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Alexis up for PFA Players’ Player of the Year award

The fine debut season form of Alexis Sanchez has seen the Chilean striker secure a nomination for the prestigious PFA Players’ Player of the Year award.

Signed from Barcelona in the summer for £32 million, he’s gone on to score 20 goals in all competitions helping the Gunners (so far at least) to second in the table and an FA Cup semi-final.

Sanchez is one of six players up for the gong. Chelsea duo Diego Costa and Eden Hazard are also nominated, as are Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, Manchester United keeper David de Gea and ex-Arsenal man Harry Kane.

De Gea, Hazard, Kane and Coutinho are also up for the Young Player of the Year award with Thibaut Courtois and Raheem Sterling.

Four Arsenal players have won the senior award in the past; Liam Brady (1978/79), Dennis Bergkamp (1997/98), Thierry Henry (2002/03 & 2003/04) and Robin van Persie (2011/12).

Elsewhere, Arsenal’s Kelly Smith has been nominated for the equivalent womens’ award, while team mate Leah Williamson is up for the Players’ Young Player of the Year prize.

Good luck to all three Arsenal representatives, they deserves all the plaudits that come their way.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Would have been a travesty otherwise. Lets see him close out with a bang to snatch the trophy!

Djemba Unchained

Well its already been voted on?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Oh really? I thought they were nominees to be voted on? My mistake if so.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Reading up on it, you’re right. Seems odd to call them nominees then.


It’s a pity that Alexis going to win two trophies this year, and PoTY is not one of them 🙁


Totally deserved. I’d like to see Ozil in with a shout come the end of next season, though.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I would like to see Ozil actually win it next year.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I’d like to see a six candidates being gooners next season

It Is What It Is

* 24


Good to hear it but think Hazard will probably get it on merit. Kane the Gooner will get youth player. Next season though when we win the quadruple…..take your pick of Arsenal players.

Rozza the samourai

No, no, nope, Kane is no gooner !

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Don’t know the whole story, something about when he was a kid, but I assume it boils down to: he wasn’t good enough.


As in all the worst school reports “Young Kane is easily led” which is why he’s playing with that load of ne’er do wells in Creighton Road near the cemetary

Charlotte Bates

And the proverbial ‘must try harder’. But then he did just that.


Yup, says it here on his school report card:

PE: Harry is industrious and makes an effort at team sports, but fails to excel.
6/10 probably good enough for Spurs.


youre confusing gunner with gooner. having played for arsenal he was a gunner. never a gooner tho, from what i know


No, he is a goner!


*5 Arsenal representatives 😉

Springbank 1962

It’s easy to understand why, but so many of our players have been outstanding he wouldn’t necessarily be our own.

Giroud … better than Kane. Cazorla … better than Hazard. Ozil … better than Coutinho. Coquelin … over a full season – he’d be there. Bellerin … Young Player of the Year.

But this is the Premier League and as long as Ch*lsea wins the title it’ll go to Hazard.

Juxta Position

Cazorla better than hazard? Surely thou jesteth.

Springbank 1962


forgot my usual username

I’d love me some rose tinted specs.

forgot my usual username

Bellerin over Kane, De Gea, Hazard? Do you actually watch any football?

Springbank 1962

Danny Rose-tinted by the sound of it.

As for your subsequent comment “Bellerin over Kane …” … Most people here seem to have understood my meaning based on the punctuation. Alas, you seem to have being watching football the day they did ‘full stops’ at school.

And yes, Bellerin for Young Player of the Year. Given that he’s one of our players of the year … and … erm … he’s actually pretty young.

forgot my usual username

What? Full stops would make Jo sense in my sentence. You are saying Bellerin should get it over the other nominees which I named. He shouldn’t. Hope that helps.

sg gooner

To be fair hazard is good. It’s a shame we boight gervinho instead of him


Why down thumbs? I assumed we made this choice also….?

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, and it was a choice between the 35m young superstar and Gervinho for 12m.

Of course we didn’t choose to not buy Hazard, we simply couldn’t get him.

Springbank 1962

Great name for a highwayman that.


Wenger had an agreement with lille for hasard to come to arsenal. It was a verbal one and hasard was keen on and looking forward. Later that year Gile grimandy saw ryo miyashy and alerted Wenger. By that time lille had already made contact to sign ryo. According to reports in France, the deal was hijacked when ryo was on his way to airport to lille. He was convinced to come to London instead. Lille were obviously pissed and the hasard deal was off. This is a true story and not one of those I believed when I was in… Read more »


I thought it was Park that scuppered the deal not Ryo?

Third Plebeian

Not always true. Suarez won it last year, and Liverpool didn’t win the title, despite what Rodgers says.


Sorry but Cazorla better than Hazard? Completely different playing styles. Different end products. I do however, think that Hazard would be a better (as good as he is) had he played under Wenger.
Mourinho shackles him too much. He should be scoring and assistig more. He should have a team built around him.


I saw hazards debut in one of Chelsea’s pre season games, he was anonymous, tried a back heel and failed miserably. I thought look at this poser.. He’s sure shown me I think he’s brilliant but he plays for the enemy and therefore I hate!


I cannot join the Hazard bandwagon. The entire season seems to have consisted of Mourinho, the dutiful fans in lockstep, the sad media spinning some dubious story for Chelsea’s benefit. While they started playing with some swagger, the team soon resorted to if not agricultural then industrial, grinding football. Mourinho spouted the ‘Refs Conspiracy’ but simultaneously has touted players rather than squad to mask the grim team play. At first we had to kneel at the temple of Costa until injuries and the fact he is an incessantly petty thug put him rightfully in the shadow. We had the genius… Read more »


Meanwhile TGSTEL scored for Wolfsburg. Should never have let him go!


Oh yes, and Diaby better than Messi, Arteta better than Ronaldo, Sanogo better than Falcao

Oh wait, that last one…

Third Plebeian

Nobody worked harder than Sanchez on a football pitch this season. But yeah, I think you can predict Hazard and Kane for these, because, well, the footballers who vote also read the news, and all they’ve seen is jizz, jizz, and more jizz for Hazard and Kane.

Third Plebeian

(I really do think Sanchez deserves it, though. It’s not just the work he puts in. It’s that his goals in the first half of the season are the reason this campaign hasn’t been a complete disaster.)

Bergkamp is God, God is Bergkamp

As an Arsenal fan, obviously Alexis would be who I want to get it. Honestly, I think De Gea deserves it, just on an overall season basis. They’re definitely the worst offensive and probably defensive side in the top 5, but he’s basically carried them as far as a keep can. But in the end, you’re probably right, *jizz*jizz*Hazard Poty*jizz*jizz*jizz*Kane Ypoty*jizz*jizz*


I’d like to know how many games United have won this season by a single goal. That would indicate in some way that the keeper has kept them in it.
Going further, how many games United have scored first and won. Sometimes all it takes is to concede the first goal and your day is lost, but preventing that is golden.
Either way he looks like a fucking llama

Rozza the samourai

Footballers will not pick Kane. If I can recognize a Crouch in him, professional footballers will. Remember that crouch too banged in goals in a span of one year then started crouching and tottering in front of goal.


So what you’re saying is that Kane will end up in Stoke? What a cruel fate!


Don’t hate me now guys .but .. None of our players should get it!! I think we have so many success stories this year it is amazing. Sanchez has shown that his highest level might well be the highest level any player could reach in this league but then he faded a bit. Santi , O.G have raised their game and are elite in their positions over a long period now. Coquelin has raised his game and our game and is consistently outperforming players that were said to be the mold for the DM position. Özil is back and is… Read more »


I think the first season is always hard especially with no winter break, more playing time than he had at Barca, and the world cup. I don’t like the fact that they have the copa America this summer too. Sanchez is a talent but he can get better. I like that he takes on players because those are the kind that we need, and I like his energy. But there is always room for improvement and not winning it means he will stay humble. I think at times he needs to opt for the simple pass as he tries to… Read more »

David C

I hate to say it, but Kane deserves some recognition for his breakout year. Maybe give him young player of the year and save player of the year for Sanchez!

Big game this weekend; I hope we don’t tinker too much with a winning lineup.



Fuck Harry Kane. He’s overtaken Ashley Young as my most hated player. No reason really. Do I need one?

He’s also just a bit thick.


Kane reminds me of “Woody” from Cheers!


Kane looks like some sort of slack-jawed, inbred hillbilly from a budget horror film. The kind of guy you encounter in the wilderness on a canoeing trip.


Squeal like a spud! Squeal like a spud!

Third Plebeian

Have you seen that picture of Kane as a kid wearing his Arsenal shirt? He looks like a fat kid who does a lot of blubbering when he runs out of sweets. Which is why Arsenal got rid of him.

I expect him to Lambert his way to Liverpool one day, or Sidwell his way to Chelsea, etc. Kane will be an afterthought in a few years.


No need to be mean, hey…


He sure doesn’t sound or look clever. And soon he’ll be in Stoke. I feel sorry for the poor lad.


Here’s how its gonna go down:
PFA: Hazard
Young PFA: Kane
Not saying I agree, but it is what it is


Don’t think that would be incredibly unjust or anything. Kane has been explosive, deserves it way more than Sterling. His contribution to his team’s points tally is staggering. Hazard has been very consistent and is the most important player in the team that’s going to win the title, which has to count for something, although I don’t think his claim over Sanchez is as strong as Kane’s claim over everyone else for the young player award. Think PFA could be a toss-up, hopefully Sanchez’s first half when he was carrying us will count for him, as well as the sheer… Read more »

happy gunner

I don’t think Sanchez has deserved to win this season due to tailing off for the past 10-16 games (whatever it is). If he had scored every 2-3 games and or assisted then players would have had no choice but to give it to him. This is only his first season though, so he has still done superbly. With his desire, work ethic and finishing ability, I’m sure he will be in contention next year once again, and will hopefully win it along with the league title. As to who should win it: I haven’t seen chelshit play often, but… Read more »


Don’t understand why Hazard is favourite for player of the year but not young player of the year?

Third Plebeian

I guess he could be favourite for both, since he’s up for both (along with De Gea and Kane).

What I don’t understand is why a 24-year-old qualifies for the young player award. That should be for under-21s in my opinion.


As you can see in the picture after his world class goal, he makes the Emirates rock. For me there is no comparison in the PL, better by far than chomping Suarez and well worth the investment and nomination. Cannot believe after the barren years we have 2 of the best players in the world. Ozil of course the 2nd player – silent assassin. Those 2 would be 1st choice in any team. COYG future is ours

forgot my usual username

Not being a miserable cunt or anything but they wouldn’t be first choice in any team. That’s why we’ve got them.

They would be first choice in 99.99% of teams though.

Dick Swiveller

Sanchez still got a fair bit of gametime for Barca, and Ozil was first choice at the biggest club in the world, they’d get regular starts at any team.

forgot my usual username

I think Kane will get both. Surely if the best player is also up for the young player they should get it automatically?

My vote would go to Kane or De Gea.

Sanchez may have got it if the season ended a few months ago but the others on the list have carried on performing at the same level whereas Sanchez has kind of tailed off.

As long as Costa doesn’t get it, its all good.

Third Plebeian

Surely if the best player is also up for the young player they should get it automatically?


Yes, which is precisely why it’s absurd to count a 24-year-old as a “young” player of the year, because many players are in their prime at that age and up. If you limit the YPTOY to U21s, you reward young exciting talent, while making it rare indeed that the same player must logically win both awards if winning senior POTY.

Bergkamp is God, God is Bergkamp

Let’s talk about the real headline; Coutinho is on that list. Matic, Clyne, Pelle, Giroud, Cazorla, Ozil, Coq, Bellerin, Sterling, Rooney, Fellaini, Sigurdsson, Fabregas, Downing, Aguero, Henderson, Austin, Berahino, (D) Sakho, Ings, Cresswell, Janmaat. Granted some of these guys aren’t having unbelievable seasons or aren’t really realistic candidates, but aren’t they right there/better than Coutinho?

Dick Swiveller

Half of them aren’t as good as Counitho imo, but why the other half aren’t in ahead of him, who knows? Footballers have never been smart.

Man Manny

He won’t win it but I wouldn’t put it past him next season when he is more settled into the PL. Great first season though.


I think it’s unlikely he’ll win it, but next year I can see three or four Gunners on the ballot.


I don’t see how anyone could deserve it more than Alexis. Sure, you could definetly argue that Hazard and Diego Costa have had good seasons and are two of the main reasons behind the Chelsea scum winning the league this year. In terms of individual performances and what a player contributes to his team? It got to be Alexis..


So how is Hazard still a ‘young player’ at 24?

Ever so well

I dont really understand how Coutinho, as an attacking midfield player who has 4 league goals and 4 assists can be nominated. The whole role he plays is based around scoring, assisting and creating chances and Cazorla has outperformed him in every category. I know once every 3 months he does a nice curl shot to the far post but that cant be enough surely.
I think because Gerrard hasn’t featured heavily and Suarez left they felt they had to chuck at least one liverpool player in to prevent uproar.

Rosicky's Little Toe

“ex-Arsenal man Harry Kane”

That made me spit my drink!


Alexis would have won it by a landslide if his form from the first half of the season had continued, but as it is he’s probably behind De Gea and Hazard. I’d actually vote for De Gea, as it’s rare for a GK to carry a team the way he has for most of the season.

At any rate, Ozil’s going to win it next year if he can stay fit and continue developing.


Dear Alexis. Help us to beat the Royals tomorrow, then have a hat trick against the Chavs, in fact a brace will do, then if you don’t win this, me and few gooners will eat our hat/hair. Sorry I don’t have eather but I will cross the town in onesie. I swear

palace gunner

If you ask me gibbs form has been impressive and nacho but alexis has been quality you can see the team can build around alexis coyg

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