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Ozil believes in Monaco miracle

Mesut Ozil says Arsenal must travel to Monaco believing they can defy the odds as they look to overcome a 3-1 first-leg deficit to progress to the Champions League quarter-final for the first time since 2010.

The Gunners need to score at least three times at the Stade Louis II following their suicidal showing at the Emirates; a tough ask given the Ligue 1 outfit have only conceded seven at home all season.

Targeting an early goal to get the ball rolling Ozil insists Arsenal have quality and momentum on their side.

“It’s very important to score early, but we will remain patient,” remarked the German international. “We want to fight and battle from the first minute until the last.

“This is a match that we are determined to win. We have to score three goals and our aim is to do just that while remaining tight in defence.

“If we play as we are capable of doing in Monaco, I still believe that we have a real chance to progress.

“We want to disrupt their rhythm and try to score as early as possible. It’s going to be difficult to score three times because they have defended well in the tournament so far, but if you look at our past matches and the way we played against Manchester United last week, I think there’s a chance we can still progress.”

“We have to believe in yourselves. When you believe in yourselves, a positive energy grows that you can achieve your aims. In football, things that may look unlikely can happen.

“I know that if we believe in ourselves and utilise our potential, we can still go through.”

You’ve got to admire Mesut’s optimism, however, only five seven sides in Champions League history have overcome a first-leg deficit of two or more – Barcelona twice (vs AC Milan 2012/13 & vs Chelsea 1999/2000), Chelsea twice (vs Napoli 2011/12 & vs PSG 2013/14), Monaco (vs Real Madrid 2003/04), Deportivo La Coruna (vs AC Milan 2003/04) and Manchester United (vs Olympiakos 2013/14).

The difference for those sides is that their heroics played out in front of home support. We don’t make life easy for ourselves do we?

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AK 57

We are starting to see the best of ozil now.

Az Ahmed

Whatever happens it’s not gonna be dull.


We had loads of chances last time and are on an up. However, they have such a good defence that it will be amazing if we do it.


The thing that gives me unfounded confidence is remembering back to our last group game last CL season. We only needed not to lose 3-0 against Napoli (albeit away), and you could see it really affected our mentality and approach to the game. In the end we squeaked through with a 2-0 loss. If Monaco sets out Tuesday with the mentality “let’s not lose 0-3,” I think that we have an outside chance. Although, judging by the results of the last three round of 16 ties, it’s probably much more likely that we’ll accomplish a heroic failure–0-2 with a few… Read more »


i agree… i was watching fever pitch the other day and it lead to rewatching a lot of the heroics in anfield and it really struck me that liverpool got caught with a similar mentality ‘lets not lose 0-2’ as opposed to approaching the game in a positive way… lets hope something similar happens with monaco and we can capitalize on it, lets not forget even though we played so poorly at home we still had plenty of chances and shouldve scored about 3. COYG

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

I am have the same feeling as the Inter game, they did us at home 0/3 (I know it was a group stage game) and we went to Milan and stuffed them 1/5. I will stick my neck out for 1/5 and it will be the making of this team.

Andy Mack



a 1-3 “result” only sends it to extra time, the match can’t finish with that score.


Starting with a good home performance and closing out the tie? Pah, don’t be silly. We’ll do it the Arsenal way.



Yep, god knows we love doing it the hard way. I’m telling myself we can’t but this little voice inside my head says we are going to! It is the same voice that said I could jump into a tree from an upstairs window four years ago. That ended with me being circumcised due to unfortunate ripage. But I’m sure this time it’s right.


We should just bum Monaco about 6 nil, imo. Teach them a bloody good lesson for making a fool of us on TV.


It’s not about them having a good defence… It’s about us not being clinical at the emirates. We tore them apart.. Theo could have had 2, welbeck 1, Giroud 3 etc

We gonna score 4 away I believe


We didn’t really tear them apart, did we? It’s nice to think so, but we didn’t. Most of our chances were rushed and in very tight spaces, that’s because they did well to close us down quickly. Their chances were completely gifted by our midfield and defense. I don’t think they’ll score, but I really don’t think we can turn this tie around. And by don’t, I mean do, but it’s fucking impossible.



Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I didn’t watch the game live. I summed up the courage to watch it days after the loss just to see if we were as bad as everyone was saying. To be honest, we tore them apart and should have won that game very handily. I watched it without emotions so I can be objective in my assessment


If it doesn’t happen, never mind.
If it does….WOW!


I’m not sure anyone truly believes we will turn it round but, if you’re playing, you need to convince yourself that you do. What other approach is there to take. I hope, rather than believe this time…


Sorry, thumbed you up by mistake, (in my rush to reply)!
I believe we will do it! And by the way, I bet a whole two pounds on three nil yesterday!
Get your money on us getting through folks!
In Arsenal we trust!


I thumbed you up for your optimism.


I believe. We’re good enough to do it, if the Chavs can do it we certainly can.


Well put, if you’re taking that field, you have no choice but to believe. But even though we might be focused enough that we win the game, we are not gonna overturn the deficit. Its just too much to ask after what we did in the first leg. Dont get your hopes up and then come on here complaining afterwards. This tie is lost.


Yeah let’s do that…I am certainly on board! 🙂


That message was in response to let’s bum then 6 nil…

George the Gooner

If we beat Monaco 3-0, I will eat my Arsenal Bobble hat.


That settles it, you must deliver, man. We’ll watch it.


This is what football is all about.. We forget that other teams from lower leagues have this feeling when they play us .

Lets Stay positive and believe we van cause an upset

Smoking Cheddar

who would put a premier league patch on a suit! blasphemy!




We can and we will do it….. Mark my words #COYG


Surprised none of those 5 great comebacks are against us…


What about Anderlecht? Does that not count because it was a group game?

Lightening Pace

Time to make some history then innit!


I wish if I could understand why after going out at the same stage the last 3 years by conceding many goals at home did the team not think lets not concede and give ourselves a chance for the 2nd leg. Why do we make the same mistakes over and over again? Why did Wenger not say something after we conceded the first goal or the second goal? If he did then why did they not listen?


God bless this team to do the impossible


needless to say we had a barry crocker in the first leg, but i can only see positives from this game. either we win and bask in the glory of pulling off a miracle, or we lose and can focus on the prem run in and holding onto the fa cup. if you look at the remaining fixtures we have 3 or 4 real crunch games left in the league and if we can find a way around chelseas inevitable bus tactics when we play them at home then we are actually in with a very outside chance. chelsea themselves… Read more »


I put my money on us going through to the next round.


Chelski vs PSG last year was also a 2 goal deficit as far as I remember.


I remember 2003: 3-0 down at home against one of the Milan teams and we thrashed them 5-1 @ theirs…Henry bagged hat-trick, if memory serves…

Crash Fistfight

Wasn’t a knock-out tie though.

Red Ed

Yeah but those cunts had the second leg at home and only needed to score two. Still, it could happen. COYG !!!!

Springbank 1962

This time last year we fell away from being title contenders. This year, not so much. This time last year our injury list was a real problem. Not now, it isn’t. This time last year we apparently didn’t like it up and at us. Who dare’s now? This time last year we were on the wrong end of some PL thumpings. No chance this season. This time last year we hadn’t won a trophy in fuck knows how long. That one’s dead and buried. This time last year we couldn’t beat a big club to save our lives. Man City… Read more »


We scored 2 at Allianz Arena. At the time Bayern had 10 games without conceding a single goal at home. And they properly dominated us home in the first leg. I’m sure Monaco won’t get lucky twice. Their defence is better than the Bayern one who won the cup. They are highly doable. Our task will be only to prevent them from scoring. At least 3 goals guaranteed. COYG

Ex-Priest Tobin

It isn’t happening and you can quote me on that.


What a bitch.


Glad I don’t know you…you’d be the guy standing by a sick friend’s side telling them “nice knowing you mate, hope you pull through this operation you’re about to have – but I’m certain you won’t – you can quote me on that”. Douche-ness.

PS I know a football game is not the same as a sick friend about to have an op…so…


And the performance and result you predicted against Man U?

Chris O.

I will only add to what has been said that as away stadiums go, there are more intimidating places than Stade Louis II to play in.


Man Manny

Life is all about miracles. I believe that we can upturn the tie but we must play a near-perfect game to achieve that.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

When it comes to having an all offensive strategy, Wenger can surely get it right.


I know I am a bit old and doddery these days, but didn’t we lose at home to Inter Milan 3-0 and then beat them 5-1 away? There is a precedent!


Group stage


DC you are right. It’s been done before. And as mentioned above Stade Louis ll compared to Allianz Arena and San Siro is a kinder Garden.

Bergkamp's Chips

I believe in Ozil

Mutongi Gava

COYG. walcott will rectify the West Ham no show and score a brace


Hahaha Mutongi Gava wandispaka! Let’s hope Walcott comes good and help us put Monaco to the sword.


Group stage or not, we did It against inter and won 5-1 against them at a time when San siro was fortress & I’m not sure but I think we needed a Win in That Game to qualify and we didn’t Fail. All I know Is come Tuesday, we Will beat Monaco by 4 goals to 1 and qualify for the Q/final stage! Two of Our french imports, Kos and Olivier Will be among our scorers! This I believe!!! COYG!!!

Saffa Gooner

“Only” 5 teams? I’ll take those odds!


You cannot trust the Spuds to do anything. The simplest task! Go to Manure and get a draw! Simple job and they are unable to deliver! Bunch of losers!


It’s all about taking chances, we will create the opportunity to score enough goals

Will they go in ?
that is what Tuesday is all

Canuck Gunner

Yes – they will go in. Giroud to score 2 to make up for the first leg misses. Rambo and Alexis to round off the 4-0 win.
Gotta believe- COYG!!


I think that we can do it – but absolutely everything would have to go right on the night. 1. We would have to defend like demons, from 1 to 11. 2. Unlike at the Grove we would have to take all our chances: we may only get 3 or 4. 3. We have to hope that they think that they’ve already won the tie and don’t turn up. 4. Wenger has to get it right in team selection and tactics – just like he did last Monday. 5. We need a good, strong referee who won’t buckle under home… Read more »


there’s not going to be significant pressure on the referee from the home crowd. This is the Stade Louis Two stadium we’re talking about. In fact I think, or hope, the volume and persistence of our away fans, minus the at timesfickle atmosphere of the grove and that pressure to perform in front of London, will give our gunners a mental boost.

Thierry Walcott

Wow, okay, #COYG even we are optimistic! Get the fuck in!!!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I love you Fatgooner!

If even Fatgooner believes, there must be ‘something in the air’.


Addtion to your list:

7. Manchester United


I’ve been following monaco ever since that match and let me tell you it’s almost impossible for us to score 3 against them.
Jardim is a good coach and those guys are just too organised.
I think we’ll win for sure; but 3-0?? not possible unless we score every chance we get and Giroud and alexis someone turn to henry vs inter and we win 5-1.




you sexy thang


There are only two ways this Monaco game can go. Either it becomes a pulsating classical in the history of the CL or one to forget about as quickly as possible.


May as well go full on attack mode.If we can get an early goal why not.
Confidence is high at the moment but i have heard their pitch is poor which wont help


I have no doubt their groundskeeper has been out prepping the field with the hand grenades all week.


We just put West Ham to the sword. If we have our heads screwed on properly, we can beat Monaco, they aren’t that good. In other news, forget the media trumpeted top 4 race. It’s the race for second that is really heating up. City 58 Us 57 United 56 Not anywhere near done and dusted. Chelsea have a good buffer at 64 with a game in hand but 10 games to go a poor streak of 3 draws with two defeats either side and they can still look vulnerable to chasing pack. Good show by Soton today. Hope they… Read more »


I for one hope that spurs get the fourth – the better kane will be, the sooner they will have to sell him, and they will not get out of the CL group stage even if they would qualify for CL 10 years in a row. They are just not a threat. On the other hand, with the amount of money utd are getting, it’s absolutely necessary that they do not finish in top 4. I mean, how long they can keep spending 150 millions per year and still be shit? Not long me thinks. So where they will be… Read more »


Monaco had 5 first team players out. Bare that in mind before you try to compare west ham to them.


Ozil’s numbers look great for a player who has largely missed out on a substantial part of the season. Better to have him than not so I don’t understand the media induced whinging against him. He is becoming a better player and coming into good form. If he is at fault with anything at the moment, its being a bit too unselfish, but brilliant to see him orchestrate midfield. And Giroud. WORLD CLASS. Robbie on Fan TV has a point when some call Costa world class but he hasn’t scored in CL or Wcup. Also Flamini, Wenger sends him in… Read more »


So you know better than Wenger who said per was suffering from a WC hangover??
If costa(cunt he way be) can’t be labelled world class, the giroud certainly isn’t. a goal against a makeshift west ham defense doesn’t change anything.


…and if you do not believe that you can do it, then you have already lost.

Surrey Gooner

I think it may be time to see if Al Pacino can pop in for a pre game team talk.
Believe people – it can happen.
Boys make it so! COYG!


Enough talk!! Now is the time to show what Arsenal is made up of. Personally I think the situation is a better situation that we going there with a 3-1 advantage…coz then we will be playing like we already qualify, like we wont loose by two goals….and the performance will suck and we will loose by two goals and exit the tournament. So I prefer this situation…where we know we have to score at least 3!!! The situation will bring out the best of the players….no complacency, no half hearted effort, no over-confidencde, no i can miss this chance coz… Read more »


You prefer to be 3-1 down than 3-1 up? Really?

palace gunner

What ever happens to win in monaco will be nice are team created chances and lost 1.3 just by defensive errors and being outpaced trying to get goals so the team must see the errors from first match coyg


Oh crumbs, could Chelsea wobble enough to give us a chance of winning the league? It would be great if Maureen blew it and Wenger took advantage!!! It’d also be great if, looking like we were dead and buried, we beat Monaco to qualify for the quarters and laugh at the chavs for blowing what looked like an inevitable route into the quarters (especially after that ludicrous sending off)!!! Treble here we come?


lets not forget our defensive duties and play with a 1 man defense in the first 30 mins
we could play 2 up front like how wenger brought sanogo in fa final


You never know.
Let’s just enjoy the game. Expectations are low, but that is a prerequisite for miracles.
This season or next, we are very close to something special. This is now a complete team.


We need the work rate of Sanchez & Welbeck, get them two out wide Giroud through the middle press them high.


E. Mason

Greek Tragedy,you tickle my heart.We gonna win,so certain!

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