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Video: Abou Diaby – Tribute 2006-2015

Good Luck Diaby!

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Thanks Abou, good luck out there.


I’m incensed whenever I recall that tackle again. The whole situation surrounding it, referees allowing shit teams to “kick us off the park”, a nothing game with the outcome already known, a tackle that wasn’t even necessary, not even a goalmouth scramble but all stemming from stupid English mentality of kicking teams more talented than you are. Now that’s me, someone who doesn’t even play football for a career, who doesn’t see football as a means to achieve my dreams. Can’t imagine how he handles it. That IS real mental strength.


Very sad, so much potential lost.

Hope he plays somewhere soon.


He IS a gooner. Where ever he goes if he does well, Wenger can still bring him back. So keep faith guys


Emotional and touching.

Hank Scorpio

A damn shame that through no fault of his own he could never fulfill his potential


Wonderful, wonderful player.

It’s almost as if “I’ll be Missing You” should be playing over it.

I do hope he can maintain fitness in Dallas. Someone deserves the full arsenal of Abou’s talents.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Abou Diaby deserves a full season of his own talents!

I still maintain that a proper year out from football, not trying to get match fit, would probably make all the difference. But if fit he’d probably command a price tag like Pogba.


Long leg – boot – John Terry – face – LEGEND!!!!!


I am not gona cry . sniff

Green gooner

Forgot what a great player he was….

There are plenty of premier league players with 10 year careers and no injuries that wouldn’t have such a great quality tribute reel as that.

Good luck abou.


almost shed tears! I’d never ever forget you Abou….. and u too wenger! so so father and son ish


I did. We lost an immense talent there. I saw many “man of the match” moments there


Sadly the youtube video has been blocked. And I was relishing the thought of watching the talent that is Abou. Top man, and fabulous footballer, a truely classy guy.


What a lovely tribute, and great to see Eduardo featured there too. Another player whose brilliant talent was never allowed to fully shine at Arsenal, because of sub standard footballers.

Good luck Abou.


@Myk, and substandard referees.

tanned arse

Sad that he was never able to reach a level where he’ll even be missed as a player at our club. Far sadder is that fact that he could’ve been truely unique as a player of his size combined with his set of skills, playing in the center of the park. Cannot think of anyone else out like him but he never had the opportunity to leave or create that kind of legacy, only that of a guy who was inconsistent injury prone. So sad. Good luck Abou Diaby!

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

This has to be the most disappointing Arsenal career in mordern history. We were robbed of this talent and what could have been. We were robbed of watching a true world class player because of a mob mentality that believed the only way to stop arsenal was to “get in their faces” and “rough them up”. We were robbed of a legend. Most of all, Abou was robbed of a great career.

Arsenal's Legend

If you are reading this Abou….

have it at the back of your mind that we all love you and wish you well in your future endeavors.



Great video, but so sad. The graceful way he’d maraud through opposition, often advancing our attack by 30-50yards, graceful yet ruthless, and his intuition was astonishing. The moment where him and Eduardo congratulated one another will always stick with me. Horror tackles ruin many a career, but those two gents offered the world of football true excitement and did so whilst being humble ambassadors of the sport. Even Bendtner could (just about) score with Diaby pushing the team. His Arsenal career may be over, and it’s tragic we won’t get the memories we deserve from it. However, watching Jack and… Read more »


Diaby, Eduardo, goal. That’s really sad. Could have been such a different few years.

Springbank 1962

I start watching this and after a couple of minutes I begin to well up.

Out of solidarity with and respect for Diaby I try and carry on …

… but never quite get to the end.

I promise I’ll try again tomorrow.

Fuck the unkind gods of football. Not for us, just for him.

Le Jim

Based purely off the relatively few times I got to see him, if his career developed the way it should have, people would be talking about Pogba as the new Diaby.


Exactly. I feel he has better technical ability than Yaya Toure and you could kind of see why wenger wasn’t too fussed when we missed out.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

And by the way, I just say that Skysport promo with Henry, I disagree with you. It was actually really awesome


Safe to say if he didn’t have injury problems he would’ve gotten into the first 11 easily. Injuries really screwed up his development yet he was still class whenever he got to play.

Glasgow Gunner

The original – Great feet for a big man


He had an unbelievable touch. Watch the video and watch how he takes the ball from defenders using the lightest touches and some of his turns; air kissing the ball with his studs


Wonderful video of a wonderful man. It’s so sad that he couldn’t have had the career he deserved. People would be talking of him as one of the best footballers in the world.

Abou, wherever you go, we will always be behind you. Goodbye and good luck.


Definetely leaves you with a feeling of what might have been. Sad for sure all the best !


A lot of fans didn’t understand why Wenger really tried to hold on to him. Immense talent. I hope his csreer picks up somewhere, probably in the US and I still harbor faint hopes that he’d once again wear the Arsenal shirt. Good luck Abou, you’re a great guy. (I hope he sees this video and read all these comments!)


blogs can you get all these comments to Diaby. Somebody let the lad know, the Arsenal family loves him.


Will never know how good you could have been
All the best


oh Diaby! What a loss to football.
A loss to the Arsenal.
Your name ought ta be immortalized in song.
sad that all we say now is, ‘it could have been.’
All the best with your future endeavors, Arsenal loves you.
The fans respect you.

Here’s to hoping you can get at least two unhampered seasons of some good football.
All the best…
*sniff, sniff*


It’s easy to see why Wenger gave him so many chances to prove his fitness. Such a shame.

Silent G

Gentleman. Player. Good luck Abou.


Video has been blocked for copyright reasons 🙁

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