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Akpom next for exit door?

According to BBC Sport’s David Ornstein, Chuba Akpom could be the latest in the succession of young talent sent out on loan this week.

Jon Toral, Isaac Hayden and Dan Crowley have all departed on a temporary basis and now it looks as if Akpom is set to join Hayden at Hull.

Earlier this week the young striker spoke of his desire to stay and fight for a place in the Arsenal side.

“I’d prefer to stay here and fight for a place and give it my all and compete with the other strikers,” he said.

“There is a lot of talent in the team but I think I am capable of competing and getting a place in the team, it’s all down to hard work.”

But, realistically, his chances of playing enough were pretty slim and he can now use the loan spell in the Championship to score the first competitive goals of his career.

We’ll keep you posted with more when we have it.

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This is a good move for akpom. This further indicates that a new striker might be on the agenda. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.


It has to be Inanimate carbon rod surely..


This mean another striker is coming in. Haha I should work for the metro.




Arsenal CLEAR DECKS to pave way for NEW PELE – NOT Benzema


Nice. Still, expect headlines like, “EXCLUSIVE!!! Akpom dropped into deep Hull.” followed by some nonsense about how this guarantees Ibra will join tomorrow.

On a different note, still no response from the Arsenal hierarchy to my suggestion of installing a bell opposite the Clock End. Seems like an apt place to put the Sp*ds when they visit.

COYG. Great things ahead.

Crash Fistfight

The letters in your name are incorrect – should be AIAAFCWBFTGTTWHES


Ah yes, yes indeed. Cheers.

Anonymous Kumquat

You forgot to use quotation marks.


I’m expecting the click bait
ARSENAL set to confirm STRIKER transfer in coming days

Then it’s about akpom to hull lol


Haha, the Metro is ridiculous!

My favorite headline is: Atletico Madrid deal Manchester United KNOCKOUT BLOW in purchase of STAR

The star, of course, refers to 20 year old Bernard Mensah from Vitoria de Guimaraes who will be playing at Getafe on loan this season.

Third Plebeian

I can’t understand why Wenger said Akpom would stay. Maybe it was contingent on Walcott signing a new deal? Even then, Akpom wouldn’t exactly be someone to take his place.


Yes, that was odd. I was thrilled when I read it. I thought it might be exactly what Akpom most needed at this point in his development, top-class coaching, which he’d get with our first team, plus being able to study Oezil and Walcott and so learn to make good decisions. Far better for his development than mouldering on some hoof-ball bench. Oh well.

Maybe the change of mind is partly due to the Joel Campbell situation. Palermo have apparently refused to cough up the money, so I suppose it’s possible he’ll now be staying?

J Bird

I do think Akpom can make it at Arsenal but a season on loan where he starts every week and has the breathing room to make a mistake or dip in form slightly is much needed at this point in his career. As for Wenger saying that he would stay, Arsene says a lot of things, I’m sure he will have explained the situation to Chuba who is the only person who needs an explanation. Maybe he planned on keeping Akpom until he was confident of getting another forward in. That could well be the case, of course this is… Read more »


good move because it’s obvious Akpom isn’t ready for first team place @ Arsenal.

Daft Aider

He’s close to being ready, but I think he would benefit more from a seasons loan with plenty of game time then some cup matches and coming off of the bench from time to time


Don’t know why this was thumbed down if you watch Akpom in the emirates cup games, his desperation to score (ie dribbling) when a pass was on probably counted against him
He’s still raw when it comes to final third decision making, better he get that at a loan clubs expense than ours. I love him but too soon junior


Better he learns at the loan club’s expense? Oh absolutely, but alas the loan clubs for some inexplicable reason rarely see it that way. They want three points on a Saturday, the perverse, selfish sods, and don’t feel they have a moral obligation to bench their own signings so as to develop our kids. As a result, most of our loanees, attacking players especially, get a half a dozen games early on – they’re Arsenal, they’ve scored in the CL, they’re bound to be good – before being benched for the rest of the season (or in Sanogo’s case towards… Read more »

Ricky D

Can’t quite remember so might be wrong but didn’t wenger just say that he wanted to keep him for preseason, or words to that effect, as opposed to saying he was definitely going to be with us next season. Either way it’s probably a good move for him given the options we have above him in the pecking order. Good luck to him hope he does well, if not to help his arsenal future then at least his career


Can’t see how people think this suggests a striker might be inbound. We’ve got 4 (if you count Alexis) senior strikers all fighting for the same spot, and Akpom simply isn’t ready to compete. I think it is more to do with that than freeing space for anyone else to come in. What space is there without one of either Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck being shunted well down the pecking order?


There are 3 attacking spots, Sanchez, welbeck and Walcott can play across all three, giroud as a central striker. They are not all competing for one position. We could do with someone competing with Giroud for that central berth.

Andy Mack

HFB is unusual at AFC, as he’s only a CF. Pretty much every other outfield player can cover a secondary position (with the possible exception of BFG. Welbeck and Walcott both want to play as CF, so they are competing directly with HFB. Alexis just wants to play, I’m not sure if he’s worried about which position……

Anonymous Kumquat




David Ornstein knows.


Farewell Chubs. A favourite autocorrect.


Utterly bizarre if true. Hull are much more likely to rely on Abel Hernandez, N’Doye, Aluko and Jelavic. Even if one or two of them are leaving, are they going to rely on a teenager who hasn’t scored a senior competitive goal to fire them back into the Premier League? If he does go to Hull he’d probably be mostly on the bench, which would be utterly pointless.

Two players off to Hull, there must be some Hull yoof going the other way, the only way this makes sense :-/


I think its less to do with Hull, and more to do with Steve Bruce. Bruce has loaned a lot of Arsenal players in his time (Bendtner (x2), Larrson, Djourou, Mannone).


Regardless of any relationship with Steve Bruce, it doesn’t make any sense to send Akpom out on loan if he’s just going to be warming the bench.


No, it certainly doesn’t. At least not from Akpom’s point of view.

Andy Mack

I’d guess that Bruce told AW that Akpom would get some game-time


good points, I guess we should wait till hull have finished the ins and outs. maybe akpom moving was precursor to someone else leaving Hull? Just like we are wondering if his loan was dependent on Walcott’s new deal and maybe another new signing in the striking department.

On a separate note, what is up with Welbeck? I don’t know his injury and fitness record before he joined us, but a bruised patella has laid him low for so long? Curious.


If he can’t displace Abel Hernandez, N’Doye, Aluko, and Jelavic (who hasn’t been good for two years) from the starting lineup, what chance does he have to make it at Arsenal?

Also, you’d have to think that Hull will be looking to shed salary anyways, no guarantees that all four of those people will be there.


Like I said, even if one or two of their strikers leave, a team pushing for promotion into the Premier League is hardly going to rely on a kid who hasn’t scored a senior competitive goal, even in League One, he’d probably spend most of the time on the bench. Plus Akpom is 19, if he can’t displace Hull’s strikers it hardly means he’s doomed for failure over the next 14 or 15 years of his career, does it?

Andy Mack

Maybe they want him to allow them to rest their main strikers in all the cup games….

Crash Fistfight

Hull play 3-5-2, no? That means if one of them leaves he’s got a reasonable chance of starting.

I think a team with less-good striker options would’ve been a better option though – did Middlesbrough get anyone to replace Bamford this season?

Andy Mack

Jelavic was their top scorer last season with a stunning 8 (Yes, really eight!).
N’Doye got 5 and Hernandez 4 whilst Aluko scored…… 1
If he gets a lucky goal in the first couple of games then Akpom could end the season as their top goal scorer, even if he’s only there for half a season.

DE Gooner

Welbeck hasn’t played since? Who’s to say he doesn’t play for another year? Anyone thought Jack or Theo would be out as long as they were? Beside, Welbeck is better on the left and I only like him up top is if we are defending a lead. I like the guy, but give me Lewandowski, Benzema, Morata up top instead please. I personally feel we have enough goals throughout the team. The Ox should set his personal best for goals this season, Ozil has to get a few more, along with Jack(simply by being fit to play). Ramsey was down… Read more »

Gooners & Roses

Who is this David Ornstein guy? Can he score goals?


im sure he can score more goals than welbz

Sean Poe

Perhaps Wenger said he’d be staying as a subtle way of telling Walcott that no new striker would be purchased, speeding up the signing of Walcotts contract?


I would be happy if he gets a loan he really needs it’s. Afterwards sky is the limit

Glasgow Gunner

He could start at least 10 games this season not to mention sub appearances. Better to keep him here.

Springbank 1962

Only if we had two very good cup runs.


A year from now: “He is like a new signing”


That’ll teach you to believe anything Wenger says. He probably moonlights by writing stories for


Metro, surely?

Wenger IS Jamie Sanders.


DEAL DONE: Elegant goal-hungry Liverpool target “Can’t wait to get started” for Arsenal.


Akpom should go on loan and Iwobi Gnabry (and Campbell are ahead of them in development. Serge has been in and around the first team in training and may yet feature in forthcoming campaign. Campbell is one foot out of the door. If there is a great offer, we/he should take it. That said, he has had a reasonably good Gold cup and again, may try to break into the first team from the periphery. Could emulate Coquelin who faced similar situation last season. All these numpties suggesting Gnabry and Campbell are not good enough and we have to buy… Read more »


Iwobi and Adelaide jumped ahead of Akpom during the Emirates cup.

Andy Mack

So 2 young wingers have jumped ahead of a young CF…..
Does that mean they jumped ahead of Martinez as well?

Nigerian Kanu

Wenger Targets EPL title AS HE OFFLOADS garbage and Brings WORLD CLASS STRIKER!


On a more serious note, Podolski, Sanogo and now Akpom all went out. This should impact our transfer plans.


Why? Podolski was sold because he was a square peg in a round hole, and Sanogo and Akpom didn’t stand a sniff of a chance of getting any significant minutes with the squad we’ve got now.


Maybe we are too in a rush to loan our young players?

Andy Mack

Once they have a good technical ability they need to learn how to use that in a competitive environment.
U21s is OK but having 10,000 in the crowd adds even more pressure which they need to be accustomed to if we want them to play in front of 60,000.


supporting arsenal in arsene’s managerial term is like having a box of chocolate…you never know what you’ll get.


He definitely needs to go out on loan, at least for the Fall. Right now he is at best 5th choice central striker with Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Sanchez all in front of him (in no particular order). It would take a slew of injuries for him to even make the bench for matches and can’t see him getting much time in cup matches as Wenger has to get time for those 1st team players that aren’t getting PL or CL minutes and his policy of playing primarily youth in those matches has shifted for sure.

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