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Wojciech has Szczympathy for Federici

Wojciech Szczesny has backed fellow goalkeeper Adam Federici after his mistake proved decisive in the FA Cup semi-final yesterday.

The Reading stopper allowed Alexis Sanchez’s shot to squirm through his legs for what turned out to be the winning goal, but Szczesny says he should still be proud of a performance which went a long way to making the game as tight as it was.

“I’d like to think that he should make the headlines for the saves he made, rather than the one mistake he made,” he told the official site.

“I thought he was terrific throughout the night and he was the reason the game was so tight, because he made four or five absolutely amazing saves.

“He was solid throughout the 120 minutes. It’s one of those things, I’ve been there and done that in the last minute at Wembley and I know how it feels.

“It must be difficult for him but I’m sure he knows himself that he had a terrific game and he deserves a lot of credit for that.”

Szczesny, of course, was involved in that horrible mix up with Laurent Koscielny in the 2011 Carling Cup final so knows all too well what a Wembley nightmare looks like.

And he paid tribute to the fitness levels of his teammates for helping to see us through to the final.

“It was a difficult afternoon for us but in extra-time you could see that their legs went and we had a lot more room to play. The boys took advantage of that.”

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AN other

You could see reading were playing for penalties as soon as extra time started but as soon as we scored they started to play.


Thanks for that…tumbleweed 🙂


Well of course everybody should feel a little sorry for the guy in a sort of compassionate way, that’s what sets us apart from monkeys and Sp*rs fans. Oh and TV camera crews who search the crowd for the most unhappy face, usually some poor kid with tears streaming down his/her face. But nobody’s going to remember this in a weeks time except the poor goalie who’ll be reminded of this regularly by commentators for the rest of his life. That’s the ‘magic’ of the cup. And I for one couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss how we got there, we… Read more »


‘I’d like to think that he should make the headlines for the saves he made, rather than the one mistake he made.’

Great politician skills! He seems to be putting it in people’s minds to think of him that way. Or am I getting cynical?


I thought Szczeny won himself a few friends with that interview, fair play!


That’s because he knows what it’s loke too fuck up at Wembley I’d imagine!

Fabregas bald head

you’re so right…


Speaking of “fair play” how good was Alexis in not going down and having their keeper sent off!

I wonder if said keeper would have rather been sent off at that stage in the game??


The look on Theo’s and the HFB’s faces!!


Almost every goalkeeper has a sympathy for a fellow goalkeeper because that’s how goalies are. They can have 10 world class saves but he won’t be happy if he get one even though it was never his fault and always think they could do better so imo that is the most stressful positon in football. So I really don’t think he was just saying that to look good in other people eyes. And I am disgusted his performance was rated so badly yesterday and that he could to much better and it was his mistake. I would like to see… Read more »


You lost me with “quilt”…




Thanks, I thought it was to do with bedding…anyway….when you say…

“You are just annoyed because his name is Wojciech Szczesny and you are just looking for his mistakes.”

Is that a racist thing you are supposing?

Just asking?

forgot my usual username

Guilt still doesn’t make sense?!?!


Nope it was definitely his quilt that was at fault. D’you reckon Sherwood still has an Arsenal quilt and curtains? Or just gunners jamas?

Arsenal's Legend

Well one man’s mistake is another man’s gain. I wish we have less cunts as pundits

Gooner planet

I think sczenczy is a good keeper. All he needs is a calm head especially for times like yesterday. I was always scared each time Reading broke out on a counter. I dont remember having such emotions when Oooooospina is in goal. A calm head and a dose of confidence and he will be ready to wrestle the number 1 spot again


Do you know an outlet where he can purchase that “calm head”?

And how much do you rekon it would cost?


Nacho de Montreal is tasty

De Gea bought one this year and all the sudden, commentators who found him below Man U level a couple of years ago are calling him world-class. It is up to Szczesny !


Yeah, the Reading keeper was unlucky with that, but we did have about 25 shots on goal.

Also, if Reading scored exactly the same type of goal as we did, the Reading players would still be coming out with things like:
“We analysed their (Arsenal’s) game and took advantage of their weaknesses”.

Unlucky Reading, but that’s football.


…the weakness being Sczenczy is prone to gaffs?


It’s one
of those things, I’ve been there and done that in
the last minute at Wembley and I know how it feels….Dat was against Birmingham in d league cup final 2011


Which was played at Wembley…

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