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Flamini not surprised by Coquelin emergence

Mathieu Flamini says he’s not at all surprised by the fact Francis Coquelin has become so important to the Arsenal team, and has welcomed the competition despite the fact the younger of the two Frenchman has left the senior one in his wake.

Flamini was a pretty regular first team fixture in the first half of this season, but last started a Premier League game on December 28th against West Ham.

That’s football, and while we’re sure the Flamster was being the wise experienced head when asked about Coquelin, it must sting a bit to lose your place. However, he had nothing but positive things to say.

“We all knew Francis was a great player and I’m really pleased for him because he had the chance to prove it,” he said.

“Now he has been doing very well since he played for the team. I’m not surprised because we have the chance to play with him every day, but I’m really pleased with him.

“He’s proving he has the qualities to be a top-class defensive midfielder every weekend.”

And despite his lack of playing time, Flamini is ever the professional.

“We’re looking forward to win another trophy,” he said. “That, for me, is the most important. I don’t think the personal situation of every player is important.

“I think the collective is more important, especially in a situation like that when we’re about to play a final of the FA Cup and to add another trophy to the club.”

We’ll have more from Flamini later this morning.

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What a gentleman!

Rambling Pete

Flamini might not be surprised but I am. Like many of you I thought we’d seen the last of Coquelin when he went off on loan to Charlton because it’s rare for a player to be put in that position if he’s got a long term future at any club. He’s come back and proved us all wrong and it’s great to see. I remember a few years back there was a similar situation in my work when a young talented individual felt that he wasn’t progressing through the company as quickly as he would have liked. He was an… Read more »


Coquelin has exceeded my expectations, but I have to say I’m surprised to hear so many Arsenal fans saying he’s taken them completely by surprise. I remember the League Cup tie back in 2012-2013 against Coventry when he was absolutely exceptional and I was waxing lyrical to anyone who would listen. My biggest surprise was that he was loaned out to Freiburg the next year – but he has always had the talent.


From all the interviews and quotes since he ’emerged’ at Arsenal, it seems that he was either trying too hard to be more than a defensive midfielder, or fancied himself in a more creative role. He discovered (or is it realised?) his true strengths, adjusted his expectations and now has become the mainstay of our midfield. I think the idea to send him to Freiburg was a good one (the german league being a good tough league and all), but Freiburg used him to fill in whatever gaps were available, and eventually not at all. It is hard to believe… Read more »

Jack's Right Foot

This honestly brightened up an otherwise dull Thursday morning for me.

Also, viva la Coq!


Rambling Pete…. The gift that keeps on giving. Legend

Kenyan Gooner

Love the Flamster. Despite what the boss’ summer plans are, Coquelin is our Makelele for the next 5+ years.


Coquelin is our Coquelin.


Makelele was some other cunts Coquelin

Miguel Huntos

It’s like he’s nurtured and mentored him. Love these two.


Flamini stopped nurturing anyone after the only kid he mentored turned into Beowulf


You spoiled my shirt:D

Mr. White

I remember his game against Spurs away few seasons back where I thought he was really good. Another game was when he played RB (can’t remember what team) but I thought he played quite well there too. So happy he’s made it and he’s only 24 so only gonna get better


It was Norwich 3-3 draw.. came on for injured sagna after half an hour. Came all the way from India to watch that match. My first and only match till now. He was the only one I remember giving it a real go, as others were in end of season game mode.

Fool of a Took

Flamster loves our collective Coq!
Let´s hope he continues to rub it the right way and make us all come in a collective moment of bliss and hallelujah 🙂


Coquelin is great so we don’t need another defensive midfielder – right?


I hope that this is not propaganda by the club to justify not bringing in a top-quality defensive midfielder this summer.


I hope that ridiclously negative comment isn’t propaganda from fat gooner to justify the club not bringing in another complaining whinger to “sap-port” the club.


I am glad the club don’t act based on your hopes and concerns.


Or neuroses.


A great word from flamini. As much as people want him to leave the club (so do me), we should give him credit for coming back during our hard time & staying during our trophyless time. Even he wasn’t good enough anymore to play for the club, the contribution he gave wont be forgotten. At least he didnt easily left for another club just to catch a trophy for the sake of himself. I give my respect to flam.

Le Coq is love.


Makes you think what Flam and Arsenal might have achieved if he hadn’t pissed of to Milan under a storm…

Kinda like the girl that broke up with you only to return years later, wiser but alas a little too late to capture what you guys had in the past.


In fairness its more like the girl that you kept for bootie calls when your real girlfriend was out injured, that left to do the same for some italian guy, but then returned, all passionate and ripped the sleeves off her dress, contrary to your girlfriend dress code. But then settled back into bootie call girlfriend again as your new girlfreind was Coq-tastique.
and its all coolio


You aviator scares me….


I liked him in inception and the basketball diaries


The Flamster approves of our Coq. It takes guts to admit how gifted another man is.



Which is why it is unwise to go by previous seasons but people still do it. Both Ramsey and Walcott (and Nasri, Fabregas)now Coquelin came goof for us at 23-24yrs There is no reason to think Welbeck (or Campbell) may not do similar. Wenger has accumulated a number of players in this age group for a good reason. There is also Ox and Jack! Flamini himself was not expected to take up the Dm role way back but he had kindled such an understanding with Fabregas that season! A much better player than many give him credit or, he has… Read more »


Was not surprised Bellerin stepped up.

Campbell could do a Coquelin. Be interesting to see what the gaffer thinks. Maybe he will be afforded limited opportunty till Jan so its up to him to take it or move on this summer should a decent enough offer come in.


Coquelin has been a great player this season and his effect on the team has been big. Unfortunately, if he gets injured this coming season (let’s not act like Arsenal players don’t get injured) then we have nobody to fill in. Flamini is not good enough in that role. In fact, Arsenal don’t have a strict CDM other than Coquelin. Wenger needs to buy somebody like Carvalho or get Song back. That and a world class striker.

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