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Arsenal to wear yellow in FA Cup final

Via our chums at REDaction comes news that Arsenal will wear yellow in this season’s FA Cup final.


Arsenal last wore yellow in the FA Cup final in 1980, when we were beaten 1-0 by West Ham. The previous season we were in yellow to beat Man Utd 3-2, and the year before that too when we lost to Ipswich.

The double in 1970/71 was secured in the away strip, and the 1950 final was won in the same colours when we beat Liverpool 2-0.

In the finals in 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005 and last season, we wore traditional red and white.

With the 1979 final the first game I can really remember, I’ve always had a special affinity for the yellow and blue kit, so I like this news.

It also means my outfit for the game is sorted.

Now, sit back and enjoy the 3-2 over United once more, as we wait for May 30th to come around.

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She wore, she wore!!!


Villa will be wearing Sherwood inspired giletes, coated in the sweat and tears of broken men.


yellow will always remind me of keown and that twat van nistelrooy, and for that i’ll always be grateful. come on the arsenal!


Please don’t call Van Nistelrooy a twat.


He’s a cunt.


No he’s not!


He’s a hoarse faced cunt!

Rectum Spectrum

well played sir. well played.


You are a twat!


I remember drawing black triangles on a plain yellow shirt and writing Dixon on the back to resemble the 92-93 Away shirt. Good times.



We wore yellow in 2003 final…..


Damn it blogs – how did you know I was gonna wear that dress. We’re gonna look like right idiots wearing the same outfit


Arseblog would be totally different if you did…


Ugh, I really don’t like this year’s yellow/away shirt.

But it doesn’t really matter, I guess.


You will love it when Arteta wears it to hold another trophy aloft!!


4 people thumbed down the idea of our captain holding up the FA cup.

Pier Morgan would even thumb that up – so there are more Miles Palmers out there than i thought.


So Arsenal are wearing Yellow
After Villa beat Liverpool we became a bit mellow
Chances of Villa winning are narrow
When we win FA Cup tell Mou, The specialist in failure said hello ๐Ÿ˜‰


Really living up to your name there pal


Alan Sunderland, the player who scored the goal to win us the FA Cup that year currently lives in my home country of Malta. Had dinner with him a couple of weeks back, great bloke. Also first time I got to have dinner with someone who played a big part in Arsenal’s history! ๐Ÿ™‚


It was a great moment when that goal went in. Happiness until the last few minutes, despair then jubilation.

Rollercoaster match bar none.

chippy's chip

Also, great hair. Makes felaini look like a short back and sides.

offbeat madoda

last season’s away kit was glorious… i miss it.


Yep, one of my favourites, had to buy it.



Third Plebeian

I agree completely. It was a classic and I loved it.

For me, the main problem with the Puma away for this season is the red lettering. The away kit should just be yellow and blue (apart from the badge, of course!).

Generally, I’m not much of a fan of Puma’s kits, for any of their teams. I suppose the Italy kit is nice, though.


I’m a big fan of our home kit this year. Very simple red and white, doesn’t need anything else. Not fussed either way on the away kit and don’t like the third kit (except when I see Welbeck celebrating while wearing it at Old Trafford). Loved last years away kit though.


Never liked that yellow kit.. but i can fall in love. Hopefully


Anfield May 1989 YELLOW!


What did she wear?!!

True Red

I believe it was a Yellow Ribbon. When did she wear it?


Was it, perchance, in May, a month which is so oft associated with merriment?

5280 Gooner

Perhaps you should offer a query as to why she wore that ribbon.


She told me it was for the Arsenal, though I forget where they were going…


Well, Sir.. That would be Wembley, wouldn’t it?


This is why I love Arseblog


this place called “Wemberley” !!!!!


Speaking of merriment, when is St Totters?

Anonymous Physicist

If they lose tomorrow (they’re visiting Southampton, so why not?) and we beat Chelsea, we’ll be 12 pts ahead with 4 games (for them) to go and an incredibly superior goal difference, but it still won’t really be St. Totteringhams day, so it can’t be after this weekend. It’s most likely to be after next weekend, but if we don’t beat Chelsea and they do beat Southampton it could be another week later.


That’s a lovely dress.


those highlights are awesome … back in the day when if a player went down, you pretty much knew he’d fractured a spine or suffered from an exploded testicle, anything less and they just got right back up again. Oh how things have changed …


Except for Alexis. His attitude is proper old skool.


The 1979 FA cup final was my first football memory – i supported the team in yellow because it was my favorite colour.
And because everyone else was up for those red bastards.

Now the bastards wear claret and blue..


The Only Olivier is Giroud


Third Plebeian

Someone above said it was a yellow ribbon. I’ll give her a ring and confirm.

North Bank Gooner

Takes me back…. Liam Brady was SO good in that game, what a Don!


Liam Brady IS the reason that I became a Gooner, back in the day.


Wait, no I’m lost…

What did she wear??

ChineseToronto Gooner

That’s nice. We won with Red and White last year, and it’s time for a Yellow and Blue now.


A yellow ribbon


1979. Chippy Brady dave and frank. The reason as an eight year old of irish extraction living in London supported the famous arsenal. Now in dublin and still addicted. No irish boys anymore but great memories of those years when arsenal had more than its fair share of green. Brady was a legend. Statue? I think so.

chippy's chip

Not to forget mr paddy rice.

chippy's chip

And nice one sammy nelson


And no blue cup kit!

Dale Cooper

Damn, Brady was good.

Seeing the keeper not wearing gloves and having only one sub per team is really strange to see, looking back on it.

chippy's chip

One liam brady, theres only one liam brady.oh happy days. Please lets have another on stevie g’s birthday. Hahaha


Brady Brady
Brady brady
Born is the king of highbury


Could someone please tell me the origin of the chant ‘She wore a yellow ribbon’. Thanks in advance!

Third Plebeian

Use internets.


So basically the double is guaranteed now.


It’s not yellow, it’s blue. Oh not this again.


We wore ‘gold’ in the 1950 Final, upon which our 01-02 away kit was based

Eddie Kelly's disputed equaliser

She definitely wore something in the spirit of an old John Wayne Cavalry Western. I’ve heard it was not only worn in the fifth month but often in the winter as well…


Like many others the ’79 cup final was the match that really clinched it for me. Brady, Big Pat, Big Willie, Sunderland….Got up in the middle of the night with Dad to watch it. Great memories!!


Get in!!! Delighted by this news for precisely the sane reason as Blogs, i.e. 1979 Cup Final is the first game I really remember (and still one of the best). The sharp gulps of air I took in when ManUre pulled their goals back also taught me how to burp on purpose, so this game is memorable for all the right reasons.

Cliff Bastin

But why? Isn’t our red and white kit different enough from villas blue and purple?

Third Plebeian

We invariably wear yellow when we play them at Villa Park, and they invariably wear something white when they play at our place.

Not really surprising. Visually, claret is more like red than it is yellow.


Yep 1979 is my first memory of Arsenal too.

It was the year that I got my first Arsenal school bag too. A red one with a white cannon on each end. I was six. Never looked back ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ll never forget that ’79 Final. I was watching with 3 Man United “Cockney Reds” school friends In my living room. Watching them plunge from the elation of Mcilroy’s goal to the utter dispair when Sunderland poked in that winner was hilarious. When I stopped dancing around the room I let them have it: then one of them tried to punch me but missed. Fantastic day. If you look at the above stats, the Yellow and blue strip is actually unlucky: we’ve won most of our FA Cup finals in red and white. And our two most embarrassing defeats were… Read more ยป

The World-class Giroud

You’re luck to have those moments; back in 1979, I wasn’t even an idea in my then-bachelor dad’s mind.

El blondo

If you looked like her blogs I think you would have a thousand more followers. You’re lucky we’ve got the HFB on our team


I miss that old Arsenal logo that’s it the utd video, good times.


Arsenal was awesome even when only white people with girlish haircuts were playing football, and manure was the same bunch of wankers they are now.


It’s a dead cert that they’ll be the same bunch of wankers come 2051 too.


To be honest our away kit is horrible. I prefered the home and away kits from last season. Perhaps that is just me, but I really hope our next one will be a little bit more ‘classic’.


Re today’s blog and the win-lull

how about the victory nap?


Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk- needed that


michael thomas wore yellow when he did that thing that time.


An interesting list, but there are two glaring omissions, Dennis Bergkamp and TH14, obviously.


Though they are both included!!!

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