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Wilshere ‘accepts’ FA charge

Reports this evening say that Jack Wilshere has decided not to the contest the FA charge of ‘bringing the game in disrepute’ after the FA Cup winning celebrations.

He has, it’s said, requested a ‘non personal hearing’ at which written submissions will be made before a punishment is decided upon. At the moment it’s likely that he won’t face a suspension, merely a fine, but we don’t suppose you can rule anything out where the FA are concerned.

Wilshere is currently on international duty ahead of England’s European Championship qualifier in Slovenia on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Tottenham remain shit and shit remains Tottenham.

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Wilshere gets charged for this, and Jose Mourinho spends his life getting away with being a complete cunt? Where is the justice?

Scott P

Seriously, who could imagine it? A player gets punished for some general banter about a club’s overall status at a parade in the street (which, even though none of us have warm and fuzzy feelings toward the Spuds, was a fun joke in the end).

Meanwhile, a manager who is speaking at a PRESS CONFERENCE, and knows the media are scrutinizing his words, repeatedly attacks another INDIVIDUAL with no provocation and gets no punishment why? Just because no one responded to his words with an expletive? Obviously the FA haven’t read the comments on this site…

Bould's Eyeliner

Because Mou(ner) being a cunt earns them money. Bad press is still good press.

That’s what they really mean by ‘bringing the game into disrepute.’ Wilshere didn’t earn the FA any money by calling the cunts what they really are.

The Playmaker

I may be in the minority here, but I think the charge was well deserved. There was no need to degrade shit like that.


And that’s the real fucking problem. People think it’s because he said “shit”, but those cunts don’t give a flying fuck that he said “shit”. But he said the “T” word! I mean, that’s pretty fucking degrading to use such a word in public. Even i wouldn’t stoop so low!


Spot On !


But the fruits if karma will catch up with Mourinho at some point. I have very little doubt that he will be reincarnated as a cockroach–a very slow cockroach.

Shere Willpower

Because FA is shit.. And shit is Mourinho.


I’ve just had a terrible case of the Tottenhams…


Sometimes there just isn’t enough toilet paper to clean up…


FA is shit and shit is FA.


Blogs you are risking a fine and probably a suspension of the blog…thread softly, the FA doesn’t take it lightly when you qualify Sp*rs with adjectives meant for them

Scott P

Thread softly! Because it’s a blog! Get it???

I’ll get my coat.

the only sam is nelson

I would like to imagine that the Arsenal sent along somebody with the written submission and that they did that inverted comma thing with their fingers when they said Jack “accepts” the charge.

God help us when we win the league next season and Jack’s really into his stride at the parade…


I want him to sing “My old man, said respect the FA…”
Then let the crowd do the rest.

little gretel

It seems that telling a referee to “fuck off” in anger is less bad than saying “shit” with joy.


In other news, today Arsepedant charged the FA with bringing the game into disrepute. Citing numerous examples of double standards and preferential treatment, Arsepedant highlighted the recent Jack Wilshere case as exemplifying the two-faced nature of English football’s governing body. Recent weeks have seen a Premier League player charged with having sexual intercourse with a minor, three other Premier League players caught on video racially harassing an Asian woman, and whole stadiums engaging in racist chants – and yet the only incident the FA has deemed worthy of intercession is one player’s utterance of a mild expletive during a victory… Read more »

Djangoon Unchained

This FA charge upsets me. It upsets me in the same way as when you do a fart and a bit of Tottenham comes out.


So, next year, after winning the league (obvs), all Jack has to do is get on the mic and say “What do you think of Tottenham?” to which thousands of Gooners will reply “shit”. I mean, I know it´s not the full chant, but it would be a proper two fingers to the FA and he can´t be charged if he doesn´t actually say the word, can he??! Oh yeah, this is the FA we´re talking about. Still worth a go…


Or just say. What do you think of our neighbours down the road. No implications and everyone knows what he is talking about?


They should have gone to the hearing and said “Yes, actually, you’re probably right: mentioning Tottenham DID bring the game into disrepute. We sincerely apologize to shit, and to all the others who were offended by the deeply unfair comparison.”


Meanwhile, Tottenham remain shit and shit remains Tottenham.


If the corrupt, talentless, time serving, chinless wonders of the FA see fit to ban Jack, will they ensure that their moral outrage sees this ban enforced for the upcoming England Euro qualifier?


I’d have gone for a personal hearing with video evidence and then just keep asking them to play the tape again and again and again, until the panel just started smirking and told Jack to ‘just fuck off and don’t do it again.”

Dr. Phil

Can we rename the FA cup? Only the FA is shit, and shit is FA


Shit cup? Fairly sure that’s a place near Tottenham…


Great men of learning throughout history have suffered persecution for daring to speak the truth. Galileo and Copernicus were subjected to the wrath of the church for pronouncing scientific discoveries that have long since been validated. Sir Alan Turing was prosecuted and harassed for the ‘crime’ of being gay. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated for daring to stand up for the rights of his fellow black Americans. But all, ultimately, were vindicated. I believe that one day we shall live in a better world, a world where the simple truth that Tottenham is shit and vice versa is not… Read more »


Free the London Colney 1.


Jack Wilshere is Innicent. Ok?


Tottenham are shit, shit is Tottenham.

That is final. the FA are just shitty cunts.


The thing is, it’s just a joke. I don’t hate Tottenham as much as say, Chelsea or Utd. I don’t really hate them at all. Whereas the other clubs do shitty things (eg racism, Ashley Young etc) , Tottenham are just funny. They’re the one club that is laughably stagnated around 6/7th every year. You know what you’re going to get with them and that will never change regardless of manager, players, owners etc. forever a shit club and forever in our shadow. In a really funny way.


And the best thing is that with every passing year they become more ridiculous. From their annual engagement with the media in the “this is our year” nonsense right through to their celebrated reciprocal relationship with Real Madrid (where Tottenham sell Madrid their best players and Madrid give them money in exchange), everything about them is below second rate. I can’t wait until they play their home games at their spiritual home – the Milton Keynes Superdome.


What do you think of Tottenham!?


Nothing more than the very faeces on the underside of my shoe

FA sucks


Arsene's Selfie Stick



I just did a tottenham this morning, I stared at it a bit lovingly as well.
There was a bit of bale sticking out too.


Funny how this whole thing might turn out. Now even non-arsenal fans have a chant to insult sp*rs ,all thanks to the misguided media that looked for a way to sidestep arsenal’s FA cup victory and the FA……… It’s gonna be funny hearing it sung by every other team they play against. I hope it is sung by arsenal fans at the start if every game as an anthem for the club like liverp**l’s ynwa…..

Oberyn Martell

Trial by combat I say!!!

Stringer Bell

The FA (should stand for fuck all) employed Roy nodding fucking dog Hodgeson, they then in their wisdom employ Greg cunt face Dyke. Says it all really don’t you think.


Can someone tell me what the FA is trying to do to football, they re trying to kill the the game by removing the glamor, the enthusiasm, the rivalry, the joy of local derbies and these can make the game very boring.

Mach III

I agree, the footballers are not allowed to have any personality.

They’re meant to be just seen as Players.

They try to turn them all into their idea of what a role model should be.

It’s bullshit.


It’s stupid political correctness run amok. Let me say that I don’t like or agree with the FA charge. But to the corporate types, it’s like if there were a parade for Coca-Cola and one employee yelled “What do you think of Pepsi?” “Shit!” etc. Of course that’s not the way it really is, athletes aren’t buttoned-down corporate zombies, and fans aren’t just consumers of a product. But that’s what they’re trying to accomplish here. I think it’s great when the players act like fans, but certain suits don’t. They want him to behave like a professional employee of a… Read more »

Lord Nicki B

We should have a sing of “What do we think of the FA”, come the community shield.


The FA is not in charge anymore it’s SKY. Charlie Adam gets away with dragging down Alexis while Jonny Evans get banned for “spitting” back at Cissie, SKY makes a big deal of one and not the other. At a Sky led press conference Mourinho can get away with what ever he wants because its good for them but Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Mario Balotelli beware. Its no surprise SKY has ditched the Champions league to concentrate on the Premier League with fans being tribal and only thinking of self they can take over the game we love unchecked.… Read more »


on behalf of arsenal fans Jack i apologize to all toilets eveywhere for being mentioned as dealing with something worse than shit


A Tottenham decision.

Arsene's Selfie Stick

Wenger is a paedo chant. No charge.
Tottenham is shit. Charge.
FA = batty.


Blogs, love the way you ended the blog… “Meanwhile, Tottenham remain shit and shit remains Tottenham.”
Hahahahaha… Made my day!


A charge against Jack. That’s a load of Tottenham that is. It’s a steamingbpile of hotspur.

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