relevant and he might just stick 1 or 2 in against some of our rivals.

Edu You remember, the 21st night of September?

Crystal Palace only have Gayle & Campbell (they play Chamakh CM lol ), I’m sure he would get a game there

and it seems Wenger and Pardew are on good terms now. It would be good for Sanogo because it keeps him in London too.


send hm to sp*rs so he can shoot blanks there


That was a bit below the belt. Be a good sport and apologize 😉


Hehe. I wouldn’t even Na$ri to sp*rs and I really hate that chinless cunt.


Which PL club wants him?
He needs to go to a Championship side, if he fails there then he can added to the bunch of failures who will get loaned out each year until their contracts expire (Denilson, Djourou, Park Chu Young etc……)


He is definitely premier league quality, I’m sure some teams in the bottom half of the table would love to have him. He is really not bad, he has a great record for the French U21s and smashed in the goals for Auxerre in Ligue 2. Ayoze perez from newcastle played in the liga adelante previously, and is doing pretty well so far so I can’t see why Sanogo can get a few goals for teams like Crystal Palace or Hull.


Francis Jeffers is the all time top scorer for England U-21. Look what happened to him?

Sanogo might end up good enough for the likes of Hull or Crystal Palace (he’s 22 this month, not a wee baby), but no way good enough for Arsenal.
Remember, the reason we built the stadium was so that we could challenge with the very best teams in Europe. The very best teams in Europe wouldn’t have Sanogo anywhere near their clubs so why should we?


Seriously, why is he definitely premier league quality? What has he done so far which would underline his PL credentials?

Dick Swiveller

What else can we go on but his performances? Going by them, he looks comfortable enough against Dortmund and Bayern, as well as having an obvious presence and the right postioning for a goalscorer even if he hasn’t started banging them in yet. Good traits for a young striker.

That, along with the Wenger seal of approval (which does still matter) would be enough for me to take a punt on him if I were a manager at a lower Prem team; whether they will or not is another matter.


He might have scored against Dortmund but he did not play well.

He’s a work horse in progress, not Arsenal quality at all

Dick Swiveller

Hence the loan, he shows enough flashes but needs experience.

Thought he played well against both Dortmund and Bayern, maybe I’m jusrt a sucker for holdup play though, been watching England play for too long…


Exactly. I still find it hard to believe that he wasn’t loaned out early and was starting over poldi and Campbell. He’s gonna be 22, not 19 or something


I’ve seen this question of why he starts ‘ahead of’ Poldi and Campbell a lot around here, as if they are all interchangeable playing styles. They’re not. And you don’t use a ratchet to pound nails.

Poldi and Campbell don’t have physical presence, don’t play back-to-goal, and don’t convincingly compete for let alone win aerial duels. For the Manager’s gameplan that is what was needed, that’s why he started. It’s quite simple, really.

I doubt we’ll ever see Campbell as CF. He’s another outside striker.


Sanogo apart from being big doesn’t have physical presence either, he isn’t particularly strong and spends most of the time on the floor


Harry will be in! When the ball hits your head and you’re sat in row Z, that’s Zamora! is doing his usual ineffective routine and will be upgraded at QPR for sure, the twitch loves a good transfer window. Get yer bungs out Arsene


I went to the game last night, I think he would do well at hull. They knock the ball around ok but had nothing upfront. He would get game time there. The only problem is the manager, is he looking at the Newcastle job?

obvious stater

None of the forwards playing for hull are starters. They have Jelavic and Hernandez who weren’t playing yesterday.

Anonymous Kumquat

Best of luck to him wherever he goes. Bags of potential, and his attitude seems spot on as well – works hard, not afraid to shoot, and never hides away. And he has a really cool name.


I can’t agree less with the gaffer. Sanogo really needs serious premier league game time and I believe he’d easily slot into any of the relegation clubs.


What exactly don’t you agree with Wenger on, in this context?


Sanogo has more CL experience than most strikers in the PL. Sanogo has played against Bayern, something most strikers in the PL can only dream of on PS4. But keep belittling our own.


Alexstratz, the next sentence will render your point completely invalid.
Roberto Soldildo played in the CL for Real Madrid.


I’m sure if you supported a club like Burnley, you’d love to have Soldado in your team.


Lovely analogy 🙂

Craig Pires

I agree that he would be well suited at Hull I was also at the game and they had nothing up top. I think that kind of club is also the level he is at this moment in time, certainly not good enough for Arsenal yet. I’m not putting him down as I do beleive he will improve with a run of games.

Gooners & Roses

Similarly built and probably playing similar way as well, he can take a leaf out of Lukaku’s book in my opinion.


Lukaku is younger – light years ahead of bambi on ice.

Dick Swiveller

But in footballing years, Sanogo is younger…


Exactly, as our players never play because they’re constantly injured. On a side note, Arsenal’s groundsman should really check out that rumour of a Celtic burial ground beneath the Emirates (or Colney). Surely there must be something pet sementary-ish?


These 2 comments are complete and utter madness

pascal cygan

The Championship would be more appropriate for him no disrespect to the guy but we don’t actually know if he’s premier league standard.


22 years of age, not even good enough for the PL. Surely Wenger must realise that he is effectively a new failed wenger project?

Me So Hornsey

Sanogo is just another one of Wenger’s cheap gambles. How good at gambling is Wenger would you say over the past few years?


yes let him get experience in the prem taking points of our rivals. same should be done with Gnabry, maybe to everton? chelsea have benefited from the like for too long.


Sanogo is Giroud’s direct and most possible successor. Considering Giroud’s age, at 21yrs Sanogo has the next season or two to get up to speed. The problem with many people is they are too quick to judge a young player. Walcott, Nasri, Fabregas, Ramsey did not get till 23yrs to come good for us. This is a natural and average progression. Thierry did it slightly quicker at 22yrs. Sanogo is still very young and will benefit from exposure playing as frequently as possible. A loan move in the physically competitive PL is the correct move for his progression. Giroud was… Read more »


Firstly, if he’s Giroud’s successor we’re damned to another decade of not challenging for the league because Giroud is in no way a title winning striker.

Secondly, Fabregas was one of our best if not our best player in his teens and Henry was a World Cup winner at 21, so this 23 business is nonsense. Walcott, Nasri and Ramsey all looked considerably further along in there development than Sanogo at the age of 21

I think we all hope Sanogo comes good but right now he should be nowhere near the Arsenal 1st Team

Dick Swiveller

Better than Dzeko.

City have won 2 titles with him.


How is he better than Dzeko?

If our players are so great, why can’t they ever win the league? or beat a team above them in the league? or is it that we have great players but a poor manager?


Giroud’s replacement… Did I really just read that? Giroud is a WAY better striker than Sanogo as it currently stands. I cannot personally see Sanogo get anywhere near good enough to start for arsenal. 22 years of old, surely he should show some signs of being good enough for arsenal except from scoring 1 goal in 20 games. I cannot see him score much more goals for any other club in the PL to be honest.


Cesc played in the champs league final for us at the age of 19, nasri was already a first team player at marseille at 19, ramsey was slowed down because of injury. I find it insulting that you’re comparing sanogo to those guys when they were his age.
Giroud is still an average striker; I honestly hope he turns out to be FAR BETTER than giroud.
I honestly do not see any team in the epl where he’d be first choice.


If Giroud is average then Sanogo is abysmal


Madness with the injuries we have.


Sanogo cannot contribute with anything as it stands anyways.


we should sell him (if anyone would have him) with a buy back clause and stop wasting our time and his. we can’t give him game time to develop if we’re serious about winning titles. we’re already developing welbeck. if he comes good in time we buy him back – and i doubt that will happen. if we’re serious about titles we’ll buy a world class striker and use giroud and welbeck off the bench.

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