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Arsenal to return home after Singapore jaunt

It looks as though Arsenal’s two games in Singapore will be the club’s only match action in the Far East this summer.

In light of international fixtures at the end of the season and the 2015/16 campaign kicking off on 8 August, Arsene Wenger is understood to have vetoed further travels to ensure his players get a proper rest.

The Gunners, along with Stoke City, Everton and a local Singapore XI, will play Asia Trophy games on Wednesday 15 and Saturday 18 July, with a final to determine the winner and a play-off to decide third place.

It had been suggested Arsenal could play a match in Australia after their participation in the Barclays Asia Trophy, but they’ll instead return to Europe for an Alpine training camp and the Emirates Cup.

In addition to Euro 2016 qualifiers in early June, the likes of Gabriel, Alexis Sanchez and David Ospina are all set to feature for their countries in the Copa America in Chile this summer.

The summerlull schedule has also nipped in the bud any suggestion of a post-season tour – the likes of which Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City have undertaken in recent years.

“A post-season tour is a nightmare,” said on Friday. “In pre-season, you have the players under pressure with the focus of starting the season well. A post-season tour, I always feel people come along to watch but the players are half on their holidays.

“It is a relaxed atmosphere with none of the intensity of a pre-season game. Maybe it is a holiday tour and good to have a relaxed atmosphere together but from a purely football point of view, there is not much meaning.”

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Gooners & Roses

What trickery is this? I’m the first today? What are you guys doing outside off Arseblog? There is no life beyond here!


Um.. We went fishing today. Sorry you can’t come. Andrew’s in charge of invitation.


We caught some trout today in the Adirondack foothills.
Plenty of snow half-an-hour North,
but melting and flowing downhill in a large and cold manner.

Rosicky's Little Toe

Is this a new form of haiku?

Gooners & Roses

Oh dear, i’m on the outside now… So that’s how Theo feels.


When will the Emirates Cup hold this year?

AK 57

I really hope our South American contigent come back unharmed. Why don’t they conduct copa America and euros at the same time?

Anonymous Physicist

Good question. It’s unlikely to be for commercial purposes, as I doubt there are many networks that broadcast both, or fans that travel to both.

Maybe it’s because the South American world cup qualifying is so intense, while the Copa America has no qualifying? So if it was at the same time as the Euros they would have two years of no competitive fixtures alternating with two years of intense qualifying fixtures, rather than a more even spread? According to wikipedia, their world cup qualification games for 2018 already start in October of this year.

Bergkamp's Chips

I am a Singaporean and I cannot wait to see the team at our smacking new stadium 🙂

I am sure they will love the amount of sun we get over here.


Steady ah!

lion city

Singapore gets Arsenal and Malaysia has to settle for sp*rs. I feel sorry for my gooner cousin staying in kuala lumpur

Malaysian Gooner

It’s ok. We’ve already got to see The Arsenal twice recently.

Also, it’ll be fun watching the Spuds. Our national stadium will be a 100,000 seater toilet for one night.

Young Gooner

I’m Malaysian and I don’t mind. That day we will celebrate Eid which is the biggest festive celebration in our country. Not much will turn up as most of us will go back to hometown and families will be upset with our absentee. So to all Singaporean, enjoy the game. We, Malaysians were lucky enough to see them twice and of course Sp*rs won’t get much money coming here. They are wasting their time.


to our malaysian gunners fans; put aside our malaysia cup/M-league rivalry aside.

Come to kallang and watch The Arsenal …. TOGETHER!!!


You should all go to the Spurms match wearing your ARSENAL kits. Cheer for whoever the Spurms are playing.


If this tournament is supposed to promote the premier league why are Stoke in there?

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I think they want to promote the full picture of the league…..the good side (Arsenal) and the shit side (stoke)


So we have come full circle:
Arsenal-2015/2016 League Champions.


I hope they tour India soon


I see your India, and raise you an Australia
My mates are all united supporters, when United came here I went along to their open training session, in my arsenal shirt, to hurl abuse at van persie
That was a fun day


Wow, so alexis will get no rest at all. World cup, first seaon in epl, then copa america. Cant be good.


Cant be good indeed. The semi final is on 30th June, assuming Chile reach that stage, and the Singapore trip is just 2 weeks from that. As a fan from Singapore, I hope he gets to miss the trip here – I’d rather see him lifting the EPL/UCL on TV than some token trophy in person.


im torn….aiya, just come here for holiday man! and play half fit, i dun mind!


Does “Alpine training camp” mean that they will be in Autria again?


Oh Alpine. I thought they were going to train on muesli? :-/ 😉

ramsey's spirit

disappointing because it would be nice to give fans over there more time, but I do feel overall given the effect the world cup had on us at the start of this season, and the commitments of Sanchez Gabriel and Ospina that far from ideal as it is, it remains the wisest choice. In a perfect world a week in the USA and a hop from Asia to Australia would be great for the clubs international brand and fans, but the team fitness must and should come first. :/

Jap's Eye

Sounds sensible not to bugger about jet lagging the players and playing in conditions that they aren’t used to….

Arsenal's Legend

no excuse next season…… win everything that is winnable……. we are solidly behind you……. in other news can QPR hold on????

Just telling it how it is

And look who wins the game for Chelsea. THATS why you do not let Fabregas go to a title rival.


No. Not really. Fucking Rob Green. I knew the moment he kicked the ball that’s gonna be a goal for chelshit.
FFS. What an incompetent idiot. Which explains why he is at QPR in the first place. FUCK.

Not that I thought Chelshit were going to lose. But 85th Minute at nil nil, got my hopes up. Fuck.
Rob Green, Twat.

Just telling it how it is

Yeah well still if Wenger just brought him back the title probably would have tipped in our favour. But instead he is making the difference for our rivals. As much as I love Wenger he cost us the title both this year and last.


Listen to your crystal ball.
You should be running a top team,
winning crystal balls.


chippy's chip

Yeah that fucking little cunt will win the league with that bunch of absolute massive cunts cunts cunts cunts


Fabregas is a cunt !!


Again. Rob Green is a cunt. Fabregas was pretty darn mediocre this game. Green on the other hand…. Did I mention he’s a twat btw? Cunt. So fucking frustrating

chippy's chip

The dream is over again. If only it wasnt a dream.

Le Jim

Arsene means business this coming season.
Does anyone else get the feeling that he’s earmarked this one as a real chance of success, for a long time?
Stadium debt is gone, we’ve had a year or so to add some real world class quality, and now we’ve got a kickass squad which only needs a little bit tinkering, as he would say.
Anyway, whatever happens, happens, but the future is bright, and it is close.

Arsenal's Legend

can u tell me what impact can cesc have on this particular team winning 8 straight games? common wake up. we lose the league long time ago but all hope is not lost. get the FA cup and let’s concentrate on next season. well cesc just join the likes of terry and owen to become the latest cunt. COYG

Tony Hall

If I may digress for a moment you know you are playing like shit when Chris Smalling scores against you 🙂

Arsenal's Legend

well said***** can’t stop laughing


How can we get tickets for the Singapore matches?


“Chelsea grab late winner…” God am I tired of seeing that headline. So frustrating that they are constantly a few minutes from failure, but manage never to topple.


In other news…. only two more wins until St Totteringhams day! Lol

Merlin's Panini

When I saw the headline I thought “no shit Sherlock”. That could be a new way of fucking up the opposition, playing all our home games in Singapore!

Roland C Rozario

I am a 70years old Arsenal fan and i live in Singapore.
Looking forward their coming visit next week, which coincides with Singapore’s 50th Anniversary as an independent Island City!
Waiting to see Arsenal up and close at our new and spanking National Stadium!

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