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Cazorla: I feel great responsibility in this team

Santi Cazorla has declared himself ‘double happy’ after signing a new contract and beating Chelsea in the Community Shield on Sunday.

The Spanish international spoke to radio after the Wembley victory, and declared himself very content with life at Arsenal and with his role in the team.

He also declared, like Per Mertesacker yesterday, that the Gunners have to challenge for the title this season.

Touching on the performance against Mourinho’s team, he said, “We have to try to show that level to fight against Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool.

“People are very excited to win this weekend at Chelsea, but the League is the most important and we have experience of losing matches you can’t lose if you want to win the league. We must learn from it.

“The aim is to fight for the Premier League, but looking from Sunday to Sunday, not long-term.”

Speaking about his future and his decision to commit to the club for a further two years, he said, “In football you do not know how long you’ll be in a team. You live only the present, but I am very happy.

“Things have gone very well and hopefully I can help the team to win titles, that’s why I came to Arsenal.

“The new role that I have, with the arrival of Alexis, the coach used me more in the middle area of the field. I took more prominence, and I feel a major responsibility in the team. I have noticed this change and I’m very happy in this position.”

Asked about rumours linking the Gunners with Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, Cazorla said he felt that while the Frenchman was a top player, Arsene Wenger is happy with his squad as it stands – especially after his comments at the weekend.

Benzema is a great player”, he said.Everyone would like to have him on their team, but the coach already has a squad and probably will not find another forward.”

He was also asked about who spoke better English, him or his kids.

“The kids have the same accent as them [English]”, he laughed, “When they speak at home I can’t understand them!”


Thanks to @RYO_cleverfish for the heads up.

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Ohh, Santi Carzola…. Love the man.

Satnam Singh

Santi the magician .
We paid fuck all for him .
Spend some fucking money . yeh yeh yeh . Thankyou so much Mr Wenger . Top 5 Best buys Ever

chippy's chip

You could at least get his name right then.

Parisian Weetabix

*chokes back tears* Cazorla… it’s Cazorla


With great power comes great responsibility no?


Exactly what I was gonna write! Legend!

Love how he didn’t mention Spu*s in his list of big teams to beat!




No. No?


Always wondered: is it ‘no?’ or ‘know?’?
As if to say “kna’ mean?”



9 o'clock

It’s “no?”. So in “It was a great game, no?”, it’s used in a similar way to innit/isn’t it?, yes/yeah?, eh?, right?


Who wouldn’t love the guy?




Ramirez. So, yes.

arab money

“we have experience of losing matches you can’t lose”
– Valuable. True. Sad. Glad we have Le Coq nao. And new contract of Santi. I am happy again.

Stringer Bell

I am very happy, no.

Bould's Eyeliner

He’s actually a saint.


One day he’ll have a city named after him in England to, no?

Bould's Eyeliner


take your pick. I prefer the former myself. Let me know when it’s been established as a municipality, I’ll drop everything and move over there.

Santi Claus

Santiago Upon Thames sounds like it would be a nice place to visit too.
He walks on water too!

Gudang Pelor

With both feet!



sanogo's missed kick

The most underrated player in Europe. It boggles my mind how Hazard, Coutinho and co. get so many plaudits but hardly no one talks about our little magician… no.


My favourite Arsenal player.I hope he retires here.


That last quote nearly floored me.

die hard gooner

What a player and only for 15 mil. oh Santi cazorla!


“When they speak at home I can’t understand them!” same old problem.


Love this man. Always smiling and happy – on and off the field. Leader on the pitch. Feeling blessed to have this man with #AFC.

How things would have been different had he come to Arsenal instead of going to Malaga, even if it was delayed only by one year.


Kids.. You finished your homework, no?


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the big difference for me is zero fear of the big games anymore. Changed from somewhere in the middle of last season. I look forward to this season with zero fear overall. We may not win everything, but we’re a side to be feared. And the media-mourinho love-in, lol. They are running out of narratives.

Nigerian Kanu

Carzola is Arsenals best player. Go figure. #CarzolaIsBae


Cazorla. It’s Ca-ZOR-la. Use copy/paste from the article if you can’t spell it on your own.

Thierry Bergkamp

Most gifted player in the team and probably the country. That brings great responsibility.


what a man!really hope he scores more beautiful goals this season coz he can.


One of Wenger’s best signing in recent times considering the price we got him for.


High praise given Wenger has bought Ozil, Sanchez and Giroud (…) in the last few seasons.


We got him for less than 20m…that’s a bargain considering how much chelsea got Mata for.


Impossible to argue against.

It was humour, I thought you’d like the Giroud reference.


Matter of fact, i think Giroud has performed well for his price tag. I never said he was shit, just not world class or good enough to be first choice.


If he had a right foot or could sprint he’d be worth double, at least.


To my mind, all that’s left is a great beard, and for the next 3 years Cazorla will be the Pirlo of the last 3 years.
(Hopefully with a different medal in UCL final though)


You know, no? I’m happy to do my best for team, no?


Santi is definitely a proper gooner. He mentioned about the silly mugsmashers but rightly refused to breathe anything about sp*ds. Love the lad!

Albus Dumbledore

Love this bloke think he is so underrated but would be a massive loss to us in moving this team forward


Arteta captain, Mertesacker vice-captain, and Cazorla/Rosicky vice-vice-captain. Cech doesn’t get a look in I’m afraid.


Speaking of forwards, does anyone know what’s going on with Campbell and Wellington? It’s been quiet for a while now.

Stringer Bell

Shirts on or off.


I’ll run for mayor of Santishire. Sounds lovely

Riding in Alexis

When you say a further two years, does that mean till the end of the 2017-18 season or the 2018-2019 season.
Not sure if it includes this year + 2 or just this year and the next.

George the Gooner

I hate Ramirez. Just saying.


I suspect that over the next 2-3 seasons, Santi will take over from Rosicky as general utility on the creative end filling in in various positions. This affords more time for some of the younger players like Ramsey to develop into the main role in central midfield whilst providing insurance. Rosicky despite extension may yet leave. I think any addition will depend on who is available in market for price. We have no real need to add and can compete this season regardless but obviously, we could be enhanced if the right signing is available. Which is to say Benzema… Read more »


Cazorla, Oh Oh!
Cazorla, Oh Oh Oh Oh!
He came from Ma-la-ga,
To play with Ar-tet-a!


He’s like a smiling bulldog had sex with a ninja.

Great player!


That penalty against wigan hey the fact cup here we go


The Fa cup even


That header against Everton and the sublime free-kick against Hull city in the FA cup shows that he is CLASZORLA

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