Thursday, June 13, 2024

Video: Mesut Ozil v Middlesbrough

If you enjoyed Mesut Ozil’s performance against Boro yesterday, here’s a chance to relive it, thanks to @TerryAFCx.

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Romford Pele


Biggest Ozil fanboy here. People talk about Alexis, but for me, Ozil is our best player, in more ways than one. Just don’t feel like people like his introvert style and some never will. But he always makes the right decisions. The sign of a top player.


as much as i also believe that ozil is probably better, i think there’s a good reason to believe that alexis’ current status as “main man” and “best player” at our club (in the eyes of most fans, pundits, etc.) has liberated the pressure from mesut to dictate matches and assert his style over a match (which isn’t really what he does, as we all know). i don’t think it’s coincidental that he was at his world-beating best at Real when Ronaldo was stealing the headlines for his goals and all, and i think we’re starting to see the same… Read more »

Giroud Awakening

Spot on, good point that!

Dick Swiveller

They’re both seriously important to our team, I think the extra spark to him edges Sanchez as the better player, but only in the same way steak edges BBQ chicken wings. When I say that, I mean that Ozil generally needs movement around him to pull the strings whereas Sanchez is more likely to pull out some individual moment to win the game; I agree that is what leads to Ozil being under-rated by some but it IS a rare thing in a player, being able to see the game like Ozil is almost as rare though. I’m just rambling,… Read more »


Ozil 55 games 11goals 17assists Alexis 34 games 18 goal 10 assists So Alexis has either scored or Assisted the exact same amunt of goals as Ozil whilst playing 21 less games. And I’d love to see the stats that state if the goal or assist was a decisive contribution in a game, Alexis is a proven match winner. Ozil is an exceptionally talented player who’s shown very little consistancy in his Arsenal career up until now, it’s up to him to prove the doubters wrong with consistent performances and a new found ability to stand up to the rough… Read more »

Romford Pele

Rich Ozil is a midfielder, Alexis is a forward. You see this is the problem with modern football. Stats seem to be everything. It’s for this reason alone that people compare Ronaldo to Messi but when you watch the two play, it’s a night and day between the players IMO. What you’re saying is just the exact sort of thing, Mertescielny and I are arguing against. Ozil has no desire to be the main man. He didn’t asked to be bought for £42.5m. He just wants to be part of well-oiled machine that is functioning well. Also, the dude created… Read more »


Ozil needs a high quality of player around him to function. Cesc never needed that luxury. neither does Alexis. Ozil is playing well after his recent return from injury. if you look at when Boro hit the post yesterday it was because Ozil lost the ball, didn’t try to win it back and lost his marker down Arsenal’s left side. I’m not doubting he’s an exceptionally talented player who can be a joy to watch, I’m arguing that up until now he’s flatered to deceive in an Arsenal shirt, hasn’t produced top level consistent performances and at times has looked… Read more »

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Henry, Nasri, RvP, you mean those were not high quality players? The 08 team was on of the most talented team we’ve seen until now. Cesc also had a talented team around him


Give it a rest now Rich, your embarrassing yourself


Your an embarrassment by refusing to be honest in your assessment of one our players.


Just watched a replay of Boro hitting the post on the Arsenal player. Ozil didn`t lose the ball at all. Please do not make things up in order to pour scorn of one of our star players.


This is the thing I hate about stats as well, they can say one thing but the story can be completely different. World Cup for example, Ozil (from a wide left position) created the 2nd highest amount of chances behind only Messi IIRC, now as a play maker Ozil has done his part, he created the chance that the striker has then not put away so the play maker doesn’t have the assist to add to his stats therefore making it look as if he done nothing. To me the only players that stat are important to are strikers, goals… Read more »


Poetry and motion.

Romford Pele

Mertescielny, completely agree. When i’m at games, I have debates with people who are questioning what Ozil is doing. “OMG, why is he not grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck?” “He’s our record signing, everything should go through him!” And that stinks of a person who never watched Ozil pre-Arsenal. He’s never really been a guy who courts the limelight. Even Mourinho (vom) has been quick to say that Ozil is a very shy person who just gets on with his job. Part of me does think that Wenger is trying to change/alter him slightly. At Madrid,… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

I remember watching him playing for Germany in the world cup at freaking 21 years old and just being chill as shit and also wondering what the hell am I doing with my life. (I’m his age)


Even as an England fan at the time it was a pleasure watching him and Muller absolutely tear us a new one

Man Manny

What a blessing to have this footballing poet strut his stuff for us. Watching him is poetry in motion.
Add Alexis, Cazorla, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott and Ox, you have the best forward line in the prem for sure.
I have a strong conviction this bunch of gunners will win the premier league in a season or two.


He had more meaningful touches in that video than I have in a season… Guess that’s why I have to pay to play football and people pay to watch him lol
So many times he doesn’t even need to make the final pass for his influence to show, it’s the pass before the assist or the body feint to lose a marker and keep possession that I love watching so much, it’s effortless


I think there is something more about Ozil, something which us normal folk cannot see, that makes him widely respected among people who play football for a living. And for Mourinhio to describe him as the best No. 10 in the world despite his work rate, and playing him over Kaka at Madrid, really says something about Ozil. Glad to have him at the club. COYG!


Mourinhio is a turd. Your reference to him made me retch. But yes, I agree. And he’s definitely happier in the “no.2” role. Although, Santi might have a claim for that right now too…

(not so) Rambling Pete

Apparently he is half the player Bale is.


That move around 2:25 where he lost both defenders, I was such in disbelief that it made me accidentally curse in front of my family. But when I showed them the replay on how beautiful Ozil’s move was, I was excused and they now understand me more why I’m an Arsenal fan


Anyone moaning about having the brilliance of Ozil in our team can “shut the front door”!!

Henry gooner legend

Classy, Suave and almost James Bond-esque in terms of how he just blends into a game and weaves his magic. You’ll hate ozil for not doing enough when you watch the game live. But, watch the replay after, and you’ll see how much of an influence he has on the game. Sheer genius!


Ozil, Alexis, Santi. Wow. And we have good options in every position now, except DM. Although, as we saw today, Flamini is well suited to the lower teams. Plus, we have the trio of Wilshire, Ramsey and Arteta to join the Coq. A very solid battle at CB. Gibs had a great game and it’s easy to see what an in form Giroud does for this team. Interesting times.


And I forgot Rosicky. What a midfield.


Watching this made me wonder how on earth they beat City?! This video really shows how slow they were to close down and pressure Santi and Mesut. They must have been exhausted


Ozil is a world class player Who is very underrated in England. English pundits believe working hard and diving into 50/50 tackles makes you a good player which isn’t true, Ozil’s assist for giroud vs Aston villa showed what a world class player is. People in this country need to appreciate the technical ability and skill that players like Ozil , Carzola , Sanchez and Giroud etc bring to our country


Mesut Ozil plays for our team. Hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Exciting to see his evolution, and with it Arsenals. I don’t know about anyone else but Gabriels first involvement was positive.

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