Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wenger hails win as BFG gees up ‘quiet’ Welbeck

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal deserved their 2-1 victory at Old Trafford and insists his side won’t take their their semi-final at Wembley for granted having been drawn against either Bradford or Reading.

Wayne Rooney cancelled out Nacho Monreal’s strike before Danny Welbeck, against his old club, scored just past the hour mark to secure a first away win for the the Gunners at United since 2006.

Speaking at full-time to the BBC Wenger said he was pleased for his summer signing after an all-action performance:

“Last year we played a tricky game at Wembley [against Wigan] in the semi-final and we expect that again. Tonight I thought we played well and deserved to win the game.

“We had to start without apprehension and play at a a high pace and we did that well. Danny Welbeck, I believe is just happy to score. He worked extremely hard today and deserved his goal.

“We live in the real world and want to compete in every competition. This result can give us good morale for the Premier League and the game in Monaco.”

Captain Per Mertesacker was similarly enthused by the result pinpointing the way the Gunners defended from the front as a vital factor. The German also revealed that Welbeck was a little muted in the dressing room having put his old club to the sword.

“In the second half there was a feeling we could get something out of it. The crowd got nervous, we were rewarded with the second goal and then we defended from the top in a special way.

“Danny Welbeck was a great player here at United, he’s a bit quiet in the dressing room at the moment. I think it hurts him a bit as well as he was here for a long time. We tried to get him going and to tell him he can enjoy special moments with Arsenal.”

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Ultimate Gooner

This team is just getting better and better!

Gunner From Another Mother

After today, people may finally shut the fuck up about Ozil not working hard enough. He made a couple great slide tackles, some good interceptions, and always was pressing


Spot on mate. He needs to do this day in and day out, and everyone will be full of praise for him. He was coolness personified, especially when needed it today. Loving the BFG quote about Welbz being able to enjoy great moments at OT…. for Arsenal!


indeed, he showed alexis like determination to win the ball back after he had lost it. Very impressive.


Özil was excellent today, and so vital when it came to releaving the preassuer Man U put on us in the final 20 minutes. Reminds me of a match against Fulham last season where he worked his socks off, brilliant to see!


The dick head commentator on BBC was going on about ozil being a disappointment since he’s been back, perpetuating the myth he’s lazy, the arse.


He was really irritating. I turned the sound off. Much improved after


They won’t


It’s really puzzling. They have the stats like we do, anyone can see the complaints about him being lazy and playing badly are objectively unfounded. And yet the morons continue to go on and on about it.

Mesut O'no

No the morons keep defending him blindly. Big deal he won the ball back once date giving it away. He contributed little & was Arsenal’s 2nd worse player on the pitch.


Kindly leave.


If you don’t understand ozil’s output to the team by now, you probably never will understand good football if it ever hit you on your very oblong head. Stick to hockey or golf, at least you won’t need to be smart to play those mate…

Dick Swiveller

Watch some more football. Eventually you will understand what he does.

bims lay

right on mate!


Thumbed up #400!!

Nasri's missing chinbone

I think we all need to appreciate just how strong our bench was today. For years it’s been so depressing looking at the lack of experience and quality there, but today we had options and class. Great to see us able to protect bellerin and have attacking threats to choose from.

Oh, and nice to win without feeling the need to throw ourselves on the floor like complete wankers. Utterly embarrassing from united.

David C

3-0 away to Monaco next week please. Am I getting greedy? I don’t care. Beers.

Rohith J

Giroud hattrick would be even better!


i’ll take a 5-2


I love Nacho Monreal, don’t know about you guys. That guy is a certi don.

Remember the invincibles

I love Coq


Yea, Coq was really good. It was good to see Fellaini booked as well when he tried to penetrate the Coq from behind (did that actually happen or I’ve just made it up?)

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

The Bully called Fergie said he didn’t know who Le Coq was and he was the reason we lost 8-2 in his book. Despite the fact that when Le Coq was subbed we were still 3-1 down. That bully cunt was on the stand today. I hope now you know who is our Coq and how hard he is!!!!!. What gets me is that, not he said he didn’t know who Le Coq was, but to single out a 19 year old young player with lies and free section of your book to put him down is lowest of the… Read more »


Not a much as i do!


He was without question the man of the match. He’s been great ever since he signed and I feel is a far better option than a promising yet erratic Gibbs.


Right on, mate. Imagine giving that same pass to Gibbs (or the one he shot over a gaping goal in the FA cup final last year), and tell me you expect that composed finish against one of the best one on one keepers in the league. Don’t forget the correct run to draw the foul against Kompany earlier this year. Monreal is so severely underrated its amazing.
For big games, its a no brainer. Monreal to start every time.


Nacho installs more defensive confidence, it’s true. But Gibbs is a quality fullback as well. We are fortunate to have that depth. I like Gibbs pressing and adding width against teams we can more afford to push forward on, but Nacho in matches where we need better balance.


What are you saying. Gibbs has scored some pretty special goals. One he volleyed just like podolski. Nacho is getting better and better. The stint at Center back has certainly helped him. He wins a lot of headers too.

Fireman Sam

So gentlemen, to summarise our positions:

Gibbs is good
Monreal is good

There. What’s not to like? 😉 Good to see a bit of squad depth these days eh.

Roll on West Ham!

admiral awesome

if you could combine gibbs’ athleticism with monreal’s football brain (and his relative aversion to the odd knock) then you’d have one hell of a player.


I remember monreal making a great defensive run to cover Dive Maria in the centre. Great pace shown. Dealt with him and valencia all night with relative ease.


Not a brilliant performance but a beautiful goal.

Great celebrating too.


Enjoy it Danny. We do.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

The Theatre of WELBZ!!!!.


Really happy with everyone’s performance. Alexis was a bit off, but always looked dangerous. Ozil was fantastic. Ramsay with a professional yellow card. Santi channelling Makalele. Coq really put in a great shift, too. Great stuff. Nervy, but I’m really happy. Here’s to reeling in ManC in the league and showing up to spank the semifinal opposition!

bims lay

Thats what i am talking about!!…..sometimes you have to take one for your team….thats what was lacking in this team….remember Dortmund?….they drove from their 18 yard box all the way through our midfield with our midfielders happily escorting them through, ….all the way to their second goal, without a tackle from our players?, (or even a professional foul???) …..i was so upset!

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

That picture….. Worth more than a thousand words.

AK 57

All year, I was very excited to know that Danny Welbeck has signed for us. Feel vindicated today. It can be awesome player for us for years to come. Fucking bargain at 16m.


If it was Fergi days we would easily been two players down instead of they being one down.

I think he would be smiling to himself at the expense of those devil’s struggles – it makes his achievements look bigger,especially as the history books would not show the bullying side of the story.


Fergie left Man U in a right shambles, didn’t he? Young defenders he bought didn’t develop well enough, brought in aging stars on massive saleries just to win one last trophy. It makes me smile.


I wish the camera was still panning to him when Utd concede.

Lord Nicki B

Had to be Wele.

Methinks the reason he’s been quiet in the dressing room is perhaps he came to the realization he spent years of his life with a bunch of diving twats.

Up the Arsenal!


Yup, he must be thinking, “How did I ever look up to any of those cunts, especially that shrek-looking-like-diver-against-sol-campbell-cuntbucket Rooney?” You are now a gooner, Danny. Welcome, and long may you score many goals!

Kenyan Gooner

Santi’s new hair style looks awesome. No more Tintin.


and whats wrong with tintin?!?!?! snowy would be ashamed of you.


Good to see Welbeck show some respect for the club that nourished him to a certain extent. Unlike one of our own strikers who went the other way.

Oh and hum. Is it alright to ask what happened to Ox?


DON’T LIKE ARSENAL? OK, TKE THIS: March 9, 2015 at 10:20 pm FatGooner, this one is for you — Put it on the record here, before the match: how will it go at Old Trafford? Here is my prediction: Giroud Sanchez Ozil O/C Caz Coq Bellerin Boss Per Nacho Ospina And I think we will win 2-1, after conceding possession for the first 20 and then gradually building it thereafter. A lot like the game we all just saw at QPR. Second-best option is a 1-1 with them getting a fluky goal early and us equalizing late. What do you… Read more »

David C



Give it a rest.



What a loser!!!!!!


You’ll be delighted! You’ll be delighted!

You don’t know SHIT, you’ll be delighted!

You are literally the least intelligent commentator on this space. Just stop it altogether, please. You are making us all dumber. Please stop and just go praise the Arsenal in your room.


Everyone who hates you.


sod off, he’s a negative fatgooner but he makes some good points. and he took your classless ribbing with good taste below here.

Juxta Position

How pathetic are you? Giving trouble to someone who disagrees with you, and signing off your comment with ‘all those who hate you.’ I really hope you’re 12 and just know no better, because if you’re an adult it’s an extremely petulant comment to say. What if he is a paraplegic or something, and bus favorite activity day by day is commenting on here, how would you feel then? Or, how tough would you be if you met him in real life? You’re a pathetic little keyboard warrior, trying to demean someone and rub things in their face just because… Read more »


Hes probably quiet because those classless ‘fans’ have the audacity to boo him for essentially getting kicked out of the club.


I am a useless, brainless, know-nothing fat idiot. As I am completely clueless about football I’ve decided to stop posting on this website – until tomorrow.



You really are a sorry mess FG, how can you sleep after a performance like that? Oh I forgot, your not a Gooner.
Oooh to, oooh to be, oooh to be a Gooner!
Oooh to, oooh to be, oooh to be a Gooner!
Oooh to, oooh to be, oooh to be a Gooner!


Shut up.

David C

haha, fair play


Comment: What a great result. Can’t believe how coq battled with fellaini inch for inch when fellaini is unplayable against players his own says. Grit by the Coq and his composure while being pressed helped. Nacho Monreal is just unreal. defending against dribbles has gotten much better. There was a header in the second half where he hung at almost the same height as fellaini. Playing CB helped him greatly. his composure for the goal was like a cold blooded Diego Costa finish. welbz… despite a muted first half worked hard, stole possession quite well. That he was muted after… Read more »


Very well put. Especially observations on Sanchez (when to pass…), Szcz’s quick distribution which has always frustrated me, and the Ramsey sub. Ramsey even controlled his runs forward, but should have passed a little more of the memo on to Chambers for one or two plays.




It’s not often I say these words:

“The ref had a blinder”


Us gooners have been labelled as a bitter bunch with regards to how we treat our former players, particularly the Manure fans who say we should just move on and respect RVP. Well, that was very exemplary of them booing their academy product Danny!

Man Manny

I can understand Welbeck’s mixed feelings. I imagined myself scoring a goal that bundles the gunners out of a comp like tonight. I would find it difficult to hold back the tears.
He will get over it…this is his boyhood club we are talking about here.


Arsenal haven’t won’t at old Trafford since this evening. Reset the fucking clock. Jose your fuckin next you cunt

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Anyone else see this on Jenkinsons Facebook page: Msg to Rvp, You see the Game?? #Wembley #Well done boys…Glad to see that even he enjoyed it and hope to see him back..


If Wenger thinks it through, this squad could definitely deal with Jenkinson back in it. He could then remove Chambers from right back duties and set him on retooling as a central defender. Only worry I have is that Chambers might be chosen to be the mythical DM, not a good choice in my opinion. With Bielik developing, if it goes as planned, this team actually needs perhaps a DM, but mainly a real killer striker and the squad is complete—not without weaknesses, but complete.

Dick Swiveller

He’d never get a game, Debuchy is first choice and Bellerin is better. I don’t like it, as we can see what it means to him but he’s not needed.


I feel like Jenko is totally an option. It would require Bellerin to be loaned or some other plan, but if Jenkinson keeps performing really well at 23 him and Bellerin(19) could take over after Debuchy(29) falls away with age.

Obviously not a simple choice but it’s not as straight forward as you put it


See you all at Wembley! Get in there COYG!

Va va voom

We get Welbs for 16m for 5 years and he gets the winner. United get Falcao for 25m a year plus over 250k weekly salary and he keeps the bench warm and Di Maria for 65m who thinks his an Olympic diver.


That commentator on Ozil after his partner had brought up the stats about the epic amount of ground he’s covered since coming back from injury: “It’s not his work rate we’re criticising him for, it’s his quality.” Surely taking the p*ss? More importantly though, Welbeck has knocked United out at Old Trafford and sent us back to Wembley 🙂 Great performance by the team. Special mention to Monreal, Coq, and Santi. Playing out of their skin this season! If only The Ox could get a run of games, what a player he would be! COYG 🙂 and big up to… Read more »

Arsene's handkerchief

Got to love Per……’you can enjoy special moments at Arsenal’ …….what a man, great leader. COYG!!!!

Cliff Bastin

I’d like to also take this opportunity to give a bit of recognition to the outstanding work of the arseblog news photoshop team.


What are you on about, there’s no photoshop there.


I felt rvp had a good game!


I agree with you all about Ozil’s work rate and the passion he showed. We all have to admit it has at times appeared as if he doesn’t show the passion required at Arsenal and in the EPL. I’m a huge fan of his. I think the criticism of him tonight was based not on his unquestionable work rate, but that highly qualified pundits expect the same trickery from him that he showed at Madrid in a league where you have more time on the ball and much less intensity. He’s still learning how to apply his skills in the… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

There’s an article on Ozil here about his off-the-ball work. It’s pretty much spot on about how much he does for the team that goes unnoticed.


We beat the fucking Mancs at their place. Finally. I’m fucking ecstatic this morning… Ox! what a run to set up Nacho… Ozil, what a pass to get it to Ox… Great finish Nacho. Great poach Welbz! Epic midfield dominance once again Coq… Pathetic diving all over the place by that other team…aaaaaah you gooners I LOVE YOU! at the tip of Africa…In Cape Town… I watched the game in a pub full of Gooners..Emotions beer and tequila ran high!!! On to Wembly!


Manure has world class members of the PROFESSIONAL DIVERS FOOTBALL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION. Di Maria is the President…


Nacho is class and I would have picked him as man of the man – great defensive shift and delightful goal. Welbeck had a quiet moment after the match, probably thinking “I can do this on a regular basis, now let me demolish the rest of the EPL”


Great victory…2 more wins for another trophy. ManU is the new Stoke. Put Fellaini up there and fire 40-50 yard passes. One or two such attempts will find him and can result in a scoring opportunity. Simple route 1 football. Wonder why these guys spend 150 million plus on players in the summer.

Özil Gummidge

Welbeck is far too forward thinking to be compared to any pope.


Woke up at 5.30 with a big smile on my face. What a great team performance in a big game – at last. Happy for big Per who is such a decent bloke and has been vilified recently. I still wish we had de Gea though. What a keeper. Only reason that shower are anywhere near 4th. Must be hard for Bobby Charlton to sit in the cold and watch them hoof it up to Fellaini. West Ham next. More of the same please (except no Rooney sized holes between Per and Kos but loved how we shrugged that mistake… Read more »

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