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Wenger praise for his away boys

Arsene Wenger has praised his team after winning three difficult away games in a row.

Following up an FA Cup victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford, Arsenal went to Monaco and won 2-0 before securing a difficult 2-1 away win against Newcastle on Saturday.

By any standards that’s impressive, and the Arsenal manager was keen to give his team the credit he feels they deserve.

“We have played four games in two weeks and three away games at Manchester, in Monaco and here today, and we’ve won all three,” he said.

“The last 40 minutes were difficult because our legs had gone a little bit and Newcastle played very well in the second half, but we had an outstanding second half going forward.

“We had a fluent game by creating chance after chance and in the second half we just had to show different qualities and hang on.”

And he urged his team to just take it one game at a time between now and the end of the season.

“At the moment we are not concluding anything,” he continued. “We are in the fight. You have seen the game today – in every game we need to turn up and fight until the last minute to get the points and that’s what we have to do.

We just have to go for the next game and win it.”

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4 points behind chelski COYG!!!!


People don’t realize how realistic this league is for us to win. If we win the rest of our games which is very realistic, we should be crowned on that Wednesday against Sunderland or on the last game. The must win game that requires that extra oomph from our boys is our next game just cause of the form Liverpool is in. It can be ours if our boys want it bad enough. Chelsea will lose and draw a game against United and Liverpool. Mark my words. Their team is not what people make it out to be. Man my… Read more »


Its not realistic, its possible but unlikely realistically. Huge tests at home to Liverpool and Chelsea. We know the team is capable. I really hope we can continue winning to give us a chance to see if Wenger capable of masterminding 3 points at home against Mourinho.


They have to lose three and draw one of the last 12 games for us to overtake them. Given the fact that they’ve lost only two in 26 games, I’d say that’s a bit unlikely. But let’s win the next 4 games and we’ll see where we are then. Not losing hope just yet.

Anonymous Physicist

It all hinges on the big games within the top 5. If we win all of ours and Chelsea none of theirs, we’re suddenly within one slip-up of them. But is that likely? Isn’t it much more likely that both we and Chelsea will take 4 or 5 points from those three big games, and we finish something like 8 points off the top? Chelsea may not be the form team in the league at the moment, but the kind of collapse that’s required for anyone else to win the league would be surprising. Very entertaining as well though, so… Read more »


The best we can get is 84 points.
Only once in the last ten years has a total of 84 or less won it!
It’s a big ask!

bims lay

I dont get it, why did some people thumb him down?

This is an arsenal fan’s forum right?….surely, there cant be anything wrong with an arsenal fan, hoping that arsenal win the league?…or do we have spuds moles around?


I have no problem with hope, we all should hope as fans. The problem is ‘excitement’. As I put on the previous thread: ‘Four tougher matches, Pool, Chelsea, Man U and hopefully the FA Cup Final. Need to win them all to have a chance of more than one piece of silverware. Not raising my hopes til after the Chelsea game. If in a good position then I’ll get excited.’ I’m tired of the ‘we won – we’re the greatest and will win the league’ closely followed by ‘we lost – Wenger’s sh*t, the players aren’t good enough’ ups and… Read more »


The ‘inner child’ as well. Who did we last hear that from?



come on Hull, take the points and break some legs.


Worms don’t have legs.


2-1 is the new 1-0 To The Arsenal.

Cliff Bastin

If I recall correctly, the unbeaten run had lots of ‘2-1’s too. With a sprinkling of 6-0s and 5-3s

Samuel A Turay. Makeni

Chelsea here we come.No Parking, No Waiting


3 points that’s the objective in case you didn’t realise mate


Away wins are like getting an extra point
Well done Gunners!


Thought Ozil was brilliant today


I’m loving all these W’s!

Really hoping for an upset at Hull.

Does anyone else think if we were to win every game from now until the end of the season that we’d finish first?

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

No. I don’t think we will win all our 8 remaining matches and I don’t think, even if we do, that Chelzea will drop ten points from ten games.

It would be absolutely fantastic if it happened though. Especially if it led to Arsenal winning a fourth double and Mourinho getting sacked.

◄ Vítor Vittore Vitya™

Were it not for Rambo, Giroud would have bagged his first Arsenal career hat-trick – a first of many. But I will gloss over all that because I am reasonable and we won. Giroud hat-trick cant be that far off.

Vítor Vittore Vitya™

Giroud is on Fire

Romford Pele

People moan about Ozil all the time, you could honestly tell something was missing from the team today, he is pure class.


If we win every game until the end of the season the most points we can achieve is 84 points. And its a big if as this includes games against Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man Utd, and the law of averages is that we could very well also end up drawing one of those hard fought away games against the smaller teams. With all that taken into account, if Chelsea pick up 22 points from their remaining 10 games there’s nothing us or City can do, if they pick up 21 points city might catch them but were out of it.… Read more »

Springbank 1962

What you’ve forgotten is that there’s a conspiracy against Chelsea.

Mourinho said so. And Mourinho is always right.

That’s the narrative that makes this possible.


Double deflection and Ospina got it!

palace gunner

Very impressed with the three away wins very impressive six wins in a row and we better than last season today in catching and set pieces look at the stats v monaca look at the teams below us coyg.

El Stumpino

Great run by the Gunners and a lot of grit and determination shown. An honourable mention must also be made to Francis Cocquelin’s hooter. I’ve never seen anybody take that many shots to the beak and keep on going. It must be like plasticine by now.

My only concern going forward is the defensive ability of Calum Chambers when played at right back. He could be a wunderkind when he’s eventually moved to central defence but at right back he gets caught out of position and loses possession a wee bit too much for my sanity.


Bitterly disappointed after Monaco. Better now. Walcott to show he’s worth the money, Maureen to make a c&nt of himself and demoralise his team. Title won by pure Arse ne.


If we do win the title it would be our best win I think. But let’s be realistic, we have some tough games ahead. Baby steps.

Also Ospina needs to improve on set pieces.

chippy's chip

A great win. See we can defend. Title? Too late.

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