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Arsenal director: Wenger wants superstar centre-forward

One of Arsenal’s directors, Lord Harris of Peckham, has bizarrely gone public on what Arsene Wenger wants to do in the transfer market between now and the close of the window.

He says the Arsenal manager is after a specific, but unnamed centre-forward, and he says the club have the resources to buy almost any player in the world if they wanted.

The comments, which are sure to go down like a Guinness fart in a lift, were made to the Daily Mail, and back-up the general sense that if any further additions are going to be made they’re going to be players at the upper echelons of the market.

“‘On the list is a centre forward,” he said, “but I’m not going to tell you who he is. You’ve got to get the other team to want to sell him, but I think he wants to come. It basically comes down to whether the other team can find a superstar to replace him, because they don’t have to sell

“At the moment there are no plans to sign anyone,” he continued, “unless he finds a real superstar like Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez.

“He’s looking for one of those but there aren’t many available. We would back him to break the club’s transfer record. If he wanted the man, he could have him. Apart from Messi and Ronaldo, he could have any player. We will probably have to break the club record to get the man he wants.”

And on the club’s potential to do those kind of deals, he said, “We could go into the market and probably buy any player in the world, apart from half a dozen who are un-buyable. In the accounts, there’s over £200million in the bank.”

The only spending thus far has been the £11m on Petr Cech.

“He wanted a top goalie,” said Harris, “so we went out and got him. Since Jens Lehmann or David Seaman, we’ve not really had a world-class goalie. We made enquiries about Cech last summer but Chelsea couldn’t sell him because they didn’t know how Courtois was going to settle in.”

So there you go. No doubt the manager will be delighted to have his transfer plans broadcast to the world, but football throws up some unexpected challenges sometimes.

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That was Wenger’s response, see the article on that. This was a one day wonder designed to keep us Arsenal news addicts busy thinking. As always, the truth is less dramatic and a lot of time has been wasted.


Bizarre is the word. Even though Lord Harris is non-executive director, he’s been around for a decade and over this period has privy to extremely sensitive dialogue, including but not limited to transfer strategy. That he would suddenly go public, and that too to a newspaper that the Club don’t really have much of a relationship with, beggars belief.

Third Plebeian

It’s a bit like Peter Hill-Wood’s love affair with the Daily Star. Never understood it.

Anyway, not sure the wisdom of broadcasting our available funds. It makes sellers rub their hands, and fans go into apoplectic fits when even a shred of the money goes unspent.


Our cash reserves are public knowledge though as is interest in atop striker. The speculation around Benzema and Lewandowski is rife and it’s coming from some respected sources as well shite red tops. Smoke without fire and all that.
If it happens great but I think we’re past the point of trying to get a cheap deal under the radar especially if it’s an elite level player. Ozil and Sanchez were on the quiet but they weren’t cheap.
Look, if it happens it happens. Exciting times


But this is just likely to lead to further media scrutiny, since the club stance has been made so public. Imagine the fan uproar if a striker doesn’t come in. Selling clubs know that we’re very keen and that things could nasty if we don’t follow through.

Also, the bit about “not had a world-class goalie.” Surely a director shouldn’t be saying things like that about current players?!


I think the difference from previous seasons is a new top striker would be ‘nice’ but not critical.
I’m actually comfortable with squad we have. Anything more would be a really cool bonus.


Agree with the squad strength. However, the Coq goes down then what ? Get Calvaho has to be the MO, just bossed the U21s and at 23 he has years ahead. He is the player this squad could use

i love sanogo

Are you sure it’s not a done deal? Arsene always reveals his signings after medicals. 24hrs may be too long ….


That is right. But then Harris is just carrying on where your chum Hill-Wood – he of ‘thank you for your interest in our affairs and other “Gems” fame – left off. Is he not ?


As Stan Kroenke said upon appointing Lord Harris to the board

“Only old dears and peers govern Arsenal, Lord Peckerman And you don’t look much like a old dear to me so that kinda narrows it down.”

Source – IMDB Full Metal Arsenal Away Kit (2007)

chippy's chip

As we all know ..Bankers like it in the vault.


Agreed. I did say cash reserves though. Taking out operating costs that still leaves a massive wedge to bid with. What does an elite level striker cost In today’s market? £50,60m. Still affordable.

chippy's chip

Cash reserves will outperform any other player.


Prepare the poo meter because a poo storm is coming…

John C

Arsenal’s cash reserves are public knowledge, every serious club in the world should know that. I actually think publicly confirming the clubs cash reserves is a good negotiating tactic, it shows the selling club we have the money and are serious buyers. When buying at that level you’re often dealing with people who have no intention or means to purchase, so first of all you must prove you’re not a time waster. What we’re also not privy to is what other parties are also in negotiations for the player, and might be doing so just to put a spanner in… Read more »


Like anyone didnt know we have lots of cash in our bank? Its not that big secret

Eddie McGoldrick

This would be hilarious if it was a strategy:

“Okay chaps – so we’ll run through one more time. Our plan, in nutshell, is to get Lord Harris to pretend he’s drunk and get into a loose chat with a Daily Mail journalist. Lord Harris, you will reveal our plans to pay big money for a top striker and you will mention we have 200m in the bank. We believe that this will stimulate the market, create more enquiries between clubs and ultimately enable us, we hope, to sign said striker.”


Don’t they say that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one?

In this case then the plan would clearly be to get Barcelona accepting our latest 200M + 1£ bid for Messi, while we actually have 300M£ in the bank.

Danger Mouse

Youre missing the point Eddie. In fact youre all missing the point. The point is he’s called Lord Harris of Peckham. If you’re called Lord Harris of Peckham you can say whatever the fuck you like. If I was called Lord Harris of Peckham I’d say the maddest shit. And if anyone called me out on it I’d say ‘ Do you know who I am?, LORD HARRIS OF PECKHAM, THATS WHO!!! ”

Eddie McGoldrick

You make a good point

chippy's chip

Did you say “IF”..


Each year, in May, I tell myself “this time you forget about Arsenal until the Emirates Cup”, and once again I find myself trapped into reading such nonsense about players we may but maybe not of course we are interested no one ever said anything about it but we know that the players did say that he didn’t say it, say what?, the thing that is former future agent denied in the very same sentence he used to confirm and Wenger keeping his hypothetical cards upon his mighty chest and the mother of the cousin of the brother in law… Read more »

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

There is one thing I know about arsenal. Everything is calculated. The interview seems out of character but I’m sure there is a reason they put this information out there. It may not be apparent to us now but he just didn’t give this interview without it being discussed internally and without there being a reason they are doing it.


I wonder how Wenger will react to this. When is the next press conference?


How about:

– the cash in the bank isn’t what we have available to spend
– this affects Theo signing his contract
– this upsets Giroud (and his mate Kos) and Welbeck
– it pushes prices for any available striker up
– it pushes other transfer prices we pay up
– Lord Harris is a tw*t (* = i or a, depending how you were brought up)
– can we get some proper football people on the board, of the calibre of David Dein, to help rather than hinder me

John C

You can’t be in the market for a “Superstar” striker and plead poverty, the two are incompatible.

The Superstar we’re after will either have a price he’s available at or not, the price will not go up because the selling club know’s we have money because if we didn’t we couldn’t buy the player in the first place.


No-one is pleading poverty or has said that Arsenal should be pleading poverty.

However if I’m (say) buying a car from you I’m not going to tell you how much I’ve in my bank account in advance, because you’ll get excited and ask for more for the car than you were thinking originally.

And I’m not going to say that I have more available than I actually do (for Arsenal £200m v approx. £60m, say) because then I’d be a d*ckhead and you’d definitely push the price up.

John C

You’d push the price up and lose the sale.

Saying how much you have doesn’t mean you have to overpay or spend more than you’re prepared to, what it does say is that you can pay and open to any serious negotiations with those who are open to a deal.


Sad to see fans acting as propaganda agents for self-serving multi-millionaires.


“Eh bien merde alors! C’est quoi ce bordel, Monsieur le Baron de Pecan?”


One foggy morning Sir Chips will invite Freddo, I mean Lord Harris, out for a gentle boat ride on the lake. In the distance Silent Stan will be sat on a bench, watching, waiting…

Soqed Hozi

He has a presser today at 11


I guess if your name is Lord Harris of Peckham you’ve really got to say some spectacular things to top that…

Benzema it is then…


Sounds pretty much like Benzema to me, only Real would need a ‘superstar’ striker as a replacement before selling. Hopefully they can get Aguero to join them and we can get Benzema.


Some think that their plan is to sign a forward like Reus and play CR7 through the middle. Probably more plausible than them signing a world class 9 because there aren’t that many available.


Ergo Benzema being more expensive than Ozil? I’d rather not.


This is pretty much hanging Arsene’s laundry on a line outside a council flat.

£200m transfer kitty… Can’t wait for Wenger’s pre-game interview for Saturday’s game where he’d deny everything that is coming out of Peckham.


I think it is important to differentiate between £200m in the bank and a £200m transfer kitty.


Our rude financial health is not exactly a trade secret so no team we might buy from will be surprised by anything here.


Must have had a pint too many!


I’ll give it a 8 on the poo meter

TR7 > CR7

“It basically comes down to whether the other team can find a superstar to replace him”

How the hell are Wolfsburg supposed to do that? He is irreplaceable. He is lord.


This should be among the best comments I have read on this site. Top top quality.


Benzema with Lewandowski as a backup if Kike Marin is to be believed. Ambitious targets… would surprise me as much as Ozil if either goes through

Red or dead

Who is this Kike guy? Keep seeing his name bouncing around on Twitter. A good source of info or another ITK nobody?

Gillespie Road

The latter

Red or dead

Righto. I didn’t need to ask really did I?


Is “ITK” internet knob?


Honestly prefer Lewa to Benz, but dreams ayy


How can Lewandoski even be possible? Why would they sell, who would they replace him with, and why would he want to leave Bayern – unless he’s had a bust-up with Guardiola perhaps? It seems as bizarre as the Mueller to United rumours. Mueller is a Bayern fan for pete’s sake, he’s been there since forever and is like a club icon, so why on earth would he be contemplating going to the shambles in Manchester? Then there’s Ronaldo’s supposed return following his supposed bust-up with Benitez . . the thought of that one being true doesn’t bear thinking about.… Read more »


People eat this stuff up to reaffirm their desires but I like to think there’s a very good reason Wenger keeps his cards close to his chest. Surely if we want to buy anyone top class now we’ll have to overpay on what could have been a much better deal. Shame really but I guess it’s good to know something is in the works at least.


This interview has to be planned, he’d know better not to talk about transfer targets so openly. Interesting thing would be to know why was this interest in top CF revealed? To fire up Giroud and make Walcott sign the new contract at Arsenal’s terms?


I was about to say the same thing. Maybe it was also to let the striker target know our intentions to challenge for the title.


Yeah, it seems to be aimed at potential recruits, and fans. Tells them we’ll do what it takes to get the deal done.

Only issue I have with this level of transparency is that it’s about 8-10 years too late. An honest appraisal about our financial limitations after building Ashburton Grove would have saved us all a lot of stress and grief.

Andy Mack

If you tell everyone that you’re kind’a broke and have to sell your best player every season then it makes it rather difficult to buy new players in and every player in the team that you really want to keep is worried that they’ll be the one sold off, especially if they are playing really well.
Really, telling people you’re skint opens a whole barrel of worms.

Das Gooner

Ox already gave the game away, it’s Bendtner! Exciting times.


It’s Balotelli


It’s…(Monty Python theme tune begins…) 🙂

Andy Mack

And now for something completely different……..

King bilo

everyone was singing cumbaya and you had to rock the boat and raise expectations…now I will have to stay awake on deadline day.thanks Mr director….


This all seems very stupid. If AFC indeed was trying to lure an expensive player to the club, saying you have 200 mil in the bank to spend would be terrible negotiations.

Arsenal GH

This is both good and bad.

Saigon Jack

Well done Lord Harris for bumping up the price of any striker we potentially sign by 50%…

Bored rich moron.


Not really. We’re at the top table in terms of financial resources now. What price is Benzema or Lewandowski? £45-60m seems the going rate and affordable. Still mental money though


Is it funny or depressing that the 15m swing you mention 45-60 is probably more than I’ll earn in my lifetime. It’s a whole other world this football


The fact you say probably means you have a shot at earning that. If you need a hanger on, let me know .-)


50 years working at £300,000 a year.

Don’t we all get paid about that?

Soqed Hozi


… sure


Of course its affordable for a club like Arsenal. Jeez where have you been. We’re ‘kin loaded!


Thanks for SOME transfer excitement, you crazy Absalom-looking mouth-flapper… whatever you’re smoking, it’s on me!


Lord Harris why do they call you Dave ?
because that’s my name Arsene !
Are you sure ?
Yes it’s in my birth certificate and everything.
Here Ivan, did you know that Daves real name is Lord Harris ?

God help us all !!


Wenger may be prudent, but he’s one of the best shoppers in Europe. If Wenger breaks the transfer record twice in three years in August, he’ll (whoever he may be) will be well worth the wait.

Mongolian Gooner

That moment when you’re deep into a poker game and suddenly a British Lord loudly proclaims the cards you’re holding.

Gooner Thor

Its really strange why we should support Wenger. He has just transformed us from small to big. We have a lil’ money in our accounts. No Biggie, SAF could do it, JM Cunt could have done it.

Arsene is just a non non non technical Manager. Wenger out!

Thank you Media and plastic fans for take care of The Arsenal!

Massive Cunts!


You lost me mate….


Is that you Lord Harris?


Are you drinking the same stuff as Lord ‘H’?

i’ve read and re read that a few times now…….. and……….I……..I think…………….no. im going to read it again


Has this been redacted? Or were you going through a tunnel?
I am a little worried your post was possibly followed by a brief spell on the rooftop of a high-rise flat with a bottle of bourbon and a hasty descent.
Are you ok?
It may be difficult for you to respond, but if you can please reply with ‘cunt’ if yes, or ‘cunt cunt’ for no. Just so we no you’re ok.




Sense no makes that


Well this certainly counts as one of the summer’s stranger plot lines. Baron Harris of Peckham does seem to have a hankering for publicity, however – half a dozen schools and colleges are named after him, often despite local opposition. Silly boy.


This seems extraordinarily lackadaisical in an area where we’re typically very good at keeping our cards close to the proverbial chest…

I just hope this doesn’t jeopardise our actual transfer dealings. Imagine the backlash if we failed to nab a flair forward because Billy Bellend let the world know we were keen…


Poo rating???? No Poo, No Comment!


Funny enough call it getting accustomed to our cloak and dagger strategy but I really don’t fancy hanging our laundry out to dry like this, if its true that is

Woolwich Peripatetic

So this is the level we’ve sunk to? It seems like a subtle attempt at Xavi-ism. I can’t see us spending more than £40 million on Benzema though, he’s good but not that good.
I wonder if this mystery player has Arsenal DNA?


thumps up for xavi-ism


200 million should just about cover the loan fee for nicklas bendtner if we wanted a world class forward for this season. Hes in town this weekend with wolfsburg too?

On a more serious note i dont half mind that Bas Dos fella theyve got upfront. Not sure hed be an improvement on giroud though.


Of the strikers that are available, I’d prefer Cavani or Aubameyang to Benzema. I really don’t think Benz is that much of an upgrade on Giroud.


But is Aubameyang an upgrade to Walcott? In my view Benzama is more of an all-round striker.


But Walcott is dicking around and doesn’t want to sign, which I believe is down to him wanting a guarantee of playing time/position and we know that’s not happening. I’d carry out my transfer policy as if Walcott wasn’t around tbh.

Regarding Benzema, yes,he does posses good striker qualities: speed,can hold up the ball,can head,can assist and can poach. BUT he isn’t an “Henry ” or someone that will strike fear into the opposition. The increase over Giroud will be marginal imo


Yes he is…better technique and can play the ST role better.

Serge Blanco

Cavani would be a waste of money. A fraction of the player he was with Napoli. People go on about him played out if position but he played to the side of,Ibra not at right back! But lazy as well Benzema is much better.


Did you just put lazy and cavani in one sentence??


I suspect this may be a deliberate ploy, although admittedly to what purpose I cannot fathom. Can’t imagine a senior director would go so off-message or do anything counter-productive to our player acquisition strategy.


Damn! Messi is not coming then. His comment on the goalie won’t go down well with szesny senior though.

Andy Mack

Did the manager say Messi isn’t coming?


Lord Harris of Peckham! Is he there in game of thrones?

Gooners & Roses

His character decidedly killled even before the 1st season aired.

Le Jim

Had to kill him off before he leaked all the spoilers…


He was Daenerys’ master of coin but his drove up the price of the unsullied so she had him eaten by her biggest dragon

Gooners & Roses

Transfer strategy revealed? Lord Harris of Peckham out!


Is benzema world class, yes he’s better than what we have already but he’s not in the same bracket as aguero, costa, etc. taking in to consideration the much lauded “acclimatisation to the premier league’ time in to account it’s not a transfer that wets my knickers.

I am realatively comfortable with our striking options, we have 4 players who can play through the middle who all offer something different and that for me is a much healthier situation.

COYG – this could be an epic season.


I think we have enough forwards in Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck and young Akpom. Signing another would mean one of these would whinge about not playing. I’d be surprised if we sign anyone else to be honest. Sorry to be a killjoy.


This is true. And is getting downvoted for some reason. We are just setting ourselves up for disappointment in the hope that Benzema or another striker will be coming.


Chuffy apparently Wenger still has his loan book out.


Media listens to this bloke?


Now they are trying to run articles tat Arsene won’t spend in a pathetic attempt to sow dissent amongst the Arsenal faithful.

Do they not check their sources?


We could go for Bale just to piss them lots off. I know few who go into depression when that happens


If it’s La Benz , he is more than welcome for me.He does what Giroud does but better and have a very good goals record considering he ‘s been CR7 servant. The thing is Giroud is not exactly one of his best mate ! they barely say hello to each other in the french national team!Benz for Giroud? Theo in place of Giroud?
Potentially Alexis Benzema Walcott, as a front three with Ozil behind. Thats a strike force!


Bigger gob than Cech. Literally and figuratively.


Though this is all good for the fans to hear, and rise expectations through the window waiting for the world class forward to arrive, it also places the much needed pressure on Arsene to compete and deliver. The reasoning given by Arsene for the Costa signing was absurd last year to say the least, claiming that Chelsea were moving in quickly. Hope we get the business done this summer, to have a real go at the title. I would love to have the money spent on Marco Reus who will be a fantastic addition, after we missed out when BVB… Read more »


Reasoning for the Costa signing? Care to elaborate?


When asked whether he wanted to bring Costa to the Emirates Stadium Wenger said: “Yes, but that was a deal that was struck early.”

And the barrage of thumbing down a post feels lame, even when a reasonable point is made.Laughable!

Andy Mack

That was his ‘politicians’ answer.
The real reason is much more political and involves Costas manager and MaureenO.
It couldn’t have ended with Costa at Arsenal!

die hard gooner

Benzema’s agent last night said he is sure benzema is staying in Madrid a 1000%. please let it be lewandowski. give them 50 to 60 mil for him and they will take it.


Who could this superstar striker be? Real Madrid would be mad to sell Benzema, because there just isn’t another top striker willing to be Ronaldo’s lackey the way Benzema is. It only makes sense if they plan on moving Ronaldo to the middle, which would allow Bale and Hammez to play on the wings, freeing up some space in their congested midfield. But RM are mental, they could do anything. Could it be Lewandowski? Bayern seem to hate strikers, but he has a very good record in the Champions League. Cavani? He must be tired of playing second fiddle to… Read more »


Knowing Wenger, it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes and signs a winger/wide forward and stick with Giroud, Theo and Welbeck as our strikers.
I know we’re mostly linked with Benz, but I’d prefer if we got Cavani. He scored 32 last season despite having to play on the wing at times and I think he offers everything Giroud does and more.
Regardless I just want us to get a world class striker and really push on this season.

El Californio

dare to ZLATAN


Benzema is CLASS! Alot of you dont seem to agree that.. And i really dont know the reason. The lad is good and will fit us very well, Look, He’s Good in the air, so The crosses Bellerin n Monreal will be getting in wont go wasted at all, Walcott n Sanchez can provide the tap-ins.. And Ozil and Carzola can send him through to some finishes, He’s everything we want.


Dude has lost the plot.


Please Jesus, please bring us Ibra. Again.


What a plonker


I just can’t see it being Benzema because as good as he is, his personal life is far too out there and not in keeping with the sort of “good guys” players atmosphere he’s built up in recent times. Lewandowski, on the other hand, was signed by Guardiola’s predecessor. Not only that, he was free as well. He could very well be the striker in question here. If, and it’s a massive IF, Bayern could find a suitable replacement, would they really turn down a £60milllion profit?


*that Wenger has built up in recent times


Yeah, I agree, the clues have been pointing to Lewandowski for a few weeks now. Or maybe Reus, but I’m pretty sure he wants to stay at BD. Given the info of the past 24hrs by Lord Talkative and Benzema’s agent, I’d say Lewandowski will now be the bookies favourite, with an outside bet on Zlatan or Cavani, as they can’t co-exist all to well. I do think Lewandowski would be a superb addition, and backs up that dodgy agent’s claim of Arsenal to “do the signing of the summer!”. Though the jury is still out on whether he’s just… Read more »


I think the major point here is that he arrived to Bayern on a FREEEE, so any offer over 50 mil would be logically impossible to refuse in a scenario where there was a replacement for him available on the market. As it is he competes for that #9 spot heavily with Müller so maybe Bayern could use the money for a good second string and forego the need for a direct replacement from the transfer market, choosing instead to use the one they already have in the squad. Wishful thinking, perhaps


Do we have any gooner from Peckham? Anybody who knows this guy?


I’m a Peckham native my friend. Never seen the man in my life. I’m pretty sure he’s moved well out of this place once he started putting academies all over London and getting even more £££

Andy Mack

He’s in Wikipedia.

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