Friday, February 3, 2023

Vermalen’s Barcelona clause could boost summer transfer coffers

Via our pals at Sport Witness comes news that the Catalan press are once more vexed with Arsenal over financial matters.

Still fuming over the fact they paid £15m for Alex Song and £13m for Alex Hleb (amongst others), a clause in the contract of Thomas Vermaelen means that if Barcelona win the Champions League, they’ll owe the Gunners another €4m.

These ‘extras’ are par for the course in most deals these days, clauses that require additional payments after a certain number of appearances or based on the success of the new club, but this one could be triggered without the former skipper making a single appearance for his new club.

He’s been sidelined all season with a serious hamstring problem and although he was on the bench for the first leg against Bayern Munich, still has yet to make his competitive debut for Barcelona.

So, if they beat Juventus in the final, we’ll have a few extra bob to play around with – insert your own joke here about Kroenke taking the money to pay for a wig/not using it till Deadline Day/or how €4m in the bank won’t score you any goals.

It’s still funny how much money we’ve made from them, and how angry they get about it, as the 2014 headline below shows.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 09.39.34
“Barcelona have already paid for one-third of Arsenal’s new stadium” – haha, thanks chumps

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i hate those cunts. lets rip them off and then some. Hahaha


But I thought we all lurrrrrrrve Leeeeeeeeeeoneeeeeeeeel Messsi !
evrey time he touches the ball the commentators have an orgasm !


Umm.. when its finally time forTR7 to look elsewhere, lets sell him to those cunts for 20 million. 😛

#YOLO Toure

*instert wry smile from Wenger*

#YOLO Toure

Insert* goddammit.


I also hear that their water is imported from Peckham Spring.


As an actual Peckham resident, I can confirm that’s what we call tap water now.

Thank you St. Del Boy


They did get Henry and Cesc on the cheap. However, overall we’ve definitely done good business with them.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

*Points and laughs* Ps. Thanks for Sanchez you gimps 😉


We effectively got Sanchez from them for £20-25M, bargain of the century.

Make that 18-23m if we get 2M from them winning the Champions League. Incredible.


How do you calculate that? We paid about £35m for Sanchez, and we will get €4m for Vermaelen if they win…?


Ha, nevermind, had a blonde moment there.


Actually tbf I got my figures wrong.

We got Sanchez for 30-35m.

Sold Tommy for 15m + 3m add on.

So we really got Alexis for 12-17M B-)


Could we please get the break up (even rough calculations will do) of how Barcelona has paid for one-third of Arsenal’s new stadium. Thanks.


Cesc Fabregas £31m
Thomas Vermaelen £15m
Alex Song £15m
Aleksander Hleb £12m
Thierry Henry £16m
Gio van Bronckhorst £2m
Marc Overmars £25m
Emmanuel Petit £7m
Total: 123m (170m Euros)


Let’s not get too smug. Compare our trophy cabinet to theirs for the past 10 years.

post-ball touching smasheroonies

Yeah but I still hate them. Més que un bunch of pricks.


Fuck me, we only got 16 million for Henry…

Siz C

and spuds got Darren Bent for that much. LMAO

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Overmars £25 ? Had Overmars remained with us Henry would never had achieved that much with us. Overmars was timing passes behind him on purpose, as per Henry.
I wish the very best to TV5 though, want him to be a big success there. Imagine what happened to his career after first season with us.


I don’t need to imagine. Because it happened.


Good business by Arsene/Ivan/Dick though! Credit where it’s due!!


This news is brilliant, so funny 🙂

There is not much deadwood in our team that we can’t look to sell to those idiots!

Maybe we can sell them some old Cesc Arsenal jerseys, used ones, so they can carry out DNA analysis.

The Ox is a Fox

Who is Cesc?


Sell them Campbell for £20M?


Sol? hehe They might go for it….


Cesc Fabregas £31m

Thomas Vermaelen £15m

Alex Song £15m

Aleksander Hleb £12m

Thierry Henry £16m

Gio van Bronckhorst £2m

Marc Overmars £25m

Emmanuel Petit £7m

Total: 123m

Mongolian Gooner

I wonder when they will learn that they really shouldn’t buy our players. Even Cesv turned out as a damaging signing (arguably more so than any other) for them

Woolwich Peripatetic

To be fair to Thierry, he did alright for them. Though I think Untold Arsenal worked out that he cost them something like €1 million per match he played, so not quite a bargain.


Genuine question, forgive my ignorance – how did Cesc become a highly damaging signing for them?


They got him to replace Xavi but then decided they didn’t want to replace Xavi, at least not with Fabregas. So they paid 35 million quid for someone they decided they didn’t need or want. Meanwhile they had no defenders and paid the price for it. He was supposed to be the new center of their team for the next 5+ years, instead he got shipped off to Chelski after a couple years and they even kicked him in the arse on the way out with their parting statement about how he wasn’t good enough anyway over the whole length… Read more »


Yet people bash Dick Law and Wenger. Yes they have occasional fuck ups but so does everyone else. On a more serious note, If someone had told you two years ago that Arsenal would sign Özil. Or this time last year when there were so many holes in our squad that Arsene would sign Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers, Welbeck, and ALEXIS. And then sign an excellent CB Gabriel in the winter, you wouldn’t have believed them. (Me neither to be honest.) I think we are no more than 3-4 signings away (i am assuming we will get rid of quite a… Read more »


dick law is possibly my favourite name of all time. wish i was called dick law


If I ran a brothel, I’d implement a constitution and call it the Dick Law

chippy's chip

And a great job he has. Probably only works a few months a year


Could we swap flamini for messi? 😉

chippy's chip



Will pay for Kroenke’s fees this year so more left over for Arsenal to spend.

Overmars, Hleb, Petit, Song (even Cesc and Henry) – none did great there.

Who else can we clear out to Barca?

Thierry Bergkamp

Didn’t we sell GvB to them too


Diaby for 30m?

Rohith J

Wenger is a fucking genius. 😀


They’ve bought so many players from us in the past because our style of play was so similar to theirs. I wonder which one of our players would improve their team today. Ozil maybe (can’t say Alexis because they let him go) but who else?


We don’t want to do that. We want to sell them our dross at high prices.

Kos perhaps.


How did you arrive at the conclusion that Kos is dross?


He obviously isn’t, he is excellent.

I was answering the question on who would improve Barca.

Mark Hughes

Why would you not put ‘Kos perhaps’ at the start of your comment? You could have written ‘Kos perhaps but we don’t want to do that. We want to sell them dross at high prices’.


Because I never thought that anyone who knows anything about Arsenal would think an Arsenal fan would associate Kos with dross (rather than just be answering the question set above).


You never know with our lot…


kos, bellerin (pray not), santi, possibly monreal and i know you said not to but im gonna go ahead anyway and put sanchez in there too. also wenger trumps whoever thier arm flapper is.


We have paid Southampton more than their Stadium Cost – £32 million on just three players!!

Come on Barca you tight wads – give us €50 mill for Podolski, Flamini and we’ll throw in Ryo Miyaichi

Gus Caesar

Nah, West Ham take our players when they’re over the hill. Barca take them when they’re at the top of the hill.

A Young Lenny Henry

I like the idea of Arsene and Dick counting money in a dirty basement underneath the Emirates, wearing those little green visor hats and laughing their socks off. each wearing a Vermaelen Barca shirt. Glorious.


They just keep on giving!


We sell them diaby next for 12m lol

the only sam is nelson

Spuds could sell half their team in order to fund their proposed new shithole, er i mean stadium

but only if it was really tiny, and if they were to build it out of lego, that is

i for one can’t wait to go to the new lane and be impressed by the statues of soldado and pavluchenko and other spuds legends


I dunno why but you reminded me of the zoolander scene…. Centre for really tiny people there

theCar2n Goon



what is this! a center for santi??


Literally – LAUGHED OUT LOUD !!! I just imagined Soldado’s statue outside their new shithole er, stadium. Screw it, we should probably put this Vermalaen money to good use and build it for them …. 🙂

Andy Mack

you mean “outside the Armitage Shanks stadium” at WHL!


Do you realise how expensive lego is?


It isn’t as though we forced them to buy all those players like Song and Hleb that never performed for them, and they knew that Vermaelen was injured when they bought him.


Sorry Carole thumbed you down by mistake!


Love the thumb down! Moron alert!!!


more than just idiots!


It’s in Barcelona’s DNA to pay over the odds for our players and help pay our stadium off.


Vermaelen the gift that keeps on giving


Love these stories lol hilarious




Still, after all the banter, I’d still love to be in their position. Who wouldn’t want to be able to waste 14m€ of a defender who never plays and still be in the final of the CL? Makes you wonder how they grow money on tree, if you know what I mean.


Tax dodging.


Ask Messi’s dad


another brilliant story for Wenger to add to his Autobiography its gonna be a classico when its released


Jude Law is an undercover for the armoury.


Hope after all their outcry they would still spare us surplus to their requirements- needless to say Pedro’ in arsenal shirt. COYG


They may have paid part of our stadium but we have and are still paying their economic debts. So more like a half smile. Go EU:/

Naija Gunner

Hello fellow goooners, it’s been ages since I last comment on in here, but I never stop reading when I have the chance. And great comments above though, didn’t stop laughing till the end. Lol!

bam bam

I love arseblog. Never dull.


“Barcelona have already paid for one-third of Arsenal’s new stadium”

I think we can be magnanimous and say that earns them the right to come over and lose in it whenever they feel like it.

Little Mozart

¡Financa Barça!


If you think Wenger fucked barca, ask citeh. Their bench is full of expensive ex arsenal rejects too.


The difference being that Clichy, Chinless Cunt et al actually became direct rivals and won the title a couple times.

Not so great business there.

Gus Caesar

If you’ve seen Clichy play since he left us then you’ll know that they won the league in spite of him.


Anyone else look at juventus and think, it could have been us in the CL final?

Gus Caesar

Nothing is as funny as Sp*rs paying us £7m for Bentley…


So effectively the spanish government/media paid for our stadium? nice!

25 mill for sanogo pls barca! he’s got like a goal every 2 CL games!

Clock-End Mike

Dilemma — do I now have to cheer for Barça when the CL final comes around? I really was hoping Juve would tie them in knots and wrap them up and make them very unhappy; now I s’pose if they win, they’ll be choking over the €4m they have to pay us, which maybe will also make them unhappy.

It’s a nice choice to have, I guess.

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