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Szczesny confirms Roma move … via Instagram!

Wojciech Szczesny’s campaign to make Instagram the most reliable source of transfer information continued last night as he posted a message confirming his move to Roma.

See below:

Ciao Giallorossi!! ⚽️

A video posted by Wojciech Szczesny (@wojciechszczesny1) on

The message says ‘What ho chaps! I’m on me way Rome, innit, and I’ll see you scoundrels there for a bit of footy and what not!’, more or less. The Polish stopper was at the Emirates yesterday to watch his team win the trophy, but will travel to Rome today to complete his season-long move.

We’ll await official confirmation from the clubs in question, but that looks to be a matter of routine now and he’ll play in Serie A for the season ahead.

This particular story and how it’s broken has catapulted the social network up the reliability charts, making it instantly more credible that Caught Offside, Metro, Squawka and the Daily Star put together.

Even when it’s a filtered-to-f*ck picture of somebody’s food in a restaurant.

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Nikhil Agarwal

I really hope he learns his mistake & makes the grade at Arsenal.


A goalkeeper is always on his own.. One mistake and he may not get a chance in the same game to redeem himself. His teammates cannot do anything to bail him out on a bad day. A striker can waste ten golden chances and save his face by scoring a winning goal. I feel for this guy.. Have been following him from his Brentford days..and I always wanted him to make it. Hope he comes back stronger. Finally one team to follow in Italian League. I will be watching whatever games I can..and will be cheering for you Szczęsny. Thats… Read more »

David C

and don’t forget, Roma have Gervinho!!!

But seriously, Roma have been one of the most exciting Italian teams for the last few years. Good luck Szcz.

Arshavin's Dietician

Plus they have Gervinho

Arshavin's Dietician

You beat me to the punch David, we must have typed at the exact same time


exactly dude. I always feel we allow attackers to get away with their mistakes and tend to scrutinize defenders’ mistakes more…


“It’s hard for me to say
I’m jealous of the way
You are happy without me”

Jealous By Labrinth
His goodbye piano ditty song on Instagram


out of topic. Blogs what’s this I hear about Theo telling BT sport that contract talks are still ongoing? I thought the lad had already signed the dotted line.


He was asked about it and gave a politician’s response. It does mean he had not signed just that they are not ready to announce it yet. There is always a good time to announce this kind of news and it is not up to Theo but the club.


Come back stronger!!!

captain gooner

I rate him highly as same as wenger. Come back as a worldclass keeper, szcz!


I’m crying… really.

And what a goodbye by him!

La Défense

Good riddance to overrated rubbish.

La Défense

Haters will hate… Let the downvotes commence…


Dwell alone in your pit of wanting and seeking attention ….


“Haters will hate”, oh the irony.

La Défense

Cuts both way, I know, silly…


You’ve forgotten about the joint Golden Glove then?


That was to La Defense, btw.


Please do a Courtois!


Yes please, knock Cech off his perch please, making a £100k a week second choice keeper untennable, oh please Sir Chesney please do it pretty please for The Arsenal old boy.

Le Jim

Maybe the rise of Instagram as a transfer source will see well-travelled foodies being used as extremely well paid intel, as they seek to recognise the various global dishes footballers post, and hence inform us of their whereabouts 😮


I seem to remember a certain Thibaut going on loan… That turned out alright for him. Plus ours gets to come back to the reds, not that filth across the road


Shouldn’t have let szczesny go. I’ve noticed that the new signings for other clubs have all managed to get their scoring boots on, yet cech hasn’t even mustered a single shot on target? Wenger out.


Credit to the defense bro….


This is definitely a see you later and not the start of a drawn out goodbye SZCZ. He needs to return to the form when he equalled Cech for clean sheets and then build from there but the Arsenal starting XI isn’t the place for that. I just hope he can mature enough to be the keeper we know he’s capable of being.


schez can still improve but its down to him to cut out the mistakes from his games.

seeing cech play its clear how many notches he is better than schez although cech is probably not at his prime. the most important for me are
– commands respect from the defence to work harder
– can kick with the weaker foot under pressure and get distance on the ball


“See you soon!” “He’ll be back stronger!” So many idiots on this website! This is the end of Szczesny at Arsenal. Wenger just don’t love him any more. My guess is that it’s got personal between them. It wasn’t just the smoking in the showers: Szczesny probably stopped respecting Le Prof in the way his team-mates did. If Wojciech was doing the business on the pitch then Wenger would have probably put up with his attitude; but with a few dodgy performances last season the Polish stopper proved that he was dispensable. Next summer, I expect to see either the… Read more »


If that’s the case, then why bother sending him out on loan? Why not try to sell him this summer?

Unyoke the ox

I’m not sure if he’s off permanently or not, but if say that if we sold him now (while his stock was low) we’d get less for him than we would after him having a good season for Roma.

Chelsea have done it successfully in the past with fringe first teamers. We probably tried to do the same with Podolski too, but that obviously didn’t go to plan and he lost even more value.


To quickly get him out the door. Wenger didn’t want to risk the chance of a permanent deal collapsing and him being stuck with a player he can’t stand. This way Szczesny is out of his hair for at least a season.


Yeah just the same way Wenger got that pile of shit player Coquelin out of his hair for one se….. oh hold on. Your talking out your fat arse again FG.


The Pole has irritated the entire staff and probably Bouldie too.And I guess the boss asked his senior defensive players their opinion. Wouldn’t be surprised if they prefer ospina over him.

Clock-End Mike

It’s amusing how you seem to know better than he does what Le Prof thinks. Only a couple of days ago he said, talking about the loan of Szczesny to Roma, “I believe he will have a future at Arsenal because I rate him highly.”

I assume you just have your own agenda here?


Oh dear…


Fats, you don’t need insults to drive home your point.


No offence but I do think Szcz is a bit odd.
I also wonder if he will get nicked for using his phone whilst driving?
Anyway good luck mate…


Shame that he’ll have to put up with that Ashley Cock who hates all the people in England good luck at Serie A Woj!


I’ll be officially heartbroken if this chap doesn’t come back big. 1stly many forget he was the league’s joint best keeper only 2 seasons ago. 2ndly he’s one of the few in the squad who’s a blooded gunner through and through. Fingers crossed!


Anyone know if there is any truth to the updated version of this story which claims Roma have any otion to purchase next summer – contingent on his performance? If so, it would suggest there’s very little chance of a Szczesny return to the Emirates.


* an option, FFS!


Is there any Arsenal fan who actually liked that guy? But worry not if someone of you actually did, its just a loan deal, you might get him back 😉 Because Morgan De Sanctis is still a rather good goalkeeper at the ripe age of 38.

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