Thursday, June 13, 2024

Video: Mesut Ozil Game by Game 2014-15

From our pal Culann Davies, a Mesut Ozil video that encompasses his whole season. Sit back, relax, enjoy.

Tissues optional.

Mesut Ozil – Game by Game Overview (2014/15) from Culann Davies on Vimeo.

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There’s a coolness to the way he plays that I really like. Reminiscent of Zidane.


Yeah, or Totti. That sense that he’s watching the game 15 yards above the pitch and a second ahead of everyone else. The thing that’s so impressive about him isn’t his technical ability, although he’s got that in spades too. It’s that uncanny feeling you get that he knows what’s going to happen a second before anyone else does.


He is like a magician! You dont notice his skills when you watch him in real time but when you watch again, he is just amazing!!!!!


Mesut F. Ozil (Ph.D, Applied Physics)


I wasn’t fortunate enough to witness the best days of Henry, Bergkamp and Pires. But now I see this guy play..every single minute.. And the replays…and the highlights..


Stringer Bell

Well young man I saw them all and I can tell you Ozil is up there with any of our greats. I’m a season ticket holder and can only report that live he looks even better. He did things in the cup final that was sublime and yet on TV when I watched back it didn’t get a mention and didn’t look nearly as great as it was.

varun rawtani

Operation now allowed 🙁


Fuck this boy is good! Next seasons the one for him though. Put the haters to bed for good…!

Saffa Gooner



26 minutes of some cunt nicking a living?

Nah, this man’s a fucking genius!


Özil has that special something in a way that’s hard to describe.
And so loveable!

Rory Graham

At Ozil Football Good Mesut


I have wanted to say this for a while, but watched Ozil a few more times before commenting. The tackle is such a misunderstood aspect of the game, “feckin run aaround and kick a bastard in the air”. That is a reducer. Here’s an unconventional point, based only on anecdotal evidence: Ozil is not a frequent tackler, but he is actually quite amazing at it. You won’t see him slide tackling all over the place, but there are a few instances where, in his usual languid style, he gets close to a player at just the right angle and takes… Read more »


Thank you! God this hommage almost brought me to tears


Lads, maybe we should all stop the use of languid in reference to his style, there’s a bit of a negative connotation to that, no? I say that we use the word “liquid”. Everything that he does just seems to flow and move with little effort, with great economy of thought and movement. If he were truly languid he could never get to where he needs to be, but since he is so very liquid he is able to get to where he needs to be seemingly with little resistance.


I like it. Liquid it is Euripides


I needed tissues but I wasn’t crying.


Tissues mandatory.


In Regina vs Ashton this will be Exhibit A.

Ps Thank you Culann, you are awesome.


Great compilation. You can see how much of a telling impact he’s had in the final months of the season. The way he moves after making a pass, always ready to receive one, its amazing.

My best moment in this was the pass to Ramsey just before Bellerin’s goal against Liverpool. That ball seemed to hang in the air for a few moments and wait for Ramsey to position itself. It then crawls towards Ramsey so, so smoothly. Magnificent.
What a player. A few more seasons like this please.


And Ancelotti preferred Di Maria. Perhaps he does want the Liverpool job.


Yeah like Ancelotti or anybother Madrrid manager has any say over who Madrid ever bought.
Do you really think any manager who is building a team would buy Bale, Rodriguez, Isco, and try them into a team that already has Ronaldo and Benzema?
Madrid’s president is ruining them, just like he did when he created the galacticos. If they didn’t have Ronaldo they’d be unlikely to be in the championship league next season.


Well he did admit that ozil was more talented and that it MIGHT have been a mistake to sell him.


Our best player frankly. Already had a bet with my Evertonian mate that he’ll be player of the year next season, both ours and the leagues.


If you can’t see what he does and how sublime it is then you’re choosing not to or you don’t have eyes.
Perhaps because the guy is so unique and thinking about, unlike any player we’ve had here, in my lifetime at least, and so people can’t compare him to this player or that player, as is the trend nowadays.
Mesut would have fitted into any of our great teams and makes this one great.
Now for another watch fuck it.

Arsenal's Legend

Arsene predicted it last season that he won’t be surprised if this guy grabs Player of the year. I pray for an injury free season…… The ball is always happy at nos feet knowing fully well that it will be utilized judiciously.


We’ve had him for two seasons now and I still just smile thinkin’

Özil is a Gunner!


Next film date I have with my girl, I will put on this. We’ll both tear up and cry. Still feels like the honeymoon days with Özil even though its been 2 years already. Please hammer out a 5 year extension and put some ink on a ball. He’ll sign it with a pass.

Noel R.

Would that I had the ability to do anything with that level of ease, calmness, and awesome perception.
How he sees where other people are going to be, is just mind-boggling.


Best number 10 in the league…without a doubt.


My name is Michael Owen and I think Raheem sterling is better than this guy.


Wizard of Oz!


The video made me realise how badly we need a better finisher. How many chances have gone begging against big teams which we failed to score.

Rohith J

This man is meant to do great things. Genius.


He’s not bad eh.. 🙂
Seriously can’t wait for next season!


Oh God! Ozil…that hip swivel, that feet he dangles oh so delicately…as he uses the opponent player’s body own momentum to turn/move/dance away from the tackle…leaving the player sitting on his arse/laying on the turf/looking really fucking stupid wondering how the fuck did Ozil just escape my tackle/reducer/interception? How I LOVE THEE ARSENAL!! I need some football back in my life now.


I loved when Ozil tracked back and made tackles this year, not only has he improved physically but it seems his team ethic is better too. A mighty fine player, looking forward to watching him next year!

Such finesse, allied with strength that frankly surprised me. Ozil’s certainly come to terms with the physicality of the Premier League and is thriving on the ”close’ attention other teams are having to give him.


He’s starting to settle, we need to get him some more higher calibre players to play with him.


Ok, I know an old thread at this point, and I know it wa just Gibraltar, but Germany 7, Ozil provided 4.

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