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Reports: Szczesny heading for Roma loan

Various reports this morning seem to confirm that Wojciech Szczesny will spend next season on loan with Roma.

The Serie A side have apparently agreed a £1m loan fee for the Polish keeper, as well as agreeing to pay his full wages for the duration of his spell there.

In the Guardian, there’s also talk of a £3.5m purchase option at the end of the loan deal which, if true, suggests that Arsenal are willing to let Szczesny go on a permanent basis in the wake of the £11m signing of Petr Cech.

The 25 year old, who has been at the club since the age of 15, has played 181 times for Arsenal since making his debut in 2009.

He emerged as one of the top young goalkeeping talents, sharing the Golden Glove with Cech in 2013/14, but lost his way last season and looks to have paid the price in a big way.

We’re still fans of Wojciech here, hopefully he can go and play regularly and remind people what he’s capable of, but it appears that unless something changes dramatically, his Arsenal career is as good as over.

It also confirms Instagram as the most reliable source of transfer news so far this summer. Let’s all think about that for a moment.

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Didn’t see this one coming. Wojciech is one for the future and i was hoping we’d keep him to understudy Czech. Wish him all the best.

Judge Smails

I second this. I wasn’t bothered much by rumors of a pending Ospina departure, but Szcz has the mindset and talent to be a great keeper. His mindset can skew towards arrogant, which may have cost him as much as poorer performances last season. If a buyout is a real option, I am ok trusting Martinez with the future in goal.


I am curious — and you know this how? I suppose Wenger who interacts with him everyday knows him more than any of us?

I pretty much think that szcz has been the sole architect of his downfall. Yes, he has the potential to become a great goal keeper, but Arsenal is nolonger riding on potential. We need a lean machine to win the league, erratic players like sczc just do not fit in this system.

Honestly, I am glad to see the back of him, the smoker-in-the-shower lunatic.


For a goalkeeper, 25 is nothing. Cech as his mentor to me seemed the perfect solution to eek out some of that potential to create the goalkeeper we hope/ think/ know he could be. Not one to question Arsene often, but this seems to me like totally the wrong decision. I can also tell you, in real life Wojicech (still don’t know how to spell it, just throw a few ‘c’s in and hope for the best) is nothing like the arrogant sod some perceive him to be. Genuinely funny and down to earth bloke- plays occasionally at a golf… Read more »


Yeah, was a shocker. Didn’t make much of the ‘reports’ but then Di Marzio said the same thing.. And he’s supposedly one of the most reliable journalists in terms of transfers.


Well, the first part might be true (about him going on loan), but somehow I don’t see us selling him after a year’s loan. He’s better than Ospina, and him getting a solid year’s loan and then coming back to compete would be the best option. One alternate explanation might be that Szsz does not want to fight for his place and thus wants to leave for good. Another one might be that we have promising keepers coming up through the ranks (Huddart, Macey, Keto?) and consider letting Szsz go the right option. Oh Wenger, we can’t wait for your… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

It’s a loan, though. Which means we want him back at some point, otherwise we would have been looking to sell. A loan makes a lot of sense to me for Szczesny. His deficiency is mostly in consistency and in cutting out errors. Those things are very, very difficult to learn on the bench. He really needs to be playing, and that is presumably what he’s going to do. I’m a bit ambivalent about him going to Roma though. As a Dutchman, I can’t help but remember how Stekelenburg was one of the best keepers at the 2010 World Cup,… Read more »


Agreed. I’ve seen it said in many places that Roma tried to buy him and got told to fuck off. Hence the loan.
If we’d wanted rid, we’d surely have taken the cash.


Good luck to SZCZ.
I think we have 2 top quality goal keepers in Cech and Ospina


Wohoo , cheer up ya all. This is good news.
Hope young Jack is taking note. Cap that mouth and prove yourself with the opportunities your getting in the expense of more deserving players.
1st time with a strong strong group since Seaman, Manninger(aka EPL player of the month), Lukic?


All the best Szczer!

Theo you know

I’m not a fan of this, I have to be honest.
Yes some of it is sentimental, but isn’t he extra valuable because of his home grown status?
Let’s hope he plays great there and opts to come back here afterwards.

David C

I think Cech would qualify as home-grown now too because of his time in England.

The 3.5 million evaluation seems a bit low to me.


I don’t think Cech does qualify because he wasn’t young enough when he came. Home-grown means something like three years in the academy, i.e. below the age of 21. Not that it’s much of a consideration as we’ve more home-grown players – nine, twelve, depending on whom you count as first team – than practically everyone else in the league. This loan deal is very good business. We get Szczesny off the wage bill while we see whether he get his head together or becomes even less reliable. I’m glad we haven’t hurt the feelings of the excellent and nearly… Read more »

I don't comment here often.

I am well aware I’m going to be in the minority here, but I do agree with this move if in fact it is true. Szczesny’s attitude and lack of focus are huge problems for defensive stability, and while Ospina is probably too small to be a great goalkeeper he at least has the kind of focus and intensity that Szczesny never attained. That Southampton game was a shocker, but how many times before that had SZCZ shanked the ball right into an onrushing striker, only to get away with the mistake? It happened a lot. I remember that West… Read more »


This goes to show the new-found ruthlessness of AW. “Cech & Ospina” looks to be the best goalie combo in the league by far. Our GK & defense departments are well & truly sorted out. Attention must switches now to DM position & striker.


I am in no way saying I wouldn’t take Cech and Ospina as a bloody good combo, but Courtois-Begovic does run it close.


How cares about the former orc keeper and the blue orcs down the road? CECH + OSP! CECH is now the white orc, not in the Azog stead tho – in the good stead!

Smoking Cheddar

Did you not see the score mate? Begovic just let 4 past on his debut!


To Red Bulls B team no less.


yeah, that proves everything.


This is bollocks. Venga OUT!


*If true…

A Gooner

That was one expensive cigarette!


They should make anti smoking campaigns out of that stuff



I just believe he really pushed Wenger’s patience with his performances and erratic mistakes. The smoker-in-the-shower was the straw that broke the orc’s back — LOL! I think he only has himself to blame. Or maybe his father too.

Daves Moustache

It will be interesting to see who drove the loan deal , I would be somewhat disappointed if schez just threw in the towel after his fall from grace , his education with Cech would be immense and it would be a shame to not become the keeper he could be , having said that best of luck lad .

The Oxis

He’s just too embarrassed to himself, his Polish fans and all the youngsters at Arsenal to accept the second or third choice goalkeeper position, having made the breakthrough from youth level and played nearly 200 times for the club.

He has looked a broken man since that smoking.


I always thought it was a Q of who was willing to be the second keeper behind Cech for the season who would stay. Szcz looked more likely to look for regular playing opportunity.

Hope like Jenkinson he comes back after a year or two of regular action.

captain gooner

Come back stronger, wojciech. Prove that people are wrong.


I hope there is no purchase option. If there is and he plays well then he won’t come back.

He will only come back if he doesn’t play well.

So lose-lose for Arsenal.

The Oxis

well, most people like him and rate his early maturity highly. And he did prove them wrong, I’m afraid.

Armstrong Louis

Well well well…..there goes the future. I like scerz and am certain he’s off to get last season’s demons off his back and come next season its either cech is done and moves to the MLS or Ospina goes to Liverpool either way my buddy will be back in Arnold Swarshzennega voice “I will be back” goodluck Scerz

Man Manny

Sad to see him go. I still remember his debut at Old Trafford and the rave reviews he got thereafter – the general concensus was that we’ve got our goal-keeping sorted for years to come. And now this!
This should serve as a pointer to the younger players to mind their off-field antics because big doors are swung by small hinges.
I am convinced Arsene had high hopes about him but Ospina seems to have the better temperament for a keeper.
I wish him well though; I really wanted him to do well with us.


Blogs – not sure “his Arsenal career is as good as over”. I think there’s an enormous amount of goodwill on both sides to see his future at Arsenal. That’s why it’s a loan not a transfer. This is more of a “Courtois” situation than a “Podolski” one.

Tight arse

If it happens it happens


Andrew yours and James’ bias have really came to the fore. True of the matter is that given these developments (Szczesny leaving, Ospina staying) we now understand what Wenger really thinks of each one of these two, and I rather trust his believes better than whatever you two have in your agenda against Ospina. Honestly, the best two keepers remain. What a shame your love for Szczesny won’t let you guys see what’s really best for Arsenal.


Fair enough Andrew, but It’s not about what you or me prefer, it should be about what is better for the team. I just think the way you guys referred to Ospina last season was unwarranted to say the least. There was a time that we fans used to be sentimental about x,y, z player not playing but times have changed and in this Arsenal of new we should be playing the players that totally merit it based on form not on potential. How many times us fans yourself included criticized Wenger for not playing those in good form but… Read more »


Hoping that too.

But Courtois never had a buy option at the end of any of his loan seasons while Szczesny (hypothetically speaking assuming reports are true) does.


Although Szczesny has long showed ‘promise’, but at 25 he is no longer a kid and still liable to make silly mistakes. If he can iron those out at another team’s expense all well and good so we may get back a better keeper than he is right now. If not then his Arsenal career may well be over
Does this mean then that Ospina is staying as No.2 keeper? I hope so for with Cech they provide a superb pair of No.1 s.


I hope he comes back. In 3 years he will be a much better keeper than ospina. I think having him come through the ranks was a strong example for our youth teams to follow and even though he deserves the ‘punishment’ of a loan and isn’t on cechs level, we simply should not sell him. I trust Wenger knows what he’s doing though, and if this is chezza asking to move then…. He’s completely misread the whole situation!

Barry wickings

As they say theres no smoke without fire! what’s changed is not AW approach or being Less tolerable it’s the financial position the club is at he can be more assertive on desisions that need addressing


He was caught smoking so he’s fired???


I get why we’re letting him go, but he’s definitely worth 10-15mill surely?


So, who wears the number 1 jersey if true?

Perhaps no one as it seems to be a little tainted since Almunia wore it, as in, it never seems to end well for the player holding the shirt, a bit like number 9…

Merlin's Panini

If true that means we won’t actually have a number 1 at all!
Does Cech really want 33 on his shirt?
I don’t want Szczesny to leave. As much as he can be a bit of a wally and makes the odd mistake he’s a very decent keeper and he’s always made me smile. Especially when he wiped out Gareth Bale twice in one game!
I hope he can come back stronger and get a second chance with us. You don’t recover so well from two broken arms at the same time without having character


If this is true (and that’s a big IF), Wojciech has indeed paid a heavy price for misbehaving last season. My heart breaks for him!

Wishing him a successful loan spell, as well as thanks for his years of service. From Golden Glove recipient to a loanee – that’s just too unexpected!


PS. I hope he comes back! Really want him to make it with us after going through the scholarship and everything.

tanned arse

The loan is surely a good move. Stops the guy getting stroppy during the season and gives the opportunity to continue to develop. We’re still well covered. I also have high hopes for martinez. Anyway you look at it we go into this season and the next few? Well stocked.

das Pauly bear

I’m not one bit suprised chess was a mistake machine. One for the future maybe but cost us so many points. Let him learn his trade in someone else goal . Great more by the gaffer.

What’s the Italian for “there was nothing he could do about them goals” ?


His own stupid fault. This is what you get for being such a pillock in the showers last season. For thinking that “I’ve got a big single digit on the back of my shirt, so fuck the World Cup keeper we’ve just bought, I’ve been here for years and I’m mates with Jack so nothing can go wrong, I’m untouchable”. He’s gone from emerging at the same time as De Gea, seeming like a better keeper than De Gea, to this. Shifted out the ‘Kinda Loveable Arsenal Rejects’ door a la Frimpong. I do think the De Gea comparison is… Read more »


I’m sure moving to Rome will help him quit smoking. Plus on the instagram thing…if a picture paints a thousand words then how are the tabloid hacks gonna compete with that


well, am not surprise anyway. Szczesny can never be the goalkeeper you all dream he is. He can never improve more than this. Why? Because his brain wont allow it to happen. Am not pessimistic here, just saying the truth and pls let us forget the slogan ‘he has the talent’ that arseblog and you all claim(the talent I cant even spot). Most people are claiming he never trained under a world class goalkeeper. A good player dosent need to train under anybody before improving and examples are abound everywhere like Courtois, De Gea, VanDerSaar, Cech himself, Lahman etc. Is… Read more »


Funny thing bout players like Szcz & Young Jack is that if they left , they’d probably turn out to be really good like how the Arse expected them to be. Unshackled the mind out of spite.


It cannot only be the cigarette issue because if that was the case, Jack Wilshere would’ve been shown the door last Summer. I have a feeling it has more to do with him not having regular first team football while Petr Cech and David Ospina fight for the number 1 spot. Cech was not purchased to sit on the bench (if that was the case, he would have stayed at Chelsea) so sending Szczesny out on loan might be the best option in order for him to continue to get regular first team football. I have a feeling he will… Read more »


Devastating. Thought he would be with us for his career.

When SkiesAreGrey

I reckon he needs some time away to evaluate where he really wants to be. He could be a top goalie, but he has to really put the work in. I think we’ve done the best thing in shipping him out on loan and keeping Ospina as back up for the season. Plus, it would be good to see Martinez get in a couple of games as well in the Capital One Cup to see what he can bring to the team!


Poo-ometer was way off on this one.

Rectum Spectrum

I like Szcz, i really do. but I think the excitement of Cechs arrival really showed how most gooners feel about his abilities to be our number 1. 25 is young, but given all the game time he’s been afforded you’d think he would have made the number 1 shirt his own by now. he’s failed to do that, and I think its time to move on.


Fabianski – FA cup winner GK with arsenal (13/14) – leave immediately
Szczesny – FA cup winner GK with arsenal (14/15) – leave immediately
Ospina – FA cup winner GK with arsenal (15/16) – leave immediately?


While you are at it, can you let me know the lotto numbers in the next draw?


Ches had better come back. The more Gooners we have in the squad the better.


He has only himself to blame for not making it at Arsenal. Still think he’s a good keeper but really must mature and work much harder to become a top stopper some day.


One of my favourite players. Gutted if he goes for good but a loan move might help him become good enough to make Cech the number 2 …


This has happened. Theo’s contract signing may or may not happen.

Instagram is da transfer bomb.


going on loan might humble him and improve his attitude and focus

bobby chapman

Definitely false, 3.5 million buy out? Not a chance when begovich is selling for 8.


A lot of people are saying “good riddance, he’s too crazy”, but look at history, most of the top ‘keepers have been utter nutballs. Schmeichel, Lehmann (for a season or two), Kahn, even Neuer thinks he’s a GK and 2 CBs in one body. Szczesny just needs to fine-tune his own specific brand of ‘crazy’ and let it come out on the pitch, to control his defence more, to strike fear into opposition attacks, and to be a driving force of inspiration in the team talks. Hopefully a loan spell will remedy all that; a fresh start at a big… Read more »


I fervently hope you are correct.


About Szczesny? … Or the virus?


His new fiancée needs new shoes, he’s definitely going to Rome.
Behind every questionnably minded male footballer, there’s a future TOWIE prospect pulling the strings, guiding them to further fortunes…
I hate this world.

Arse Sutra

I will always remember that selfie after the win at wicked hart lane…….
Come back stronger szcz and someday take a selfie there while celebrating the PL triumph…
In the meantime help Totti win Serie A and make Pjanic your bff and convince him to be a gunner next season……
So make the cigarette you smoked on 1/1/2015 be a blessing in fucking disguise…….
PS : You always put a smile on my face ..

By The Eyes of Özil

Noooooo! Who will Jack get his smokes from…?

Mic drop..


Dude needs to learn a little consequence – apparently a drop wasn’t enough for him to clean it up.


Wenger knows best.

Ospina > Szczesny


Which club was it again where the 1st choice keeper magically nurtured his No.2, turning him into a world-beater?

Does this work for strikers too? Weird if true.


Lol even Arseblog can be proven wrong by the newspapers and the English media sometimes. No one’s infallible when it comes to transfer rumours.


There is a yoruba adage which says ‘omo ko mowe, won ni o ni writing’ meaning a child is a dull but you claim he has a good writing. The fact still remains that Scz never cut the grade and stop all the ‘he has the attribute’, ‘he will still improve’, ‘he is young’, ‘he will soon mature’ etc. The fact remains hasn’t cut the grade. And I don’t think he will. Also forget the quote ‘he is home grown’. There are lots of home growj players in our team like Ramsey, Gibbs, Ox, Chambers, Wilshere(who I think is also… Read more »

Django unhinged

A seems the right decision to me. Szczesny would not be ahead of Courtois, De Gea or Hart. If he is not good enough for our main rivals he is not good enough for us.

And his attitude sucks. Smoking in the showers after a dire, error-ridden performance that cost us three points. From the Niklas Bendner handbook of how to urinate on your Arsenal career.

I like this new ruthless attitude from the boss.


Bye bye blackbird
Rome is such a lovely City
Full of great food joints


This loan move makes good sense to me and does not mean Szczesny’s Arsenal career is over. Coquelin would agree presumably.


Really frightened that this doesn’t go through; personally I don’t see this guy to have anything worth retaining, he’s what you call ‘a dime a dozen’.


I don’t see what this shock is about Instagram. Szczesney is going on loan to Roma. He likes Roma on Instagram. OMG THIS IS CRAZY

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